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  1. 1000guns

    Yamamoto Campaign bug

    Hmmm very interesting.. I just use a few mods from aslain and yes, different ship icons on carousel as well. Will try it out later and post if this is it, ty!
  2. 1000guns

    Yamamoto Campaign bug

    Same here, I can't select any of the new missions either. Running full premium. Do you need to have a 100% full completion on the first mission's tasks?
  3. 1000guns

    [Operation] Killer Whale

    I found there is absolutely no reason to take any sort of BBs in this mission as well.. my NM only does overpens which is hilarious considering that even a T4 CL can bounce your shells while HE daka daka'ing you to oblivion. Clevelands & Budys are far more suited to operations
  4. 1000guns

    Awesome evening.

    yeah I hear you.. bad streak here as well, brutal MM on my T8s all night long..
  5. 1000guns

    RN lines?

    same here, loved it! plus I also think we don't really get to influence events like these since they are already in motion months (or years) ahead, it's better maybe to make polls about premium ships rather than whole lines
  6. 1000guns

    French cruisers or USSR cruisers

    Deceptive I would say. But then again my fire RNG is really really bad, I've got tons of screenshots where I have 100-150 HE hits with my CAs and like 2 or 3 fires, be it frenchies or IJNs. I do agree on french AP though, it feels meaty
  7. 1000guns

    Is anyone else trying to use the higher tier French CA's?

    Still stuck at trash-gali, my god that ship is awful compared to the t5. She takes MASSIVE damage from everything, i had noob BBs fire HE salvos for 8k dmg while angled at me (!!)... I really hope that it gets better later on, love playing cruisers but this is just a serious headache so far..
  8. 1000guns

    Shchors needs a nerf

    nerf turning circle.. she is way too good for her tier! something like the moon's should do it, then she would be balanced
  9. 1000guns

    How often do you check your stats?

    I like stats, I like numbers, so I check them often. I like to see if I had a good session and/or when I had a bad one, reflect on the mistakes I made so I can become a better player. The same saying that goes in my business life "numbers don't lie" goes here in WoWs as well. Yes, the fun factor is a very important one but one can only get better by striving to improve his/her own numbers sometimes
  10. 1000guns

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    DDs need help to contest a cap? Sure thing, one Bismarck coming right up!! Sadly, my survivability suffers from such play & no support..
  11. 1000guns

    French cruisers or USSR cruisers

    Absolutely, up until T6 where I am right now only the Emile Bertin was something I enjoyed playing (and something that actually has a carry capacity), as soon as I hit the [edited]-gali I got depressed.. And that's with the 12point captain as well! We'll see how T7+ goes but oh boy that T6..
  12. 1000guns

    Today's Server Clash - Predictions

    Same here.. come on boys, give them hell! With a lot of caffeine and the gods of RNG smiling upon you you guys can do this
  13. 1000guns

    Mikasa mission

    I divisioned and went co-op with 2 friends of mine, I think this stage is very unfair to all the soviet navy players out there (me included with my stock chapa!) so I wanted to spare some grief of immediately getting focused by anyone grinding for this mission. Luckily all stages are over now, so back to usual gameplay for me. Mikasa looks sweet, but my guess is she will play like rubbish
  14. It's real bro.. BTW it's the flooding that killed him kek
  15. 1000guns

    Mikasa mission

    I just wish this event wraps up ASAP, playing with my T8-T9 CAs has been a nightmare this week. I am forced to play BBs just so I can actually not die as soon as I'm spotted