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  1. Hi there, Ishiro here. This isn't gonna be my long well thought wall of text. This time I just want to comment on something I were not saying before, but now I feel confident enough to put those opinions on public forum. I am not playing this game for a few months already, but I guess I still have few words to say. So let's go!! I think the continuous problems with CVs and comments DEVs make regarding this class are a proof that they lack the ability to fix it. I think the incompetence of the team responsible for that aspect of that game has to be directly called out. Lead developer should be ashamed of the horrible performance his team is showing. Rant in spoiler Last thing I want to say is that I fell insulted regarding recent premium Carrier releases. WG few months back said they will not release another premium unless they feel comfortable with the class. The changes between that time and current day are laughable. Alternative control scheme (which is just key rebind), removing manual drop on low tier and very questionable of AP bombs introduction (which really are just rng dmg tweak more than anything else). I might miss something, but that's all there is to it. There was no rework, nothing was solved. This is so cynical and pathetic that I lack words and is reason why I decided to write this. This is how I see it: I come to a store and ask for apple (carriers) WG gives me rotten apple. I say to WG, it's rotten After two years they come back and say they wouldn't sell me rotten apple.Then they proceed to paint all apples red with paint and then they put them back on shelf with a new "fresh apples" sign. The hell am I looking at. The moment you ask for money is the moment all gloves are pulled off. So Developer team, since you ask people money for Carrier experience you designed I want to say: I am not angry, just sad because I wanted to love your game, carriers as asynrchonous gameplay element was extremely unique and appealing. I knew it was hard to do so I gave you time and I gave you benefit of the doubt. I am deeply dissapointed with your efforts. I no longer think you are even capable of fixing this situation if you keep this watered down directionless attitude. If you are content with current state so be it, I am sure collectors will buy those ships just for the high quality models alone, but it's still vey low. I might come back to playing game when you really fix it, but for the moment I guess I will remember your team as a failure and dissapointment... Happens.
  2. Good to know that some things never change.
  3. Considering the money you put into this game just to fuel your obsession I would advise you to seek some counseling. Just to manage it it as this seems silly way to spend money regardless of your expendable income. It a mixture of fear of failure and peer presure. People wear their stats like badges, it's the source of pride so ofc we want those to be good. I mean you can hide them, but public perception on forum/reddit is that you hide something only when you are too embarrassed to show it. Stats are used by big and small clans as first step in their recruitment. There is also internal pressure and expectation of improvement. I think about myself as very calm and stress free player, but even I was grabbed by stats. I mean when I bought Saipan I treated that ship and solo winratio I get in it as my own personal test to see how rusty I really am after big break. I was checking top players that performed in that ship and I was getting really annoyed when something didn't go my way. As much as I hate to admit it, but I never really wanted to fully commit to other classes because my CV stats were on the line. Sure I could pad it by not playing solo, but that would be cheating in a way. At the release I was obsessed with having highest damage on IJN CVs and was constantly comparing my winratio with Sharana's and avg damage with czNemesis. I just can't ignore them... they drive me to play better, but the damage they did to my enjoyment of game was quite significant. I never liked talking about stats overall or using them in any discussion. For a year had mine hidden just to show it. I don't like how opressive they are in public space and I think devs should treat this as an issue that needs addressing somewhere in future. I am just surprised that OP obsession with stats was stronger that sunk cost fallacy and addicting nature of grind-based progression systems.
  4. Well just to clarify. If we were to today go back to the old rules, the draws would still be over 10% like they were back then. Even right now going solo rambo mode is punished by combined BB fire from multiple angles and DD torps. People also back then were pushing as a group but most often the train was going around whole map. There is also issue of the BBs that thought they need to shoot at the max range. If I remember correctly the point system overall was rebalanced to make each kill more significant to push games to end faster. CA and BBs also received a lot of tools to fend DDs invisible torps spam which actually was stopping pushes much harder than any CV could wish for. I just don't like that you pigeonhole issue to class that had almost nothing to do with it. CVs were pushing blobs vs blob, but it was the DDs that actually were stopping those blobs from moving... planes can't do anything against them. Blob vs blob is also most common, safest and most efficient tactic at random. CVs were part of the problem then especially at high tier, but it was a greater picture. As for your opinion about CVs. I do think they have place in this game in random mode... but they require extensive rework from ground up. Whole class right now lacks identity and overall idea for itself. WG clearly doesn't know what they want to do with carriers, what is supposed to be fun in them and how to make fighting against them equally enjoyable. Whole idea of carrier in this game is good, but execution is straight up bad.
  5. I did not read your whole post yet, but this one fragment demanded my answer. Do not warp the past will you? Issue with draws was coming from the fact that most popular mode was standard that could only be finished when all enemy ship were killed or point was taken. Second was that current domination mode also was generating draws if none of the teams got 1000 points. Carriers had absolutely nothing to do with it and issue with draws was removed during the time carriers were at their strongest. CVs were nerfed heavily after draws were fixed.
