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  1. lolwtf

    Pretty sure they did it so the Fuso wouldn't have to face T8. This only works if you faildiv with a lower tier CV
  2. Yesterday Saipan, today Belfast, tomorrow Nikolai I ?
  3. This is my 2nd Supercontainer in about one week, both with 100 dragon flags. And my 3rd overall in a month since I switched from Camos and Flags to try your luck....
  4. If only they would give an incentive to play french ships at the same time. Like some repeatable mission?
  5. Definitely the FdG and on that same day I learned not to trust anything Jingles says about World of Warships.
  6. We call it double clicking, using Discord to coordinate. In the vast majority of games, our clan divisions end up on opposite sides or in completely separate games but every now and then.... The most I've seen (not participated) is 3x3 clan divisions on the same side...
  7. Only 1 but he is working overtime to provide me with elite commander XP, commanding both Bismarck and Scharnhorst and sometimes even the Graf Spee
  8. of the BBs I've tried (NM, Fuso, Mutsu) Mutsu worked by far the best due to the bow on charging bots. Being able to overmatch the 25mm bow on the BBs and T8 CAs really helped. Warspite and Bayern should work just as well for this purpose. For cruisers it's just raw dpm that counts so Cleveland, Budyonny, LaGa, Nurnberg should be the best ones. Aoba, Leander and Dakka don't seem quite as useful but wouldn't be bad either. DDs don't seem useful at all as they lack the firepower and the bots actually try and dodge torps fairly well. CVs IJN by far due to the larger hangar.
  9. It's gonna get worse as more people get the Bismarck from the campaign, but eventually things will return back to "normal"
  10. Interesting results. If they are to be believed, WG could reduce the number of AFK ships by at least 60% if they fixed the bugs in the client and improved loading times!
  11. Is this extended division (7 ships) for PvE only?
  12. Right! I totally forgot about that option
  13. Hello everyone! I notice AFK players in just about every game. Usually after a minute or two they wake up and start moving but a few stay AFK the whole game. This has gotten me curious about the most common reasons for being AFK so I created a poll. The poll is anonymous and this thread is not intended to cast blame on anyone. Please select the reason for why you were AFK in the last game you remember it happened to you. If you are never AFK you don't need to vote but the results might still interest you. Thank you for your time! (poll edited to include a 7th option)
  14. Yup, it's a must have on CA/DD and very nice even on a BB. In fact that skill is overpowered because it only costs 1 point (but please WG don't nerf as it would be an indirect buff to BBs!)