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    Using Damage Control Party on 2 fires

    Hi, For the longest time it has been the standard when in a BB to let 1 fire burn its duration but as soon as you have 2 fires to put it out with DCP. I'm not sure how effective this is since multiple fires never seem to tick for the full duration and fires are 100% repairable with RP. I think using DCP on fires should be more situational. ( low health, getting behind cover, dropping off detection ) For flooding I can see why you would use DCP immediately since it cripples the maneuverability of your ship. I've been relying more on my premium RP ( with Superintendent ) than DCP for fires and always have my RP up for torps. Anyone else been doing this in stead mindlessly putting fires out when there are more than 1?
  2. SpicierCptBB

    How does the accurasy buff of North Carolina feels?

    The T8+ US BB's had their AA nerfed months back cause the highest tier of CV was only 8. Now that CV's go up to T10 the US BB's are simply getting their old AA back. Yes the AA might be strong but those ships had the most AA of any ship in WW2, its the only strong point they have in this game, except for speed maybe. If you would give them their legendary accuracy and proper effect of the Mk8 (which IMO they deserve), it would break the game due to the insane damage potential per AP shell. The design philosophy of the fast battleships doesn't work with the game, these ships are not meant to close distances and slug it out at close range. They are designed to stay at range and utilize their superior speed, maneuverability and fire control to avoid fire and return fire with superior accuracy. This is why in the game Yamato will always be the superior battleship.
  3. SpicierCptBB

    How does the accurasy buff of North Carolina feels?

    I tested the US BB's on the test server and I didn't notice any difference. Dispersion is exactly the same, its something in the code they changed but to me it feels exactly the same as on live. Its only a 0.1 or 0.2 increase, whatever that means. The only real change I noticed are the gun arcs, you can have a better angle on your ship when you fire broadside.
  4. SpicierCptBB

    The In Game Experts

    Ranked atm is the competitive side of WoWs and people should respect that. If you want to relax and play for fun, go play co-op or normal, why would you play ranked if you are not trying to be competitive? For people who want to be competitive this is very frustrating cause in ranked they play to win. I've lost games where I do really well but still lose cause teammates : - are in stock ships that are sometimes bottom tier - don't use flags, premium consumables or camo - don't understand their role in the team - don't play the objective - have no map awareness - don't read chat If you don't grasp these things, stay out of ranked, you are a liability to your team.
  5. SpicierCptBB

    New Ishizuchi model, AA buff?

    Can we please have these 10 guns working...
  6. SpicierCptBB

    AA is pretty good and usefull at the moment but is it a bit too good?

    I said it before its not CV's that are OP its the MM and bad game design that make them OP. Low and mid tier they are facerolling everything due to bad MM and deliberate lack of AA, high tier they will struggle hardcore once everyone has their heavy AA ships and starts to somewhat play as a team. Have fun.
  7. SpicierCptBB

    So... Izumo. How do I use her?

    I think most of the opinions about her come from first impressions. I had the chance to play Izumo this weekend on the 4.0 test server and its a weird ship. Weird in the sense that it has some kind of secret transformation once you get it fully upgraded from stock. Stock this ship is bad, but fully upgraded its beast. If you look at the stats there is not that much that changes and still its a radical difference. So once this beast is fully upgraded : The main guns are by far the most accurate high tier BB guns. The secondary guns are the best in the game, slightly weaker than Yamato with a range of over 10km if you fully upgrade them. ( worth it imo ) She's fast and quite maneuverable for such a big ship. AA is ok The only downside that I found is that the main turrets seem to be quite weak and get knocked out frequently. Armor is perfectly fine if you know what you are doing. Don't go broadside unless you are sure no BB has guns pointed at you. You have to present a huge part of your side in order to get that third gun on target and frankly there is almost no angle advantage to Izumo's main battery setup to for example Iowa with the rear turret, not worth the risk. What you do is face your target head on, this goes for all ships with 2x3 turrets in front. ( Izumo, Yamato, Iowa, Montana, etc ) Granted you only use 2/3 of your armament but you show a small target and you will bounce most return shots and take minimal damage while if you are accurate you can still devastate opponents with citadel hits. In the end I think this ship is amazing, just as good as Iowa or better depending on your play style.
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  9. SpicierCptBB

    What's your favorite ship so far ?

