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  1. Ahobaka

    Loyangs were a huge mistake

    I'm not anywhere near upset if that's what you gathered from my post. I'm trying to put across the point that Lo Yang is not the unbeatable or overpowered ship you portray it to be. It's not impervious, you can counter it and quite easily. Sure, the Hydro can be used as a crutch. In direct comparison to other DD's it has a much higher skill floor and thus more forgiving on players. Just because streamers use the Lo Yang does not an overpowered ship make. It might be their ship of choice, it might just be flavour of the month (it most certainly is, since it's ranked). There is a lot of confirmation bias going on and people are just jumping on the bandwagon of what is deemed to be the DD of Choice™ for ranked season this time around. I'm not sure what your goal is with this thread. To have people agree with you that the ship is somehow p2w? Have it nerfed? Removed? This thread seems to have no point other than seeking affirmation that Lo Yang is somehow the Be All, End All DD of T8. It clearly isn't. It's easier and more forgiving for players. But you can quite comfortably play around the limitations of the Lo Yang and force it outside of its comfort zone. You don't want to play on a level playing field, you want to make it as unfair as possible. If the Lo Yang is god-tier inside a smoke with hydro active, then bloody force him out of the smoke or wait out the hydro. You have a clear gun advantage in the Benson, use that and your knowledge to work around the issue.
  2. Ahobaka

    Loyangs were a huge mistake

    You can very easily force him to move out of the smoke. The Lo Yang has to make an active choice of whether or not to stay in the smoke and risk getting torped, or move. Sure the Lo Yang will most definately spot the torpedoes, but you're not using them as a tool to hit him, you want to force him out of an advantageous position and thus level the playing field. Or simply make him cease fire on you. You're talking about the Lo Yang and its Hydro as if it's a damned magnet compelling you to rush forward, with no other options available. The German DD line can do the exact same thing as the Lo Yang and nobody is screaming their lungs out over that. Granted, you have slightly less reach on your T8 hydro, but the tool still works the same way, and can still be countered the very same way as the Lo Yang can. Lo Yang has Hydro. Deal with it.
  3. Ahobaka

    Loyangs were a huge mistake

    Sounds to me like you just want validation of your own opinion on the ship being OP. All while dismissing the errors in your own play leading up to your inevitable demise and the posting of this thread. On a more serious note. Many players in here has already pointed out what went wrong and what could have been done better to either alleviate the problems you've experienced or countered the situation completely. You know exactly what ships you're up against. Let's analyze the positions of you and your teammates, as well as the enemy. When you entered the cap you had no apparent information of what you were up against. You had at most 1-3 BB's giving you potential fire support. Given that two of those BB's are so close to the A cap, I will assume that they had their guns turned towards A and were thus unable to support you on B. The only friendly ship you have near with a direct ability to support you is the BB in C7/8. Looking at the enemy, they at first have the Lo Yang, whose Spotting and Hydro range you've gone well into. This Lo Yang then has a Chapayev in the E5 Square with direct line of fire towards you, while being protected from the rest of your team. They also have 3 BB's that are able to fire directly into the B cap. Your course of action should have been to approach the cap from F6, turn towards F7 and point your bow outwards to the South-East in case of detection, then escape the cap directly upon being spotted, while torpedoing into the smoke of the Lo Yang to force him to move. Optimally you should have escaped behind the F7 Island to break line of fire from all the ships that were aiming for you. Instead you went straight South with the enemy having clear line of sight on you once the Chapayev lit you up. You say we're discussing the advantages of having superior DD hydro here, not your play in particular? But everything that is important here is YOUR play. You need to play around the toolset of the enemy. Not bash your head against the concrete wall hoping that it breaks before your own head does.
  4. Ahobaka

    HSF in tha shop!

    I have to chime in and agree with IsamuKondera and Verdius here. It's the commanders themselves that are the main attractions. This is why it bothers me so much that the more beneficial packages that carries Bonus XP Missions or pre-leveled commanders, they also carry completely unecessary things like 20-100x of Repair Party, Damage Control Party. These are daily consumables anyway and not something I would ever want to spend money on. Even if we take some of the more expensive modules sometimes included in the packs. I didn't want to buy the Kii simply because it had a Target Acquisition Module in the pack, I wanted it because of the ship itself, or the unique camoflage, for example. In my opinion, all these daily consumables just add to the bloat of a package for the sole reason to drive the package price up. While it in my eyes just reduces the value of them since I am going to spend silver on the daily consumables anyway. Included doubloons might be nice from time to time, but I'd rather not have a €60 package contain €40 of doubloons when the ship itself sells for like €30. I'd rather just buy a ship straight up with varying degrees of Bonus XP Missions or pre-leveled captains. You have done a few of these in the past, where you had everything from 4-10 point captains being sold together with the ships. I might start sounding like a broken record by now, but to reiterate my point. Doubloons, premium time, economical flags and other consumables are already available either in-game or via the Premium Store in other packages. If I want to buy these packages, I will. But when something unique like a ship or captain is being on offer, I don't want these otherwise available things just slapped onto the item that I actually want, just so that the price will be higher in the end.
  5. Ahobaka

