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  1. McCabe1

    Torping own Team Reporting

    This is WoW, you only get killed by friendly torps not by enemy torps and the above poster got it right. If you do get hit don't hit back just move on as retaliation makes it worse and you might be the one getting punished not the perp.
  2. McCabe1


    Thanks for all the replies and help and yes I did mix up C.V. and C.A. (oops !)
  3. McCabe1


    Not complaining but seems useless for a cruiser, instead of it, a burst of speed for weak armored C.V.s to get out of danger would be better till you get the AA consumable.
  4. McCabe1


    Many thanks for the reply, seems a waste of good AA to me though, as never use the skill myself as usually spot torps early due to their range v spotting distance mechanic. B.T.W. I know the Phoenix has torps an so has the Tier V American C.V. (not blind), I was wondering about the Torp detection range increase consumable instead of AA consumable for C.V.s. Like I said above Thanks for the reply and answering in your own way ( Because... you got it for free in the last patch. Can't get AA skill at tier 4)
  5. McCabe1


    As you all know the Phoenix is a T IV cruiser so ! Why does my Phoenix have the torp detect range increase instead of the AA rapid fire ? My commander has no torp skills (only repair and guns) also there is no torp modules on the ship.
  6. McCabe1

    See HE is still the ammo of choice

    The few games I've played so far (since patch) H.E. has been spammed like crazy, none of the above statements about when to use H.E or A.P. has applied. Of course that was only up to Tier IV so far
  7. McCabe1

    Is AutoAim(target point) mod legal now? Or not?

    WG will only do that if they realise it looses them money, cause with an aim mod you get more hits which in turn gets a person more credits and XP. That alone will stop some ppl from buying gold, so they might jump on it so to speak.
  8. McCabe1

    AP still viable

    On DD's, CA's and CV's I use H.E. On BB's I use H.E. till he uses his firefighting ability, then try to set him on fire again. When he's on fire again I switch to A.P., between fire dmg and the A.P. you can really upset a guys/gals day.
  9. McCabe1

    Pick a Battleship, any battleship!

    What about the BB that runs straight into the CA that is trying to dodge a salvo of shells and a spread of torps, the BB starts dancing because he sees the torps and then blames the CA for everything i.e being to close and not watching where he is going. Now I don't mind being AAA cover but the BB has to pay for it as well. like eat a torp or 2 because me in my CA can't, or fire at anything shooting at me, to distract them from doing so,(I can then lend my weight of Iron in as well as I might survive a bit longer to help the team). If not I go island peek a boo for targets of opportunity.
  10. McCabe1

    Getting bored of being capped

    What can be done ?, if anything about Admiral Nelson in his BB way back at the edge of the map shouting orders to everyone and doing nothing himself. Yes have read above posts and as stated in an above post an xp or credit hit for not getting stuck in so to speak is about the only thing to make them notice. Remember the most dangerous enemies on the map are your own team mates
  11. McCabe1

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    They will stop it when they realise that they will loose money by allowing mods like that. What I mean is why should I buy gold coins when I can get a shed load of xp and silver to research and buy modules and ships because of all the hits and ships sunk because of the mod. Never mind the ppl that won't play because of it. The longer they leave it in the more they cut their own throat plus all the bad press(lots out there already see youtube)
  12. McCabe1

    Rules of the Sea (or how to not sail like an idiot)

    Always remember that the most dangerous ppl in play are the ppl on your team if you don't know them, remember that and you are half ok. Now worry about the ppl on the enemy team. Have fun!