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  1. Takru

    0.9.1 - Ranked season

    T10 is the least badly balanced tier btw, all the others have bigger issues.
  2. Takru

    0.9.1 - Ranked season

    Neither are they in Clan Battles. And yes, it does make sense. Evidently WG doesn't consider Ranked Battles to be competitive.
  3. Takru

    0.9.1 - Ranked season

    T10 CVs in a 7v7 format already is an inexplicably bad idea, as they're "balanced" for 12v12. Allowing them into arms race is makes this already really bad situation disproportionately worse. Who would've thought that a game mode that is dominated by picking up buffs would be somehow suitable for CVs. Bloody hell Wargaming, if anything will make me quit this game, it's your stubborn refusal to do anything meaningful about CVs and their broken "interaction" with everybody else in this game.
  4. Takru

    Discussions sur les News

    That said, you depending on how and which missions you can combine, you'll be able to sort out some stages in less time, ie stage 1 can be done reasonably quickly. However, other stages require you to play missions with ships that are mutually exclusive for other missions. One example would be stage 5 where you have to deal damage with a select number of ships, which are then not counted for missions like potential damage or main battery hits etc. I noticed I missed some missions for stage 6, so please consider this list incomplete.
  5. I don't have the relevant patch yet, so I'm just assuming you'll have to do the vast majorities of missions to the point where you'll have to do nigh all of them. IF you require only a few missions per stage AND IF you can then combine several targets into fewer games, then you'll be able to get there faster. Looking at the requirements of the missions, ie ~800.000 base XP, 1.400.000 free XP I'd guesstimate that with an average of 2.000 base XP per battle and 20.000 free XP, this already means you'll have to play 470 games. Add in additional games for some ribbons you need to finish, extra credits you need to earn or inviting the enemy team to shoot you some more, I'd put that number at 600 games at a bare minimum. You've got 28 days for PR, 33 for all directives, which means you'll be playing 21,5 games per day. At 15 minutes per game that's about 5 hrs and ~20 minutes playing WoWs per day, every day. If you don't score an average of 2k base XP, it'll take longer: (compared to 2k base) 1900 average base XP: 421 battles 1800 average base XP: 444 battles 1700 average base XP: 470 battles 1600 average base XP: 500 battles 1500 average base XP: 533 battles And that's just the base XP grind, if you usually score less, the Free XP grind at stage 7 will also take longer and we're closer to the realm of 700-800 or more games. At 800 games in 28 days, you're looking forward to about 7 hrs and 10 minutes of straight up warships. However, if you generally avoid playing random battles and confine yourself to coop, well... I'd argue that it's flat out impossible for any single human being to grind this in Coop only.
  6. Puerto Rico Marathon Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 damage (all) 5.600.000 9.300.000 damage (fire) 165.000 damage(USA, UK, ITA BB) 4.500.000 damage (potential) 2.300.000 36.000.000 damage (potential) (IJN ITA PA CA) 47.000.000 ribbon (fire) 100 ribbon (fire/cit/flood/torp hit) 1.500 ribbon (cit/torp hit) 130 ribbon (cap/def/assist) 40 ribbon (2ndary) 4.500 7.200 ribbon (plane kill) 300 ribbon (main battery hit) (IJN, FR BB) 1.700 ribbon (fire/flood) (IJN PA DD) 200 ribbon (citadel) (USSR, IJN, ITA BB) 130 ribbon (main battery hit) (USSR, PA, EU DD) 7.000 ships sunk 65 90 72 XP 400.000 950.000 XP (CV) 135.000 XP (BB) 135.000 XP (CA) 135.000 XP (DD) 135.000 XP (USSR, UK CA) 350.000 base XP 85.000 105.000 150.000 150.000 base XP (CV) 48.000 base XP (BB) 48.000 base XP (CA) 48.000 base XP (DD) 48.000 base XP (USA USSR EU DD) 50.000 base XP (Commonwealth) 30.000 base XP (IJN) 27.000 base XP (USA) 27.000 base XP (USSR) 27.000 base XP (GER) 27.000 base XP (UK) 27.000 base XP (FR) 27.000 base XP (PA) 27.000 25.000 base XP (ITA) 27.000 base XP (all other nations not mentioned before) 14.500 Free XP (CV) 350.000 Free XP (FR, IJN CA) 350.000 Free XP (FR, GER BB) 350.000 Free XP (FR, USSR DD) 350.000 Commander XP (EU) 580.000 Credits 12.000.000 20.202.020 20.202.020 20.202.020 Credits (CV) 4.000.000 Credits (BB) 4.000.000 Credits (CA) 4.000.000 Credits (DD) 4.000.000 Assuming I read all the missions correctly, this is what you're looking at if you wish to grind the Puerto Rico "for free". You'll notice that in order to finish all or even most of the directives, you'll need a wide variety of ships of all classes and nations. You'll also notice that we can celebrate the comeback of beloved and totally not questionable missions such as "sink x number of ships" or "get X number of plane kills". Oh and if you really plan to grind the ship without spending anything, you better have a comfortable chair as for example you're planning on scoring just over 800k base xp over this period, amongst other things. That's 400 games right there if you average 2k base XP. ----- And here are the extra missions in case you've got Gorizia: Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 credits 1.800.000 2.400.000 4.000.000 damage dealt 500.000 750.000 XP 80.000 base XP 5.000 ribbon (citadel) 15 ribbon (main battery hits) 400 Commander XP 100.000 ships sunk 22 Edit: I missed a few missions for stage 6, so if you're looking forward to grinding some 50k base XP in German or French DDs or score 2700 torpedo, rocket or bomb hits, that stage has you covered as well.
  7. Most likely kindly provided by....
  8. He can just slap on loads and loads of special signal flags, consumable camos and his CC flag, all of which provided to him for free by WG since he is a CC. If he even has to do the grind at all and doesn't just find himself having the ship in port anyways.
  9. Which really screws over anybody going on holiday over the holiday season.
  10. No. It's still a gamble either way. Even when you buy premium containers you're not guaranteed to get the missions for the ships. And you do not have to pay money. You can still unlock the whole line in the game without paying anything. What you do when you send your hard earned cash to WG is paying them so you can grind faster, but that is still optional.
  11. It's free content either way, you can only buy yourself a headstart. If you'd be waiting for a few weeks, you can play all of those ships for free.
  12. Takru

    Russian carriers coming?

    Personal experience suggests otherwise. Also, there are situations where you just can't help but be visible to the enemy, so can as well unlock your AA.
  13. Takru

    Russian carriers coming?

    Having played DDs for quite a bit now, I have to disagree. +2 bursts are an actual option, as you regularily run into mediocre CV players who mostly don't know how to or just don't bother dodging "puny" DD AA. Once a CV knows where you are and are under attack anyway, you can as well open up with your AA and in those circumstances, the additional bursts help indeed. It's not like you're giving up a lot for it anyway.
  14. Takru

    CV Rework Discussion

    Have to agree here. There are so many flaws and cracks in the rework, you'd need another fairly big overhaul to get the current system working in a way that isn't only satisfying for WG but also for players. Maybe. Maybe even that will turn out not to be enough.