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  1. LastButterfly

    Pr event appears to be a success for WG

    WG does that. Playerbase is unhappy, complains, threatens to leave or stop paying. Despite that, playerbase pays and doesn't leave. A few month later, playerbase has forgotten. There was a net gain for WG, and oractically no losses to outweight. So, WG does that again. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's not new. That's always been like that.
  2. No, I didn't even look up her stats or gameplay, and it's not a question of being OP or useless. It's a question of WG pumping out generic, bland cashgrabs with only their names as redeeming factors, or on the other hand, vessels with absurd gimmicks that don't even come together to make any form of unique or interesting gameplay. In the end, it has nothing to do with Enterprise herself. It's just, when she was announced, I could see clearly the gap between my past hype, and my present dread regarding WG laying its hands on anything I liked. In other words, Enterprise was just the trigger that made me understand that this game and company were toxic and that I was better without them. And to this day, I have no regret.
  3. I think it was around USS Enterprise announcement, or shortly after. I had more or less been expecting this ship ever since the beta and I remember having promised to myself that I would buy her whatever her price. When she was announced, I didn't get hype. Not only wasn't I expecting any fun gameplay and interesting implementation from WG, but I noticed my only reaction was "oh no, they're gonna eff her up too". Gears were set in motion and I realised that not only WoWs had stopped being fun, but I had at some point started to dread every release WG made. I only wondered what class or vessel they would use as a steptool next to make more money or appease the community with, instead of trying to be interesting and creative. The game was associating something that I loved - ships - with very negative emotions, like hate and disgust. It didn't take too long after that for me to leave the game altogether. It's been... now years I haven't opened it up and I don't intend to. I don't see why "WG would listen" to anybody or anything. The fact is, commercially speaking, their strategy works. People play, people pay, sure, people get angry, but they keep paying nonetheless and they don't leave the game. It's a win-win situation for WG. Until it changes, they have no reason to ever adopt a different behavior or strategy.
  4. LastButterfly

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle,Azur lane, Arpeggio of blue steel,Haifuri)

    Well, I imagine they originate from the 1936/1939 light cruiser to AACL conversion plan (which was singled to the Tenryuu class, then finally abandonned in favor of a new anti-air vessel class. Understand : Akizuki), her actual 1944 modernization (which saw an actual reduction in firepower and speed in favor of anti-air and anti-submarine power ; no reduction in firepower is shown but I imagine the 5th slot, incapable of being fitting with main or secondary guns, represents this "has an edge in the AA department" side of things, since it can only equip radars or AA guns - or rations) and the Tokyo express transports conversion... er, panic. Yeah, the transport conversion panic plans. Feels like a perfect name xD. The Kai Ni Toku is probably the more far-fetched as far as I know since it has a troop-transport feel (heavy loss of speed, mini subs + specialized landing crafts launchers). I am not aware of any plan to refit Yuubari according to these specification, but the Tokyo express conducted the IJN to make such plans for other cruisers such as the Kuma superclass, so it's actually not that far fetched that Yuubari was included there at some point. All in all, it is far fetched but compared to WG who creates an ENTIRE SHIP around a single gun barrel (although I'm not looking at russian BBS there but at French BBs or german CAs -.-), it manages to have... more basis. Then again, it's my interpretation on the thing, maybe I'm completely wrong, Tanaka just slapped random equipement and gimmicks, and just coincidentially ended up having links to the modernizations or plans of modernizations Yuubari went through during her career. Who knows.
  5. LastButterfly

    Name one developer who have broken more promises than WG.

    And suddenly : the Truth(tm). Which like everytime it's been said will sink in the depth of the forum never to be seen again because WG has no reason to change their strat because after so many backlashes the bulk of the playerbase is still there and still pays. Aaaanyway. On another note, half of this topic is basically "Yeah but EA is worse". ... How low. Do you need to sink. To be even compared to EA in the first place. In other words : just because you're not the lowest form of existence in your field does not mean it's acceptable.
  6. LastButterfly

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    I might write a thorough answer in PM to discuss all of it but for now I'll do as you and just single out what I believe is the most crucial part of your message. And honestly it sure doesn't make me want to discuss the matter in depth. "I'm not an expert, but" Sigh.
  7. LastButterfly