    HSF Mission isn't showing

    Ah yes, each ship has container specific missions. HSF Graf Spee (20 additional Containers) HSF Harekaze (20 additional Containers) IJN Yamato (10 additional Containers) IJN Musashi (10 additional Containers) I thought your initial reply was about the commander missions, which confused me. The Commander bundle in the premium store has an exclusive set of missions, which I assume is just all the individual commander missions stacked. The store is not really answering any questions, as both the collectors bundle for all commanders state is has exclusive missions, as well as each individual commander having an exclusive mission. Are they one and the same? Do they stack? A picture on reddit makes me assume they stack, but I'm not sure whether the poster bought the collectors bundle or if he bought the individual commanders. If he had any of them since before, and if so, do these older commanders (Akeno and Thea) also give us the commander XP missions? It would be nice if someone could confirm or refute this. Ideally it would be best if WG simply just stated what the missions are exactly, instead of whispering us sweet nothings to incentivise us to part with our wallets for unspecific gains.
  6. Ahobaka

    HSF Mission isn't showing

    Are there separate missions then? One for the HSF Harekaze itself and then Commander XP missions for the captains? I thought the ship specific missions that gave containers would appear after playing one battle in any of the Campaign specific ships?
  7. Ahobaka

    HSF Mission isn't showing

    For anyone that hasn't done it, the first thing you need to do is go to this newspost and press "I want to join". As I understand it, after this you can either; 1. Play one battle in any HSF ship (Harekaze, Graf Spee). *confirmed* 2. Play one battle in any HSF camo ship (Musashi, Yamato). Camo does not need to be equipped. *confirmed* 3. Play one battle with a HSF Commander on any ships they are able to take the helm on (Any IJN vessel or HSF Graf Spee for Akeno Misaki. Any KM vessel or HSF Harekaze for Thea Kreutzer). *unsure* NOTE: If you are still collecting the Isoroku Yamamoto collection, but want to receive the High School Fleet collection items from daily containers, you need to manually make it your default collection. To do so, choose the "Collect" option in the High School Fleet collection menu. You can turn off this option at any time to go back to collecting the Isoroku Yamamoto collection. You don't need to buy any of the packages or new commanders to enable the missions if you have the Yamato, Musashi or any of the HSF ships and their commanders since before. I started mine by playing one game in the Yamato to unlock its specific set of missions. Do note that you need to play one match in each ship compatible with these missions to enable them. I'm unsure on what the HSF Exclusive Missions available from the Recruitment Special Premium store package are or if they trigger at all from previously purchased captains (Akeno and Thea), but I assume it's XP related. Someone on reddit posted a picture of a 600% Captain Bonus XP stack. So it is possible that the Bonus XP is per commander purchased and that the formula is additive, in which case you're going to get some absurd amounts of XP. I have yet to test this out myself though, so I can't confirm. I will try to find out more tomorrow. It would help if WG was a bit more specific on how this all works, because it is rather wonky the way it is now. I guess a whole lot of players simply just patched the game and they'll never be the wiser on why the missions don't show up or they'll just randomly appear when they happen to play a game in either of the compatible ships.
  8. Ahobaka

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the raffle. Wouldn't want to write walls of text of potential rewards, so if I happen to win anything, just PM me with the options. Thanks for running it and good luck everyone!
  9. Ahobaka

    1 shot kills this patch

    Had two torpedo one-shots today from enemy CVs against Tier III IJN BB. Not a one-hit, but I pulled off the most flawless dead-on citadel hit with just one shell on a Kuma (50% hp, ish) from a Myogi. Was a joy to behold. Can't really comment much on the two one-hits that I had as I was caught somewhat unaware by the torps, so my angle was probably perfect for the planes. Will have to do some more testing tomorrow when I have time to see how it all plays out.
  10. Ahobaka

    Suggestion: Drydock when in "Modules" tab

    Would be a great addition to have!
  11. Ahobaka

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Sorry if I might reiterate any point stated in the previous 59 pages, but I'm not going to read all of it to stay up-to-date with this exploit. With that off the chest, anyone using this is a sad excuse of a gamer. Saying it doesn't "do that much at all", why would you need it in the first place then? The aim mod does more than simply just help you lead on visible targets. You can lead on targets behind islands, how can anyone honestly defend this and not call it for the [edited] it is? It was removed from previous test versions of the game because it was deemed unfair. This just removes what little skill there is in learning to aim for the sweet-spot on ships, don't belittle yourself or others by using this, be better than that and don't proclaim sad things like "if you can't beat them, join them". Show them who can play the game instead. I don't think the term "Learn to play" has ever been more apt to use than a situation like this. Seriously, just ban this mod. All this has brought upon the community is a serious distrust among everyone, where any amount of landed citadel hits will instantly be shouted out as hax. All you users are doing yourselves and the community a great disservice and Wargaming should put their foot down and set some damn standards as to what is fair play or not, I mean, you disabled this "feature" once already, didn't you?