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  1. Quinzer

    Impossible to log into the game

    i had the same problem, tryed reinstalling and was unable to accept eula, than i tryed installing on my notebook, same problem. now it works on my PC and i have no clue what changed.
  2. Quinzer

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. Description Unable to click on anything in port. I can move the cursor and the interface reacts to it, but nothing happens when i click. The only thing that works is the keyboard, so i can press ESC and use the menu with the arrow keys and ENTER to close the game. Same problem on the login screen, i can press ENTER to login/connect and get into port, but i can not use the connect button with the mouse, nor can i click on any other button (e.g. the || button to pause the background video, the X to close the game, the report bug button) 2. Reproduction steps Everytime i start the game, it is like that. Even the Integrity check didn't do anything. 3. Result Unable to do anything, can't chose a ship, can't go into battle, can't use the chat, can't see techtree, can't sell or buy ships or consumables, can't do divisions ... 4. Expected result normal interface response to clicking
  3. Quinzer

    Public Test 0.6.10 - Technical Updates

    When i try to update my WOWS-PTS launcher to 6.10, it causes a critacal error with following message: Updating game client: Critical error. Unable to install update. The application cannnot continue. For details, see log file. it shows the same message evertime i try to do the update.
  4. Quinzer

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    i got the same bug 1. invisible enemy ship (CV) while it was spotted and inside the render range 2. ?? happend once 3. i was unable to shot at the enemy, other ships in my team were able to see it 4. visible enemy ship
  5. i guess you are referring to the "torpedo acceleration" skill: it increases speed by 5kn and decreases range by 20% (it says so in the discription if you have the game in english)
  6. 4.Tag: MDIV vs OMNI 1.Gefecht: 2.Gefecht: 3.Gefecht:
  7. Quinzer

    Mutsu-Hatsu balance issue after 5.1

    don't forget that he mahan is slower (36,5knots vs 35) and has worse detectability (6,7km vs 7,9) torpedo reload is 82sec vs 87 almost the same, but damage per torpedo 17233 vs 11600 is a big difference i would say, while the mahan now has the ability to stealth torp, it's not good at it (slower torps with less damage means less hits and less damage) and the kiev has more firepower compared the the mahan, so i think the mahan is quite blanced between both kiev and hatsuharu
  8. Quinzer

    Soviet DDs detection range

    thanks, i wondered if there is something like that already around
  9. Quinzer

    Soviet DDs detection range

    i noticed that the gnevny get a higher detection penalty when firing than the gremyashchy (and i read that all the new soviet dds share this disadantage) grem has 10,7 km detection range when firing (7km base + 3,7km penalty) gnenvy has 12,9 km (7km base + 5,9km penalty) this and the very high detectionrange (on higher tiers) will make stealth firing very hard, is that the price for having a better trajectory than usn dds? usn once struggle in hitting something after 12km and sn once get detected, it seems like WG thinks stealth firing DDs are op and don't want it to happen to easyly i just want to state the fact of that hidden stat (i wish you could see those ingame) it's kind of important for the gameplay and people should know what they can do with their ships and what they can't. any comments on that topic welcome
  10. Quinzer


    gutes schiff, mmn, ähnlich wie die clemson, aber bessere feuerrate, langsamere geschwindigkeit, andere torpedorohr anordnung und endlich mehr reichweite auf den torpedos, leider gehts dann auf tier5 wieder auf 4km zurück
  11. Quinzer

    Benson's torpedoes

    i use the upgraded once, you are right the faster once have their advantages, but more damage per torpedo+faster reload+range makes up for that imo
  12. Quinzer

    Russian Destroyers tier I - X

    you are right at some points, regarding firing arc and shell travel time but: khabarovsk has 22.5k HP gearing 19.4, that's not double, it's 3.1k (+16% of gearings HP) both ships carry 2x5 torpedo tubes 9km detecion range vs 7.6km is a big difference and there is no doubt that the gearings torps are better, better speed, range and damage (khabarovsk 6km torps got more damage but even less range), but 20 sec longer reload stats source: http://wows-numbers.com/ship/4179506640,Khabarovsk/ vs http://wows-numbers.com/ship/4281219056,Gearing/
  13. Quinzer

    Fletcher? How to make this work.

    i don't havethe fletcher yet, but had it on closed beta you can use your guns to shoot ships while staying invisible (i think at around 10,5km with concealment upgrade and around 9,5 with concealment captain skill), to set BBs on fire, in combination with torpedos you can do a lot of damage (fire+flooding) also your torpedos are very good (they have lower detection range than japanese once, means harder to dodge)
  14. Quinzer

    Prinz Eugen premium or standard?

    http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/forum-120/announcement-3-world-of-warships-forum-rules/ maybe you should read the forum rules 3.4: images "which have (in any way) racist or nationalistic implications which may create offense to a certain nation, ethnic, religious or racial group" are prohibited
  15. Quinzer

    Farragut Hulls

    you get access to the defensive fire ability on C hull