  6. So WG decided to go with the change anyway. It's their game, I guess. I want to thank all players that liked this topic or engaged me in a discussion. I am also glad that mod cleaned it just a bit. Thank you.
  7. Can't say much without testing, but just by looking at everything we know I will just say: Kaga looks like she was designed by someone who went into coma around haku release and just woke up. I really am tired of this... I hope I am wrong... I really do
  8. Carriers are no ordinary sniper-class/Artillery class, but first of all let’s make it clear that those archetypes can work and are working in many games. Unique aspect is the fact that CVs project their power and presence via fast short range planes. It is gameplay element that not only is making each CV attack telegraphed and obvious, but it let players interact with carrier even without directly engaging. Defeating ship means that it is no longer able to interact with the flow of the game and deplaned carriers while can try to cap, most often are treated as already out of the game. There is no inherit flaw with this concept. Let’s see where it fails though. Notice how key element in this whole equation are projected fast short range planes. Fact that every their move is telegraphed means that most attacks are expected. While this is good thing overall, when attack itself is undodgeable it can lead to frustration. Being unable to stop something you see coming is leading to feeling of powerlessness. That is why most often request to nerf CVs was AAA, since people wanted to get rid of this feeling. When you are in DD lack of AAA wasn’t really an issue because as a player you could actively evade giving you enough agency for this whole situation to feel ok. Other ships must rely on AAA which is mechanic that removes player agency. It boils down whole interaction between both players to something they have no active participation. Notice that in this situation regardless of end effect, one of the players will feel powerless and bad. Considering also that whole thing works on RNG and not dps and HP it makes whole thing just an unmitigated disaster. That is why for the longest time I was highlighting AAA as the most important aspect of CVs that needs a rework. Whole interaction is toxic and WG made huge mistake by doubling down on it making it core of the counterplay. Carrier concept is not flawed, but the design of it is.
  9. Please read the topic. I think I more or less explained why this issue has happened. Game is naturally pushing people in this direction. Game just should stop rewarding this behavior and switch gears on low tiers to reward and focus on new players. Proposed change does not do this as it doesn’t address any of the core issues. It actually makes tier VI such a mess that the skill discrepancy will only go higher. I understand this line of thought. You try to blame CV players themselves for this situation, that they seal club. They are indeed partially responsible, but let’s not pretend that game did not encourage it. I think I have explained well enough how it does it. I predicted current situation and instead of acknowledging those concerns WG doubled down on those issues by introducing fighter barrage without any change to low tier. The problem was left to its own devices and with time it became worse and worse. Developers are responsible for game design and where this design is pushing players. I just want for WG to do this issue justice and solve it right. I don’t want to make CVs OP or want to sealclubb newbie players. I actually want to have much more good players around… games are much more fun that way.
  10. Then please check my stats. My most played tier are VI, VII and VIII and least are IV and V. This change does not impact me directly. Experienced players are vocal about this because they understand the game and they care about where their class is going. Don’t dismiss what I am saying with this excuse.
  11. Me using word despise might have been a bit too strong, I have a tendency to use stronger language to make a point clearer. What I think is important is to understand that tier IV and V are for training. I would still urge you to learn DD hunting on tier VI, VII or VIII. Speed of your planes is very important in DD hunting. I am glad that you wrote though, this highlight the second part of why seal clubbing is a problem. It’s not only that people just want to dominate easily but they feel like higher tiers simply are too oppressive for them. If by any chance any dev will read this topic I do hope they will read opinion of players like me, players who wanted to try CVs and players who do play on those tiers. Just saying there will be good changes in the future does not constitute making bad decisions now. With this approach why not remove class all together? It will be fixed in the future. There is also fact that most CV players have no confidence in WG ability. So far we have seen nothing that would suggest that future will be better, we see present situation and present changes. They are bad. Please try to see that while it will indeed remove bashing of newbie players on tier IV and V it is also removing space for players to learn manual drop. New players who play auto and are used to auto will get destroyed even more on tier VI and will have even harder time progressing further. This change with time will actually make issues of discrepancy between good and avg player even bigger as avg player skill will drop down. This might look like a solution at surface, but it will only lead to further problems. It does not solve anything, it just hides the problem. Let’s say you have a kid and you ask him to clean his room. He then puts all the food, toys, clothes and everything on his bed and then puts a blanket on it. Now he comes to you with a smile saying that he did what you asked him to do. When you call his out on this he says he will clean it properly later. This is not good enough and most likely food he has there will start rotting soon.
  12. It's not related to the main topic, so there is no need to argue with you. Let's focus on low tiers, new player experience and manual drops shall we? We can have balance discussion in one of the other topics while this one I would prefer to be focused on situation we have right now on PTS. Thank you for understanding.
