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  1. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Are People Stupid or Greedy?

    Dont play operations with randoms, ever. Especially if you're in a clan or know other players.
  2. Has everyone been stunned into silence (like the CCs) over the latest "news" ?
  3. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Tier 8 Clan battles

    Amagi/NC Kutuzov Chapayev Atago Lo Yang I think this setup will be popular. Not sure about the 6th ship. Maybe Baltimore, Cleveland or another Kutozov. Edit: I would love to see another meta develop rather than the old T8 KOTS one tho
  4. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Last Prinz directive

    The steel is what is important here. The PEF is just the means to get it.
  5. SomeoneYouKnow2

    SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    Subs are a dud. plz don't add them to the live server outside this Halloween thing
  6. Well I have over 100 ships in port. The main limitation for me is not credits or port slots it's having good enough captains on silver ships that I keep. You need a minimum 10 point captain to make a ship playable and on some it's 14 points. That's a lot of commander xp if you have lots of ships.
  7. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    Anyone else remember when the Zao had about 50k HP? I kinda wish they would revert back to that, but then they would probably need to nerf something else. It never really makes sense that it has about the same HP as the other IJN CAs despite being bigger
  8. L Lets have a Kidds party. Thx MrFingers for the code :)
  9. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Division Anchoring: Yuro presents a cool way to get around sucky matchmaking

    If this becomes too popular it will solve itself, sort of. Like if two or more of these divisions are in que at the same time, these T7 carriers will be pulled into T10 games.
  10. Shouldn't that be around the time when the french battleships become available to everyone?
  11. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Bug reports

    If these new "controls" reach the live server it's GG for me and this game. It's currently unplayable on PTS for me, while for others it's working somewhat fine or fine.
  12. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Clanwar excluding 90%+ of players from competitive

    Also, I think alot of clans who desire to be involved in the clan wars are gonna have to tighten up their ranks and start recruiting more active players.
  13. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Clanwar excluding 90%+ of players from competitive

    Yeah I was gonna say with those stats he should have no problem finding an active competitive/semi-competitive clan to join.
  14. SomeoneYouKnow2

    Was kind of interested in PA DDs

    Why not just let us toggle between DW and normal torps ingame? Just like the RN can switch to single launch torpedo.