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  1. WG knows better so deal with it. They literally brute forced garbage solution for the problem they themselves created. Want a read from the time it was proposed? Here have my topic about it from that time Seriously trying to solve the super high skill floor of low tier by gutting down core of the class is such a horrendous and misguided decision that I think you should stop hoping for better CVs. If they show up then great, but just abandon hope, relax... let it flow through you. It is easier that way.
  2. 15 pages....
  3. Oh I know that, everything about that drop screamed proof of concept. They just made it longer so they changed one variable and marketing department called it a day. That is what I was saying in first post. WG has some internal pondering to do if this was ok'ed by anyone. Oh well, thankfully they backed down so we can rest... Untill the next time I guess
  4. I know most people latched to the idea that this ship is unfinished, because it is "bad" and underpowered, but that is why at the start of the topic I said that I don't care about balance. This ship shouldn't have been sold not because unicums struggled with it, but because manual AP has no visual feedback whatsoever. There is like 3-4 seconds where there is nothing on screen. This is what triggered me... Just reminder, because I don't think everyone understood why selling this ship was so problematic.
  5. I am not playing this game anymore. After introduction of no manual drop on tier IV and V I decided to not touch play button until I see significant improvments. I was very strongly opposing that change and after it went live I decided that I don't need this stress and frustration anymore. I still keep close eye to all information available and close ear to opinion of CV players that still play. What I can say is that WG is not hopeless as much as I feel like it is. As long as Graf Zeppelin gets enough attention I am sure it will turn out fine and after this situation I assume she will have enough time to turn out great (at least on release). Biggest sins of WG Dev team are laziness and pride, I don't think this will affect GZ now. If you want to be sure that good players will be handling that ship, I can assure you that two EU ST are more than enough to test this ship as competetive (Reyte and Strangers123), not to mention I think Fara still has this ship, so he will also be able to provide feedback. We will see, but I wouldn't worry to much now
  6. Ehhhhh... We got reasonable WG statement. I do think it is fine and we can not ask for more. Whole debacle is over for which I am happy.... maybe better word is content. Whole situation actually was a very painful experience to me. I do care about CVs, I was openly ignored by WG devs in situations where I was right, I did experience this "I know better attitude". Now they threw this garbage out in the store. Then they said that everything is fine, I mean they know better... we should learn how to play. Those missing visual indicators and huge bugs are nothing, it is ready. Blatant pointless lies and little to no respect. Why we have to battle WG for almost 3 days just for them to admit that sky is blue? Why iChase removal was so hastly and poorly done damage control? What an abysmal performance... WG is dragging their reputation through a mud... again I want to thank all CMs, moderators that took the heat. I am happy that we managed to make this topic more or less civil considering the very emotional nature. I also thank @Kandly as the first WG employee reacted and openly acknowledged this situation. Hey, at least when you will go back to work on monday, forums no longer will be in flames. Lucky... I will happily move into shadow again and I sincerly hope I will not have to react to anything in the future this way.
  7. I just wonder how open they will be that they messed up. They can try to say it is our fault for somehow not accepting this piece of garbage in the shop. That would be very bad Still removing it on all servers is a big thing and I assume it is automaticaly tied to open refund policy. I really hope they will do it right... This whole thing was very tiring, even though memes are great.
  8. Interesting, now I am waiting for the official response.
  9. Oh yeah sure. Actually what we talked about just now is offtopic in itself. It should have been in my big hotpot topic because it was just me explaining to you why I am angry. Kaga and Big E are... eh... I know them, I have opinion about them, but notice how I did not really talk about them anywhere officialy. Graf Zappelin managed to trigger me completely... That is an achievment. I just think you treat this a bit too lightly. It isn't crusade against big bad dragon. That sounds like it is something planned, like I would love to see them go down or something... Nah, I just don't want to be insulted. As for the topic. I get what you try to say. I was ST and I did argue on this forum for quite a while. You need to know how to behave in those semi-official roles on forum. Simple as that and funny thing is that iChase himself even get it. He was just emotional and wanted to convey it. Happens... WG decision was harsh and I do not agree with it, but you know... not like it was unfounded. iChase drama is indeed just drama... WG just managed to make whole situation ten times worse. What can you do
  10. I did try to play fighter ranger and tried to make most out of it... That is because I care. Uproar is because UI is most lazy part about GZ. This is the part that screams, we threw this thing out just for gamescom. Fact is that it isn't broken... it is fine, for the alpha version of the feature. They literally just changed one thing... Showing me that as a finished product when I can clearly see it's proof of concept is insulting. Most likely I would ignore it, if they didn't ask money for this. I would then think... yeah WG doesn't care about CVs so it is going to be sloooooooow. Nope, this is something they proudly showed on the Gamescom. This is how little they care.
