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  1. Weil sie jetzt keinen Schaden mehr nehmen. Es gab einige Situation in meinen DDs als ich darüber nachdachte sammle ich die Torps des Italineschen Kreuzer hinter mir jetzt ein oder nicht.
  2. SobanRe

    Soviet Cvs

    Do I get this right? The Russian T10 CV will have 8 planes per squad and will drop with all at once and every squad gets a repair. Meanwhile all other techtree T10 CV have 9 to 12 planes per squad with 3 to 5 drops. Am I the only one who thinks, combining nearly rts like alpha strike with new turnaround will be a bad idea?
  3. Mal sehen wie lange es dauern wird bis die ersten sich darüber aufregen, dass der Verbündete absichtlich in die Torpedos rein gedreht ist.
  4. SobanRe

    PT 0.10.5 - Changes to Attack Aircraft

    Is a compenstion buff for the Graf Zeppelin planed, or do you just change her into a hybrid cruiser?
  5. SobanRe

    WOWS is it a game or a hobby?

    It is an addiction. You know it's bad for you but you just can't stop.
  6. SobanRe

    Enjoy new balance from WG

    The only way I see to balance this, is to remove this air strike completly and make them normal gun cruisers. This may be boring but I don't think this air strike can be anything but OP or completly useless.
  7. SobanRe

    Another pastime for sick and jobless?

    This event looks like something worth to be ignored.
  8. They should have changed deadeye to reduces dispersion if an enemy is spotted inside your detection range. Now I have 4 points to invest in another random skill.
  9. I will bet 25 million +1 credit to have more than everybody, who bets "only" 25 million.
  10. We have alot torpedo armed cruisers, that can devstrike BBs, some have even enough to dev strike 2 and few can stealthtorp . Some cruisers can take half the health of a BB if it shows to much broadside. Having a cruiser in you broadside and you can't angle yourself is not healthy. The AP damage a Hindenburg can do in 30 seconds can be nasty. Cruisers are not easy to play just like destroyers and playing battleships well isn't easy either. But saying battleships are overpowered because they can devstrike cruiser is like saying destroyers are OP because they can devstrike battleships. Getting devstriked in a cruiser is most of the time a lack of awarness or wrong positioning just like a BB getting devstriked by a wall of skill. And the random citadell a cruiser takes is like the random torpedo a battleship eats.
  11. The same way a battleship is supposed to deal with a destroyer. Hope the other makes a mistake or hope to get some help.
  12. SobanRe

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    Any information how that will impact the German AP rockets, especially the lower tier ones.
  13. SobanRe

    No more rewards for achievements after 0.10.4

    Is this a plan to distract from the commander rework screw up or the CV rework screw up or the ongoing power creep?
  14. SobanRe

    Congress TVIII prem US cruiser

    I hope that is joke, poor Odin getting powercrept by cruiser.
  15. SobanRe

    EU Server Problems 23-1-21 ?????

    It takes ages for me to login as well and the chat server is down after each match and I have to restart the game if i want to play with my buddy.