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  1. Admiral_Bing

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    The dressed and battered HMS Exeter (and HMS Ajax) at Plymouth in early 1940. The crews were treated to a reception and meal at Exeter Town Hall. Soon both ships would have extensive refits.
  2. Admiral_Bing

    Chieftain Talks: The Hunt for Graf Spee

    Have always wondered what it was like for my father's cousin on HMS Ajax. Up before dawn for dawn action stations to his AA position, seeing the smoke on the horizon and seeing what they thought until it arrived in port was the Admiral Scheer bearing down on them. Sitting on an AA gun having no targets as shells exploded and deadly shrapnel rained. Then being called from the AA gun (his gunnery was rated superior) to load in X turret as a fellow Royal Marine could not carry on, rushing down below decks and up the ladder to the turret via the shell handling room to take over. The relentless demand for shells to lift and load into the twin 6" guns (even practice rounds were thrown in if they were short) and then the 11" shell hit, overpenetrating the shell handling room, the floor hatch to the shell handling room blowing upward decapitating the loader on the opposite gun and the sudden pain of shrapnel in the leg, the cordite supplies smoking in the heat and the sounds of fire below and the realisation that everyone in the shell handling room beneath was dead. Rapid reactions by the crew saved the ship from exploding, flooding the cordite supply in X turret and controlling the flames outside the shell handling room. The turret however was functionally destroyed and would not be repaired until HMS Ajax's return to the UK. Later, perhaps minutes perhaps hours, later he learned that the man he had replaced in X turret had been killed (either by shrapnel or the fall of the rear mast) on the AA gun he had manned at the start of the battle. After this battle he left HMS Ajax when it returned to the UK in 1940 and joined the Royal Marine Regiment, By then a Sergent he had a map of Vichy artillery positions to lead men to take the Vichy port of Dakar but the order never came, His first beach assault was with 40 Commando at Dieppe followed by more beach assaults in Italy.
  3. Admiral_Bing

    Chieftain Talks: The Hunt for Graf Spee – Trailer

    As someone with a relative that survived the battle fighting in the Royal Marine turret with leg wounds on HMS Ajax I would love to see a scenario battle based on this, possibly in three phases. The initial open ocean battle Graf Spee vs Ajax, Achilles and Exeter (Dawn) The running to port action Graf Spee vs Ajax, (front turrets only & smashed rear mast) plus Achilles (Evening to Night) and a final scenario a battle in the River Plate estuary Graf Spee vs Ajax (front turrets only & smashed rear mast), Achilles and Cumberland (Dusk). Would be either coop 2v Commonwealth + an extra bot where necessary vs Hard Bot or 1v Graff Spee vs Hard Bots Would be very easy to do now that the County class has been modelled. The two Leanders would need some minor tweaks Ajax needs simple pole masts and a few minor detail changes, Achilles would be just like Ajax but with single 4" guns not dual mounts and both could be sold as British/Commonwealth specials.
  4. Admiral_Bing

    Christmas in the Navy

    My father's Cousin Wilfred served as a Royal Marine on Royal Navy ships between 1930 to 1940 before becoming a Royal Marine Commando. Here are the locations of his Christmases on Royal Navy Ships away from UK home ports. 1935 HMS Dragon (D Class Cruiser) at sea heading to South America - He crossed the line for the first time on the 29th at position 37o 53’ West. 1936 HMS Dragon at the Naval base in Bermuda 1938 HMS Ajax (Leander Class Cruiser) at Puerto Montt in Chile 1939 HMS Ajax recovering from leg wounds in Port Stanley in The Falkland Islands ( A rare sunny day) In 1943 Wilfred now a Sergeant in 40 Commando spends Christmas in 94th General Hospital in Algiers, Algeria after being evacuated injured, mentally and physically, from Italy after surviving 3 or possibly 4 beach assaults.
  5. Admiral_Bing

    Public Test of Update 0.9.0: Round 2

    Will be pleased to eventually be able to get the Heavy Cruisers Hawkins and the Devonshire, the first as my father's cousin undertook the 1935 Fleet review in HMS Vindictive, and the County Class will complete the Battle of the River Plate set.
  6. Admiral_Bing

    Scuttling of Admiral Graf Spee

    My fathers Cousin watched Admiral Graf Spee burn in the water from HMS AJAX. Many lives on all sides were spared that day by Kapitän zur See Hans Wilhelm Langsdorff's decision to scuttle the ship.
  7. Admiral_Bing

