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    Why 0.6.0 is trash

    NR 7 DC Yep cince last patch before 0.6.0 Dc afther DC in Random battelle Long Discusion whit WG suport, Tey fool me , Say is me PC hahaha. Me Brother in UK have game pc, better then me. He have also Disconnect. Yea WG fool us.

    Enabling Replays in World of Warships

    Easy WG must make Replay automatic, Whit out do this and that html bla bla. Make it orginal option in game it self.

    K-T-E Clan Recruitment new members dutch /Ger/Eng

    Update: 2017-01-26 7 Members2017-01-26 1 Teamspeak TS3. 10 slot , so far, more slots must donate TS is expensive.2017-01-26 We looking for some Helpers.- Admins and channel admins for Team speak. Dutch, Ger and Eng.- One person wot can make a Webside .- Translate Dutch to ger, Eng.Conact us via forum or via Facebook links.PS MEMBERS JOIN US ALSO ON FACEBOOK GROUP LINK BELOW.https://www.facebook.com/groups/1469314503080254/?fref=tsFOR NEWS AND MORE.
  4. A very warm welcome to our recruitment thread. [K-T-E] Killer Team Elite Here you will find details about our World of Warships recruitment drives and various bits of information about our clan. We are seeking players to join our fold as we expand and increase our presence in World of Warships. We want people who want more than to be in just another community for just another game. Our clan is new Dutch , yet we have a community from all around Europe. Everyone is welcome to join our clan. Via our Facebook Group. We offer a friendly atmosphere with room for both having a laugh in small divisions and serious large-scale warfare. We have friendly members willing to train you to become better in your endeavors. We aim to have fun and build a clan which all members enjoy being a part of. We provide training sessions where members can improve their gameplay Above all we encourage the building of friendships. All we ask is when you apply to join us is. You can speak and understand Dutch , English , German. Best Contact is whit one of our Admins Leaders. For Dutch = KTE_ELITE For English we look for a admin For German we look for a admin Over 18 years of age. Have at least reached tier V(5). Meet our minimum stats. 40 + our more % winrate our more Are active and willing to participate in clan activities For random batlle CO-Ops Batlle all other Batlle for team batlle is a R-T-E team. for join here also contact me. And lastly play on the EU server. And above all, have fun blowing up ships. Who doesn't. 2017-01-26 7 Members 2017-01-26 1 Teamspeak TS3. 10 slot , so far, more slots must donate TS is expensive. 2017-01-26 We looking for some Helpers. - Admins and channel admins for Team speak. Dutch, Ger and Eng. - One person wot can make a Webside . - Translate Dutch to ger, Eng. Conact us via forum or via Facebook links. PS MEMBERS JOIN US ALSO ON FACEBOOK GROUP LINK BELOW. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1469314503080254/?fref=ts FOR NEWS AND MORE. "NOTE 2 X DAYS WE WILL ACCEPT OR REJECT MEMBERS, 2X EACH 24 HOURS +2 GMT" K-T-E FB page https://www.facebook.com/KteElite/ K-T-E FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1469314503080254/?fref=ts

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    would be very nice. 1 If a rental shop is in the clan. For clan members they have no tier IX-X. In order to participate in this classe clan battles. Each clan member an amount doublonen may Clan money safe donaeren. Here they can board material Leasing. - Tier ship IX-X VIII ect. - Prem ships. By day, week ect. Afterwards rent the equipment will return to the clan shop. 2 Another option each Clan member donates doublonen in the clan safe. Of these, the clan leader and admins material purchases. Sample shipment for clan. Logo gusts Cammo, ect ect. 3 And another option that you can see who was online or active in the clan. So be removed Non active members can. 4 Tag clan left or top left of the screen Clanname can ook printed on ship it self or flags ect. Clanleader Colour Gold. Admin color Green, member Collor Black. Clanbase Port. I hope that this option comes into it as above mentioned options. Good luck with devel up a clan system with many optie.s I can not wacten until it is finished.

