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  1. sharpie65

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    Regarding the new French botes, isn't Richelieu "just" a longer and slighty beefier Dunkerque that was designed to accomodate slightly bigger guns? Normandie looks like it has the potential to completely roflstomp any cruiser that shows it's face, if prior experience with French ballistics is anything to go by..I reckon they'll give it insanely high dispersion coupled with stupidly low sigma for the tier. Bretagne on the other hand looks like a Mediterranean Ishizuchi, so that could work..although if we get just another line of HE spamming battleshipcruisers it could fall extremely flat. For the moment though, the French "gimmick" appears to be extremely high speed/engine boost. That has potential to be completely overdone on any kind of BB, but if they're balanced out with early battlecruiser-style armour schemes then it could be a good-mediocre/fairly strong line.
  2. sharpie65

    HMS Conqueror 419mm or 457mm?

    Personally? I'll be using the 457s since they look both interesting and unique at that tier, even if they can't overmatch 32mm bow plating. Although if I can't get KGV to work for me I might just work on the line at a later stage and finish up with the Jap gunboats (currently at Hatsuharu).
  3. sharpie65

    About King George V and armour angling...

    Having tried Lion on the PTS, I can say it is ridiculously fun to use. I agree with the armour mechanics being screwed over in favour of shell mechanics to better favour a faster-paced game, although I would be curious to know about some of those suggestions you have.
  4. As anybody who already has KGV and has taken her out will testify, angling in that tub to mitigate/negate any damage is either incredibly difficult to do or non-existent. I can understand that this ship is the first in the line to rely on stealth more than outright armour as a defence, but - from personal experience - unless I'm mistaken you have to be parallel to the shells in order to bounce them. Does that sound right to anybody? Fair enough, she's got herself a staggered belt of 381-356-381, but even at the most extreme angle you can pull there's still some damage that seeps through. So, does anybody think that KGV's armour model might possibly be bugged?
  5. sharpie65

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    Only another hour..hopefully. It's still disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.
  6. sharpie65

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    It's never a dull day at the office when there's something new coming... No rush guys, I'd rather it be a proper fix than a quick fix that breaks something later on down the line.
  7. sharpie65

    The CV Captains Cabin

    With regards to RNCVs, how would aircraft such as the Swordfish fare against things like T7+ AA? Assuming of course that Swordfish aren't replaced by the Albacore/Barracuda by then, they were too slow for the Italians' ultra-modern AA guns to track during Taranto. That could mean that either Italian AA is extremely inefficient against those planes, or the aircraft themselves are somewhat survivable. Possibly high-HP and low number or planes/squadron as with Saipan?
  8. sharpie65

    Flame in fight chat

    I'm guilty of flaming, as I'd imagine most players are. I normally try to keep my cool, but sometimes I just get frustrated with some players on my team. A full health BB not pushing when half the team is dead, a DD not smoking teammates, cruisers not taking advantage of a pushing battleship and opening fire on a revealed enemy, a carrier doing naff all. All of the above are capable of getting me riled up enough to start flaming in chat, although it's usually limited to "[ShipName] wtf do you think you're doing?", and I'll leave it at that. Bear in mind that I'm one of the pushiest battleships you can find in a team, and you can probably see why I get frustrated by teammates not taking advantage of the targets I reveal (by making them shoot at me).
  9. sharpie65

    Saipan Vs Kaga angry loser

    xD Such irony from the loser. Tbf, Saipan's fighters are kind of OP, but that's why there's only 4(?) per squadron instead of the usual 7 for USN aircraft. The numbers might be off, but I tend not to play CV that often..only as a bit of fun, or when I have no intention of winning.
  10. sharpie65

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    Except for the fact that *Bellerophon* is a tech tree ship, with an arguably worse turret layout than *Albert*. And the fact that she has a looser spread on her shots. The only reason she has a gold "premium" icon is because she's in testing. Upon release, that will be a silver icon.
  11. sharpie65

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    @Darth_GloriousOuch. I'm guessing that's with the 419s? That being said, French cruiser AP (from I think a St. Louis or Henri IV?) can citadel a Yamato by shooting just behind No.2 turret. I think it was either Aeroon or Flamu who did it for 15 citadel hits over two Yamatos.
  12. sharpie65

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    I wouldn't get our hopes up for getting the Brit BBs before September, chaps and chapettes. According to the August event calender: Interpret that how you will, but the pessimist in me has doubts on their arrival before summer's out. Maybe they'll get showcased at gamescom, I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.
  13. sharpie65

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Conker also has the lowest HP pool of any TX BB, and by a fair margin at that. Yamato still has the ability to pen any other ship though the bow, which Conqueror misses out on by 3mm, and Yamato can also get ~100k HP if you run SE (with other more practical skills to choose from, I doubt you will though). Is that a worthy tradeoff? Probably not in your eyes, and I do agree the heal as of yet could do with a slight reduction. Bringing it down to normal TX BB levels feels like too much, but an increase of, say, 10-15% on the standard (read: average) would seem more balanced than what it is now. Unless that is what it is, in which case standard + 7-10% sounds optimal. They've already cemented the godly heal as part of the RN line, possibly as a testament to the high-quality seamanship that was historically associated with RN ships.
  14. sharpie65

    Mutsu , needs a small buff

    Wargaming aren't in the habit of granting buffs to individual premium ships. They'll either buff or nerf mechanics, and as an indirect result of those mechanical changes the premiums themselves will get a buff/nerf, but the ships themselves are almost never going to see a direct buff/nerf post-release.
  15. sharpie65

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    So Conker now gets the 419mm guns as standard, with an option to mount the 457s (as with Kufuerst and her two gun calibre choices).