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  1. Anu_ClearSky

    Royal Naval Fleet

    Hi I wonder if it is a requirement to join TS when I'm palying with clan members?
  2. Anu_ClearSky

    World of Warships X-Files - 7 torpedos into the stern of a Shimakaze! ^^

    Very nice! Indeed!
  3. Anu_ClearSky

    How long does it take to fix the broken MM for CVs?

    Interesting Point, but I think you are right about IJN CV dont have pure air superiority deck. So, it seems necessary for IJN CV to find a US BB or US CA beside her. Besides, I find there are so many float fighters in high tier games, since players in high tier games tend to know the importance of stay close to each other. So, I have to use one fighter to clear all those planes. But sometimes, it seems only one squad fighter is not enough to clear all those float fighters because of the heavy aa power of the fleet. Comparing to bombers, I feel it's harder to use fighters properly.
  4. Anu_ClearSky

    How long does it take to fix the broken MM for CVs?

    Ishiro32, on 13 July 2015 - 07:35 AM, said: I am really intrested to see this fighter rebalance in 0.4.1. I do think that slower fighter should have more ammo and should be able to take out 2 bomber wings, this would mean they act more like guards than interceptors. On the other hand fighters which are much faster than bombers shouldn't have much ammo. They are interceptors. 1 Bomber wing and rearm sounds good for them. I do think we need to have both type of fighters (interceptors and defenders) in game as valid options. If I have a choice, I would choose 'defender' fighters. I think it's more important to predict the possible location of enemy bombers than try to intercept after seeing them. Fast fighters are not fast enough to intercept bombers in time right now, Considering intercept fighters need to protect CV and whole fleets all over the huge map. Many times, I don't know if enemy bombers will sneak through the edge of the map, so I have to put my fighters close to me. But, then bombers suddenly appear in the front, which usually too late for me to intercept them. Sharana, on 12 July 2015 - 11:36 PM, said: The fighters that will intercept and kill the TBs and go to rearm are powerful enough. When they just hunt by killing few squadrons the before running out of ammo is just frustrating to play against like in Lexington's case. Faster fighters that can kill all TBs on the tier and leaving the DBs is balanced enough for "universal" deck that will be used for self defense and CAPs. Air superiority decks should have enough fighters to simply hunt all planes in range, not universal ones. Now, Air superiority deck of Hakuryu has 4 fighters, but it can only kill 1 fighter and 3 terp bombers from a full attack deck of another hakuryu, which means there are still 4 dive bombers left. And this 4 dive bombers will have at least twice chances to make fire on the deck which in the end will buy some time for the second attack wave. Due to the fire, those 4 fighters will have trouble to reload their ammo and take off again before the second attack wave. I tried 422 against pape's 134 once. I must say it's quite frustrating. If 422 load out is even not able to protect CV by themselves, what's the point of 'Air superiority'....
  5. Anu_ClearSky

    How long does it take to fix the broken MM for CVs?

    You mean all fighters should not have enough ammos to kill a few squads? I think more powerful fighters will encourage CV players choose balanced load out, which should be good for the game. Full strike load out shouldn't be a common choice.
  6. Anu_ClearSky

    How long does it take to fix the broken MM for CVs?

    After I purchase Hakuryu, I find the fighters are not good any more. When I use Taiho, I use the original fighters, though they are a little bit slow, but they possess high damage and enough ammo. It's quite normal that one squad fighter kills one and half squad bombers. But fighters in Hakuryu, they don't have enough ammo and their damage is lower. Now, it's even hard for them to kill only one squad bombers.
  7. Anu_ClearSky

    How long does it take to fix the broken MM for CVs?

    I also noticed high tiers are quite hard to make any money, even only for their own repair service. But I just wonder which tier is the best to make some credits. Now I have to sell some ships to repair my CV
  8. Anu_ClearSky

    solo warrior achievement

    I have earned it multiple times
  9. Anu_ClearSky

    Patch Carrier gameplay issues

    Very very good opinion. Compared to other people who just complaining, I feel you do think about this game seriously. I started to use balanced load out yesterday. I think it's more interesting to play the game with some fighters in hand, and it also complicates the task of CV players, which should be a good thing. Right now, shokaku has a 2-2-2 load out, which is enough to defend herself towards another shokaku, and higher tier IJN CV has 3-2-2 & 4-2-2 load out. With more fighters, high tier IJN CV will be able to protect herself while provide enough AA cover to her fleet. And it will be quite hard to sink a CV with more than 3 fighters in one wave. I think WG did think seriously about how the balanced load out should be like, and I'm quite satisfied with the load out right now. I think the strike load out is also acceptable. It's because if there are enough high tier CV choose balanced load out, CV with strike load out will have to face the problem that they neither can protect themselves nor their planes, which will dramatically increase the risk of using this load out.
  10. Anu_ClearSky

    Asking veteran CV drivers

    I play Ess a lot, always with 2 TB and 3 DB. After the patch, most of my kills are made by the fire which is caused by DB after the attack of TB. My advice is that you should use TB first, one important reason is if you drop terps in right place, you may sink a BB directly without the need of DBs. But before you use your TB, you should separate your DB and keep them a little far away from your target. Usually BB wont realize your DB is following your TB to attack. And, sometimes, your DB will lure enemy fighters so your TB will have a clean shot. When your TB is approaching target, you should start to let your separate DB gather to a location close to target. So, when your TB finish their attacking, you keep watching the target. If the BB hold its repair, then hold your DB. Put your DB into attacking only after the repair skill is used. Since TB still have a much higher damage than DB, so it's important to keep TB running and it's acceptable to postpone DB's attack.
  11. Anu_ClearSky

    Wargaming stop messing with my aiming.

    yes, I notice the same thing too , and also it happened in NC. Is this ship something wrong?
  12. Anu_ClearSky

    [Suggestion]Battleship re-"balance"

    shells donot fly in line, they fly in parabola, which is more curving when shooting at long distance