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  1. BigEXP

    German ships

    ( US - IJN ) and after the launch of OBT ---> German - Russian - British then maybe a mixed ship tree of French and other nation's best known battleships.. Thats what i think...
  2. BigEXP

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Vittorio Veneto Class Battleship Roma and She does not seem to be afraid of it here
  3. a full salvo in the darkness of night would be a nice sky show for the other ships so +1
  4. BigEXP

    Can we stop the threats already?

    Losers are Losers , dont pay attention what they say..
  5. BigEXP

    Stats of US BBs

    Iowa, Montana and North Carolina , these are the ships im gonna have in the near future Cant wait to play with Iowa Class, its pure beauty and power..
  6. BigEXP

    Kantai Collection kai2

    Here,some pics from USN Fleet collection, love them all..
  7. BigEXP

    Settings missing?

    try to run the game as an administrator , i guess that it may be a solution for that problem.. and if it cant, send a ticket to Support..
  8. BigEXP

    patcher doesn't work

    whats the size of the full client ?
  9. BigEXP

    Defensive fire

    I've never heard of a case of shooting a torpedo which is in the water.. anti-torpedo bulges and some ships did have nets these were the only defensive ways to protect a ship from a hit by the torpedoes..
  10. BigEXP

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Banned for being a language teacher
  11. BigEXP

    Torpedoes what a drag

    +1 But all in all, thats not a naval simulator that the things work as in real life..
  12. BigEXP

    The ban the person above you game remade

    Banned because you used a troll-face smiley at the end of your post ...
  13. BigEXP

    Torpedoes what a drag

    so if you would think with that logic, youre certainly on the way to the victory..