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  1. Yusuf_Ismail

    Critical Error

    It happened after i updated my game
  2. Yusuf_Ismail

    Critical Error

    I keep getting a message saying critical error occured, i would put a screenshot but dont know how to.
  3. I think that every time a ship fires it should get spotted for about 2-3 seconds because in a few battles I was in my BB and enemy CAs just kept hammering me from behind smoke screens and i couldn'ttell how fast they were were going because the tracers only give limited info about the ship whereabouts.​​
  4. Yusuf_Ismail

    Official hotfix for freeze/lag problem

    Isnt this a Kirov-class missle cruiser, not battleship?
  5. Yusuf_Ismail

    Regarding resolution

    The aspect ratio option was dimmed out, i couldnt change it.
  6. Yusuf_Ismail

    Regarding resolution

    When i put the game in fullscreen it automatically switches to my resolution but when i put it to windowed mode (because we don't have a fullscreen-windowed mode) i cant find my resolution. I tried scrolling up and down but there are only 2 resolutions, 1351x730 and 1280x720 but my screen is 1366x768.
  7. Yusuf_Ismail

    Collisons with ships

    WG should add a warning for when u are about to hit another ship, and the once i was in my oensacola and a dd collided into me and we both hit the border and when i tried to reverse the DD 9which is obviously lighter than me was pulling me forward.
  8. Yusuf_Ismail

    Regarding encounter battles

    In my opinion encounter isn't a very good mode for this kind of game, in WoT it was fine because you can drive across the map in a matter of minutes(1-3 max) but in WoWS it takes you a long time to travel from a corner of the map to the cap circle, i find encounter in the hotspot map even more annoying because the cap circle gets so much of cover plus the team is scattered all around.
  9. Yusuf_Ismail

    Pensacola and New Orleans UP

    Underpowerd not Overpowerd
  10. Yusuf_Ismail

    Pensacola and New Orleans UP

    I find the Pensacola AND New Orleans UP since the new orleans has about 178k DPM, Pensacola has 184k DPM and the Cleveland has 288K DPM. I would recommend that New Orleans go to tier 6, Pensacola stay at tier 7 and Cleveland move to tier 8. Who disagrees?
  11. Yusuf_Ismail

    The Hotspot Map

    I hate this map and think it is very unbalanced, its hard to coordinate your forces when spawned in two different sides of the map so if one side loses then the team loses. All the battles I've played on that map have resulted in defeat.
  12. Yusuf_Ismail

    My cursor disappeared!

    Since a week before the update and during the update when i hold down Ctrl it doesn't show my cursor,pls help.
  13. Yusuf_Ismail

    HE is OP

    I was cruising along in my new mexico brawling with another new mexico na di was getting more shots on target than him but only doing 3-7k dmg and he was using HE and doing 10-15k dmg with less shells hitting.
  14. Yusuf_Ismail

    What is wrong with you? (dont cap guys)

    I Would go for capping unless im in a fast ship, i know where the enemy is and i know if it is a slow target. Otther wise just cap.
  15. Yusuf_Ismail

    Getting beached

    I know that in reality if u got beached u are stuck most of the,most of the time, but getting stuck in this game is not fun at all. I was in my Pensacola and i was sailing about 20m away from the shore but after a few seconds it says collision, i try to reverse and i go at o knots, i try going forward and i go 0 knots, i try turning in all direction and i still cant move, pls fix this.