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  1. KruppStahl14

    Ticking clocks and my hard time recommending this game

    I mentioned them as long term goals. If they get removed, the motivation for some guys will drop.
  2. KruppStahl14

    Ticking clocks and my hard time recommending this game

    I have this ability. I am not interested in grinding certain lines. And i only did buy two premium ships. But for the free XP / coal ships these limitations are very bad. One might prefer to have a Missouri and a Kronstadt. Someone else a Alaska. You know, if the ship fits his style. Having the choice between all of them would be better.
  3. KruppStahl14

    Ticking clocks and my hard time recommending this game

    Thx for the heads up guys. I ll change it.
  4. KruppStahl14

    Ticking clocks and my hard time recommending this game

    My missions tell me that they will be gone on January 1st 2019.
  5. As the title tells, i am hesitant to fully recommend this game to my friends. Let me explain why: The number of ticking clocks on content increases, we got them on free XP and coal ships (Musashi & Kronstadt will be removed, just like Missouri) and on rewards for events (Royal Navy). I do understand it for the last one. But for the others ? A good example are three of my friends. I told them about this game, they played it and had fun. But they also want to get good when they play together and go for high end stuff, aka tryharding. They also did buy premium time and ships. Two of them were about to get good DD players and one a good BB player. Then they asked: "Whats the best creditmaker in the game?" My answer: Missouri, no longer in the game, only for players who played from date X to date Y. "What can we go for instead ?" Musashi or Kronstadt. Oh well, soon both get removed aswell. What this leads to is that it forces people to play almost only this game to reach this content. If we want to take a break from WoWs, to come back with new excitement afterwards, we will miss stuff. Thats ok for ranked seasons, events and stuff like that. But for long term goals like free XP/coal ships ? Absolutely not ! Forcing people to play a game is a very bad way of marketing. People play it to have fun in the first place, some for free and some pay for it. If everything gets a huge grind with time limits, it takes aways alot of fun and turns the game into work for some people and they dont like to pay for work. My friends went on to other games where content isnt limited on time like here. And i understand that. The bad things are that i cant play together with them anymore, the community lost three players with great potential quite fast and WG lost three customers. I think they are not the only ones who left the game because of this and that hurts the playerbase. That is meant as constructive criticism. @Crysantos @MrConway
  6. KruppStahl14

    Devastating Strike not being awarded correctly

    @Crysantos Its still bugged sometimes. In this battle i destroyed a Moskva with a 43k salvo but didnt get the achievement. https://replayswows.com/replay/35667#stats
  7. KruppStahl14

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Well, that RoF nerf was timed really badly ! Right after that we had buffs for Zao, Henri and Moskva. Buffing them first before implementing a nerf for a competitor would ve been the better choice. Now we got the Hindenburg underperforming, no wonder. So it needs a buff now... The +1 heal "buff" does NOT improove the survivability, you dont need more than 4 heals on a cruiser. The only thing it does is giving us the opportunity to dump Superintendent. But for what ? Hindenburg dont really need other perks. Old reload time, better AP pen or a Speed Boost would make much more sense. Especially Speed Boost. I dont think this got to be a french gimmick only, Reload Boost can have this place. Speed Boost would fit very well to Hindenburg gameplay. This cruiser shines at brawling, giving us the possibility to increase her bad speed (once again a very contrary thing in this game) to push in with Speed Boost and play Hindenburg to her strenghts in the right moment would be a great choice ! Pls consider this.
  8. KruppStahl14

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Accurate guns that overmatch cruiser armor with amazing shell velocity and great range. All fine, but Repus fast reload on top of this is too much imo. The open water cruisers got hit very hard by this and as we know, all got buffed, except the one which got nerfed... Hindi needs more than the heal tbh.
  9. KruppStahl14

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Thats why i called it questionable. Republique (Hindis hard counter) is another reason why the nerf was a mistake. "Tank specialist", i should ve wrote it this way.
  10. KruppStahl14

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Good proposal aswell. But WG made their choice. Jack of all trades Hindenburg is dead, this place belongs to the Zao since the changes back then. Now we will have the tank specialist of cruisers instead. A questionable role, because there are Battleships/Stalingrad for this already...
  11. KruppStahl14

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Good news, Hindenburg and Roon will get one more heal. https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/st-balance-changesamerican-cruiser-wichitareplaced-catapult-fighter-for-a-spotti/2220055391654129/ Because of low HE alpha and weak AP pen a rollback to the old reload time would ve been the better choice. But that would mean WG to clearly admit that they ****** it up, which wont happen in this Universe. Or this great proposal: The Hindenburg would have been the perfect candidate for speed boost with her brutal torpedo payload, the guns that performs best at close ranges, and her turtleback armor. She would have made the perfect jousting ship. Instead they gave the speed boost and excellent to the French, the ones meant to stay far away from combat and rain down fire. This just shows the lack of game cohesion and design which quite frankly is a problem. World of Warships has done well to separate itself from World of Gold Ammo, but the game's insistence in tacking on change after change needs to end if the game wants meaningful differences instead of piddling ones. Prior to the reload booster, the French speed boost served no purpose that would not have been served better by just about any other cruiser line. Recommended by dasCKD Nerfing certain ships and buffing their competitors at the same time, what a genius move in the first place... Btw, i feel no satisfaction at all telling this to all the apologist fundamentalists back then who told "Only 1 sec, no big deal, git gud and bla..." right before Hindis winrate hit the bottom after the nerf.
  12. KruppStahl14

    Should I skip Izumo ?

    Dont believe anyone who tells that this thing is accurate ! Had alot fun with the Amagi then i reached the Izumo. I watched some Vids, read bad and good stuff about her. So i tried her with some confidence. But i was disappointed very badly, just today there was a Minotaur driving full broadside 6km away from me. Full Salvo = 5 overpens, yep. And that wasnt some kind of 1/50 total troll BB salvos, this Ship cant hit, its terrible ! 1/50 may be the good salvos. Its worse in everything compared to the Amagi except for AA. Her "Abilities": As said: INACCURATE, even german BBs hit more No armor, HE-spam is a Nightmare for this Nightmare of a Ship Abyssmal Ruddershift Decent Speed Weak AA 3rd Turret got bad placement Weak Turtleback for short-range, wich means anything cause this Ship isnt a Brawler Terrible Concealment
  13. KruppStahl14

    the "carry harder!" thread

    During my run to the Graf Spee i met some "glorious" teams... Even my Record with the Bismarck was a defeat. I both Bis & Tirp matches i survived as the last one, they won by timeout. (Note: 2nd and last screen where without premuim)
  14. KruppStahl14

    New Year Marathon: EU gets worse rewards *again*

    Watch it to the end ! Flamu made my day.
  15. KruppStahl14

    New Year Marathon: EU gets worse rewards *again*

    Supercontainer nerf, nerfed to uselessness ger DDs and now this INSULT at CHRISTMAS for EU ! Just keep it going, WG ! I hope you guys loose the Monopoly on warships soon! Remember the epic day War Thunder destroyed WoT ! Btw, my prediction for soviet T10 BB is the DEATHSTAR.