    Cyclone Additional Notifications

    Ciclón It is a farce im game a sturm on sea? Ciclon LOL whit flat wave. Easy for batlle it bring nothing more then some sounds effect rain, and distance cine a bit. so far othing reealy change. me opinion is Make realistic Ciclon sturms on high sea. See this sturm video`s That is ow a Real Sea sturms Monster wave. It make game more worse, and hit points to enemy litlle more worse for hit hit. That is what i am like, extreme monstor wave, Next game level . All maps are the same easy to shoot, Bored ash fuk. Dear WG make now some extreme maps for player what like more realistic weather on High sea ( oceaan ) We have now allot flat sea weather maps. make some extreme maps. Oke some cry babys will now no we don`t need this, iet not easy for aim to Enemy bla bla. oke WG can make a client option. mark it [X] or unmark [ ] Extrem weather match, so every player can marked in client Yess i am will in extreme weather maps. Or no only easy flat wave maps. for me self give me Extreme maps more work to do. make more intresting to hit . this is me personal opinion. Have a nice day and weekend ciao

    Ranked Battles Feedback

    I am Play 2x Ranked Battles Overpowerd in test server. And normal I am don`t play more ranked batlles cince by ever fuk overpowerd match system lose and drop 4 ranks down. No thanks for spent me time to this nonsens, Can`t not now say our it is change back to old style, before it change to lose ur rank down by ever overpowerd match

    Balance Changes

    I am test last 48 hours. 1 Overpowerd Cop ops Bots. 2 secondairy gun hit friendly and turn warning in paint again same bug. 3 matchmaker foll is again VIII in match whit tier X also a V II in a match X 2x see. 4 VIII Bismark is very strong Why not in Premium version? And why ist Bismark not Tier 10 or 12, one of the bigs ships in WO II Strage for VIII (8) 5 build ships out to expensive EP / free Exp. 6 Repair cost tier 9 & 10 to high. keep it lower. 7 new map need we realy new maps No al same whit islands. 8 Weather map Oke so far But why not High wave 20 meters so in real life. Change overpowerd Cop ops and random in beter match system So far not find a bug (glitcheye)

    Das World of Warships Modpack!

    Ja stimt ich nim Aslain wieder, al dieser scheib in Russisch client jetz, auf wg.RU is der neue update auf dem forum su download. abber deine client is nach dem instal mod Russisch Naja dan Aslain mod wieder so einfag ist es. grusse aus holland

    Das World of Warships Modpack!

    I am don`t need to read all, when i am say all client is now in Russisch .

    Clans in the World of Warships

    Fine for youwe don`t need more Torpedos in game match 2x Ca 6 DD`s ad Submariens no thanks. time for search other games.

    Clans in the World of Warships

    Submarine in wows no thanks i am leave game, to many crap torpedos

    Clans in the World of Warships

    Good Idea for Real clan system #Unlimited members #Clan batlle each side 10 Clan members IN one Match. - Exemple Clan A have 20 members. - 10 clan members. on map two borthers. - rest 10 Members go in same time to other match Map polar. (How ever how many member are ) # Clan rent ships IX-X for members whitout 9 & 10 tiers. - Rent premium ship, standard ships for clan doublone Let say premium ship 100 doublone pro 24 Hrs. our 1000 Doublone 1 week(7days) This rent can clan founder use for more clan slots and stuf for the members. - Clan Logo Upload owned small logo. - Founder Leader ship have A large FLAG on the ship A bonus XP points. - Clan helpers second leaders flag on ships. Very large flags ;-) - Rent Full upgarde Capitan skill 58 poinst for gold. - Other usefull stuf for clan members. #Clan port for members only. Maby nice optio`s,? Most don`t play Team batlle 90% me friends bored. Some play not CO ops. Some don`t like Random some dont Like Ranked cince rangs drop by lose. No training room then via Aslain mod Verry good Idea new Option good Clan system whit rental stuf for clan members. ect. And maximal 10 clan members Match on each maps. On match full other go to other match maps. and sub Leaders each match on maps. Big dream wg will never make it. so let us dreaming. and have fun (Translated Dutch - Eng) maby like more Chinees.

    Das World of Warships Modpack!

    LOL Deutsch mod Version weigert sich, auf einem sauberen neuen Format die meine Laptop zu installieren.Da der Mod ist zu alt. Ich habe dies aus Russland Forum wg herunterladen.Und wows jetzt in Sprache . funktioniert, aber ich bin Niederlande Englisch Deutsch.Wie Sie es wieder in Englisch oder Deutsch erhalten. WOWS Polar__Bears Twitch Nacht_Falke

    Cheating and Illegal Modifications

    Team kill suks, to me happen, a Noob whit 10 HP points ram me shif and he die lol, And I am turn in Pink. weierd He ram me ship and dead, I am turn pink. system suks so far.