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    General feedback - 0.8.9

    I currently face this issue:
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    Submarines are Coming

    For the love of god is the community made of Crybabies or are these BB elitist who think a BB is a long range sniper sitting preferably in the next map? First: Subs dont get rushed in like the CV rework, they will be tested until they fit in the current gameplay. Secondly: The NTC was a bad idea and the developers understood the backlash something others Devs dont understand "cough" WoT and Gayjin "cough" So while Destroyers be the first class of anti submarine Warfare equipped ships i think if this is not enough WG will add the cruiser to it too, cause i think some cruisers where equipped with depth charges too I realy can only shake my head in disbelief than i hear: "i leave that game when subs get released" I mean play Warthunder there is so much more wrong than here. Devs ignore the community even go so far to delete comments on levestreams where valid questions where asked, The games is went to sell you as much premium vehicles as possible while game mechanics are partially broken but no cares to fix them also the state of Naval forces is only sad.