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    Mainz unplayable realy and needs a heal?! ever played all the other T8 light cruisers? going on: Cleveland: Swiss knive with all the tools, thin armor no heal needs IFHE to penetrate 32mm and kills your fire chance, and the hull is much softer. no heal Mogami (155mm) keeps heavy cruiser armor of 27mm min plating but gets bleped easily and has not much of consumables and the 15 guns have some reload. no heal Edingbourgh: Has heal and smoke also with hydro can avoid being torped, downside get overmatched by prety everything and a Citadel which make up 50% of the ship also no HE shells. Chapayev: Radar good shell velocity and squishy, also no heal. also there other light cruisers but i try to keep it short Mainz: Has at least 25mm plating and even stonger elsewhere like the 40mm Icebreaker bow which can´t be overmatched has the turtleback citadel sheme whiile not as strong like on the BBs it can help preventing to get citadeled also the Citadel is very low. you can rush single BB´s and somewhat bow tank them. 42K health is pretty much the biggest healthpool of all light cruisers. 6 seconds reload on the main guns which is pretty good for a T8 Light cruiser even beating cleveland has 38mm HE pen while the shell dmg is weak compared to the HE shells of other nations, you don´t need IFHE and keep your fire chance which makes you one of the best fire starters also 38mm is the deckplating of American BB´s and Alaska the Ap is Strong but not on Long ranges still can punish broadsides and 17.5km firing range is pretty good for a light cruiser. 8 Torpedos on each side if you ever get pushed or you just yolo (not recommended) which is pretty strong for a cruiser even their just standard 6km german defensive torps. Weaknesses? it´s quiet large and has 12km sea detection which isn´t good for a T8 light cruiser, you are slow and have below average rudder shift. AA is fair neither realy Strong or weak. Consumable wise bit underwhelming but mogami has to work with those tools too and hasn´t even the improved german Hydro which you should use. In Tier 10 matches every T8 cruser suffers but hey you at least has some survivabilty and the Firepower is still good enough to contribute. If you think Mainz is a bad light cruiser how do you even play the other light cruisers!?
  2. Master_Mariner

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    I currently face this issue:
  3. Master_Mariner

    Submarines are Coming

    For the love of god is the community made of Crybabies or are these BB elitist who think a BB is a long range sniper sitting preferably in the next map? First: Subs dont get rushed in like the CV rework, they will be tested until they fit in the current gameplay. Secondly: The NTC was a bad idea and the developers understood the backlash something others Devs dont understand "cough" WoT and Gayjin "cough" So while Destroyers be the first class of anti submarine Warfare equipped ships i think if this is not enough WG will add the cruiser to it too, cause i think some cruisers where equipped with depth charges too I realy can only shake my head in disbelief than i hear: "i leave that game when subs get released" I mean play Warthunder there is so much more wrong than here. Devs ignore the community even go so far to delete comments on levestreams where valid questions where asked, The games is went to sell you as much premium vehicles as possible while game mechanics are partially broken but no cares to fix them also the state of Naval forces is only sad.
  4. Master_Mariner

    British Aircraft Carriers: Unique Characteristics

    while the T4 carriers arent supposed to be good the T6 Furious is a Disaster! only the Torpedo bomber squadron is realy usable, the carpet bomb mechanic might be unique but on Furious you its like cheap firework and the rockets are underwhelming too.
  5. Master_Mariner


    While it´s nice to have a n improved heal on Hakuryu´s Torpedobombers, she is still bit lacking i mean the attack squadron with 12 planes attack only with 2 Torpedobombers at the same time? wiht the shorter ranged 6km torpedo Torpedobomber upgrade why can´t the squadron not attack with 3 planes instead? Fact is Hakuryu rely more on her Torpedo bombers than on the other attack planes the AP bombs are much less reliable like the HE bombs of Midway.
  6. Master_Mariner

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    I would suggest a small change to Hakuryu here: the J5N torpedo Upgrade which has only two Torpedobombers attack at a time, change it that 3 Bombers attack at the time and reduce squadron size from 12 to 9 with that upgrade.
  7. Master_Mariner

