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  1. At least that would improve team play part. Though some exception would have to be done for USN garden slugs because it would take 10 minutes for them to get shot at enemy in any of bigger maps... If anyone still wants to play those with all this powercreep.
  2. While railgun cruisers can utilize range fully USN cruisers wouldn't be able to use that really. With that trajectory compared to most others being also mediocre, like most areas of their guns... Though at least Cleveland has DPM and for USN cruiser good tankyness for tier. After that they're very "challenged" in current game meta and contradicting in being not good for long range sniping/spamming, lacking torps for short range ambushes and being also squishy: All or nothing armor scheme is weak in game mechanics taking lots of HE pens and AP overmatches. And then there are even cruisers with better citadel protection. Curious how WG intends to give USN cruisers something to go for them when meta is pretty much very long range sniping or then super stealth and torpedo ambushes. Decent concealment alone simply doesn't do much good, because firing guns tends to attract attention and without torps guns are the only way to have some effect to match.
  3. On the opposite most destroyers require at least as much planning ahead and anticipating as other classes. In certain sense even more: Battleship can easily survive gunfire some time going forward to get to cover of island. But destroyer spotted closing for torpedo launch/going toward cap won't survive focused fire for many seconds and use of smoke takes eternity and half while you need to slow down/turn. No amount of reflexes is going to overcome failure in that planning ahead.
  4. While having thinner belt armor that doesn't matter in game mechanics: With angling it bounces as well as New York which also eats citadel hits if showing side or through bow... While that medium thickness/tapered armor of Kongo allows it to block some smaller caliber HE spam and bounce bigger APs instead of getting overmatched and penned from everywhere but belt armor and turrets like NY.
  5. Getting to screw match maker back While getting revenge on week earlier ~185k damage loss.
  6. Actually French T4 and 5 cruisers are already toward foolproof in that and don't have to care slightest about showing their side to gunboat destroyer: Every AP just overpens.
  7. Then you're already above good amount of players, who are there just to failboat... Like sailing 20km away from enemy in BB afraid of getting paint scratched and then complain about bad accuracy/dispersion. Eyesight problems are definitely going to cause limits how high you can perform, especially in faster action requiring ships. Destroyers capable to torpedoing could be overall easier, because they don't rely on "hectic action" and lots of shooting to affect match and depend more on that "mind game" and strategic thinking. Sonar seeing through mountains and then radar and also carrier planes require lots in that. Though for effective hunting of enemy DDs and survival gunboats are equally or basically even more dependant on positioning and understanding capabilities of enemy ships... Hunting enemy DD and firing guns usually tends to attract attention from enemy team and result in incoming fire with everyone capable to shooting at you wanting piece of you. Though in super fast Soviet rocket ships part of the job is kiting at long range while firing at enemies and making them waste their shots at splashing water. While lowish on damage Udaloi and Khabarovsk winrates are above or well above average so possibly you've done that or managed to hunt some enemy destroyers. Anyway for aiming have you watched this video covering different things needed in hitting target: Even if not wanting to read those lead scale numbers shell flight time is very useful. Myself actually didn't pay any attention to those numbers and just learned to aim through experience based onto shell flight time and target type/speed.
  8. Though seems to work fine against Montana...
  9. There's not enough reports to give to every AFK and team saboteur hiding his shiny Balless Boat at map edge or half the map away from anything important. Not to mention quite few useless DDs going to circle around map lately.
  10. There isn't single reason for DD to head to D in North. Screening own team against enemy DDs and harassing enemy in map's center area is always lot more important... Until enemy is clearly unable to keep fighting and out of DDs. (weirdly my Gremlin doesn't see North anymore while Shards is pretty common)
  11. Immune only to HE and torps. AP overpens disregard module/section damage saturation and always do their 10%. Actually once even had to use that against few hundred hp Svietlana.
  12. Yep, working as intended. Just put three 14400 damage Gremy torps into Nicholas for 12900 damage...
  13. Working as intended.
  14. Here's how spotting works: Eurobeat/Yuro has lot more "torpedobeats", like this: Travel time of torps fired from stealth launch range is most of the time 40+ seconds so battleship which doesn't sail in straight line/steady speed can be insanely hard to torpedo. And while not always lucky/unable to avoid all torps single torpedo hit isn't instantly critical to battleship which has lots of hitpoints and heal/repair. Properly played BB can actually hunt and push unsupported destroyer around and most BBs have secondaries capable to doing nasty damage to DD. In case of especially higher German battleships you can upgrade their range to quite big haunting DDs who're detected by someone else or fail to maintain silence. More agile and smaller ships can be hard to torpedo even from closer range. There's good reason why torpedoes are the most unrealiably hitting weapons in this game. Even best destroyer player would be extremely happy from 20% torpedo hitrate which would be considered really bad for BB guns. Of course if you wait until spotting torpedoes then you're going to get hit basically even in destroyer. You need to react when that destroyer or torpedo equipped cruiser shows side or even before. Like if there's high probability for (or spotted) destroyer behind island slow speed before passing island. Also in open area if there aren't team mates or planes around you to detect remaining unknown location enemy destroyer just do some 15-20 degree left and right course changes from direction you want to go and most torps will miss. Of course during action it's easy to miss enemy destroyer spotted for few seconds so you should enable last known location for minimap. That way frequent checks of minimap show if enemy destroyer was spotted near you. If you have problems in aiming this covers well things involved in aiming. Though of course practise and experience are always needed.
  15. Think positively, you didn't detonate from 100% hp.