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  1. Crysantos

    I would like a refund please, WG

    My responsibilities have changed over the past few years and you do see our team being very active on the forums, e.g. with YabbaCoe answering most of your questions these days. We (and me personally) do care and me taking my time on a Sunday should show you that. You might not like me and you might not like the decisions that we make, we'll not be able to make everybody happy unfortunately. And it's absolutely okay to have your own opinion and point of view - we never discourage this. We ask you to be respectful and constructive though :) But we're not afraid to admit mistakes or adjust things if they need tweaking (as we do with Dead Eye) and we communicate about this on various channels, always trying to give you as much information as possible to create transparency, e.g. with the DevBlog, streams and much more. I can promise you that our Community team will always do its best to share your feedback internally and highlight your pain points, as long as you state them in a constructive way here. Thanks, it's part of the points we've already highlighted. For specific ships like Flint - we're planning to focus on this after these changes of Update 0.10.4 hit. For more variety / changing / adding skills, this is something further down the line, now that we've laid the foundation with the rework we can tweak and add new things in the future in a much easier way that doesn't have game wide effects but focused on individual classes. Yeah I get your point, from a balancing point of view she should be fine but I know that it would be nice to highlight this secondary aspect in some form or way. I'll see what I can do :) Have a good start into this week! Crysantos
  2. Crysantos

    I would like a refund please, WG

    Hi there! Sorry, I don't get to be on the forums as much as I used to be these days. I can't make any promises but I'll check if there is anything already planned or anything we can do to boost this aspect of Siegfried in particular in the foreseeable future. As with all systematic changes that we apply to all ships across the board we usually don't offer refunds. Have a nice Sunday, Crysantos
  3. Hier könnt ihr uns euer allgemeines Feedback zum Öffentlichen Test mitteilen. Die Hauptpunkte des Updates. Vorabzugang für italienische Schlachtschiffe (Teil 1) Überarbeitete Keilereien Clangefechte (Saison 12, Stufe IX) Visuelle und andere Verbesserungen Falls bei euch Fehler auftreten, könnt ihr diese hier melden. Infos: Entwickler-Bulletin zum Update 0.10.1
  4. Hier könnt ihr uns über Fehler informieren, die für euch auf dem Testserver aufgetreten sind. Bitte haltet euch dabei an folgendes Schema: 1. Beschreibung Klar und deutliche Beschreibung des Problems Beispiel: Das Aufklärungsflugzeug der Aoba funktioniert nicht mehr. 2. Schritte um den Fehler zu reproduzieren Alle Schritte, die unternommen müssen, um den Fehler zu reproduzieren. Beispiel: 1. Wähle die Aoba aus. 2. Gehe ins Gefecht (Zufallsgefecht). 3. Versuche das Aufklärungsflugzeug zu starten. 3. Ergebnis Was passiert genau im Spiel, wenn der Fehler auftritt? Beispiel: Wenn man den Button drückt, um das Aufklärungsflugzeug zu starten, wird nur ein Sound abgespielt, aber nichts passiert und das Flugzeug bleibt auf dem Katapult stehen. 4. Erwartetes Ergebnis Was sollte eigentlich passieren? Beispiel: Das Aufklärungsflugzeug wird gestartet. 5. Technische Details Beispiel: python.log, Crashreports, WGCheck Bericht, Dxdiag.txt
  5. Crysantos

    Commander Skills Update

    Thanks, this has been highlighted before - I'll follow up on it and see if we can be clearer about it. You can find the news here in our latest DevBlog: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/113 I'm sorry to hear that you feel like this. We don't have any intentions of making this specific ship worse and we've highlighted the concerns about the Flint internally already. We've shared a very in depth stream some time ago about how we do ship balancing and what kind of factors play a role there, I'll see if we can do another one this year to share more insights about it. But nevertheless this is no excuse to insult here - I understand frustration and your detailed explanation. This will get your point across better than any insult or jab at us ever will. Greetings, Crysantos
  6. Crysantos

