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  1. Talladega_Night

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    I got Atlanta. I am ok with this
  2. Talladega_Night

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    What World of Warships needs that i think would be awesome would be some camouflages for some of the high tier US destroyers that are based of the NASCAR liveries. Liveries like this picture here on a US Destroyer would be awesome... SHAKE AND BAKE!
  3. Talladega_Night

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    someone is a necromancer... heretic!!!
  4. Talladega_Night

    Flint or Black?

  5. Talladega_Night

    Flint or Black?

    so i have enough steel for either of them now, Still so very much torn
  6. Talladega_Night

    Kutuzov is best boat..

    Omg. Im so dunk roght now.
  7. Talladega_Night

    Kutuzov is best boat..

    spent the night doing a double Kutuzov division, and i forgot how amazing the boat it. Averaged 100k plus each game. Last game i got hit by 2 torps early on cause i potatoed and on 800hp i avoided 700k damage, and did 100k damage. Now i need to go take a shower cause of how dirty i feel. WOOO BEER! Shake and Bake! my apologies to the Yamato and Musashi for the BBQ.
  8. Talladega_Night

    Flint or Black?

    yeah, im currently leaning towards Black at the moment. I do like the Kidd. also no T9 CV's in ranked will make DD play less frustrating
  9. Talladega_Night

    Flint or Black?

    Im gonna have enough steel for either the Flint or the Black soon, am debating which one to get. anyone have any thoughts? also anyone have any idea what boat is hidden in the arsenal?
  10. Talladega_Night

    How to uninstall ports?

    There is a settings ini file you delete and it zeros all the settings back to default includong the port. Then you just have to put everything back to your settings and it all should be fixed
  11. Talladega_Night

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Picked up my Musashi today, was able to grind out the last 40k coal thanks to snowflakes. Huzzah
  12. Talladega_Night

    West Virginia in the shop

    does she come with a nylon bag to put her in?
  13. Talladega_Night

    no Stand alone dreadnought for sale?

    i just want Dreadnaught now, i do want to buy Vanguard later when i have more money.
  14. Talladega_Night

    no Stand alone dreadnought for sale?

    is there not gonna be a stand alone HMS dreadnaught for sale? if there was i would buy one right now.
  15. Talladega_Night

    Code for a Pumpkin Container

    code in invalid for me