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  1. LastButterfly

    Spanish Ships line

    RU has BB projects worthy of high tier. I just can't find any Spanish BB project worthy of more than tier 8, 9 with a stretch. Also, RU BBs are original projects, while the Spanish designated TVIII BB project is basically Littorio with 120mm in lieu of 90mm. So for an original BB branch, Spain actually stops at tier 7. Yeah, sure, DDs and cruisers can be spanish-only branches - and they can be pretty cool. As far as I know, BBs cannot.
  2. LastButterfly

    Hearts of Iron IV - Naval Battles

    Recent game with a friend, Japan was gonna join the axis and we saw that miles away. As the British (no, the Commonwealth) I was ready to defend my oh-so-sweet-ressources in malaysia so I let my friend (France) and about half my army deal with a messy Europe until Japan had been dealt with. At first I opted to protect Oceania while advancing close to the coast (island hoping to Taiwan and Okinawa) but that proved complex as the Japanese skirted the thing and landed in New Guinea. Since I couldn't commit my whole fleet to the process (had to cover the Med' and protect the home island aswell -.-) I couldn't stretch the far-east part enough ; besides, after an inconclusive engagement, the lengthy repairs of my carriers meant I had little to no control over the area for a long while. We went for a bold move, my friend's fleet took over the Channel defense and I relocated my heaviest fleet to Oceania and started moving more agressively. ... Yeaaaah, long story short, the Japanese had picked the worst naval constructor for carriers (god bless IA stupidity) and had -20% aircrafts on deck, so as soon as I started being offensive, their task force could not escape my state of the art scouts and my technologically superior carriers obliterated them. Anticlimactic, but convinient. I'm still trying to figure out how my scouts were being depletted at an alarming rate (I ended up producing an absurd amount of Gaels per weeks so as to be able to replace the losses) since I told them "do not engage you idiots you are litterally a floating piece of metal with a radar", but other than that, I think I haven't ever lost a capital ship ever. And that established me as the greatest naval power on Earth, never to be challengend again. Well, the USA could have but they ended up never moving, apparently invading Mexico twice was the only thing they were gonna do this day.
  3. LastButterfly

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    Her first name was Rio de Janeiro. She was not initially built for Turkey you know ?
  4. LastButterfly

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Oh boy. That question. Brace yourself, for the storm is coming.
  5. LastButterfly

    where ıs mıssouri ???

    Laughing in Gremyashchy. ... What ? This was a very fun ship for its days. So much they sold it under another name 1 tier higher, and even ended up raising in tier her techtree counterpart. #sealclubbing
  6. LastButterfly

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    No, I'd say it went downhill in the late 20s and plunged in the 30s.
  7. LastButterfly

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    You should wake up, the 19th century has been over for a while xD
  8. Can the Japanese have the 40km fastest and unvisible torps then ? From MUSTUKI onwards ? No ? Then that's settled. Little reminder : this game is FANTASY. It's not just "not a simulator". It's WG's fictional playground. If they want US BBs to start slow then god has spoken. ... What ? This IS a rant thread after all right ? No reason the Op would be the only one allowed to rant.
  9. LastButterfly

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    Get good. The only way is to stop blaming the sky, god, other players, wargaming and so on, and realize that you torpedoing an ally means that you are bad and need to train and use more of your brain. I know it's a pretty hard concept to get for some people, but it's your fault, and trying to justify akwardly by saying it was unavoidable or that the other player took damage voluntarly will only make you look even more ridiculous because the truth is that you simply magistrally messed up - and are too narrow minded to even accept it.
  10. LastButterfly

    Opinions on an accidental friendly torp

    ... You killed someone. Yelling "bit officer, he is the one who stepped on the trajectory of my attack" won't change a thing. Willingly or not, you played bad, failed hard, and ruined the game of a player. He has every right to blame you for it and you only have the right to suck it up and apologize anyway. Teamkillers blaming their victims for being pissed is the most hilarious thing ever. What did you expect ? That they would thank you ?
  11. LastButterfly

    Discussions sur les News

    Non, c'est pas la première, c'est la seconde. Il me semble que dans les légende, on parle d'un nerf de la proue des BB je crois qui a été rétracté après les réactions négatives massives, je sais plus trop quand c'était. Ewi, je me souviens. Faut dire que c'est tellement rare ça marque. Pour la centaine de qu'ils font, quand par<fois ya un truc "bien". Eh, oui, "bien" entre guillements, pasque c'est un pas dans la bonne direction, mais qui est fait après avoir reculé de plusieurs kilomètres. Nan pasque vous m'oterez pas de l'esprit qu'un système qui simule du contenu en faisant regrinder aux joueurs du contenu qu'ils ont déjà grindé, c'est l'arnaque du millénaire. Au moins, dans un DLC de 15min à 69€ ou un skin d'arme à 99€ pour un jeu solo, ya une trace de continue original, aussi maigre soit-il. Là non, là c'est littérallement : "Notre jeu a une durée de vie illimité : en effet, tu peux effacer ta progression pour refaire le jeu entièrement !" (On va passer sur les autres du système, notamment que c'est littérallement un truc qui promote le sealclubbing vu que le MM de WoWs est full random, les nouveaux joueurs vont devoir se taper les 10000games+ qui se refont une ligne pour la Xième fois. Mais bon, après tout je ne suis qu'un pauvre mec random sur internet qui n'a pas ouvert wows depuis des années, qu'est-ce que j'y connais après tout) Des génies. Et c'est pas sarcastique cette detrnière phrase, je le pense. C'est des génies pasque ya des gens qui vont le faire ce truc en plus.
  12. LastButterfly


    Welp. I'm done with Hitori Bocchi. It's cute. Some exaggerated traits for comedic purpose can feel surprising realistic at some points if you've ever been shy once in your life. Bocchi is smol. I have nothing more to say. Recommanded to anyone remotely into the genra. Others can move along I guess, if you're not into cute things and sol I imagine there's not much else to see. Ranked - intsinctively, Silver Plus. May be reevaluated to Gold Minus later, I dunno (Hm. I still haven't ranked anything silver minus. I should review the bronze rank to see if any Bronze + is above the others)
  13. LastButterfly


    Yup, you should have. ... Why have you not ?
  14. LastButterfly

    ST, new type of shells

    Everybody : omg this is for the italian line WG : ...YEAH. HOW DID YOU GUESS *shoves "premium ammo" reveal in a corner with the foot* Either way : it's a common if I understand correctly.
  15. LastButterfly


    6 month detox. Now that it's behind me, I'm starting again slow and sweet with Hitori Bocchi spread over 2 days. Which means I'll be done with it by tomorrow. It's sweet. I like sweet.