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  1. Talladega_Night

    Botting issue?

    ah ok, that makes a lot of sense hopefully they can do lots and lots of banning.
  2. Talladega_Night

    Botting issue?

    also, why are they all Koingbergs?
  3. Talladega_Night

    Botting issue?

    Has anyone noticed an obscene amount of botting lately? its getting to the point of being unplayable. any possible explination?
  4. Imo, im not agisnt the idea of prestige, but im no fan of buffing boats like this. Good rewards for prestige i think would be giving prestiged ships premuim status with a special Camo anf being able to use any captian in it with out retraining. Prestige Emblem and back grounds. Maybe an alternitive way of earning steel. Or premships that have been pulled from sale. Big ship buffs are a no.
  5. "cancel the Naval Training Centre initiative is officially cancelled?" Did i just have some sort of sezuire reading this?
  6. Talladega_Night

    Alsace vs. Bourgogne: I choose Alsace

    This is the guy who sold USS Georgia after 3 games after all
  7. 98$ just for the ship, gotta love thoese exchange rates. From Canada playing on EU
  8. depend where you are. its 98$ for me
  9. That is why you watch ship reviews before you buy a ship. Also selling a ship, any ship after 3 games is dumb.
  10. Talladega_Night

    Is Roma worth the buy?

  11. Talladega_Night

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    I am ok with minor global changes for balancing, i am ok with pulling OP stuff from sale in the shop and containers. i am ok with CV rework. I am not OK with targeting prem ships like this. specially when it involves moving a boat into T6. When i bough CG when she came out I bought her for 2 reasons, She is Italian, and she is T5. T6 is a hellish tier to play in even with the good T6 ships as they get uptierd to T8 80% of the time. The performace gap between 6-8 is much much more then 5-7. If this happens CG will just be another T6 boat that will collect dust. this is really the firt time anything done in this game has really upset me to the point of not wanting to play. and am reconsidering renewing premium time.
  12. Talladega_Night

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    I got Atlanta. I am ok with this
  13. Talladega_Night

    This game is missing a little somthing...

    What World of Warships needs that i think would be awesome would be some camouflages for some of the high tier US destroyers that are based of the NASCAR liveries. Liveries like this picture here on a US Destroyer would be awesome... SHAKE AND BAKE!
  14. Talladega_Night

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    someone is a necromancer... heretic!!!
  15. Talladega_Night

    Flint or Black?