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  1. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

  2. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

    up !!!
  3. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

  4. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

    up !!!!
  5. Hi, we are looking ever for good players


    This is our website for more info about us:




    If you are interested, let me know and i send u invitacion



    1. jerkchicken


      I''ll think about this one


      message me on dc: jerkchicken#2097

    2. ChacaL72


      ok i add u in DC and contacts game


      happy new year m8

    3. ChacaL72


      this is our discord channel invitation



  6. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

    Gratz, looks fine m8 :)
  7. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

    up !!!
  8. ChacaL72

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery Thx !!!!
  9. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

    +1 :)
  10. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

    for you evilmi :)
  11. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

    Come on guys, do not be shy, we give away salt with every inscription :)
  12. ChacaL72

    NACL Recruit

    Hi guys The NACL clan opens its doors to new players, we are a group of friends from different nationalities, who are looking for a good time playing as a team in this great game. The requirements are: Min 1400 PR Min 56% WR Age: +18 years old Battles: +3000 Ships: + 3 tier 10 This is our website for more information about us: https://vga-gaming.wixsite.com/nacl If you are interested, contact the game with: ChacaL72 LeSpass Worm007 Or leave your message here and we will respond as soon as possible Thank you
  13. ChacaL72

    Solidaridad con Barcelona

    Solo puedo decir una cosa ........... !!!!! NO TINC POR !!!!!!
  14. ChacaL72

    Codigo premium

    Gracias por el aporte, la bandera queda genial
  15. ChacaL72

    Salón de la fama [Epic Battles]

    Mi record de daño con el Shima 240.000 !!! subir fotos a internet subefotos