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  1. Crysantos

    bots invasion

    So the very clear answer is NO, this has nothing to do with each other. Are we able to ban bots right after they registered? No - because obviously we need to find indicators to filter out bots and then we ban them, we do this on a very frequent basis and monitor the game. In this specific case we can act earlier since we get additional proof from you guys and we pay very close attention to this topic right now due to this. We also actively hunt & ban any other attempts to manipulate the game, it's just not as prominent since this is not very common and shared in detail by us. Greetings, Crysantos
  2. Crysantos

    ST: Priority air defense sector

    Hi, I don't have an update on the 0.8.5 impact yet and any further adjustments, but I'll let you know when we do. 0.8.6 should have no impact on DPS since it's only splitting the DPS into smaller damage intervalls but the amount of damage over time stays the same. If you tried these changes on 0.8.6 and feel that they have an actual impact, please provide feedback - because I haven't seen any comment like this from you in the related PT feedback section. Thank you for the suggestion regarding the targeted plane, I'll forward it but the 50-50 aspect is a bit contrary to the current concept, so it's unlikely to be implemented. Greetings, Crysantos
  3. Crysantos

    bots invasion

    Yes, come on - I know you and you should know better than making such a tinfoil hat claim, let's not derail this topic with that. Greetings, Crysantos
  4. Crysantos

    EU server issues compensation - 11/07/2019

    Did you play a battle in the mentioned timeframe? If you did, please contact our customer support and we'll look into that! Greetings, Crysantos
  5. Crysantos

    bots invasion

    I can't go into exact details, but trust me - we obviously punish those who are responsible for such actions severly - with the "not eligible for rewards" I mean that we will make sure they won't have any financial benefit from this in any case. Greetings, Crysantos
  6. Agreed, for PvP this would be too impactful Well at least given my limited coop experience there is far less communication going on than in random battles. I also wouldn't expect this to be a very general thing, since you mostly find solo players there - so it's rather giving the option to team up with more. But nothing has been decided yet, I forwarded the request and we'll see. Greetings, Cysantos
  7. Crysantos

    bots invasion

    You can be assured that we'll make sure that those responsible for this won't be eligible for any rewards Not really, since this is a special case and it would also open up the game for abuse if the system would be strictly limited to a low amount of reports for a player to be a bot / AFK. Thanks for sharing the screenshots, we're on this on a daily basis. FYI the reported players were all sanctioned - if you see more of them, please send them my way. Greetings, Crysantos
  8. Hi, Last Thursday (11.07.2019) we had some server issues which prevented a lot of you from playing World of Warships. To make up for the disruption and inconvenience caused, we are offering compensation. Those of you who played at least one battle between 26.06.19 00:00 UTC – 11.07.19 13:25 UTC will be able to claim the following: 1x Wargaming Container (Guaranteed 1 day of Warships Premium, plus a random signal flag assortment) 1x Standard Rogue Wave Container. You can claim your compensation until 26 Jul. 23:59 CEST (UTC+2) under the following link: https://worldofwarships.eu/userbonus/ We sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience. Your World of Warships Team
  9. Too early to say, honestly. I can imagine plenty of people (myself included :D ) want to get their hands on it but these things take a bit of time. We'll let you know when we make changes or decide that the design is final Greetings, Crysantos
  10. Crysantos

    bots invasion

    I understand and we apologize that you have this experience - we're doing our best to fight this and punish those players who are responsible for this. Greetings, Crysantos
  11. No, Siegfried was handed to CCs last week to involve them in the early access testing, too - as we do for all test ships at some point. Greetings, Crysantos
  12. Well because cruisers do get a better dispersion while they have worse armor - you can't just take a look at one specific aspect of a ship and disregard the rest of balancing factors. But I understand that those BB guns can be frustrating Greetings, Crysantos
  13. Crysantos

    bots invasion

    To be honest, I don't think there's an easy way of automating account creation - it's guys with a lot of dedication when it comes to creating these accounts. Even if they keep creating bots, we will keep banning them and they won't get a single cent out of the PayPal program, so their effort is basically a big waste of time for everybody involved. Sorry for the inconvenience! Greetings, Crysantos
  14. Crysantos

    bots invasion

    Thanks, we're still hunting (already banned a lot of offenders) and your reports help us. Thanks! Greetings, Crysantos