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  1. Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    Emergency floating troll caves for WG employees
  2. Twitch Q&A 15/02

    How is that CV rework coming along? Since GZ seems to be close to her release state, is she indicative in any way of how WG envisions CV gameplay in the future?
  3. On the note of ranked, this reddit thread is rather interesting I think:
  4. The exact same things have been criticised over and over since season 2 or 3. Nothing substantial has changed since then. WG plays around with tiers or with maps and this season, for the first time, we get to see map versions that are not available in random battles. Other than that, ranked battles have remained the same for the last year and a half, if not even more, with next to no effort put into it from WG's side. The Rang 1 league is factually not active at all, because the rewards are so discouraging that nobody bothers playing it. The Jolly Roger / ship reward system is poorly thought out and not intuitive at all and that really shouldn't be something players have to tell WG after the 8th season. Ranked Battles could... no, SHOULD be the entry level for those interested in competitive gameplay in this game, but right now, it is anything but. But worst of all: Nothing written here is any news to Wargaming, all of this has been voiced over and over and nothing has changed for a very long time.
  5. Found a windowlicker today @xXx_Blogis_xXx
  6. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    - Too much stuff happening at the same time when a lot of people will be unable to participate in all of these time gated events. - Uninteresting Rank 1 rewards. I mean, you didn't even show how the bloody camos look like ... - Very little information about that ranked season beforehand. The usage of CB maps for example came as a surprise. On top of this we have a bug in the game where torpedoes are sent off in the wrong direction or not at all sometimes, which is QUITE an issue for the game itself and Ranked in particular. Would have preferred if ranked had started after the campaigns had ended.
  7. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Got this from 20 huge boxes:
  8. Idea for an Operation / How-to-Play for CV

    I'll just pretend I didn't read that...
  9. Rare evidence of [SCRUB]s in action
  10. Cheater GamePlay

    https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/common/three-strike-rule/ Ich glaube nicht das der Typ sich darauf berufen kann, lediglich unachtsam gewesen zu sein. Der wusste sehr genau was er da macht, immerhin hat er direkt nach einem gewissen Kommentar den stream abgeschaltet, die cheats deaktiviert und den stream wieder live geschaltet, sogar mit facecam. Zumindest bist jemand ihn im voice comms angesprochen hat, sinngemäß etwa: "Du, ich habe da gerade ein paar lustige Bilder von dir gesehen auf denen du komische Mods nutzt..." Sehr kurz danach war er dann wieder offline.
  11. World of Disconnect heute ?

    Es liegt niemals an der eigenen Verbindung. Es liegt niemals an der eigenen Verbindung. Es liegt niemals an der eigenen Verbindung. oft genug wiederholen, dann glaubt es irgendwer.
  12. Random December Challenge

    This looks FUN AND ENAGAGING
  13. being threatened - support etc

    You can write Customer Support tickets here https://eu.wargaming.net/support/tickets/create You will need to be logged in. Screenshots of the threats would certainly be helpful for CS.
  14. While this is true, one could as well argue that KotS is meant to offer a different flavour of competitive gaming than what we see in Clan Battles.
  15. Have you never come across people who don't share your "humor"? It does read exactly as such, though. Irony isn't your strong side, is it?