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  1. Picobyte

    Auto ALT

    Holding it down happens automatically for me now and doesn't bother me as much as it used to. I've accidentally alt-tabbed in the middle of a fight a few times now though which is not ideal.
  2. Picobyte

    Scout planes - Still garbage

    I think I actually prefer the scout plane to the AA boost skill. Being able to look over islands is handy, and it's a good anti Destroyer weapon. This is particularly true for the IJN Destroyers, who want to sit just outside spotting range or behind an island dropping torpedoes. If you get a good feel for when a destroyer is likely to intercept or ambush you and send up the plane at the last minute as a surprise the destroyer can be in big trouble. You can't just stick it in the air right at the start and expect miracles though. Balance wise I think it's fine at the tiers I've played so far. If you are complaining about the lack of realism though in not choosing where it goes, its worth considering that realistically the plane should also land in the water, and you would have to sail over, stop and lift it back onto the ship with a crane.
  3. Picobyte

    CPU / GPU Overheat.

    Funnily enough, my graphics card died yesterday whilst I was on the port screen. Luckily it is a fairly recent purchase so should be under warranty. I'm stuck with onboard graphics and no gaming for the time being though.
  4. Picobyte

    So I just one shotted someone in a Mitsuki...

    I have no idea what exactly happened as I wasn't even looking at the ship any more when the shell hit. I got the "devastating strike" and "first blood" notifications, but I don't recall seeing anything else. Luckiest shot I've ever seen by a long way.
  5. I just blew up an Isokaze with a single shell hit from my Mitsuki. From what I can tell it was at full health. The victim was really nice about it, but this seems a bit outrageous to me. I don't think I've ever done any significant damage with the guns on the Mitsuki before, let alone killed anyone. Is this within the scope of normal damage and just extremely unlikely, or some sort of bug I should report?
  6. Picobyte

    Your combat role - Pay attention to it please

    Some people put the Zulu flag on their US ships would you believe! I keep trying to tell them it says on the little bit of flavour text that it is the well known signal of the Japanese navy, but they tend to ignore my urgent requests to remove the offending item. Sometimes they even sink my ship and then go on to win the match, which seems terribly unsportsmanlike to me.
  7. Picobyte

    CV Bombing.

    I don't play carriers myself, but watching this youtuber's videos I have been kinda put off trying and can see why some people would be upset: https://www.youtube.com/user/space3233 The first thing that happens in every game is that he blobs up all his planes and kills the enemy CV in the first few minutes. If the enemy carrier has fighters and is fortunate enough to intercept, it seems like all that happens is he loses a few planes on the way. If the enemy carrier tries the same thing its a race to see who can kill the other faster. I'd like nothing more than to see some videos where this strategy falls flat on it's face.
  8. Picobyte

    Torpedo Load times

    You do realise ships have more than one salvo loaded at a time right? The Minekaze for example has three launchers mounted on it that reload in 30 seconds, and so can fire two torpedoes continuously about every 10 seconds if it spaces out the launches. The Benson I am in now has two launchers with five torpedoes in each, so I can fire a spread of five and still have another ready to go at any time. Or I can fire a spread of ten and wait about a minute and a half for a reload.
  9. Picobyte

    I have found new god

    The St Louis is a monster! Having said that, does anyone else find killing one in a higher tier cruiser whilst staying just out of range of its guns a bit of a guilty pleasure? I think the main problem with loading is that as far as I can tell they just shortened the countdown timer. I have loads of ram and re-installed it to my SSD, and I tend to now just barely squeak in before the game starts and its not like it's taking a long time to load at all.
  10. Picobyte

    AP even more useless now

    Well I confess my experience using AP since the ammo patch has been almost entirely in an Omaha. Kamuka seems to be doing ok in his Nagato though. Also this: "My AP shells on Colorado bounce off Des Moines main belt ( where the citadel is ) at 17km, while they get citadel hits on Montana at that range" seems to kind of prove my point that AP is effective in some situations but not all, so it needs a bit of thought.
  11. Picobyte

    AP even more useless now

    This is good news to me! I like the fact that AP takes a bit of thought to use, and is no longer the default mindless shooting option. It means that if you are smart about when you use it you can get a huge advantage over an opponent. If people stop complaining that AP doesn't work, that is when I will know that this is no longer the case.
  12. Picobyte

    Want to hear a joke?

    And in one game your Mitsuki killed 10 planes. Oh look I picked a single extreme instance to add weight to an argument just like you did.
  13. Picobyte

    Want to hear a joke?

    Yes the destroyer AA is not amazing, but it can make a difference. Primarily it comes in handy for shooting down scout planes, which it seems to be able to do quite reliably for me. I also think its worth turning on if the carrier is flying bombers back and forth over your head to hit the battleships behind you (assuming it's safe to do so). Every bomber you shoot down is one less torpedo in the water, which might make the difference for the person being bombed. Its also worth remembering that teams are usually large, with a single carrier. It might not feel exciting to shoot down one or two planes, but if everyone on your team does the same that really hurts the carrier. If every ship had the capability to routinely shoot down ten or more planes every game multiply that by all those ships and think about what that does to the poor carrier.
  14. Picobyte

    Patch 3.2 - Long load times w/info

    I heard from some people that re-installing helped, so I re-installed the game on my SSD. Its definitely better (my loading bar time from about 1/4 to 3/4 is faster), but I do still sometimes enter the game late.
  15. Picobyte

    Just uninstalled WoWs from my laptop. Here's why...

    It doesn't happen often, but there are moments when teams do end up with a few chatty players and magic happens. I'm surprised the OP hasn't run into any. I do agree the game needs improved communication. The most simple useful thing for me would be autocomplete (where you press a key to accept suggestions) on common words and most importantly player names. If I drop some torpedoes and then realise that N3K0zIlla5s_42 might possibly turn into them it is rather difficult to warn him without leaving my ship unmanned for a dangerously long time, or butchering his name to the point where he might not realise who I'm talking to. It would be nice to quickly know where the talking player is, and what type of ship they are driving too. Something like everyone getting their ship designation prefixed onto their name, and when a player speaks it pings them on the map.