    Commander Skills Update

    We will keep a close eye on the performance of the Flint and if we need to buff her, we will do it to compensate. She has different skills available and we'll have to see how that impacts her in the upcoming updates. You can reset commanders for free and you demount upgrades for free - so you can play around with the commander skill trees on all of your existing commanders and on top of that you get to transfer 22 commanders for free to new ships. How is this scamming you? This isn't planned in the near future, but we'll keep improving this system in the future - we'll see what we can do to do more improvements in the UI. It's consistent with the current prices in the Armory. You can also get a commander with less points for credits and then use Elite Commander XP to train him up further. It's a strong trade-off, agreed. In case it's too costly in terms of the downside, we can still tweak it further. You can reset all commanders at once for free, as we stated in the publication. And you can reset them each individually if this suits you better - for free. The 22 refers to assigning the commanders to another ship. Please highlight which ones are hard to understand and we'll do our best to make it easier to understand then. Maybe I misunderstand you - but the resets are for free. Unless you want to reassign the commanders to different ships - then you can use the discounted offer. We aren't targeting any specific ships here with nerfs - and if needed we'll make adjustments to ships / skills to address balance consequences. The XP needed for the highest points is indeed high, but the difference between a 19 and 21 commander is going to be rather small. A new player had this situation already before if he didn't have an elite commander vs. a player who owned one. Now we offer a higher amount of maximum points per commander, but we also offer a bonus non-elite commanders to train up faster, plus we offer a huge amount of additional boosts to earning commander XP compared to what was possible in the game a few years ago. The difference in performance for a newbie with a 19 pt commander and a experienced player with a 21 pt commander will come more from the difference of actual gameplay knowledge and mechanics than these two points. Plus the new player is now able to use the same commander on several ships compared to the previous system, he can also now buy a commander with credits and so on. We do our best to test where we can - see our approach to submarine testing. But different changes require different approaches - this is also a lesson we've learned in terms of how the playerbase will test / use testing on a non-live server environment. Did you check our update about German BB secondaries? They will get an improved accuracy, so the new brawling build should be on a comparable level and you get to shoot several targets at once with the secondaries - with increased range. Test it first before making decisions based on assumptions - we'll be hear to read what you think about it and pass it along to our developers. You might not agree with all the changes we've made, but there have been many requests for example for increasing the max amount of skill points per commander. When it comes to your progress comment - we're working on the IT BB branch and it will be the next branch. The work on the German DD line has nothing to do with this - it will be the next branch after the release of IT BBs. So don't worry, we're currently working on the balancing aspect of IT BBs, while our 3D team is working on the models of the German DDs - different aspects of development to bring you all of this content to the game. We understand that there are many questions and concerns, I hope I got to answer most of the comments here and we will keep a close eye on the impact of these changes. Of course it will take a bit of time for you to test these changes, figure out your favourite builds and we'll monitor the balance / performance of ships. Greetings, Crysantos
  7. When the update is deployed, so tomorrow :) Greetings, Crysantos
  8. Crysantos

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    In general I would always recommend sending a ticket, so that your case is logged in our system. But currently our customer support has a lot of ongoing tickets. Informing us on the forums won't hurt - and it's not about mass protests, but rather informing us that there is an issue and we'll escalate it internally if it isn't known already. It's always good to add a short description of the issue, where you encounter it and if possible add a WGCheck. That helps us to pinpoint the issue faster and resolve it quicker. Greetings, Crysantos
  9. Crysantos

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    More info on this soon, we're working on it :) Greetings, Crysantos
  10. Ah sorry, I misunderstood. For this you should receive the credit compensation if you already own the ship + the port slot and commander. Well these coupons should be available in the Armory during that timeframe and can be used like any other coupon within the Armory for ships available for doubloons. Greetings, Crysantos
  11. For the Tachibana you will get credits, for the Yahagi (since it was only available as purchase) the compensation will be dubloons. We added this information also in the 0.9.12 update article: I hope this helped :) The rewards are exactly the same as last year Greetings, Crysantos
  12. Crysantos

    Stalin, Bourgogne ... oder doch Plymouth ?

    Ich persönlich mag die Stalingrad sehr - aber da muss einem der Spielstil gefallen und es gibt Moskva / Petropavlovsk recht ähnliche Schiffe anderweitig. Für mich ist es eines meiner Lieblingsschiffe für z.B. gewertete Gefechte. Die Bourgogne ist wirklich sehr spaßig zu fahren mit Speedboost und Reload Booster, würde ich auf jeden Fall ans Herz legen, wenn dir die Alsace schon gefallen hat. Die Plymouth ist da etwas spezieller zu spielen, da sollte einem die Minotaur liegen :) lg, Crysantos
  13. Crysantos

    Chat server down?

    Thanks for the update, happy to hear that it finally works and you should have all received any missing clan bonuses retroactively this morning as well. Have a nice week!
  14. Crysantos

    Chat server down?

    @wot_2016_gunner @98195498984849894 @Purnylla Can you restart the client and if it still doesn't work, please send me a WGCheck via PM. Then I can forward it to our Devs, it seems like yesterday's fixed worked for the vast majority of players, doing our best to help the remaining players like you.
  15. Crysantos

    What is wrong with the chat server ?

    Please restart the client, then it should work :)