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  1. For me it is just cutting out most toxic elements as a quick fix. From the interviews and Q&A we can assume that WG simply put did not give any resources before to manage CVs properly. Right now they openly talk how CVs are broken and unplayable and that they have few prototypes running on their dev servers. Clearly only recently they started actually working on the class. What I see here is what we should have seen about 2 years ago when IJN also lost all their strike/full fighter setups. It is a quick fix that was delayed for a ridiculous ammount time and as such I will not hold it to a huge "rework USN" standard. American CVs still need work, but considering they mentioned need to rework AAA and Spotting, doing much more with this nation right now would be wasting resources. This move has two big benefit in my eyes: It says to CV playerbase that they started doing something. It cleans the current balance so they can have a bit more reliable live server data for research. I do agree it is a bit rougher in some tiers, but all things considered I think it is fine. They first have to deal with real problems before revitalizing USN completely, but this change here... they needed to clean that up, at least slightly. Does it also tell players that WG openly ignored CVs and treated them like thrash for almost two years? Yes. Does that change the fact that this fix is a good sign? No, this is small step in the right direction and let's appriciate it for just that.
  2. Well, I am glad that at least you think about solutions and I do understand from what point of view you are comming from. Sadly I think removing fighters would remove a lot of good complexity from the carrier gameplay. There is actually quite a bit to fighters than people give it credit for and I think we would be kind of throwing bathwater out with a baby. You see we first have to define what CVs are really supposed to do. At the moment they are built around attacking people with manual drop and I think this direction in a way is failing. Reason is that WG does not want to properly support this kind of gameplay. It is based all about attacking and constantly doing those skillshots like from a MOBA game. If we look at the game from this perspective all fighters do are making approach a harder game for the player. They are there to discourage attacking certain points or to make it more tricky. This is good for attacking as it increases variety of situations. That is why fighters are actually really fun element and if you were to ask old school CV players that remember all strike setup meta... most of them would tell you that forced balance decks made game more fun.... but what I was... ah yes... What CVs are supposed to do. Right now we have two choices: Embrace the manual drop - WG bases whole enjoyment of class on this one little element and support it to the fullest. This would mean extensive UI rework to make it more flexible and responsive. This would mean lowering damage values of the single drop to increase frequency (to maximize the fun). Making those attacks faster and snappier (making them easier) and some TBs with very long (to highlight mindgames and support long drop). This would also require DB rework to make it more similar to TBs. This would also mean lowering speed of fighters and turning them more into sturdy zone controlers (this is to make this aproach and blocking air more prominent and fun, planes don't have to die). Embrace the strategy element - WG bases whole enjoyment class on strategic layer and careful planning. This would mean stripping most complexity from ALT-attacks, but instead introduce more decisions in game. I have a lot of ideas how to do it, but I hardly have time to finish writing the documentation down... Basic principal is that you look at the game closer to the real RTS games. So there should be multiple types of planes that are easy to use and do different things. There are multiple layers of additional mechanics you have to take into account. You decide which units you want to use (similarly to producing units from base in a RTS game). Pretty much your CV is your base, you have few slots for light, medium, heavy plane, you decide what you equip on them (produce unit) and then with very easy to use plane you do your thing. Here though it would have to be much more focus put on support elements like scouting, healing allies, buffing them, debuffing, throwing mines in a water etc. This huge complexity would be offset by the tier system as more plane types and more mechanics would be introduced with every tier, making learning experience much smoother and controlable. You need to define what is fun about CV and then think what you can do to support it. One of the reasons WG is failing for so long with CVs and why their decisions are so chaotic, dumb and pretty much against what CV community wants is that WG clearly doesn't have basic pitch of the class. Without vision and direction you are bound to fail.
