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  1. L'AP des cuirassés sur les destroyers

    Même pas ! C'est les projecteurs d'Hiei qui ont révélé Atlanta. Nanan, Akatsuki elle a VRAIMENT servi a rien. l'USS Laffey est la principal cause des dégats pris par Hiei à Guadalcanal. Et si ya peu d'exemples pour les BB parce qu'ils ont peu servi, pour les croiseurs en revanches je peux t'en trouver hein... Genre la Bataille de Tassafaronga, 8 DD IJN rencontrent 5 CA & 4 DD US, les US se concentrent sur Takanami qui leur fonce dessus et en torpille hein, le reste de la force japonaise torpille trois croiseurs de plus. La bataille de Kolombangara, Jintsuu et 5 DD contre 3CL & 10DD, Jintsuu se contente d'éclairer la flotte et tanker les dégats tandis que les DD balance une énorme volée de torp, bilan, un DD coulé et aucun des trois croiseurs légers alliés ne reverra le combat avant très longtemps. Cela dit en passant btw, à la seconde bataille navale de Guadalacanal, si Ayanami n'a effectivement endommagé (quasi fatalement) que trois destroyers, ça se faisait quand même sous le feu nourris de toute la flotte adverse, cuirassés compris, et sans assistance. Ah, et - N'importe quoi. Yamato n'a porté aucun coup, fatal ou pas. Sa seule salve correcte a été une straddle sur un CVE. Et cela dit en passant, Yamato, elle a même pas vraiment participé à la bataille, vu que les torp d'Heermann l'ont forcée à aller voir ailleurs pendant une demi-heure. Shin, nan xD C'est Inazuma ou Ikazuchi qui ont torpillé Portland. Amatsukaze a torpillé les lignes arrières, coulant Juneau et Barton. Oui, c'est vrai que ya ça d'ailleurs, en DD qu'ont coulé des croiseurs aussi. Cela dit en passant, l'argument "les DD ont pas coulé beaucoup de cuirassés donc c'est qu'ils pouvaient pas" est stupide. Dans le Pacifique il y a eu, aller, je vais être sympa, trois engagements où des cuirassés ont fait face à autre chose des avions et des subs (Hailstone, où les japonais n'ont répondu qu'avec 4 torp, trop occupés à fuir ; Leyte, deux fois, Surigao où les BB ont engagé des BB, et après Samar où 4 cuirassés et leur croiseur d'escortes ont engagé un unique destroyer ; et Guadalcanal, deux fois, le premier étant probablement le seul engagement offensif qui a vu des DD attaquer des BB, et le second qui était encore une fois un engagement entre BB). La raison pour laquelle les DD ont infligé peu de dégats sur les BB c'est pasque les BB ils ont pas fait grand chose pendant cette guerre là xD
  2. Oooh, I stand corrected. Tasteless was the wrong word indeed. I-19 has a lot of tastes. The kind of tastes that make me throw up. But yeah, that's a taste nonetheless. (tho fyi I did not employ tasteless as a synonym of "bland" but tasteless as in unmannerly)
  3. You mean because her chest is negative ? That said, I stay on my positions. Not as disgusting as I-19.
  4. I sure am ! She makes it to top ONE ugliest kancolle girl. I know tastes are tastes and are subjective and stuff but seriously, I-19 in kancolle is tasteless no matter how you look at... at IT.
  5. Funny how a quite important submarine manages to appear UGLY AF in two games.
  6. Sweden in World of Warships

    You should stop answering and not bother. This here is a case of baseless national racism. He doesn't even read what you write and just answers with yet another insult ; besides, anyone who deems Sweden had no influence on naval fights in WWII clearly doesn't know anything about the naval side of WWII. I suggest you just report his posts so they get deleted quickly, and ignore him until then.
  7. Italian BB Sneak Peak