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    I am not taking my facts from wikipedia, but from the direct source it quotes : "German Warships: 1815–1945" Volume 1. There are as far as my knowledge goes no proof that the other book quoted, "Battleships: Axis and Neutral Battleships in World War II", is any truer. Note however that your caliber attribution is most likely wrong, since according to the first, H-42&H-43 were to have 480mm, and according to the second, H-42 was to have 420mm, and H-43 was to have 508mm. You have mixed the two of them. You know, Public Relation Departments are supposed to study these things. It's their job. I admit, I haven't played online games aplenty but I've been on a few, from very different companies. I hardly remember any other making promises in such ways to their communities, precisely because of the possible backlash, and because breaking such promises, no matter how well-intent the act was, deeply attacks whatever trust the customers have - and trust is especially hard ti build these days. I mean, I dunno, maybe you're a PR specialist with a Communication degree and dozens of years of experience behind your back. I am not. But it seems to me like your solution "you either say Yes or you say No" is not the good one. I mean, look around you. You're litterally in a topic of backlash because WG did exactly that. You act as if communication can ONLY be misinterpreted. I'll give it you, it's a complex subject. If you're not accurate enough people imagine anything ; if you're too accurate people feel like they're treated like babies and don't like you - also you don't tease them at all and that harms the sales. If you're too repeptitive you'll either piss them off or bore them. Even a perfect communication can be harmed by rumors that, on the internet, spread faster and harder than wildfires in Australia. Communication is a whole job, and people are paid make their point clear and minimize misunderstandings. So, no. The reaction of the community would have been "Submarines Soon" only if WG had said something like "Subs ? Yeah, not right away, but maybe. Who knows. Lol". Properly communicating on the subject, on widely read plateforms and at major events if asked, and answering - calmly - but the same way to the question when it is asked, could have perfectly minimized as best as possible all misunderstanding and made clear that, without a ban, submarines are not to be expected anytime soon. WG could have totally done that. IF they had a PR department that was competent. Or a PR department at all. I'm still unsure wether they actually do have one. I couldn't agree more. Bashing WG on things they do not deserve to be criticized for it precisely giving them more fuel for the fire. People do it all the time (though it's not specific to Wg's community, it's just how people are) and it contributes to why WG mostly ignores criticism (though it comes with the business and if you can't determine the right criticism from baseless hate the fault is on the compagny's side precisely because one person isn't responsible for what another said). But I stand by what I said. WG messed up there, as always, on a communication and respect issue. It's not their biggest mess (by far) but it's one nonetheless, and just because "they've done far worse" doesn't mean it should be defended. Well, can't speak of that, WG will never disclose an answer anyway. But from experience, compagnies usually plan things very, VERY long in advance. Did they know about it 2/3 years ago ? I dunno, maybe not. They probably were aware of the concept last year, even if it was just a concept and not yet finale. It's a bet on my part there tho. I had no proof. As per my previous statement (it's a polite way of saying "you seem to have missed an important point in my previous message") I have no reason to criticize WG for how or what they added, and new additions is practically always a good thing. I criticize WG on the way they communicated on this question all the way prior up to now. I admit, it made me chuckle. Anyway, none taken. None given aswell.
  8. LastButterfly

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    Yeaaaaah nah I wouldn't go that far. At least they were made of actual steel...
  9. LastButterfly

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    For the 480mm nah, H-44 had the 508mm. H-42 & H-43 had the 480mm. Either way, if you start to speak of feasability of construction, I suggest you get off the game right away. This place doesn't care 'bout that xD
  10. LastButterfly

    What's up with the Norse names for German premiums?

    It's not too far-fetched. The first that comes to mind is Cyprus, but a bunch of flags have or have had outlines drawn on them. And at least it's completly politically neutral, since geographical Europe ain't gonna change anytime soon, unless the Eurasian plate somehow decides to shatter and widen the channel to take the British on a magical journey. So yeah, might not be the prettiest but it's logical at least.
  11. LastButterfly

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    To be accurate, H-41 was planned with 420mm guns in doube mounts, and H-40 was planned with an even smaller caliber. You can't say all H-class projects were planned with 480mm guns or higher. As for this : Are you aware of the formulation "We have no plan for this right now, but can't say we won't do it in the far future ?" It's vague and anying, but it exists for a reason. Wg employs it from time to time too. The problem is not that they add more content (I'd say it's a good thing, rather than copy-pasting a ship already in game and selling it 50 bucks under a new name, one of the things this game drastically lack is diversity). The problem is that WG held as all-power their "never" statement, and anyone asking the question would usually get a somewhat sarcastic answer about it. Now all those people, who were more or less mocked for wondering if the promise was truly finale, are pissed because they were right in asking for more. It's not about the ship itself, or about content as a whole. It's about WG treating their customer like **** and then acting like nothing happened. Every. Single. Time.
  12. Well, at least that means the ship has a reason to exist besides WG litterally using darts to decide how to outfit their next premium with the elements already in the game. I'm not sure how much better it makes it but er, anyway.
  13. Honestly I haven't looked at the mess, but I could have somewhat guessed (I don't think the japanese ever operated such a caliber anyway -.-) Nevertheless, it's best to ask, I can't pretend I know all the designs in the world. Anyway. Now I wanna ask why they decided to desecrate Arashi of all DDs that way, but I imagine they just picked one at random. As for the reason, I guess I can find it myself.
  14. LastButterfly

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    Well, what matters isn't if the ship has any point, it's just one more of the countless proof that any form of communication from WG is just... hot air. By the realisator of "Year of the CV" and "No subs in our game" comes the new blockbuster "Yamato's 460mm will be the biggest guns in the game". Coming soon to World of Warships. At this point I believe WG has judged that the playerbase, having sticked around after so many events like such, was truly just a stack of idiots to abuse, and they just completely stopped pretending being good.