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  1. Good premiums?

    Actually overall there's very little BBs with lots of 25mm plating. All or nothing tinfoil BBs of T6 and T7 are only ones. And other half of those tiers BBs have lot more tankier "tapered armor" layout which blocks lots of HE and can auto-bounce big APs. Only bow and stern area of Fuso have 25mm plating, midship upper belt/side is 152mm and midship deck 35mm So angled Fuso is actually lot better at tanking hits than Arizona/New Mexico/Colorado... Whose 25mm tinfoil is easy to AP from side even by DD and gets overmatched by big APs, while 203mm HEs just melt them straight away along with even DDs guns with IFHE. Also plain forget penning midship of German BBs or French BBs, except Dunkerque. And at T7 Hood and Nelson are also small caliber proof. Here's nice table with armor thickness of different parts of various ships and what can be penned with EFHE if looking in game armor profiles is too much of work. http://proships.ru/stat/ships/183/
  2. Do suiciders get punished?

    Server crashes because of not knowing what to do?
  3. Upcoming Roon / Hindenburg reload nerf

    And just like in any ship occurrence of that getting blapped from smallest mistake and hardness of hit should pretty well coincide with distance at which ship need to be at enemy to do anything. As in the closer the ship is to enemy, the more often and harder it gets blapped. Assuming ship has citadel...
  4. Battleship AP on DD's nerf to early?

    So when are BBs required to play their part of team works? They don't have requirement for that now. They can keep playing for enemy team using cruisers and destroyers as meatshields to keep paint job scratchless while sailing in rear at max range and pick accidental hits damage. And often in the end before getting overwhelmed by enemy finish some already weakened enemy to pretend they did their job. And to further lower any game play skill needed quite a few of them can now show their broadside to enemy BB from close range and take less percentual damage than destroyer would take in same situation.
  5. Battleship AP on DD's nerf to early?

    Against some Lyon it doesn't even matter if those APs overpen because of their insane number and resulting cruiser level shell grouping. And then there are also now more BBs with long range secondaries. While RN BB shorter AP fuze increases likelyhood of normal pens without full bow in/out angling from DD... assuming they aren't using their universal wreck everything thermonuclear HE. WG has pretty much constantly buffed effectiveness of BB weapons againts DDs in new lines.
  6. Some Ideas For Radar

    Actually radar detecting target for 2s every 6s would make very little difference to current. Thanks to "rendering fix" ship is still shown to enemy for couple seconds after it's "undetected".
  7. The Death of the dedicated heavy cruiser

    I've come to conclusion that some clans must be teaching how to suck most.
  8. The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    Also real men tank damage besides doing it.
  9. pensicola is abysmal

    Shouldn't it be lame to talk about being outspotted by destroyer, when Pensacola gets outspotted by some BBs, one of which has even better turret traverse. Add concealment expert captains and Pensacola's stealth becomes even worser compared to BBs. And that broadside is in no way effective deterrent against enemy battleships when behind island... Unlike what it was those metal fishes of other cruisers were called as? So happy waiting for sinking if enemy pushes close to that cover island... And those guns certainly can't send surprise gifts into smoke screens. Pensacola sure has strengths, but it also pays heavily as weaknesses and lacks in other areas limiting what it can do.
  10. BB isn't going to evaporate from first hit. So in CV-less match if there's destroyer to give you some DD spotting BB can start moving to support that destroyer to see if it intends to do something else than spend first five minutes sailing in rear to switch map side. Also that DD could spot enemy BBs for cruiser to switch to kiting before enemy gets too close. Just sitting stationary first minute or instantly turning to main group's direction is going to achieve only those uncertain players turning to follow main group. Of course different maps give different amount of cover for options for moving in small groups, but without CVs you shouldn't automatically reinforce lemming training if you're in strong top tier ship. And in minute or two what it takes to see what that other player does you can still turn easily back if you would end up going alone.
  11. pensicola is abysmal

    Can see new gunboat destroyer tactic against Pepsi: With it angled to minimize vulnerability to BBs and cruisers go to other side of it than its guns are pointed and collect citadel ribbons.
  12. pensicola is abysmal

    Molotov's railguns seem to have better penetration after 9km and certainly trajectory to hit from any range. https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/ Isn't the problem more like that those sides aren't weak enough to let APs through without arming their fuze?
  13. DDs - Concealment expert or RPF

    USN T6/7 BBs sure have lots of 25mm plating, but most others not so much. And from side that 25mm is easy to AP pen. While against those others with that "medium" armor/"tapered" armor layout destroyers are going to rely lot more on fires to get more (than superstructure) damage done.
  14. Plz Matchmaking why?

    What took so long if match making was as lopsided as you say? My fastest win is around 5 mins and multiple other time's it's been around 6 minutes.
  15. And you left out that even ships inside single class have huge variation in their abilities. Some cruisers can tank fire quite well even from battleships by using angled mid ship armor and auto-bounce mechanics, while others are made out of painted cardboard and get damaged if seagull takes dump on their deck. Some have monstrous DPM, not helped by balanced IFHE, to burn that supposedly stronger bigger gunned cruiser. (which doesn't really counter anything played well) Others having torps to nuke anything trying to get near... Or that torpedo boat destroyers aren't great for chasing fight. While without destroyer screen or other support (carrier) two good well played torpedo boats can be huge problem for entirely superior force to push. In battleships differences are also major. Until high tiers USN BBs don't have speed for much any kind reacting or supporting faster push. And even after that they can't just show side any to enemy. Others can potato heavily without taking any major irrepairable damage and don't have much vulnerability against smaller caliber guns or really even against BB guns when angled... While some have huge superstructures as damage pinata for enemy who knows where to hit with good accuracy guns. (in perfectly angled Scharnhorst have taken 13+k superstructure damage from Normandie AP salvo... good luck for trying to do any meaningfull damage back) So after initial number counting it comes awfully heavily to ship capabilities, individual skills/reactions to situation and even luck: That screening destroyer detonating because of fun and engaging... Ship drawing in every single enemy shell no matter the evasion attempts... Shells starting fires almost from near misses vs one fire for shooting for whole minute... Battleship having that "can't hit anything"-RNG day with shells drawing silhouettes even against stationary broadside enemy at 10km...