    Iowa wow much speed such damage many AA very BB
  10. SpicierCptBB

    American battleship line higher teirs

    I have recently unlocked Tier VIII North Carolina and my main issue lies with her guns. They are pretty much the most inaccurate guns in the game and seem to have a very high arc. (Montana has a little less accuracy but gets a additional turret.) Otherwise its a fantastic ship.
  11. SpicierCptBB

    First impressions from a BB driver point of view

    After playing more games I have to agree, you can not always avoid all torpedo's launched at you but if you pay attention to the map and warnings its a lot easier to anticipate what you will have to do to receive as little damage as possible. A few games ago I sunk my first Yamato and while being all exited another one appeared, I was like ok bring it, I swung my ship around to avoid one of the big islands while turning my guns for a broadside. I got so tunnel visioned that a enemy CV got a perfect torpedo attack off on me and sunk me. I had no idea any planes where near. Couple days ago I was like wtf but now its gg wp, better pay more attention next time. When I started to play this game I tried to use Alt together with the reticle to calculate where my shells had to go, I had some success with it but since I'm not very good at math I ended up not firing my guns as much as I should. What I figured out early on was that if you max lead a target ( put the front of the enemy ship to the last vertical line of the reticle) assuming the enemy ship is traveling at max speed your shells will always hit behind. I noticed that the distance that the shell would land behind the target would vary depending on the ship class, Close to the target if BB or far from the target if DD for example. What I'm doing now is the following: ( Assuming the target ship is going at a constant speed and parallel to your own heading) DD : max lead + 2 to 3 ship lengths CA : max lead + 1 to 2 ship lengths BB : max lead + 0.5 to 1 ship lengths CV : max lead + 1 to 2 ship lengths I have been quite successful with this method. A particular thing I noticed if you are targeting a Fuso at long range is that if you max lead and then add the front of the ship till front of the Pagoda mast ( big tower ) you will pretty much always score a hit unless the Fuso makes evasive actions, its about 0,3 to 0,4 ship lengths you add to the max lead. Now that I use this method of leading I have stopped using ranging shots. ( when I'm certain the target is parallel and max speed ) It has happened to me before that when I fire a ranging shot the enemy captain would lock the brakes or take evasive actions when he expects me to fire my main salvo, resulting that my shots would pass in front, long or short. Hope this helps. ~S~
  12. SpicierCptBB

    First impressions from a BB driver point of view

    I have to agree, I followed DestroyerO_o 's advice (stick to CA's and start planning ahead if you think planes might be coming for you ) and I did a lot better against torpedo attacks. It's fair to the CV skippers that if they manage to get a perfect torpedo attack they are awarded a kill. I think once people are not so busy learning the game and start working closer together these kind of torpedo attacks will become more difficult especially at higher tier as DestroyerO_o mentioned. I've played around with the AA and secondary guns upgrades/captain points on my Kongo/Fuso but with the Nagato I'm full mitigation. It works quite well Also I hear a lot of people complaining about the Nagato but I think its a good ship, its like a Kongo on steroids, better everything except top speed and turning circle, also the Nagato has a superior rudder shift over both Kongo and Fuso with 15.8sec. My 16.1 in guns are all I need. Thx for the feedback ~S~
  13. SpicierCptBB

