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  1. R3use

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description Game freezes for about 20s when client window looses focus. 2. Reproduction steps Run in Fullscreen, Windowed Fullscreen and Windowed mode. Make the Game Client windows loose focus (Alt+Tab, Windows+D, click outside of window) 3. Result Game client becomes completely unresponsive for about 20s after lossing focus. In Fullscreen mode screen is black, in windowed mode it shows a still image. Game becomes responsive again even if it does not regain focus. 4. Expected Results Game continues to run normally while not having focus. Resolved Uninstalling the Nvidia Geforce Experience Application resolved the issue. Don't know why this issue only occured with WoWS and not with other applications.
  2. R3use

    congratulations for matchmaking...

    The only problem I see in the screenshot is not the MM, but almost all Cruisers steaming ahead leaving their BBs alone as easy targets for all the enemy DDs. If you know you are outnumbered by DDs, most of your CAs should stay <7km to your BBs until you have sunk 1-2 of the enemy BBs.
  3. R3use

    Cruiser (USN) vs Battleship

    I completely agree with MMKing. The lack of CVs in high tier games means, that for most games USN CAs don't add anything valuable to your team. Everything they can do, a German or IJN Cruiser can do better. The only role they really excel at is providing air cover which only makes sense if there are CVs in game. Which is often not the case in high tier games.
  4. R3use

    Jäger und ihre Sinnhaftigkeit?!

    Sinn der Jägerstaffeln ist es nicht feindliche Jäger abzuschießen. Der Haupteinsatzzweck der Jäger ist es das eigene Team vor feindlichen Torpedobombern und Sturzbombern zu schützen. Wenn die eigenen Jäger schwächer sind, muss man eben versuchen die gegnerischen Jäger im AA-Bereich eigener Schiffe im Luftkampf zu binden. Das selbe Problemn hat man übrigens auch als US-CV wenn man gegen einen Träger höherer Stufe spielt.
  5. R3use


    Well once comitted to the fight it is a bad decision to turn back and run right at the beginning. If you tell the BB to go ahead and engage, you are obliged to follow up. Otherwise you just sent the BB to its death without reason. You can do defensive meneuvers, like zig zagging etc. But you should always keep within 5km of the BB. If you discover that you should not have engaged in the first place, tell the BB to turn around and run. Give him 30 sec to do it and then trun around yourself.
  6. Working as intended
  7. R3use

    Flugzeugabschüsse besser belohnen

    822 XP für 19 Abschüsse finde ich in Ordnung. Vergleicht man das mit der XP die man für Treffer an gegnerischen Schiffen bekommt, ist das ca gleich auf.
  8. R3use

    What is the most crucial ship class in your opinion?

    It's really situational. I've seen single CVs sinking half of the enemy team. I've seen outnumbered BBs denying the enemy the cap. I've seen a single CA destroying the complete enemy DD fleet. It really depends on fleet composition and on which mistakes the enemy makes. No class is able to turn around a game without a major mistake being made by the other side. DDs seem overpowered at tiers <7 because the already lacking team play is completely thrown overboard once one side thinks it's ahead and everybody is just rushing to get the final kills.
  9. R3use

    What is the most crucial ship class in your opinion?

    So is every other class.
  10. R3use

    HE the problem or fire mechanics out of control?

    Right, DDs and CLs is a completely different topic :-)
  11. R3use

    HE the problem or fire mechanics out of control?

    I'll agree that HE is a little to powerfull. In most of my games, if I compare HE damage per shell and AP damage per shell they are about the same. But then I usually get fire damage in the range of 20%-30% of HE damage done. So to balance things I would suggest reducing alpha damge of HE by about 25%. Fire damage itself is not really a big deal. I think the error most people make is using Damage Control and Repair to early. I had a game in a Wyoming where I was set on fire twice. I was lucky because apart from the fire very little damage was done to me. So each time I let the fire burn for the whole duration not using damage control. After the fire burned out I used Repair, which almost completely repaired the fire damage. As a result, inspite of being set on fire twice for it's full duration, I ended the game with 90% of my hp. I think most people overestimate the damage done by fire because of it's prominent visual effect. But in all of my games as a BB, the damage done to me by fire was much lower than damage done to me by shells.
  12. R3use

    Phlys thoughts on whats wrong with the game

    That really depends on how much you increase the rewards. Currently it makes no sense what so ever to go AA as a CV or Cruiser if you want to have comparable XP and Credits. Sure it's a design decision but right now they could completely remove the fighter-only setups. From gameplay perspective, it would make much more sense, if CVs would grant you XP almost exclusively for destroying their planes. Currently sinking a CV which went out of planes grants more XP than shooting down all his planes. Despite planes being the only means by which a CV can be useful. So in my opinion they should up XP for shooting down planes and reduce the XP for sinking Carriers, so that in sum you get the same amount of XP that you get today for sinking the carrier.
  13. R3use

    Phlys thoughts on whats wrong with the game

    I agree that BB gamplay may be to RNG based. However keep in mind if BBs were more accurate, they would have to nerf the potential per shell damage or shell speed, otherwise it completely breaks CA and DD gameplay. Concerning CVs: I think upping the rewards for downed planes would really improve the whole situation (also for Cruisers). So it seems to me more like a reward balancing issue instead of a gameplay issue. But I disagree in one point: You have to strategize more in WoWS because movement speed is much slower. Most of the time if you get killed or your team looses it's not a mistake you made just now, it's a mistake you made 2 or 3 minutes ago. Especially in a BB. You really have to be aware of how the map plays out, because if you end up sailing in the wron direction, you are basically screwed. So for me the reduced movement speed opens up more strategies and forces you more to think before you engage the enemy.
  14. R3use

    Role of the Cruiser

    Not really, you will always die to a full health BB and you will always kill DDs when you are at full health (mind dodging the torps ;-)). It only really matters if you are facing other Cruisers. In a US cruiser you should try to keep your distance to Jap cruisers, otherwise their torps will kill you. On the otherhand as a Jap Cruiser you want to avoid gun fight's with US cruisers, because they often have better guns/more armor @ the same tier.
  15. R3use

    Role of the Cruiser

    Well that's true, if you want to maximize XP and credits stay away from fight's as long as you can (unless you can clearly win them) and then kill the enemy BBs after they were softened up by your BBs. If you want your team to win, keep you BBs alive as long as possible. PS: I find it easy to dodge BB salvos at longrange in a CA.