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  1. Simpson2142

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    The problem with CV's is that their player base is by far the minority in World of Warships, and most likely the least profitable. So from Wargaming's perspective, it makes a lot more sense to tend to the needs of the other ship captains, as that will keep them happy, keep them playing the game, keep them spending money in the game. Even when CV's do receive a "buff", it focuses mainly on their fighter aircraft. Take for example: *the removal of IGN strike set ups in favour of fighter ones *how fighters can now drastically slow down other planes whilst attacking them *how the US fighters received increased ammunition and damage *and of course most recent the introduction of the manual strafe attack. All these buffs aren't really buffs at all, as they just help CVs fight other CVs, so it kind of cancels itself out. And this has funneled CV game play to merely shooting down planes, rather than attacking ships. Which is great news for other ship captains. I'm also presuming the majority of CV complaints are from players who lone wolf it, as two or three ships staying close together can easily put out the combined AA force to wipe a squadron from the sky. And let's not even get into the effectiveness of turning to avoid the strike itself. So Wargaming seem to be getting to that point where a lone battleship will be able to quite comfortably hold it's own when faced with an incoming carrier strike. Which will cause current CV captains to abandon the class, or join the ever growing 'fighter meta' and just play the role of a glorified AA vessel.
  2. Simpson2142

    So Carriers, where did they go?

    As a regular CV player, the thing that turns me off the most is the amount of variables which determine your match performance. Has the enemy CV opted an air superiority loadout? Am I a tier 6 CV in a predominately Tier 8 match? What ships am I going against? (a team of tier 6 aobas is far more pleasant than a team of tier 6 clevelands). Are the enemy ships going to cluster together to form an impenetrable AA ball? And unlike any other ship class in the game, these negative factors can't be beaten by skill or strategy. It doesn't matter if you have the slickest manual drops of all CV players in World of Warships, the AA RNG will still shred your planes and leave you powerless regardless. If you want CVs to be a more appealing class, you need to remove these huge variables and have a more stable and predictable balance for Aircraft and AA.
  3. Simpson2142

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I remember you today. Shielding my Ranger with your Lexington AA barrage, plus giving my strike set up your fighter support, much appreciated. Gave you some in-game karma, hope to battle with you again!
  4. Simpson2142

    Stop matching 4 CV in one Game,

    The problem with two CVs in game isn't the immediate damage they can inflict in one joint attack, but more the flooding/fire damage they cause in two separate attacks. After you survive the first wave of planes and pull your repair to stop the flooding and fires, 20 seconds later the second CV will attack and start the whole process over again. And with flooding having a base 2 minute duration effect, it will almost certainly finish off what little HP you have left. And this is coming from someone who plays a fair bit of CV, even I think it's broken and unfair.
  5. Simpson2142

    Repair Cost and Smoke Duration charts

    Do you get charged for secondary and AA ammunition? I'll be pretty ticked if I'm getting charged for my 100 secondary shells being fired when only 7 hit the target.
  6. Simpson2142

    RNG at its best

    Recently I've been having terrible luck with RNG on the Tirpitz, nearly every AP shot I fire seems to do the minimum 1000 (or whatever it is) damage. Still, hopefully the RNGesus will shine kindly upon me soon.
  7. Simpson2142

    Invasion of the Strike carriers

    Currently up to Independence for US, for that I take the 1-1-1 balance. But plan to go strike set up from Ranger onwards. Currently up to Hiryu for IGN, play the 2-2-2 balance, plan on sticking to balance for the remaining tiers. Only take the Air Superiority load outs if the daily mission demands it.
  8. Simpson2142

    How to play the Furutaka

    Love this guy's videos, hope his channel grows.
  9. Simpson2142

    Why aren't fuel a game mechanic on carrier borne aircraft?

    Though not realistic, I'm glad planes don't have fuel. Sometimes you're not able to make a direct attack, there could be enemy fighters lurking nearby, or ships are very close together so the A is too strong, meaning you have to linger your planes around waiting for the opportunity to strike. Having a fuel count acting like a timer would be far too frustrating, forcing you to launch a strike where your planes will get annihilated, or to pull your planes back to base to refuel which will take forever.
  10. Simpson2142

    Tirpitz swapping ammo by itself ?

    With the recent Tirpitz sale I'd say it's still relevant. And yeah I'm constantly switching to HE after checking the torpedoes, it's not until I start a fire on someone that I stop to check the ammo type I've selected. Darn destroyer game play reflexes.
  11. Simpson2142

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    My thoughts exactly. I've submitted a ticket with the appropriate screenshots, hopefully they'll be able to do something. After all, the problem is that I am unable to them sweet sweet monies, so they should be keen to fix it.
  12. Simpson2142

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    Well I tried multiple cards paying both by the card itself and through paypal, no dice.
  13. Simpson2142

    Tirpitz! Buy it!

    Well, poo...
  14. Simpson2142

    Pensacola forgotten?

    I have recently brought the Pensa and have just grinded my way up to it's second hull. As much as I'm trying to like this ship, I just can't. I can deal with the slow turret traverse, I can deal with the fact my AA doesn't get put to it's proper use, but the armour just seems so bad. Even angling towards the enemy still seems to get me citadel'd more often than not.
  15. Simpson2142

    BB armor being penetrated by cruisers

    It's entirely possible. Check out Jingle's latest video which shows the Amagi getting citadel'd by the Mikhail's 150mm. (video should automatically start playing in the right place, if not it's around 16:15)