  3. It makes you think that same and same requests are showing up constantly for over two years and nothing was done with it over this time. This is just one of the old posts about AAA and look at the date, lovely isn't it? There was also plenty of dedicated topics about AAA and post I quoted is just one of many I wrote on this topic, this one is just easiest for me to find. Everyone hates AAA for as long as I remember. It is always either too weak or too strong and simplicity of it is the cause. It is kind of incredible they still did not tackle the thing most people complained about. @OP Report this as a bug. I know WG pretty much showed middle finger to anyone playing on tier IV and V, but oh well... Get used to it
  4. Szczerze to poproś o wyczyszczenie tego tematu, a także wszelkich dowodów tego co mówiłeś wczoraj w nocy. Wiele z nas lubi starą dobrą dramę i shitpostowanie, ale to co pokazałeś było stanowczo poniżej pewnego poziomu. Dobra porada co do obrażania, znacznie mocniejsze są słowa które uderzają w to co dana osoba uważa za istotne. To co Ty zrobiłeś to kierowałeś się tym, że w Twojej głowie homoseksualizm to najgorsza możliwa cecha i z tym dalej poszedłeś. Jeżeli osoba którą obrażasz nie ma tak mocnych odczuć co do orientacji seksualnej osób prywatnych to jedyne co robisz to egzaltujesz się na temat dla Ciebie ważny. Nie tyle obrażasz kogoś, bo po innej osobie to spływa, co oznajmiasz światu, że ten element jest dla Ciebie możliwie najgorszy... Słabiutkie. World of Warships to gra z mocno wiekową bazą graczy, na nikim nie zrobisz wrażenie nie potrafiąc panować nad sobą kiedy reprezentujesz klan. Pozbądź się kaca, zrób porządek i ogarnij się. Następnym razem jak burda tu będzie to chociaż chce mieć zabawę czytając ją, a nie czytać transkrypt kłótni pijaczków spod budki z piwem.
  5. Ehhhhhhh... It's not like they were not warned about exactly this thing time and time again.
  6. Hi Avenger, I see you are as always trying to present what I say as some kind of request for buffs. Let's go through my general opinion again so people who don't know your trollish behavior would have a better understanding. What I am saying for at least two years now is that AAA and defAA have big design issues and this is a source of number of issues since those mechanics are at the core of CV vs non-CV player interactions. Main problem is that simplicity of the system and passive nature results in static effectiveness of the system regardless of player skill. We have a situation in which a bad and good player will have same results when defending in a 1 v 1 situation. The only active participant in this interaction is CV player and his skill will determine the results. This system regardless of numbers have a bad habit of generating situation in which either CV player or defending player feel helpless. If you don't have enough AAA and enemy CV is good then there is simply nothing you can do, if AAA is strong then CV player skill is negated. I am explaining this in a 1 v 1 situation for a simple reason, as those situations are what most people experience and think about. There is more to AAA thanks to teamwork and general map awarness, but moment to moment gameplay is a place where emotions are most important and this system even if proper on strategic level is generating a lot unwanted frustration. This is in fact a key of people do not like to play against a class and why AAA powercreep is such a frustrating thing to see. There is other side to this coin, but sadly it is as bad as the first one. Increasing AAA puts bigger and biggers strain on the CV player skill and while I personaly can deal with it, this does impact skill floor and ease of learning. Think about it, if static defense is so good that you have to be very good to do something then what people who are learning it do? Nothing, since their impact is severly mitigated the importance of the skill of that good play increases and skill gap widens more and more. There is no way around it. Game is also horrible at explaining in detail what has happened so learning experience overall is also impacted here. I stopped playing when they removel manual drop on tier IV and V, because it goes against new players. I mean those are the only tiers without opressing AAA so they are perfect place for new players to learn how to manual drop, get a hang of those skills they will be using constantly in the future. For me this was such a basic mistake that I stopped having any faith in developer team which in such a blatant way just digs their grave deeper. @Sub_Octavian I honestly have no faith in your developer abillities and CV current state and your handling of this class over the years say more than any wall of text I would write. Prove me wrong, go for it. As you can see nowhere in this text I mentioned buffs and if you closely studied all my posts on this forum you would find that a lot of my propositions were built around significant nerfs to this class. I always wanted to see carriers as a class that is both fun to play and enjoyable to play against. I think you should also focus on that in CV discussions instead of trolling.
  7. I got bored and decided to have a look at WoWs forum. This is really funny to look at when you are not playing the game anymore. @Sub_Octavian Are you even capable of doing something for CV players that wouldn't piss them off? Genuine question, because at this point this seems almost vindictive, like you hate each and every one of us with passion and just want us to go away. I know you have this "rework" "in progress" which will be released soon™ , but could you at least not kick down? AAA and defAA are both horribly designed mechanics and your doubling down on it only further increased the skillgap and skill floor... then you complain about exactly those elements... then you proceed to do exactly the same thing. Just stop.
  8. Oh, ależ ja doskonale sobie zdaję sprawę jak to wygląda. Po prostu nie chce spekulować ze względu na szacunek do ludzi pracujących w tej firmie, stąd to zdanie w takiej formie. Znacznie czyściej jest mówić o efektach niż próbować szukać ludzi odpowiedzialnych. Wkurzył mnie drwal i tyle. Chowanie się za cyklem deweloperskim w tej sytuacji jest naprawdę nie na miejscu.
