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  1. Tatoosh, bit late....lmao, but did you ever solved  the ships disapearing issue? I have it all the time with any ship. Not a range or smoke issue and also not an issue with network or graphics. Did do all the tests WG asked me to do and did deliver several replays. They told me everything is fine at my side and their side. But.........never did get an following answer from them on this issue.!? 

  2. Super! Thank you very much!
  3. Hi Captains! So I'm returning after being out of the game for a few months. I've had to reset my settings. Two things I had before I can't find or remember what they were called. 1. How to toggle between targets, particularly when I've got torpedoes selected? I've got the target lock option selected currently. But I used to be able to designate a key and cycle through targets in a battle. 2. There was a check box for displaying the player name above the ship when in combat. So you know who is who during a battle. Right now I've only got the ship name, no player name. Is that option still available in settings? Thanks for any advice on this. Part of getting back included an upgraded graphics card so I can finally play this on high/very high graphics mode. Much nicer than low graphics mode, for sure!
  4. Tatoosh

    Quick ammo inquiry regarding BB vs CV

    I've always used HE on CV's and once I've got flames, I've switched to AP. I don't get that many chances at CV's since I'm usually blowing bubbles by the time fleets are whittled down and there is an opportunity to get into the rear areas that the CV's hang out in. I have also seen good damage with HE when the hit falls correctly. It would be nice if there was an easy look up for every ship showing the placement of the citadel, magazines, and such. I've seen them for Cruiser/Battleships but not for CV's.
  5. I currently play on the WoWS EU server so I am posting my question here. I want to add the WoWS NA server and I realize that takes a completely new install. I tried to do that last weekend and it was sour ... very, very sour. Back story: I am currently in the Philippines so when I tried to download the North American server install package, I got the Asian one. I won't be in Asia for that much longer. I will be in North America for an extended period - so it makes sense to start playing there as well. None the less, I forged ahead. When I tried to install the second version of WoWS from a different region, it ran right over my first install of the EU version. I was quickly in a no WoWS at all situation. It took me hours to download and re-install the EU version where my beta ships and so on are. So what do I do when I want to put the North American package on and keep my EU version as well?
  6. Tatoosh

    Huge fps drops

    I just "upgraded" my system to try and improve game play in World of Warships - I went to 4 gb of ram, installed Windows 7 64 bit Professional, and grabbed a cheaper but newer card than my old GPU, I went with a PALIT GeForce 210 1 gb ram. Before, I'd crash occasionally - likely due to lack of ram (had 2 gb before), but my 512k GPU gave me pretty consistent 30 fps most of the time - on the low setting in controls. I know the PALIT 210 is not a great card, but I thought with the other improvements in the system and it having twice as much ram on the card as the previous GPU, I'd be able to get a higher fps and/or kick it up to medium on the game's graphics controls. That is a big negatory! Now, I'm down to 15 fps with drops down to 7 fps occasionally. When I set the controls to medium - then I'm at 7 fps tops and it was like playing under a strobe light. Bleh! The good part is no more crashes and much faster loading. I'm not always the last one in now. I've dialed the graphics back to low. The game is playable, but I was hoping for a bit better. I tried the drives from Palit and then downloaded Nividia's latest driver package and tried it. No difference in frame rates. I have a hard time believing the lower fps is due to my system given the improvements. I'm still hoping to get a GTX 660 used, but if they've puked on internals, I guess there is no reason to be in any hurry on that.
  7. Tatoosh

    Mod showing icons over ships

    Try the Alt key for the ship tier/capt name/distance.
  8. Tatoosh

    Graphic Card Question

    The computer is back and working (mostly) - For the short term it has PALIT GEFORCE 210 - just so it has at least a 1 gb gpu. The GTX 660 ti will happen, hopefully, in the next month or two but I may need to replace my power supply for it. I'm running Win 7 Pro edition 64 bit. I have a full 4 gb of ram. I need to find my old DVI cable so I can let the monitor get a better signal to work with. Looking forward to upgrading my game experience soon!
  9. Tatoosh