  11. Yes, unfinished UI. Here is a thing Drops. They changed one variable in the AP drop pattern without adressing anything else in the game. They made drop last longer, but nothing else... as a result we have situation in which you have "armed bombers" going back and releasing their bombs in the area after 5 seconds. You have drop circle which dissapears and nothing is there for the 5 seconds. You have also the fact that some people reported that if you kill bombers after circle dissapear and before bombs "hit".... in fact they will not hit at all since you know, they were shot down. Do you understand what they did? They had an idea. They checked it in the most crude way possible and they greenlight that. Stuff like that is something you see internaly, you want to prove your concept is working by applying it in the easiest and cheapest way possible so if it will fail you can scrap it. Then if it seems fine, you work it out for real and in case of this situation it would be proper drop circle, tiding up when bombs are dropped, animations etc. That is why I am calling it proof of concept, and no one will tell me that this is finished. This "feature" was promoted in dev blog and is directly tied to this ship, you can't say this ship is completed when this aspect of it is in such a sorry state. Here is the best part... even if they say it is finished. I still can be angry, because this is a joke. This looks like a joke. I am focusing on this UI aspect mainly because it is most offensive and most obviously lazy part. Bad performance is you know... WG balancing... this? This is rushed job and number of issues with it is undeniable. Edit. Oh and about where they wronged me. I am just tired man. I mean I check info about CVs from time to time just to see... maybe they will fix something, man I would love to play some good old carriers and have fun again. Then they show me this feature in alpha stage and tell me that everything is fine. In fact I should probably learn to play better to handle this new finished drop pattern. As I have said in my topic... This is insulting for me. I know CVs, I know their mechanics and interface well... Do they think I am too dumb to notice? Especially me after over two years of dealing with WG openly ignoring CV players pleas. They don't care enough to show finished product for 60$. That's how low they think about CVs.
  12. What is wrong with bashing someone when they wronged you? Especially in this situation which is rather black and white. Lack of UI and lack of usual testing period for implemented change is definite proof of rushed job to meet the deadline. After which when confronted with the facts, WG openly denied facts by saying ship is finished. Which then was internally inconsistent as in the same message they informed about plans for the near future of this "finished product". Please don't call this situation a "trend to just bash WG", it makes my own posts on this matter seem unreasonable. iChase did step out of line slightly as a CC and I personaly have nothing against his termination. It is dumb, but I can't argue with it. Saying that I fully understand his feelings, because I share them. How much they must disregard carriers when this is the state of their premium CV. This is premium CV experience... not even bothered to finish damn thing. After over two years of openly ignoring any CV players feedback. Fara reaction was also unsually emotional don't you think? There are emotions in CV community and this situation was worst offence possible... I am glad that I stopped playing after they ignored my feedback on the manual drop of tier IV and V. Whole CV community wants something? Nah... F*** them. You can lose temper.
  13. I would like to remind that this topic was made to highlight unfinished elements in this ship. UI so something you can plainly see in the video. Issue is not ship power but fact that it is not ready. During this topic WG stated that players should l2p, ship is ready but they will add stuff later and they did not comment on UI. There is also fact that ship did not have usual testing done by CCs. They are doubling down hard This situation is not normal and ship power is irrelevant now. I want for WG to treat its customers with respect... I hope they will. Their CMs so far are doing stelar job... Higher ups need to follow their example and make amends for this debacle.
  14. Employee A: Hey there is some fire here! What should we do? Employee B: I saw some petrol around, I think we should use that. Employee A: Don't you think it will only makes it ten times worse and we migh be hurt by it in the long run? Employee B: Nah, don't worry about it. This is well within our rights, we are advised to throw liquids at fires. It is in the guidebook "How to stop fire" by comrade C <sound of flames> Employee A: ... Employee B: .... Employee A: I hate this job Employee B: Me too... Me too Disclaimer Any Resemblance to Actual Persons, Living or Dead, is Purely Coincidental. Comrade C is fictional character that is not working at WG HQ and WG is not affiliated with their official guidebook "How to stop Fire"released internaly in 2015
  15. At this point this is more about principals. WG is selling microtransaction in early access form for the price of full product. WG was ok within their rights to terminate cooperation with iChase because he said this is outragous, but they shouldn't. They should take the heat and admit that they rushed this release and apologise to everyone giving anyone who bought ship before apology option to refund it without providing reason. Instead they decided to say git good regarding a ship that no one in community is able to work and they lashed out at anyone in their reach who steped out of line. No to mention that they said that everything is finished even though evidence is plainly seen by anyone, because game doesn't have UI elements to support this ship. WG is treating people like morons. Just because they can, doesn't make it right.