  9. Zaraz mnie chyba coś trafi i gdyby nie zasady forum to piękna wiązanka by poszła. Czy Ty masz mnie za idiotę? Czy to jest znowu taka sama sytuacja jak z Graf Zeppelinem? Przecież wtedy też mówiliście, że ten okręt którego atak nurkowy wyglądał jakby był zrobiony przez stażystę w przerwie między bieganiem po pączki, był gotowy do sprzedaży i po prostu trzeba się przyzwyczaić. Po pierwsze, mieliście te lata... od bety mineło ponad 2,5 roku i nie zmieniło się nic. Te same UI, te same bugi i ciągle te same problemy. Ile potrzebujecie czasu? 5 lat? Mam przyklasnąć, że dodaliście alternatywną kontrole dla lotniskowców by były bardziej jak normalny RTS? Chyba rok Wam zajęło przebindowanie dwóch klawiszy!! Klękajcie narody, bo przecie to już naprawia UI tej klasy... Z tempem jeden trywialny problem na rok to sobie ogólnie jeszcze trochę poczekamy na coś na poziomie. Nie to że UI to jest jeden z najważniejszych elementów gry, ponieważ służy jako most między graczem a systemami gry, nie no... kto by się tym przejmował. Popatrz sobie na to To jest gra na którą rzuciłem kasę. 2015.12 dostali fundusze na projekt mając piękną działającą alphe i tylko tyle. Ta gra wyjdzie w całości w 2018 roku, ale Wargaming ogromna firma obracająca ogromnymi sumami nie jest w stanie przez ten czas ruszyć czegokolwiek. Nawet naprawić swojego UI. Zdążę skończyć tą grę zanim doczekam się faktycznych zmian w lotniskowcach, nie uważasz że to trochę smutne? Możesz się zasłaniać, że tworzenie na żywym produkcie jest wolniejsze itd. Lecz kojarzysz taką grę jak Evolve? Wyszła lutego 2015 roku, jakimś cudem im się udało zrobić ogromny rework swojej gry praktycznie od podstaw, ja wiem że musieli bo gra była inaczej martwa i w sumie nadal jest... lecz patrz, jak kogoś piekli w tyłek to się da. O League of Legends które sypie reworkami na prawo i lewo nie wspomnę, bo tutaj to po prostu nie byłoby fair wobec Was... To jednak inna skala popularności i pieniędzy. Ostatnie komentarze Sub_Octava na reddicie wyraźnie pokazują, że nie macie jeszcze nic do pokazania. Jesteście na etapie PROTOTYPÓW... po ponad dwóch latach. Nawet chyba coś wspomniał, że wreszcie udało im się dostać potrzebne wsparcie by ruszyć w pełni z pracami nad tą klasą. Nie raz w wywiadach było mówione, że developerzy nie grają lotniskowcami i nie do końca wiedzą co chcą z nimi zrobić. Siedzieliście na tyłkach i to widać! Czy to sprawa organizacji, pieniedzy, talentu czy czegokolwiek to nieważne. Mógłbym spekulować mając wszystkie informacje które mam, ale po co? Jedyne co bym znalazł to wymówki i pewnie rzewne historie ludzi, którzy chcą dobrze. Znacznie bardziej fair jest patrzeć po efektach, a w tym przypadku efekt jest żałosny. Także szczerze to może trochę pokory, bo tak pięknie się załatwiliście, że musicie części swoim graczom powiedzieć "szkoda że sobie nie pogracie... powodzenia za rok". I sugerować ludziom, że to taki proces developerski i gracze się po prostu nie znają?! Masz tupet.
  10. For me the difference is that I do understand how someone might have decided to push this format with good intentions. WG wants for the highest number of people to have fun and it is simply impossible to do otherwise, because game balance is so poor. Graf Zeppelin on the other hand was pushing out product that was on one of the earliest stages of development and the only reason to do it is greed combined with either arrogance or stupidity. If I were a producer or lead of this project... while I would never push for this CB solution, I would greenlight it. Don't get me wrong, I do get how doing it this way is pretty much a joke, it is as If Riot decided to ban all supports from the ranked and limited physical characters to one, because their items are too strong. This is the cost of ignoring competetive for so long and not developing game with future modes in mind. Now you either bite the cost with hope that you can move it forward or not do anything. I would prefer to push forward with required sacrifices. This is very logical decision that I think will make most people happy. I would though seriously look at the developer team and why would you ever end up in situation like this. Something is clearly wrong, since as you have said... This is the first time I see game doing such a hack job out of competetive mode. Do they lack money, people, maybe middle managment is busy infighting and nothing can be done from bottom, maybe leader has weak vision... I don't know, it is their internal stuff, but something is very wrong for the longest time. This is insulting and biggest middle finger to CV community yet... I am just not surprised and I have seen it comming.
