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  1. Ishiro32

    CV Rework Discussion

    I had quite few plans for the new CVs. I was thinking about bigger comeback to the game, forum and even streaming for polish players. It just seemed like super interesting thing to analyse hell out of. When push came to shove I just was too busy in my own private life and after that I just didn't get any motivation to it. I wrote my initial impressions when we first got our first public view on their system. My thoughts back then was that this rework seems to fix few issues, it is designed with purpose, but I think it misses the mark on what type of fantasy it tries to fulfil. When someone thinks carrier, they do not think flying a plane and being a pilot. Which lead me to conclusion that this type of gameplay will be generaly more accepted by community, but it will not be loved. RTS CVs were objectively worse design, but they tapped better to their core audiance. Maybe submarines will make me come back and then I will also check CVs, but maybe I will do that on alt account? Who knows I also missed Sharana. Fact that WG lost his interest in the game was a huge loss for them. I mean his CV Guide was pinned for like 2 (maybe 3) years and for most of the time it was the best place for any CV player to actually learn how this thing works. Also man... those times when we just experimenting with controls to find all the possibilities since no one knew anything. I am looking right now at my old video which was documenting how broken planes were 4 years ago when they could snap to the drop from almost any angle. Good old times You ain't lost much fam. I was pretty vocal CV player from the times of beta, did decently in them. Wrote few feedback topics with huge walls of text in them. I think only people who really dived into CVs topics at the time and part of polish community knows me... ... Also I used to post quite a lot of anime pictures in my posts. Quite obnoxious, but I guess a forum persona is forum persona. There is one rule though... Don't make height of the picture bigger than 300 pixels. Huge anime picture plastered on the whole page is just being rude. Good rule, can recommend
  2. Ishiro32

    CV Rework Discussion

    Ah yes. Now this makes sense. That guy is really dedicated to trolling cv players on forum. It is step in the right direction, but issues I mention work together. If Cvs had less emphasis on dps then passive nature of counter is less of a problem. You also can't make AA full control because it would be putting too much on surface ship who also does other things. Hmmm...
  3. Ishiro32

    CV Rework Discussion

    Haha, now this is something I did not expect to see. Right now I myself wonder how did you manage to be suspected of such thing. Not to mention if that comparison is even good for you. Half of my presence here was just being very loud ^^. Also man... almost 370 pages
  4. Ishiro32

    CV Rework Discussion

    I decided to drop to the forums to see how things are going even though I am no longer playing and it seems like we are having same discussions as we had like 2 years ago. What a world I wouldn't say it is fundamental, because it comes as a result of other elements. Elements which also were present in the old system. 1.) Passive counters to CVs 2.) CVs have almost no presence on the map after initial scouting. They are designed solely around damage. Damage, damage, damge, damage... You can't put pressure, you can't use consumables to put up a smoke, you can't cap, you can't soak damage, you can't create a presence on the map (this is a simplification a bit). You are seen, you are balanced around and you are expected to be just alpha/dps machine. Those are fundamental problems because those lock you inside a situation where you have to balance specific numbers to make gamers... not furious