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  1. Talladega_Night

    Completed stage 1 of Puerto Rico

    Pro Tip, ignore Peurto Rico, and just get Alaksa instead
  2. Talladega_Night


    Don't be this Moskva. Ate 11 Cits, before exploding in a glorious ball of flame.
  3. Talladega_Night


    ah, IJN, makes alot more sense now.
  4. Talladega_Night


    IGN, the gaming review website has a navy? News to me
  5. Talladega_Night

    reset lines before christmas

    you will not get the snowflakes when you reset, not like during the birthday. As it has been a while since the launch of the research. "There won't be any exceptions for RB. Yes, there was a case with ships being re-researched getting rewards by default, with the ability to double reward per ship, but that was due to RB being only recently announced and short span of time being given. This situation is different - people should be more familiar with RB, and there's enough time for active players to finish getting their research bureau bonuses and make an informed choice whether to start a new one or not. And I may add that RB aims at players who need more challenge and more goals in the game, and have a lot of ships - it even doesn't appear until you have 5 T10 ships." https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/204455-st-new-years-celebration/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-4774741
  6. lookup his name in the forums for some fun
  7. is this who i think it is? the Monty on my team?
  8. Talladega_Night

    Why WoWS creates toxic players and fix

    if you cant take a joke, you should not be playing online games let alone wows.
  9. Talladega_Night

    Is there ever a point to using AP over HE as a BB?

    the only time to use HE with a battleship is if an angles Battleship is refusing to give broadside.
  10. Talladega_Night

    Realistic Speed?

    here is a good video on speed in wows being annualized https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQwEfaNJu-8&t=2s
  11. Talladega_Night

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    i reset a line, the US heavy cruiser line.
  12. Talladega_Night

    Botting issue?

    ah ok, that makes a lot of sense hopefully they can do lots and lots of banning.
  13. Talladega_Night

    Botting issue?

    also, why are they all Koingbergs?
  14. Talladega_Night

    Botting issue?

    Has anyone noticed an obscene amount of botting lately? its getting to the point of being unplayable. any possible explination?