  11. Whaaaaa? Is this what developer or higher-ups think? If so those are just hot cheap excuses Having spoken to many best CV players who left game or class, being what you would call "CV expert"myself I'm pretty sure you would gain lots of returning players who were waiting for fundamentally changing mechanics. You have to take into account current players and respect their wishes, but I seriously doubt unicums are against the change. Problem is WG who already tried to remove manual drop from three times, this in itself isn't that bad.... but issue is that WG thinks that this was enough. WG tried to remove manual drop but never went and presented alternative, so ofc people willl be angry when the only working and "fun" to do mechanic in the game can be lost. This is completetly on WG and trying to hide behind "Unicums are not open to changes" is just victim blaming. I also have to straight up something you said, that apparently people left because they were butthurt as they couldn't rolfstomp everything. I am sorry, but while for some this is true, issue lies somewhere else. WG at the time decided to nerf CVs by making them much less enjoyable to play. Increasing drop circles, plane turning radius, AAA etc and not nerfing damage itself. Those changes did not hit unicums since they could easily deal with it, but majority of potential CV players simply did not want to deal with this bullcrap. Not only they had to fight with crap UI, but skill floor of that class went up considerably. During that time I myself had over 70% winratio by playing solo and it was miserable experience, I could still rolfstomp... but what was the point? I don't like this revisionist history seen through this lense of "all CV players are just assholes who want have to biggest internet .....". WG just at the time simply abandoned the class and every change was aimed not at the ship, but at nerfing the player experience which even without their intervention was pretty questionable. Edit. Funny thing about increasing skill floor is that it widens the gap in skill. In fact after those stop "rolfstomping" nerfs a lot of the solo players winratio went up as match "good" vs "avg" in reality was "good" vs "nobody" when before even weakest player could have impact since yes... dealing damage in CVs was very easy.
  12. I find it kind of funny that this situation triggered you while I feel rather calm about it, when during the Graf Zeppelin debacle it was the other way around. What a world. Maybe it is because I never felt CVs fit CB in current form? I mean who wants to be spotbot for the whole season? It isn't brain dead, but seriously the whole point of CVs in competetive mode was always very poorly thought out. You played LoL right? Did you play first season of ranked? @Ev1n I think you also should have good insight on that game. During first season of ranked support role was relegated to just fighting with other support for vision. All their gold was being spent on wards and counter wards, all time during the game they were doing laps throught whole map to clear specific positions at the right time and tried to counter enemy support who did the same. Does that sound like something similar in WoWs? Does that ring any bells? Well... Riot quickly realised that this really isn't most exciting way to play and reworked whole support class (huge number of items, many champions received tweaks, masteries etc. Huge stuff). CVs are in even worse state, because damn mate... where are my heals and crowd control? (yes, I was maining support during that time) WG just never adressed this issue even though it was clear this will end up like that first moment when custom games between better players started showing up in beta. You should have seen it comming after they let whole population drop and they let many dedicated CV players simply drop from game. Anyone remembers Sharana? They still have his CV guide sticked in new player section and reason he is no longer is simple... Developers did not clear his expectations and it grew stale and he left... It's dead jim. Issues with CVs are very long and I don't want to talk even more about them. This is your time to shine sunshine.
  13. Oh please.. Just concede on CV front, because no matter the spin you take on this situation it will just annoy people. Good advice, really. I agree with this. The utility tools CV have are very specilized and effective. I think this would very good occasion to adress this and diversitise utility CVs are providing at the cost of scouting nerf. There were propositions thrown on forum for quite a while for ideas like "clearing fires" or "decreasing dispersion of marked by planes target". I saw on reddit idea of dropping sonar bouys which could be destroyable and work pretty much as wards in LoL. Dropping supplies that would regenerate other ship consumables are also not out of the question. It is "gamy" as hell, but right now as we can see CVs have no game to begin with, so let''s bend realism a bit shall we? This is huge failure of WG that they had to cut CVs out of CB and I really hope developer team will treat this fail as a stepping stone. Finally define image of carriers for f&^* sake.
  14. Who said I am playing? I want to though, so that is why I keep tabs on the news. I really like this game in the end and do want it to be better. Notice how I said before that I am teasing. I do just that ^^
  15. Well it's their fault since they wasted last two years regarding cvs, so I just don't think they earned benefit of the doubt. What is the point of not believing them? Same as believing. Either way is up to devs till they actually do something. Difference between us is that I don't believe they are capable of actually fixing it considering last two and a half years of patch history. I will be more than happy to be proven wrong. Untill then I will tease them and their failures. This clan rule set is a failure of game design even if clan battles themselves end up great.