    1\ Could you add the design name of the TVII ? Since you used a placeholder name, I don't know what design you're referring to. 2\ Livorno (the 1928 23kt CC) has not a chance of making it at tier IX. And not even at TVIII. Not sure what you're thinking putting it above Littorio. I mean, it's slower, has less armor, only has six guns, is much less heavy and thus has less hitpoints, has less AA power - I even wonder if it'd belong at TVII or not. It's even arguably not belonging any higher than TVI. 3\ UP41 wouldn't fit at TX indeed. But it fits TIX perfectly well. Also you can't randomely slap 457mm on it cause you want. That's not how it works. If you wanna make a 457mm-wielding TX, work around Cassone's project, but don't just alter the caliber of a planned design without a basis. 4\ Not sure what Pisa you're referring to but if it's the one I know, it's an armored cruiser. Not even a battleship. Doesn't belong in such a line at all. 5\ Why use Cavour and Doria's rebuilt version both at TV and TVI ? You could use the original of one at TV and the rebuilt of the other at TVI.
  8. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    ... Y-YEAH. YOURE TOTALLY RIGHT. /me pushes that fanmade pan-asian DD techtree that contains Tan Yang further in the corner. There's a envisionned (not for long) prototype super maestrale with 3*3 torps... and even requirements for a version of CMO going as high as 3*4 xD You can use them if ya want high tiers. I'm not sure I'd have said "quite". A few ? Yeah. But not really much more than just a few...
  9. Oh, I just checked and it appears that I am too. Funny.
  10. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Well yeah but you're using Asia as an example. That's a bad example. You can make them less erratic, but not less US -.- ; I think my personal P-Asian DD branch is more cohesive but it's still extremely US in equipment and sometimes even ships. No choice tho.
  11. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Khaba was not exactly designed by the italians ; no, it was the russian almost copying the italian Esploratori (rerated as cruisers) Capitani Romani. So technically it's exactly the same vessel but with russian guns instead of italians. As for the "it wasn't as fast, but close"... That's the result of WG creating their own ships and giving them unrealistic stats cause obviously if it says 45kn on paper its gotta be able to do 45kn constantly right ? Capitani Romani reached above 43kn max speed making it amongst the fastest ship in the world at the time, and I'd even argue, amongst the three fastest (between Tashkent and Terrible if I'm correct). Italian DDs however can't be like russian ones. Besides Capitani Romani, possible TX, and CMO, possible TIX, all others are extremely light, MUCH lighter than other DDs ; their speed was great "in theory" but bad in practice and whilst they reached above 38kn in trials all, in service they hardly exceeded 33kn. Their guns had great muzzle velocity and penetration, but the realod is super long (10s) almost all except some Soldati and Maestral - and Navigatori ofc - only had 2*2 120mm, and the power of their explosive was very low, so they dealt very few damage per broadside, one broadside every 10s. Also, their torpedoes had the weakest explosive of them all and were only decently fast below 2km. We're looking at ships with abyssmal gun AND torpedo power, being extremely weak and light. You're not gonna gunboat with them, nor torpedoboat, nor even tank anything. I dunno, maybe they could be scouts. With concealement. That's basically all they had left, being smol.
  12. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    A Khaba potential : aka a litteral Khaba at TX. Maybe. And potential an interesting DD at TIX or VIII. But other than that... Italy's strength wasn't hidden in their DDs (or to say it bluntly : their DDs were BAD). Cruisers and battleships should be their most interesting lines. Should. Cause with Abruzzi and Aosta as premiums I feel like WG is taking the worst direction possible. Though this is probably not the right topic to talk 'bout that.
  13. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    I've already had to deal with that. And it'll stay. Even if that Balkan-like branch is the one I like the less in terms of coherence and gameplay cause it gets erratic from mid-tiers onwards. And in the end very US-like. The only one in that case.
  14. Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Full branches of Cruisers and DDs can be created for south and north. I'd even argue that one could create two DD branches for both. Cruiser branch for north need a bit of originality to reach TX tho.
  15. Could have attempted recommandations of my own but I guess that'd be a bad idea since apparently I'm the kind of guy who likes obscure stuff (none of my top 15 belonging into the extended list of it. Though it's probably cause many are recent).