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  1. YakkAtSea

    Sound Changes

    I like the new sound effects, too. Citadel hits sound great now - as dangerous as they are. In general there seems to be more bass and dynamic. I did not get the wrong German "your team is near to victory" (when the enemy team is going to win) so far. I hope this has been fixed finally in this version.
  2. YakkAtSea


    I can confirm this, I got the Dreadnaught achievement in my Benson without an obvious reason
  3. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Thanks, had another 13 vs 11 today with a tier mix fitting to your explanation. So it makes at least some sense to me. However, I think the matchmaker should wait a little bit longer before accepting a different player count. It would be okay if I had waited for a long time (more than a minute, maybe two), but I did not. Regarding the "fail divisions" I still think that this should be simply prevented by the matchmaker.
  4. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 Permanent Camouflage Patterns Feedback

    I am going go give this a try on my Fletcher. 4k dubloons, nearly 16 €, seems to be much and probably it is for many of us. But the 100% bonus to experience is a pretty decent and cheaper boost compared to other options (premium ships, signals) and I would like to use it to train captains on ship class I like. I think it is visually a bit more appealing ("sea-like") than non-permament camos. But I would like to see something more interesting, at least a ship number or something or other details. Beside that, I still like the previously posted idea of fun camos. It would bring more color to this game, like the ARP ships. It still could be turned off in the client if some prefer feel offended. And it could be a valuable option for players not being interested in another experience boost to customize their ships for a more affordable price.
  5. I would like to see this as a less powerful version as an alternative to the Engine Boost consumable, like Lo Yang's Sonar. The CD could be reduced to 45s then. This would lead to decisions like "do I want to get faster to a capture point / away from an enemy" or "do I want to 'spam' torps at a capture point / while retreating or attacking".
  6. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Perhaps this relies to something I have experienced: The three capture state displays (HUD, 3D view, minimap) do not seem to be updated correctly sometimes (see attached screenshot). In one game I left the capture point like you. It seemed like the enemy team captured it nearly instantly, until I realized that I left the point for a while.
  7. YakkAtSea

    Sehr geehrter Herr Wargaming

    So ein ähnliches Matchmaking hatte ich letztens auch - dazu kam noch ein Divisionsteam mit einer Kawachi als i-Tüpfelchen dieses T8-Spiels. Vielleicht zählte der MM sie als -1 Spieler? Das Spiel war am 25.02. um ca. 22:40. Da ich mich an keine Wartezeit erinnern kann, dürften genug Spieler online gewesen sein. Wir haben übrigens verloren. Aber trotzdem, das war schon recht seltsam.
  8. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    As an addition to my above post: I was just put in the most uneven game I experienced so far, including nearly all odd matchmaking issues including a new one: A different player count (that's new): 13 vs 11. That's not good. We lost somehow, but it's still not good. A Division consisting of an Atlanta and a Kawachi in this ~T8 match. Had this a couple of times since the "Division Night II". Last time it was an Erie and a Kamikaze R in a ~T5 match. That is not really fair for them as well as either their or the enemy Team. Shouldn't this be just prevented by the matchmaker? There is no need for forming such a group. Asymmetric ship types (3 vs 1 DDs).
  9. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    I know that many people are complaining about real or felt matchmaking imbalance. That's a different story. What I do experience since 0.5.3 are far more asymmetric games in random Matches than before, i.e. 3 DDs on one side and 6 (!) DDs on the other. I personally find this interesting and it does not seem to predetermine the winner. But it's a bit strange somehow, and does not feel like even teams. I've also been put twice in a 7 vs 7 match and once in a 5 vs 5. I attached some screenshots made after noticing that this happens quite often. Yesterday I drove my new Benson in a team with 3 vs a team with 5 or 6 DDs. It was my game of the day and I think it shows that such team composition can be unfair to one or the other side: I got a lucky double kill soon, taking out two enemy DDs with torpedoes while they chased me through my smoke. I sank another DD within a minute or so by luckily well placed salvos (all of them were IJN DDs) nearly or completely on my own. I heavily damaged a BB, and after that a CA with torpedoes and sank them with gun support of two CAs. All this happened in the first five minutes or so. Although this was good luck on my/our side and probably bad luck on their side, it probably would not have been possible if they had so many DDs (but more CAs stopping my lucky run) compared to us. So I am wondering if such asymmetric matches are really intended. (I was not queued for a long time for any of these matches (AFAIR only some seconds), so there was probably no "need" for the matchmaker to assemble such teams.)
  10. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 New Map: Tears of the Desert Feedback

    Finally I was placed in two games on this map today by the MM (both on T7 DDs with capture points). I enjoyed them and I like the map. The dessert theme looks nice and different, and the middle islands enforced nice battles there. DDs are able to operate there, but can still be spotted and shot at well, so it did neither feel too easy nor too hard to drive my DD. This feels much more interesting than some big isles in the middle or islands at the side. What did not seem to work well were the spawn points. Both matches started pretty chaothic. In one match it seemed that a DD was placed very near behind a battleship and two cruisers, so he lost much time driving around them rather than being able to more or less directly head to a capture point.
  11. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    I played a couple of games on Michail Kutusov and she is performing well now for me. I could HE-snipe BBs which turned out to be quite useful and fun. And it is a tatical option I did not seem to have before, at least without exposing her to other cruisers too early. I do not feel that she is overpowered now, because she is still not strong against heavier cruisers and vulnerable to well placed or lucky BB salvos. But I would like to see at least another non-premium light cruiser with a similar range being able to counter her to make this more fun and fair. That way, more people could decide between sniping and assaulting and it would be an option to those players complaining about their new lower range.
  12. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    I was recently put by the matchmaker in a team with four Colorados. The other Team had four different BBs (Colorado, New Mexico, Tirpitz and a Japanese).
  13. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    The German voice from the off when the enemy team is near to victory is still wrong (at least most of the times - it is currently "Unser Team steht kurz vor dem Sieg!", ~ "Our team is near to victory"). Shouldn't this have been fixed already?
  14. YakkAtSea

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Happens to me too.