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  1. MightyDraracle

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A little game from yesterday evening, great citadel fest in my Colorado ! Was on fire on the lead, wrecked those japanese BB's ! Gotta love that 2k base experience !
  2. MightyDraracle

    So, what's up with BB's on 0.5.3 ?

    I guess time will tell ! Anyway, thank you for your time Aotearas, and for your advices on Kongo ! I'm not doing particularly bad with it (hell, when i play japanese BB's i even have trouble leading right, hitting bow/stern instead of shooting right in the middle !) but i'll try to adapt !
  3. MightyDraracle

    So, what's up with BB's on 0.5.3 ?

    I hope it gets better, but while playing US line i was so happy to see a kongo / fuso in brawling range. Of course you won't fire HE on a Kongo, hell even its frontal armor can't handle the 356mm. (Aim at turrets anyway !) Just had a terrific game in Colorado, but again, just getting citadels and citadels from 14-17km. No brawling at all, my secondaries did not even fire once. I guess i'll just stay sad about it while blowing ships up from afar. Meh. About Kongo, i often found myself ahead of my team. I like this position, draw enemy fire from your allies while punishing fools that show broadside. But i can't get it to work on Kongo, while every US BB i played has that neat tanky feeling.
  4. MightyDraracle

    So, what's up with BB's on 0.5.3 ?

    Welp, Kongo lacks armor in my taste, and... well, it's a bit too fast for me. I'm used to sluggish heavily armored battleships, like a giant that occasionally crush somone under its feet. But you guys are right, with the rise of DD's secondaries even buffed a bit will never be efficient enough to make a difference.
  5. MightyDraracle

    So, what's up with BB's on 0.5.3 ?

    Hello everyone ! I'm slowly getting back to WoWs, and after having my fair share of US battleships (LOVED New Mex, Colorado is okay but i miss the 12 guns) i'm grinding on the Japanese line. I hated Myogi, i'm not a fan at all of Kongo, and i guess the Fuso will be okay-ish. As i'm quite the brawler type, i particularly have in mind the Nagato, to go up close and personal (right in secondary range). I heard it is not so viable, but it sounds more fun. So, the questions today, with all the upcoming changes of 0.5.3 : - What do the changes on secondaries will actually bring to BB's ("direct" buffs)? - With global range decrease on cruisers, i think i'll be easier to go into secondary range. What do you think about it ? - Will the brawling dream finally come true ? (heard about 60% accuracy?) Anyway, thank you for your time, see you on the Battlefield !
  6. MightyDraracle

    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    Well, i guess i do well with my New Mex's Torpedoes ! Or shooting above the waterline counts ? Edit : Hold on, i'm rated as a Unicum in BB's? Really? :O
  7. MightyDraracle

    Blank shots?

    Happened way less in the US line, but most of the time i get many minimal damage rolls and no damage rolls. I guess it could be that the shells did not really hit anything valuable. I noticed though that shells tend to do no damage / minimal damage when hitting bow / stern. Best rolls happen on the center of the ship (ideally wrecking things on the ship itself).
  8. MightyDraracle

    Warspite on sale - but in a bundle

    I bought this bundle, 'cause i had no premium ship, i'm a BB player, i wanted premium time and a few gold coins. But i guess it would be better to have a choice between bundles and ships only. Now that i have gold, i won't be buying bundles, only wait for a good ship to buy with.
  9. MightyDraracle

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Best ranked yet a few days ago, really nice battle, tried super hard for my teamates there. Shameful display for them.
  10. MightyDraracle

    Ranking is pointless

    Damn, that's one hell of a love story between you two ! On the "pointless ranking" side of this, i guess it's just as random as... yeah, obviously a random battle, except it's 7v7. I like to see it as a ranked league of legends game : sometimes it doesn't matter you ruined many opponents, if your team is just a bunch of goons, you may not be able to "carry" them enough. But being that kind of good player (or atleast above average) definitely gives you more chances, as if you happen to have okay-ish teamates, this skill you acquired and these 3 ships you sunk heavily increase your chance of winning. (hurr durr you don't have any ranked games done ! Yeah, but it does not change much from randoms, does it. Except maybe more players want to "win".)
  11. MightyDraracle

    Main "playstyle" of the IJN BB's?

    Hmm, i guess i'll find out if i'm more interested in speed / agility than in armor. Also, it seems IJN early BB's have more AA than their US counterparts.
  12. MightyDraracle

    Main "playstyle" of the IJN BB's?

    Hello everyone. I recently started playing the US BB's, right after getting to the Cleveland. I had no trouble playing the Wyoming (this thing is a low tier killer, seriously), and i could buy the New York if i wanted to. But first, i want to grind my way through the IJN BB's, that way i can compare these 2 lines. Is there any kind of special advice applied only for japanese BB's? Playstyle that differs from the US BB's?
  13. MightyDraracle

    BBs need buffs.

    Colorado has one problem: the caliber of its guns. It goes up compared to New Mexico, and against some poorly armored equal tier (pepsi?) and lower tier ships you often overpenetrate, doing very little damage. You also have less guns, that could explain the powerless feeling too.
  14. MightyDraracle

    BBs need buffs.

    I started by grinding the US Cruiser line, and had a blast, felt like the shark everyone was nervous to see. Then i tried the US BB's, and while i did not enjoy the South Carolina, i'm currently having a great feel of power while playing the Wyoming. Those 12 guns are insane, and i often one-shot the ennemy cruisers that were foolish enough to show broadside. (they never resist, just to fire 2 volleys of he with their pewpew guns). At long range it was not so terrible, i was expecting dispersion to be way worse. One downside though, i can't chase and hunt CV's efficiently anymore, and destroyers are now a threat. I used to laugh at these lil' guys, and when i was pounding CV's with high RoF HE volleys.
  15. MightyDraracle

    Never ending wins

    I noticed that in this game i had no problem having wins, often i just win 2/3 or 3/4 games, even if i don't play that much (not yet 100 battles i think). When you come from World of Tanks, this is a relief.