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  1. If this becomes too popular it will solve itself, sort of. Like if two or more of these divisions are in que at the same time, these T7 carriers will be pulled into T10 games.
  2. Shouldn't that be around the time when the french battleships become available to everyone?
  3. Bug reports

    If these new "controls" reach the live server it's GG for me and this game. It's currently unplayable on PTS for me, while for others it's working somewhat fine or fine.
  4. Clanwar excluding 90%+ of players from competitive

    Also, I think alot of clans who desire to be involved in the clan wars are gonna have to tighten up their ranks and start recruiting more active players.
  5. Clanwar excluding 90%+ of players from competitive

    Yeah I was gonna say with those stats he should have no problem finding an active competitive/semi-competitive clan to join.
  6. Was kind of interested in PA DDs

    Why not just let us toggle between DW and normal torps ingame? Just like the RN can switch to single launch torpedo.
  7. Will WG increase Missouri's price ?

    I averaged about 10k+ free xp per game when I got first win on 200% weekend using all the flags. WG gave me 80 of each flags. I just didn't have enough time to grind all the needed free xp in one weekend so I have 44 of each flags left. Next time there is a 100% weekend (maybe next one?) I will use my New Year camos along with ESCL if I can spare any just to get rid of the last ones. This will get me closer to 750k. And when there is a 200% weekend again (Halloween?) I'll grind the remaining. This calculation is wrong. You are not taking into account first win bonus and ship xp flags.
  8. French DDs? YES PLEASE! I present to you the Le Fantasque-class destroyer. (specs from wiki) Type: Destroyer Displacement: 2,569 long tons (2,610 t) standard 3,200–3,400 long tons (3,300–3,500 t) full load Length: 132.40 m (434 ft 5 in) Beam: 11.98 m (39 ft 4 in) Draught: 4.30 m (14 ft 1 in) Propulsion: 4 × Penhoët boilers 2 × Parsons or Rateau (fr) engines Geared turbines, 2 shafts 74,000–81,000 shp (55,000–60,000 kW) Speed: 45 knots (83 km/h; 52 mph) (40 kn (74 km/h; 46 mph) nominal) 37 kn (69 km/h; 43 mph) after refit Range: 1,200 km (750 mi) at 34 kn (63 km/h; 39 mph) 6,600 nmi (12,200 km; 7,600 mi) at 17 kn (31 km/h; 20 mph) Complement: 10 officers 210 sailors Armament: 5 × 138 mm (5.4 in) guns (5×1; 2 forward, 3 aft) 4 × 37 mm (1.5 in) AA guns (4×1) (original) 4 × 13.2 mm (0.52 in) AA machine guns (original) 8 × 40 mm Bofors AA guns (after refit) 10 × 20 mm Oerlikon guns (after refit) 9 × 550 mm (21.7 in) torpedo tubes (3×3) 40 × mines (some sources state 50) Speed 45 kts, which combined with the french flavored spood beest (+20%) and Sierra Mike (+5%) will yield a maximum speed of 56.25 knots in game! Perfect for Tier 10! The only problem I see is that people may need an ultrawide monitor or maybe even triple monitor setup in order to give enough lead when aiming at one of these...
  9. Will WG increase Missouri's price ?

    ^^Don't bother with this guy. Everyone else either already know how it works or can find the information in this thread.
  10. Will WG increase Missouri's price ?

    I have compared my spreadsheet to actual results and it's accurate, barring any rounding that WG does (+/- 1 hardly matters here). Try it out for yourself. Or just take my word for it.
  11. Will WG increase Missouri's price ?

    I'll just post my XP calculator. wows xp calc v0.3.ods.zip
  12. Will WG increase Missouri's price ?

    Yeah I know it doesn't make immediate sense. But the way free xp works is that it's always 5% of ship xp and the free xp flags kick in on top of that. By boosting ship xp with flags and camos you also boost free xp.
  13. Will WG increase Missouri's price ?

    You still end up with with less free xp if you combine them with free xp flags than using a camo with +100% ship xp.
  14. Will WG increase Missouri's price ?

    Just don't use the new year camos (+200% free xp) in conjunction with the other free xp flags. You actually end up with slightly less free xp for the same amount of base xp plus they don't carry the detection and dispersion bonuses so you might perform a bit less.
  15. Will WG increase Missouri's price ?

    This is from an exceptional game of course, on the other hand I didn't have all the free XP boosting flags since I had run out of ESCL and Papa Papa. I got about 3100 base XP. Assume 1500 base XP instead and with ESCL/Papa Papa it will come to almost 9000 free XP per game (with premium). How long do the games last? 15 minutes? Well you can figure out the rest. Before this weekend started I had 35k free XP. I got 50k from a T-X super container. The rest I farmed by getting first win in my mid/high tier ships. Now I have 565k free XP. I didn't quite get to 750k over one weekend, but next time it's +100% or +200% I'll get there for sure. I have heaps of special signal flags and 100% camos left. Do I think they should increase the price of Missouri? HELL NO! (at least not until I have it)