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  1. Takru

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

    Usually the XP gets dropped on the T1 ship of the line.
  2. Takru

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

    average rental performance vs average performance of regular version of that ship :
  3. Takru

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

    This table is sorted by average XP, but you can easily copy&paste it into excel etc and sort by winrate or average damage. Rental winrate on average is about 4,5% less than their respective techtree counterparts, average XP and average dmg are ... well, you can compare yourselves. Chances are, you'll not be surprised.
  4. Takru

    z-52 unsung heroes

    Have a look here for example, it's an incomplete breakdown of Ranked Battles Season 12. When you copy the table and sort by DDs and average damage, Z-52 is in the last spot, only ahead of rental DDs. Since Ranked is basically random with better rewards, I'd argue that it is a fairly accurate depiction of the state of the ship in the game.