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  1. To clarify, of course I don't have the game 100% figured out after 187 games. I am not that vain to believe that. But it already feels stale and like there is not much left to learn. With the other games I mentioned, it takes 1000s of matches to get to that point. That is what I meant by that. And the amount of RNG just boggles my mind, because it makes the game worse, not better. The main issue that I am trying to describe here is, that being the better player is often completely meaningless. You can completely outplay your opponent by positioning, reaction time, aim, etc. and still lose, just because you got unlucky. Or because your opponent luckily one-shots you. That happens all the time. It is the norm, not a rare occurrence like in other games. Most fighs in the game are long range, which depend so much on RNG, that RNG is a bigger factor in the outcome than player skill. Close range fights, where you can accurately aim for components and use your skill, are the exception. And that is not just a BB problem, which have the largest spread and damage range. Every class has that problem (to a lesser extent), so advising me to play another class is pointless (I am doing that already). I had a fight in my Pensacola against another Pensacola, both at full health, at almost max range. I shot him 3 times and did a few thousand damage, he shot me twice and I died. Does that make sense or is it fun? No, it's RNG being stupid and it's extremely frustrating and demotivating. Also, you cannot avoid BBs anyway, because you have to fight them every game. And you will get one-shot by them, if you are unlucky. Basically, what it comes down to is, that the more skilled player should be able to convincingly win a fight almost every time. That is how it works in any competitive multiplayer game. Except this one. And that doesn't make sense. In Counter Strike, you can just spray bullets and luckily headshot the best player in the game, which is also an RNG problem. But 99% of the time, that will not work and you will lose. Here, it is the opposite.
  2. First of all, let me say that I really enjoy competitive, skill-based games, that are difficult to master. I grew up with games like Counter Strike, Quake, Unreal, Starcraft, etc. So obviously I am biased towards those kind of games and I am constantly looking for new ones like this. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. At least not in its current state. But it could be! Right now, I have played 187 games, which is not a lot. I know. I am tier 6/7 and I feel like I have already figured out the game and almost reached the skill ceiling (the point where you stop improving, because you know all there is to know about the game). That is very bad, because once you reach that point, the game stops being interesting and you move on. The reason for this is quite simple. It's RNG. There is way too much randomness in the game right now and it is holding the game back big time. In a fight between experienced players, skill is almost meaningless, because the influence of RNG on weapon spread and damage is too big. All you can do (at least at range), is aim for the center of mass and hope for a good spread of your shells, that will hit a critical component and then hopefully do high damage. But even with perfect aim, none of this is guaranteed, which makes the game extremely unpredictable and luck becomes the deciding factor of most fights. You can even completely outplay an enemy and still lose, just because your enemy got more lucky with his damage rolls or weapon spread. Or because you got unlucky. I have seen that many times and it is no fun at all. It is just frustrating and it makes me quit the game. If I wanted to gamble, I would play the lottery or something, not a videogame. I mean, a BB on my tier does anything between 300 and 25000 damage or something like that. That is a ridiculous range, that I have not seen in any other game and I am pretty sure it is only getting worse in the higher tiers. I know it is supposed to be realistic, but it isn't. Gameplay must always trump realism and this is really just bad game design. The most frustrating thing about this is, that this is a beautiful game, that could be so much more. Just remove (or significantly reduce) the RNG factor and the game would be awesome. If the guns were accurate, you could actually reliably hit the component you want and if the damage was fix and not random, fights would be much more predictable and more enjoyable. It would be an amazing competitive game and not just a casual, pseudo-realistic shooter. Without RNG, I could play this game for years and would spend tons of money on it, but in its current state, I don't see myself doing either. I will probably drop casually with friends from time to time (when they get access), but that's it. It is really unfortunate.
  3. ZuFFuLuZ

    Most favored / Least liked maps

    I actually really like Islands of Ice, because you have more options than on most other maps. There are plenty of places to hide and take cover and you always have ways to flank etc. It rewards active players and discourages the endless sniping play that you see on some other maps. My least favorite is probably North. It also has a bunch of islands like "Islands of Ice", but they can't be used tactically, because they funnel everything into three different paths, which turn into torpedo hell. So most players ignore those areas and play the sniping game at the edge of the map.
  4. ZuFFuLuZ

    Victory, defeat or draw?

    I think it has been suggested before to make the matches 5 minutes longer. That should reduce the number of draws dramatically, because you get time to chase them down or cap.
  5. ZuFFuLuZ

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Naming and shaming is a terrible idea. Today, I got accused of using the aimbot (which I don't), because I killed a DD with a single shot from my Fuso, while he was in smoke. He was visible for a second, so I spammed the area and got lucky. Then he and his team called me "cheating noob", "[edited]" and other nice things. I get why he was upset, and I am sure it looked like a cheat from his point of view, but you can never be sure.
  6. ZuFFuLuZ

    How to focus targets with AA?

    indycar, on 20 April 2015 - 08:24 PM, said: you could also read loading screen himts or check your settings and help ctrl+lmb You could also read the thread before replying. How about that? I will try the reinstall, thanks Baron. Reinstalling the game fixed it. Weird. Hope I don't get it again.
  7. ZuFFuLuZ

    How to focus targets with AA?

    Interesting. I do have a second screen. I can access the settings menu though. I don't want to disable the second screen, because I have other stuff, like teamspeak there, so I guess I will have to do the workaround until they fix it.
  8. ZuFFuLuZ

    How to focus targets with AA?

    No, I do not get a cursor. I have even tried the other control key. The only thing I can do is hit "M" to get to the tactical map and click on the planes there, like playarci suggested.
  9. ZuFFuLuZ

    How to focus targets with AA?

    I understand that, but it is not working. I can not pick a target for them. So I think this is a bug.
  10. ZuFFuLuZ

    How to focus targets with AA?

    That doesn't work for me. I have even reset my controls to default, but holding ctrl does nothing. If I hold it and click my mouse button, I only ifre my main guns.
  11. ZuFFuLuZ

    How to focus targets with AA?

    Hi, I always see videos of people choosing priority targets for their AA guns (like torpedo bombers instead of fighters) by clicking on them with their mouse. Example at 5m14s: Unfortunately, I can not figure out how to do this. It says ctrl+mouse button in the help, but that doesn't do anything for me (besides firing my main batteries). I also can't find it in the controls. What am I missing?