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    So far i realy like the CV rework they are still powerfull but not in that rediculous degree we have now (update 7.11), they feel more balanced and the gameplay is more active. the skill ceiling hasn´t to be high to be good while skill is still important it isn´t the way where one carrier dominates the other and tears a team singlehandedly apart, even while bots not using skills and modifications if grouped up i noticed that my planes melted away pretty quickly. So if we had now more players in the other classes i would say Carriers have still to think which target they engage and where they put their squadron. I will continue to test the new CV mechanics and look for any bugs to report. Bug noticed: Occured 1 time, situation: Attacked by a fighter squadron while using Dive Bombers (Midway) used engine coolin 1 consumable and heal for dive bombers that resulted in game crach.
  8. Master_Mariner

    Suggestions thread

    Just small suggestion: 1st: To assaign cunsumables to a key binding in port especially with grosowoi i have issuses that i tap the wrong key cause the same consumables are on different keys than on other destroyers. want pop smoke whoops it the damage repair -.- its annoying 2nd very minor: want the earlier tier horns of german destroyers on the high tier ones just loved the train like horn on the ealier tier DD´s, i was little saddened when there was a different horn on the later tiers. 3rd: pretty much everyone speaks off: that damn radar, Hydro i kinda can get along with it, but Radar it realy makes the job of DD´s realy difficult, proposed change? make it tha it can´t go through obstacles and not a 360° more like you have to manually aim with it in a certain cone.
  9. Master_Mariner

    Bug Reports

    Noticed that the inside of the O from the word "ON" on the right side of the sharks camoflage doesn´t glow
  10. Wie der titel schon sagt mir wurden die "Permanenten" Premium Tarnungen weggenommen und stehen wieder für den Goldpreis zur verfügung. Well played WG
  11. Master_Mariner


    Also ich benutze die Ibuki als langstrecken Feuerzeug Feuerleintanlagen Mod2 drin hab mit ihr 19,2 Km reichweite und eine maximale streuung von grad mal nur 154m, habe tarn modul und camo drauf 11km detection. Leider ist der 15er Kreuzer Kapitän auf meiner yamato da ich die kreuzer bei der Ibuki für ne zeit lang abgebrochen hatte, habe momentan nur nen 13er Kapitän. Mit der Ibuki halt ich mich meist fern und greife auch nur an wenn der gegner im nachteil ist, ich schieße nur HE den die Japaner sind Feuerzeuge und ich stecke BB oder Kreuzer in brand. DD´s sind ja auch nicht erfreut wenn die Ibuki auf einmal von 11 km auftaucht da, da die Geschosse ne gute geschwindigkeit haben kann man DD´s wunderbar aus dieser distanz treffen. Ich beschieße BB´s meist auf 14 bis 18km und achte darauf das ich nicht das einzige bin was sie beschissen können, ein guter rat ist WASD hack die ganze zeit zu nutzen wenden und geschwindigkeit ändern um möglichst ein schwer zu treffendes ziel abzugeben. Noch ein guter tip ist Deckung in form von Inseln und nebelwänden von Verbündeten zu nutzen, mit den Britischen kreuzern dürften ja noch mehr nutzbare Nebelwände zur verfügung stehen.
  12. Master_Mariner

    T3 Leichter Kreuzer "Caledon"

    Weiß passt nicht zum Thema aber, warum sind die Britischen Kreuzer Threads bei Schlachtschiffen?
  13. Master_Mariner

    Mögliches "Frust-Schiff" im britschen Tech-Tree

    Furios also, ich riche ein tier 2 Premium troll BB Wobei hier der Käufer getrollt wird. 45cm scheinen zwar für tier 2 overkill aber es sind nur 2 und man hat noch BB genauigkeit und man muss breitseite zeicgen um überhaupt beide geschütze zu nutzen.
  14. Master_Mariner


    Ob man mit Torpedos DD´s verfehlt oder die Skundäre, macht für mich kein unterschied bei der Bismarck. Der Torpedo BB shock is ja schon lange vorbei, als die Tirpitz noch neu wahr und die DD´s Yolo in ihre Torps fuhren weil sie nicht damit gerechnet haben. ich frage mich ob die Deutschen BB die einzigen bleiben die torps haben werden auch wenns nur drei sind. Gneisenau,Scharnhorst und Tirpitz
  15. Master_Mariner


    If you want this "freedom" skin for free just mod it,there is an File unpacker and you can easily change the standard Premium skin to this.