  13. When I say that I have in mind tier VI to VIII which were affected by AAA changes most noticeably. Please stop rambling, because I actually want to have proper discussion about low tier. I have no interest in your problems with CVs or hight tier. It's irrelevant and is straight up off topic.
  14. Yes and I agree with you here. I do hate seal clubbing. I am a player that enjoys the challenge, I like to be thrown into a situation to test my skills. I love tier VI IJN CV, but I stopped playing it because it wasn't fair. I don't feel ok by playing Saipan because I feel like it's unfair. I despise players who go even lower than that and feed on people who just want to try it. That's why I am vocal about this topic. This change doesn't affect me directly, but I believe it will affect me indirectly. Your feedback is much more important than you think. Regarding this topic it is probably most valuable, even without you trying to think about solution. That's true that enjoyment is subjective. I am sure that seal clubbing players do not chase for the challenge, they just want easy domination. Disecting low tiers and this mechanic let's you see why those tiers appeal to seal clubbers and why they are problematic for new players. Look at what you wrote right now... For you, player interested in CVs just a bit, most important is just to have some space. There is a lot to take with carriers and you need time to digest all new information, experiment a bit and try to find on your own what really is in this class for you. For me it's prediction, for you it might be having map awarness and thinking about your next step in advance or I don't know... You like seeing planes fly and maneuver. Thing is that you still need to have an option to experience core of what carriers have to offer on this tier. Everything needs to be in place ready for you as a new player. That also means core of the class, so manual drop. You simply can't play without it on any real level. It is pretty much like playing football by just walking instead of running. I understand that this change is rushed, just to be applied as an immediate action, but look at what is happening here. I myself was warning WG almost year ago that low tier CVs have a big issue with power, that their design is flawed. Current situation is here because WG made bad decisions with little to none foresight. They didn't think about the future, ignored experienced playerbase thinking most likely that what they say does not apply to the whole class and they pushed everything into current situation. It could have been avoided. The type of solution that ignores core issues, is poorly planned is the type of thinking why we are in this situation in the first place. This change will only further push new player skill down, can you imagine learning this mythical manual drop on tier VI with ship like cleveland? And it will not change the fact that when you will try to learn manual... some other seal clubber that knows it already will just waste you. People are not progressing naturally from auto to manual, required skillset is too different. Auto drop doesn't have representation of any 3 core challenges manual drop has. The only thing it does for player like you who want to learn is to push this miserable experience in time. This is similar situation we had with AAA. Some great players were overperforming so WG buffed AAA overall. This tempered top players (they adapted easily) but at the same time affected newbie players to an even greater extend (they lacked skills to adapt to a more hostile environment). Current solution is the same thing. They are targeting seal clubbers without adressing real reason behind the problem, they are rushing it and people who will be hit most in the long run... will be newbie CV players trying to learn the class. New player experience will be even more messed up and badly designed than it is now.
  15. Ok, so you see the point of view of WG, but look at this way. Why there are so many seal clubbers at low tier? What do those players get from it? They take joy in being the deciding factor in the game, basically they are not good enough to handle mid tiers and feed their ego on lower tiers. What feeds their ego? Damage, ships sunk, making someone else contribution just a pebble. They want to DOMINATE. I mentioned Langley in more detail mostly to show that this ship actually responds to those needs. It has high damage, high chance to sink a ship, able to use fighters to make other carrier useless and a lot of that power is available only to experienced players. They are dominating because ship is there to support it. Langley as a ship at the same time has nothing for new player in its design. Note that I also said they are not good enough to handle mid tiers... Even best players will tell you that tiers VII and VIII are often very frustrating to play. People are chased away from mid tiers, there is no incentive to progress. It was only natural that seal clubbing will become a problem and we were warning about this. How do you adress it. You simply remove possibilty of those players to dominate and indeed removal of manual drop will acoomplish it. Thing is that this isn't adressing issues that caused this situation leaving them still in the game and it also indirectly is hurting potentialy new players. People trying to play CVs should have good envrioment to try them, to understand where to joy of the class is and how to just have fun with it. That way they will have motivation to play more, learn more and improve. In my opinion biggest fun in CVs is in challenge of prediction and I don't think you need big damage, ship sunk or even big contribution to get that positive rush out of doing your job right. If you keep those things at low spectrum, seal clubbers will go away themselves, they will not get their rush anymore. Other part of the problem here is that players should want to progress higher, they should be excited because they can play better carrier and they should be pushed by the game to do so. I am strongly arguing against this change because I care about new players. I want them to be good and I want them to be able to challenge me when they will ever play against me. The new player experience has to be treated seriously and solutions should be serious. Not just ignoring obvious design flaws and trying to hide it in the most cumbersome way possible.