    Clan Ajax (AJX) Recruiting

    Clan Ajax [AJX] is recruiting, 80 years ago last Friday, my fathers Cousin, Wilfred fought in the Battle of the River Plate on HMS AJAX where he was wounded with shrapnel whilst in X Turret when the hatch to the shell handling room blew upwards into the turret when a 11" shell over-penetrated the shell handing room below. The fight was over for Wilfred and X turret that day but he was lucky man as he had started the battle on an AA gun and he replaced a Marine loader in the turret who could not carry on who was sent outside to Wilfred's AA position and was subsequently killed at the AA gun (possibly related to an 11" shell that brought down the rear mast). Clan Ajax is a clan for those not very clannish, There are only two clan rules, Rule 1 you must play at least once every 60 days (or 120 days if you accumulate 1000 clan oil) or let the Commander or Deputy know you are stepping away for a while and will come back. (this is so that as many active players as possible get to use the clan bonuses). Rule 2 No swearing or rudeness in chat during Clan battles to any player on either side. That's it. If you are looking for regular competitive clan battles this is not a clan for you, but our benefit accumulation is good. If you are interested apply at [AJX] Ajax .
  8. Admiral_Bing

    Ajax camouflage alternative pallete.

    Had to collect this above all else this week, for obvious reasons (AJX) Now I just need the 1939 model of the Ship...
  9. So no PR for me I can't even log in at this point as the game keeps crashing since the last update , I have only managed to try and start two games and earned 10 pink games for "unsporting behavior" as it crashes again...
  10. Just for interest: November 18th 1938 The Falklands HMS Ajax towed a target for shore battery practice. 10 rounds were fired by the Sapper Hill BL 6 inch Mark VII gun and then 10 rounds were fired by the Canopus Hill (named after HMS Canopus) BL 6 inch Mark VII gun between 10am and noon. The target was two Pattern VII targets separated by an 18ft rope and towed 750 yards behind the ship located about 2-3 miles off Seal Point. The shore battery guns were originally taken from the Monmouth-class armoured cruiser HMS Lancaster ( a sister ship to HMS Cornwall and HMS Kent) and had arrived in the Falklands for shore defence in 1916. HMS Ajax had moved one of the guns to its current position in 1936. December 8th 1938 Exactly 24 years to the day in 1914, a British Navy Squadron led by Vice-Admiral Doveton Sturdee was at Port Stanley coaling from the hulk SS Great Britain when a German cruiser squadron, which had previously defeated the British West Indies Squadron in the Pacific at Coronel Chile, attacked the Wireless Station at Port Stanley. During the subsequent Naval chase that day all the German ships bar one were sunk and Admiral Maximilian von Spee was killed in his cruiser SMS Scharnhorst as it sank. A contingent of HMS Ajax crew attended a service at Christ Church Cathedral at 10.15am later parading to the Falklands Islands Battle Memorial for a short ceremony including a speech by the Governor of the Falkland Islands. HMS Ajax Marine band played the national anthem and both of HMS Ajax Fairey Seafox floatplanes undertook a flypast. HMS Ajax later that day sailed from Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands to Punta Arenas, Chile . http://www.fig.gov.fk/archives/jdownloads/Falkland%20Islands%20News%20Weekly/1938%2012%20December.pdf Just over a year later a few days past the 25th Anniversary on the 13th December 1939 HMS Ajax was involved in the Battle of the River Plate.
  11. Admiral_Bing

    Collector's Club Launch

    Finally - 100 ships with the Kii
  12. The raid also successfully attacked the lock gates to the Saint Nazaire Basin when MTB 74 fired timed delayed torpedoes at them, these exploded 2 days later on the 30th of March destroying the gates. The MTB did not manage to escape back to sea and was sunk by coastal gunfire on the day of the raid. 36 Survivors from the MTB (including sailors from Campbeltown and another MTB) managed get to a Carly float but only three survived to be captured 12 hours later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Wynn,_7th_Baron_Newborough
  13. Admiral_Bing

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    I am pleased to finally see HMS Exeter in game, a ship and crew that my father's cousin knew well and watched on 13th December 1939 from his ship HMS Ajax as HMS Exeter was repeatedly hit and set on fire by accurate straddles from the SMS Graf Spee until finally disappearing in smoke and flame over the horizon. He was wounded in the leg and would have convalesced with the many injured sailors from HMS Exeter at Port Stanley over Christmas 1939 as the rest of HMS Exeter's crew worked hard to repair the ship just enough to be able sail to the nearest Commonwealth port facility in Southern Africa.
  14. Indeed only minor changes would be needed to modify the stock British Danae ship from the British line, mainly a "wet" flat non trawler bow (Danae did not have that either only the later D ships after the first 3 were commissioned) and probably a slightly better AA suite and Radar...
  15. Admiral_Bing

    Naval Underdogs: Poland - Discussion Thread

    Not sure what you mean? The model on WOW looks about right for a D Class all the Danaes were similar bar the fact that the model we have represents the later ships of the series with a trawler bow which the Dragon, Danae and Dauntless did not have and were consequently very wet forward as a result. Dragon in the 1920's would have had a seaplane hanger just in front of the bridge but this was removed in 1928. The E Class was based on the D Class but was significantly lengthened to increase speed to top 33 knots and were used to serve the in areas where a greater cruising range was needed.