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  1. SobanRe

    Leroy Jenkins

    Their is no discount. You want to sell something for x. To make it more appealing you invent a value y and then claim you discounted it from y down to x. Sadly a far too commen business practice.
  2. SobanRe

    P2W is in the game now (superships and CBs)

    Whoever needs to invest real money to play T11 ships should not play them in the first place.
  3. Do you use a VPN? The game doesn't like my VPN so I've to shut it down always before I start the game.
  4. SobanRe

    DDs detonating in Ranked

    I don't use detonation signals anymore. Everyone has the right to experience this fun and engaging game mechanic, either direct or indirect. If you disagree off to gulag with you.
  5. Seems like even the bots are sick of carriers and start reporting.
  6. SobanRe

    Do RNGesus cater to noobs?

    The thing with RNG is, that it benefits noobs more just because the way it works. If you know where and how to aim, the only thing RNG can do for you is to screw you up. On the other hand if you have no clue how to aim, RNG can only do two things, make you miss even harder, which doesn't matter or let one or two shells hit. The same thing is with evasion. If you know how to dodge the only thing RNG can do is hitting you with a stray shell. Granted fires are a complete different beast. I had matches with 20+ fires and matches with the first fire after 100+ hits.
  7. SobanRe

    Can You Devs Give Pommern Pref MM Please FFS?

    WG will not change the MM. WG will introduce real Tier 10 premium ships for 180+ bucks not just the special ships we have now and shortly after that we get special tier 11 ships with reduced maintenance and for a new creditsink tier 12 gets introduced and the circle continues. I hope I'm wrong but I fear I'm right.
  8. As sad it may be. Superships for coal, steel, in the research bureau and in the premium shop is not a if but a when.
  9. I love them too. Burned crispy and a little bit salty.
  10. Let me look in my crystal ball. Next year we will have super submarines, the Japanese one can launch a squad torpedo bombers every minute, the German one can launch V1 rockets, the Russian one is nuclear powered with unlimited dive capacity, the American one can respawn once every match thanks to unlimited US industrial capacity. Spreadsheet says this will be fun and engaging, the statistic claim it will not hurt match quality and the silent majority approves. Disclaimer: This could be slightly sarcastic.
  11. SobanRe

    Locking the target bug/Aim bug

    Would be nice if the aiming ellipse would be visible on screen like by artillery by wot. This could help to show some people how unlikely a hit is on this 30km distant target.
  12. SobanRe

    Locking the target bug/Aim bug

    The shells will most likely land in their dispersion ellipse. The question is, is the dispersion ellipse always where we think it is or does the aiming assist puts it somewhere else at times.
  13. SobanRe

    Alsace, BB always on fire

    Thanks for the info. I just checked both sites, maybe it is a issue with my phone or I didn't looked in the wrong locations. On wowsft I couldn't find the fire resistance and on shiptool I did find the fire resistance but no way to check the fire resistance on the Z-44 prior to 0.10.8. Maybe you can help me.
  14. SobanRe

    Alsace, BB always on fire

    Regarding the fire chance. Do we have any non WG-sponsored source for this? In 0.10.8 WG claimed to fix bug on the Z-44, on which the Z-44 could be easier set on fire than it should be. Not that I don't trust WG. But I don't trust WG.
  15. SobanRe

    Alsace, BB always on fire

    Sorry but fact check says false. The République has 17" (431mm). Granted it's the only one. But why should the Alsace care, she can bounce 457mm shells.