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  1. zam_eu

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My best game so far in the Konigsberg. Was using 99% AP. That 1% HE was a mistake in ammo selection when I returned to guns after dropping torps. 5 Kills ( 3 Omaha, 1 Kongo and 1 Bogue)
  2. zam_eu

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    In my Fuso today. 47 hits, 4 destroyed, 3 citadels, 87k damage. No.1 in the team. Not as great as some of you guys but it was the best I had today
  3. zam_eu

    Konigsberg, er, wtf?

    1st game in the Konigsberg, 2 kills - 1 BB, 1 CA. I use HE only. You just have to know how to play it, i.e. play it like the Kuma. It has a very tight turn. Good for evading torps.
  4. zam_eu

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I always forget to take a screencap of the result screen Anyways, today in my Myoko, 6 kills. Would have been 7 if our CV torps didn't get to the Ryujo before I could fire the killing solvo XD
  5. zam_eu

    Ships firing from smoke while invisible

    It was originally like that in CBT. I am not sure why they changed it. We do have a counter to the DD in smoke actually in the form of Acustic Sonar. Most cruisers have it but most opted for the AA boost. Activate the sonar to light up the DD and any torps. I'm not sure what is the effective range of the sonar tho.
  6. zam_eu

    Ship Captain's Log

    I just had this idea. Why don't we have a Ship Captain's log recording all the battles a ship has taken part in. It will contain all the results and penalties the ship obtained during each battle. And we make it public for all to see, just like the player stats.
  7. zam_eu

    So teamkilled because there is no sanctions

    ^Everyone has been saying pink is team kill. Did they change that rule? Some people need to be thought a lesson. Someone has to do it or else they will keep doing it.
  8. zam_eu

    So teamkilled because there is no sanctions

    In case no one has came across such a scenario, you can turn pink even if you don't kill anyone. I full broadside a Triptz in my Nagato and I turn pink. Didn't kill the guy, wasn't even my intention, just wanted to give him a wakeup call. Why? Because he was hiding behind and island and let an enemy DD capture the cap behind him. I told him to defend the cap and he told me he doesn't care for this game because our team is loosing. And why were we loosing in the first place? Because a Tier 8 BB decides to sit behind an island and not take part in the battle. He was full health, so I know 1 salvo from my guns won't sink him. IMO, I think he needed to be thought a lesson. So I scratch his paint with my 16inch guns And I get pink for that LOL The lesson here is that, not all pink players are team killers.
  9. zam_eu

    DD's RNG has become unplayable

    Isn't that how it works in the real world. All shots fired are a gamble. Did you think the Captain of the Bismark expect an instant kill when he fired at the Hood or expect his rudder to get jammed by a torpedo.
  10. zam_eu

    Shokaku tier 8 IJN Carrier OP in current MM

    I play using the Shokaku. I go for the 2-2-2 setup. Fighters are normally used for intercepting enemy TBs. I set the fighters to escort BBs on the frontline who are obvious targets for TBs. Fighters will intercept TBs when they see them coming. Most of my kills are from flooding or fire damage. Direct kill from TBs are rare. I did sunk one CV ( I don't remember what tier, probably lower than T6 ) with 2 TB squadron who I caught off-guard. I was actually making a torp run on a BB when suddenly the CV was spotted. He was stationary and probably occupied with this own attack, so it was a sitting duck. My best record kill playing a CV is 5 kills. My worse is a big fat ZERO. My worse gameplay experience. I had USN fighters right outside my carrier AA gun range waiting to kill any bomber I put up. My fighters were helpless against them. Team didn't care about CV player so no one came to take out those fighters.
  11. zam_eu

    High tier IJN cruisers

    Simple explaination, you do not know how to play IJN cruisers. Please don't force a ship to do what it was not designed to do
  12. zam_eu

    Incentive to make players use their ship as intended

    I had a game like that. It was awesome. Everyone working togther, covering each other. The enemy had no chance. Sometimes we do get the right people together in a mission and it works like clock-work
  13. zam_eu

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Last night got my first 4 kills in a mission using a Nagato ^_^
  14. zam_eu

    Incentive to make players use their ship as intended

    I don't think BBs attacking from max range have any advantage in terms of gaining XP for damage. I have played BB at max range and close range. At max range, I get to do fewer damage. For example after 100 shots I could only land about 20 hits with low to moderate damage. At closer range, below 15km, I have better hit rate and do more damage and so I get more XP. From my experience in battle, the BBs who stay outside the firing range are players who are waiting for easy kills after their teammates have weaken a target. In other occasions I notice that while I was exchanging volleys with an enemy BB, a few other ships behind me didn't open fire on my target. They were just sitting there doing nothing. When I was sunked, only then they start attacking my target. I assume they are trying to safe their health by not attracting attention to themselves. This type of players annoys me alot and ruin the team gameplay spirit. Update: I forgot to say this. This players ( the two examples I given above ) seems to be focused on making kills. They don't seem to understand that kills do get you alot of XP but doing damage gets you more XP. And the only way to do damage is to get involved in the fight.
  15. zam_eu

    Skill, luck or aim mod?

    Interesting topic this. Skill. Making a hit on a BB from 20km. After so many battles, I have learned how to shoot at a BB travelling in a stright line at 20km away. The fast moving Kongo and Myogi kinda give me a hard time sometimes becoz I forget they can move faster than the normal BBs and so I misjudge on the lead ^_^;; I have a crazy hard time trying to land hits on CAs at long range. Still learning this skill. Luck. Making a hit on a CA under 10km and instantly sinking it >_< This only happens when I use Nagato. Those Nagato guns are killers when it connects properly. I got accused of using the aim mod for this LOL. Skill + Luck. Broadsiding a full health CA at under 6km landing all 8 shells from the Nagato blowing up the CA instantly.