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  1. Metatric

    West Virginia in the shop

    does she come with a nylon bag to put her in?
  2. Metatric

    no Stand alone dreadnought for sale?

    i just want Dreadnaught now, i do want to buy Vanguard later when i have more money.
  3. is there not gonna be a stand alone HMS dreadnaught for sale? if there was i would buy one right now.
  4. Metatric

    Code for a Pumpkin Container

    code in invalid for me
  5. Metatric

    Tell us the truth WG.

    when it comes to weekend gameplay, i would rather have a bunch of bots over people.
  6. Metatric


    dont get ourself caught out with any battleships. cruisers can and will burn you to death, even battleships that come with a free battleship on board can an will get burnt down.
  7. Metatric

    What ship with Radar can I play in the lowest tier

    Yes, buy your self an Atlanta, and let us watch you suffer with its one off play style. It will be glorious.
  8. Metatric

    Roast the previous poster's stats

    @Flavio1997 All i see here is an Triple Lyon division and aircraft carrier tryhard.
  9. Metatric

    Islands of Ice redesign: total garbage

    i want the OG asymmetrical islands of ice back.
  10. Metatric

    The "What-is-that-thing-on-my-destroyer"-thread

    Dismantled sweep floats i would guess
  11. I have the Huanghe on offer for 12$ CAN, is she worth it for that cheap cost?
  12. Metatric

    HMS Sirius?

    R U Sirius?
  13. Metatric

    Pin-ups 2018?

    I wish this was the Onion, but it is BBC "Formula 1: 'Grid kids' to replace 'grid girls' from start of the season" https://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/42950040
  14. Metatric

    Pin-ups 2018?

    Dont need a sex-change now, just have to make your self a 12 year old as they replaced grid-girls with grid-kids. Such a brillant idea.
  15. Metatric

    Pin-ups 2018?

    Countries to ban this i think will be Sweden, Germany, England, Canada, Australia.. just to name a few