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  1. IKU19

    Some interesting info around the world

    This is a different leak, these changes were said by the devs to appear in 0.5.6, which means this leak is for 0.5.6. In other words, a leak for a patch that isn't bound to come for another 30 days, unless they plan to drop this in, which would be odd to say the least. But I do not know, I cannot personally confirm or deny any of this as again I don't know where this is from which is making my skepticism high.
  2. IKU19

    Some interesting info around the world

    All I'm saying is that you should take it with a grain of salt, as with all datamined and leaked stuff.
  3. IKU19

    Some interesting info around the world

    According to the devs "They are getting changed in almost every aspect" which sounds more like a complete rework than a buff. I cannot say what the missing changes are as I do not know, nor do I know where GM3D got the data from. However since the developers said that it would be in almost ever aspect I would expect more, and not everything to be a buff. Which means the AA upgrade may be true, it may not. Nobody knows as nobody that has access to the test servers dares to leak the core details after the last round of STers that got banned a few months ago. Hell, even with my own datamined data from the current live 0.5.5 servers you shouldn't expect anything to be 100% correct.
  4. This makes no sense whatsoever given that Situational Awareness is active and showing the entire time you're spotted, so it cannot be explained in the same way as in WoT. Why does it show up 99.99% of the time and then not for the last 3 seconds, which are the most crucial seconds? What if, theoretically the artillery reload bars reloaded 3 seconds faster than what's actually happening and when you fire again there's just a 3 second delay because the server hasn't caught up yet?
  5. Speed boost no longer increases your detection range, hasn't for a very long while. The only thing that could be happening here is that your AA went off at some point adding 1km to 2km of detection, if that's not the case then it's a bug.
  6. IKU19

    Mods in WoWS 0.5.5

    looks like the server strictly enforces it then.
  7. IKU19

    Mods in WoWS 0.5.5

    considering you aren't supposed to be able to mod the game params, I don't think you'll get the answer you're expecting, though to as far as I'm aware, the GameParams file is only for client-side representation and doesn't actually do any math that impacts the game. The client crashes because it failed verification, the turret data section that has the turret with the viewfinders has data that does not properly align with the shadow copy of the same turret. Simply put, to change the turrets you have to edit two things, the ship (JSB010_Nagato_1944) to point to the turret, and the new turret itself (JGM047_410mm45_Type3_RF_F) to match up with the old turret both in the client and on the server. Since the shadow copy of the rangefinger turret is based on a basic, generic template, the data misaligns with the ship or the server tells you it's wrong data, and you end up crashing because the client doesn't know what to do.
  8. IKU19

    Mods in WoWS 0.5.5

    Hey, I've seen the stuff you and the other members make, It's pretty impressive stuff. I hope that you'll be able to keep these mods coming when 0.5.5 arrives.
  9. IKU19

    Mods in WoWS 0.5.5

    I'd love to have the ability to mod .bin files... Imagine all the spruced up particle effects.
  10. IKU19

    Mods in WoWS 0.5.5

    Thank you.