    First impressions from a BB driver point of view

    At least making the reticle longer would be a big help for me. I usually hold LMB, I only fire a full salvo when a target is going to go behind a island or when I'm very low health to do damage as fast as I can. True and usually it not really a problem as long as you have people spotting for you. I've been having some good success against Cruisers going in between island with all guns facing their way. What I've been doing so far is planning a direction to go in but sail slightly diagonal and rotate all turrets to the other side ( lets say I'm going forward but slightly to right I will have all my guns facing the left side of my ship), instead of turning my turrets to track targets I keep them to one side and turn the ship. I find this more effective than turning the turrets around for more than 180 degrees. I usually do but sometimes it seems impossible to dodge or even attempt. I'm going to pay more attention to this and evaluate the change in gameplay. I know but Jingles was saying it and it caught on, and he was in the navy for more than 20 years. :p Thx for the feedback ~S~
  14. Greetings, I like this game so far, the graphics are pretty, the sound is amazing and the gameplay is solid. I really like the level of customization ( upgrades, captain points ) so you can make the ships suite your play style even more. I've been playing the battleships exclusively ( the reason why I want to play WoWS ) except for a couple rounds in the Yubari which I bought to gain access to the CBT. I have not been playing all that much ( couple days ) so some of my remarks could be due to inexperience, I have unlocked up to the Tier VII battleship Nagato. I like how BB's perform, I don't think they are underpowered or overpowered, just very situational atm. Here is a list of what I think could be improved. 1) The aiming reticle : It seems very basic, I like how you can press alt for distance and time to target but at longer ranges it still comes down to guesswork since the reticle is not long enough, aim ahead depending on the class of ship ( half a boat length, boat length or more ) fire a ranging shot and adjust. I would like to see a bigger reticle with more calculating potential to hit targets over range more consistent. 2) The BB's main armament : Something that I would like to see is having the option of selecting each individual turret. Right now we have to option to press C and switch between the forward and rear guns, IMO this is not enough. Take the Tier VI Battleship Fuso for example, it has 6x2 14inch guns which result in heavy firepower but horrible accuracy. If we were able to select the turret located in the middle of the ship it should give us a more accurate ranging shot so we can compensate for where the other turrets are located on the ship. I've had some amazing games in Battleships but also some very short games ( good DD drivers who sneak up on me and let me have it with their torpedoes ) and quite some boring games where I stay more at range to support the team but end up doing very little. The optimal range seems to be between 10 and 15km from what I have experienced so far. Anything closer and you become a prime target, anything further and its a crap shoot every 30 seconds unless the target keeps going in a strait line. With a better aiming reticle and gun options I think we can extend the battleship effective range to make it more flexible and competitive. 3) Game modes : I've had some very anticlimactic games where I'm engaging half way across the map and a enemy DD starts capping. If you have no agile ships remaining on your team, you are screwed. You can say its the same in WoT but in this game every heavy tank is like a T95 driving back to reset the cap. Same with Domination, I've had some fantastic games that suddenly ended cause either team reached 1000 points. I would like games to last longer or give players the option to queue for a certain game mode. 4) Air dropped torpedo arming time: If you have a Carrier driver that knows what he's doing and manually drops torpedoes there is nothing you can do, it happened to me a couple of times that planes drop right next to the bow of the ship and impact 1 second after hitting me with a full spread from 1 or 2 squadrons. I always look out for enemy planes but they also tend to disappear and reappear very close range where it makes it impossible to turn into them. For a BB turning the rudder and starting the turn takes almost as long as reloading the guns. If a DD manages to fire a full spread on me then yeah gg, I messed up and the DD simply outplayed me, but with air dropped torpedoes it seems unfair as there is literally nothing you can do to avoid them. I would like to see a longer arming time on air dropped torpedoes ( maybe only if aimed at BB's or the less agile ships in general ) or perhaps a damage penalty when dropped from close range and a damage increase as the torpedoes travel over distance. Besides these points I think this is a very solid game for being in beta and has a lot of potential to grow. As I said these are just some first impressions, my opinion for some of these points might change as I get more experienced. ~S~