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  1. Rare evidence of [SCRUB]s in action
  2. Cheater GamePlay

    https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/common/three-strike-rule/ Ich glaube nicht das der Typ sich darauf berufen kann, lediglich unachtsam gewesen zu sein. Der wusste sehr genau was er da macht, immerhin hat er direkt nach einem gewissen Kommentar den stream abgeschaltet, die cheats deaktiviert und den stream wieder live geschaltet, sogar mit facecam. Zumindest bist jemand ihn im voice comms angesprochen hat, sinngemäß etwa: "Du, ich habe da gerade ein paar lustige Bilder von dir gesehen auf denen du komische Mods nutzt..." Sehr kurz danach war er dann wieder offline.
  3. World of Disconnect heute ?

    Es liegt niemals an der eigenen Verbindung. Es liegt niemals an der eigenen Verbindung. Es liegt niemals an der eigenen Verbindung. oft genug wiederholen, dann glaubt es irgendwer.
  4. Random December Challenge

    This looks FUN AND ENAGAGING
  5. being threatened - support etc

    You can write Customer Support tickets here https://eu.wargaming.net/support/tickets/create You will need to be logged in. Screenshots of the threats would certainly be helpful for CS.
  6. While this is true, one could as well argue that KotS is meant to offer a different flavour of competitive gaming than what we see in Clan Battles.
  7. Have you never come across people who don't share your "humor"? It does read exactly as such, though. Irony isn't your strong side, is it?
  8. The fun and engaging game mechanic

    Leak_tavian had this to say about detonations:
  9. Kleinkrieg -> Frusttherapie
  10. Clan Wars Detonation

    I never use anti-detonation flags for random games. I save them all up for ranked / CB. And since CB is important enough to you to get annoyed by detonations, why don't you save up, too? Not that I like detonations any more than you do, but I just can't follow your logic there.
  11. Kidd is a strong ship. The Def AA buff makes it just so much stronger. That buff, I absolutely do not understand. Def AA on a DD to me is primarily a self defense tool. It's there so the DD can operate semi, safely a bit away from friendly AA ships. It is not there so the DD can create an absolute no fly zone around it, a zone the CV can't see until his planes are being shot at. If WG wanted to make Def AA more attractive, there would've been other ways to do it (i.e. make it last longer or increase range of panic effect for example). However, either buff to Def AA misses the point why it is not picked as often as Speed Boost and that is the lack of chances to use it, for lack of high tier carriers. So we end up with a buff to a consumable on a handful of ships, that doesn't actually make it more attractive to use it but if it is used, screws the few people who still play CVs over massively. In Flamu's video you see a Taiho's planes being shredded by the AA of that dedicated AA DD, now imagine how quickly this ship will shred the T7 planes of an Enterprise. Instead of buffing the AA on DDs which are very dangerous to run into as a CV already, they should maybe help out those DDs that do not have Def AA to begin with and thus are much more vulnerable to air attacks / being continuously spotted by planes.
  12. (US) Carriers Are there any more changes planned regarding CVs in the immediate future? Are there changes planned that affect CVs, i.e. AA on other ships, spotting distances...? Will there be more QoL improvements, such as telling distances between planes and hostile ships, an indication of enemy AA ranges... ? Will AP bombs become more reliable in dealing damage? If not, will there be some kind of indication against which targets / sections of a target they are actually useful? 0.6.13 Why does WG plan to buff Defensive AA on destroyers? I'd assume that the issue is with DDs who do not have Defensive AA to begin with.
  13. Gents, when you post something here, please add the source. Thanks.
  14. Reported for hack

    Nothing to add here, just wanted to say Hi @Mandyxx!
  15. I always wonder... Do they breed all those conspiracy theories all in the same place or do they have different places for that?
  16. Suggestions thread

    Can we please get a way of making our map setting the default setting for all our ships? The game does save the map setting for individual ships, I think it would be more convenient allow players to create a default setting and then let them change that for individual ships.
  17. Got stuck in this position and could not get out of there, no matter what I did. Annoying doesn't even come close to what I am feeling right now.
  18. Saving post battles stats

    How could they use them more if that is not even an option at the moment?
  19. If one team does deliberately not bring radar, it is it's own fault. You can choose from all T10 ships, if you don't bring radar it's your choice.
  20. This is the Hydro you get on either of the German T10 ships: Check out the active time. You have two minutes and you can extend that with the Hydroacoustic Serach Mod 1 to 146 sconds. You know how long your smoke on Z52 lasts? 77 seconds. All ships are different on purpose because why would you grind all the ships if they all had the same tools? And as you said, clan battles is meant to be competitive. So like in any other game, you pick different tools according to your strategy, since there is no one tool to deal with all situations.
  21. I did at the start, but I guess it got lost when the Yamato was arguing about why we should move to C... He got a Minotaur once that one was radared, other than that.. potential damage? ;)
  22. Just had @Negativvv on Trap domination. We did have a Yamato which didn't quite understand the meaning of the word 'no', but won in the end.
  23. Could you please also consider removing the 1/4 caliber HE penetration? Never understood why they have it in the first place.
  24. Some of the Lesta guys can be found here: https://ru.wows-numbers.com/clan/411841,LST-LESTA/