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  1. Colossamite

    To all Graf Zeppelin captains

    Hello people can play whatever they like have a nice day
  2. Colossamite

    IJN Higher Caliber Secondaries

    I've been in situations with my Nagato where the secondaries struggle hard versus a DD at less then 3km away. and yeah if you compare with other nations, like the 150mm of Warspite and Tirpitz (which both shoots HE) i find it abit weird. and i would like to know from WG why IJN BB's have AP and not HE.
  3. Colossamite

    IJN Higher Caliber Secondaries

    Hi Captains! I recently have tried Nagato at ranked battle, and as this ship is a brawler type i wonder why secondaries of the higher caliber : 140mm fire AP shells and not HE shells. surely those Ap shells cant do any damage towards other BB's, CA's well they shouldn't last long because of main guns. and not to mention the butter armor of a DD would simply have little effect on that aswell. i see the whole of IJN BB's fire AP as higher caliber on secondaries but IMO should fire HE, just like Warspites 152 mm HE. i don't really see any point of going secondary as your best hope is really setting enemy on fire or small consistant damage on smaller targets. it's not like the accuracy is over the top when it comes to the AI controlled guns either. Any from WG can answer why IJN is like this?
  4. Colossamite

    Best USA ship for ranked battles?

    i prefer Nagato
  5. Colossamite

    Sliding bug Ocean

    Just as they did in the movie Battleship, maybe you dropped anchor?
  6. Compared to lets say DD's, they got atleast ice cream
  7. Colossamite


    i bet you will enjoy the glorious Izumo
  8. Colossamite

    Got 24hrs free premium, anyone know why?

    i never question freebies just act like nothing happened and enjoy the goods
  9. Colossamite

    Out gunned by cruisers

    H&G? yes that would be wicked, but most people have neither time or patience torpedoes were devastating, atleast for now, lets hope bombers dont get into the game with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tallboy_(bomb)
  10. Colossamite

    Please do something about the Bogue

    you are seriously high on the top ten sour list, the CV's were OP and the stats showed it, deal with it.
  11. Colossamite

    Out gunned by cruisers

    outgunned by cruiser? nah, just outplayed if the game were realistic we all would miss like madmen. CA/CL , BB and DD alike. Aircraft going in for bombing run faced hell when going in and missed often aswell yes, deal with it, turn around, point your guns and send him to Davy Jones Locker HF and GL
  12. Colossamite

    XVM... for WoWs?

    go watch some videos from players and Wargaming on how to perform better can't be fun being in other peoples shadow all the time, go out there and wreck havoc yourself :p we're all noobs at one time but some people are better than others or get better by studying and adapting, why do you need a mod?
  13. Colossamite

    R.I.P. JAP CV

    am i on your list?
  14. Colossamite

    R.I.P. JAP CV

  15. Colossamite

    This is strange...

    they were buffed around 3-4 km. ( i actually shot over a BB once from 1km, he was broadside and i was heading towards) and i think also a small buff to medium/long range aswell. rudder shift times was not changed, they fixed it so it showed correct numbers or so