    Graphic Card Question

    Thanks guys! I am looking at this GPU though it is really over budget for me: ASUS NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 660 Direct CU II OC GDDR5 2GB - so even though my motherboard is really not ideal for it, I am pretty sure it will handle it and the card is supposedly backward compatible, right? The owner says the 660 was never over-clocked though I think he ran a tandem setup - he has 2 of them for sale. The computer will go to the shop tomorrow for a new hard drive (HDD) and Windows 7. I am casting around for a copy of Windows 7 professional 64 bit since it will have support until 2020 my Microsoft. And of course, 2 gb more of ram. Once I get the HDD, ram, and OS in place, I'll run some tests on it, but not the stress test, since the card is going to take a bit longer to get here. So I'll be on the way to a more playable system. This computer will remain the Philippines when we leave, though I might drag the graphics card back with me. And if I get a SSD, that will likely find a way into my carry on as well. Delaci76, thanks for the offer. I'm not an over-clocker kinda guy. I'm run good but run cheap kinda guy. Particularly when I'm on a tight budget. So this should work for the next year before we pull up stakes and head across the pond.
  10. Tatoosh

    Graphic Card Question

    Oh, and Black_Falcon, I do get the long load time to get into the game, but I thought that was due to me being on the wrong side of the world from the server. I'm currently in the Philippines but playing on the EU server. Which I like - but if the SSD means I might get in and see what is happening sooner, I'd like that a bunch. Normally I'm toward the last in, occasionally get forced to reconnect so that I'm sunk by the time I'm in the second go around. The SDD will remain on my wish list but one I'll keep my eye out for. Thanks!
  11. Tatoosh

    Graphic Card Question

    Right but the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version? Is there significant trade offs with one over the other? Both in capability and the software they run?
  12. Tatoosh

    Graphic Card Question

    Last question - should I go for 64 bit Windows 7 if available?
  13. Tatoosh

    Graphic Card Question

    Thanks - the E5200 is on this computer - which reportedly supports on 2 gb of ram according to the specs I've found online and Crucial's memory evaluator, which I downloaded and ran. My other system which sucked up due to my 1 terrabyte HDD dying will handle the 4 gb WG recommends for WOWs. I will definitely get it upgraded to 4 gb and a basic 350 gb HDD put in. Then the search for a decent GPU. If I can find one that is in good condition and not overclocked - which I know almost nothing about - I'll hop on it. The SDD is something I would like to do, but not in a big hurry. They are easy to pack and carry when I move. I see Samsung has some out cheap now, cheaper than Crucial. If I have the pennies, I'll look at it. But 4 gb Ram, Win 7, and the hunt is on for the GPU! Hoot! Hoot! (Yes, the hunt will be conducted on eBay)
  14. Tatoosh

    Why don't people understand a capture = +50% exp?

    It is good to hear and understand the dynamics of the game explained well. And to understand other players viewpoints. I realize some, perhaps most, player are here for the win. To me winning is just a bit of icing one the cake. I'm here to fight. I don't mind getting killed, but I prefer if it is not in the first 2 or 3 minutes. But I can see that giving up a likely win just so I can pop off a few more rounds of arty or a couple of torps at someone might just tighten a teammates jaw. I doubt I'll spend much of my time defending caps, but I'll be more conscious of those that see it as very important.
  15. Tatoosh

    Graphic Card Question

    I'll probably buy used off of eBay rather than new. I look for someone that has upgraded their system and I can snag a decent part for pennies compared to the new item. I have been looking at Crucibles 128 gb SDD - one of the few "new" items I'm considering, but Muzzle_Flash's comments make sense too and I don't want to throw money that doesn't offer a reasonable improvement. When I get back to the States and get settled in, I'll look at something like a MSI Intel LGA 1150 H81m-E33 microatx motherboard, which is cheap, runs a decent 16 gb of ram if needed, and handles the Intel pentium g3258 processor, all of which is reasonably easy on the pocket and if I can find a good GPU, should give me an "okay" gamer system considering my abilities and so forth. Thanks for the info and advice to everyone - sorry if my posts did not contain as much info as they should. I was not annoying you intentionally. I would have a big grin on my face if that was the case. ;)