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  1. Crysantos

    Premium ship questions

    I understand your point of view - I just wanted to highlight the context of this change and the exceptional status of it. Thank you for your very constructive feedback and suggestion! Agreed - we also might buff certain ships (see for example the latest list of buffs for premium and regular ships). Have a nice weekend, Crysantos
  2. Crysantos

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    I understand your point of view and we already passed that sentiment along. But balancing is part of the game - it keeps evolving over time and ships are part of that, but you can be sure that we are very careful with your premium ships and changing them. The timing of the announcement was way ahead of the actual intended change and while it might not be the ideal date to this, I don't think it really changes much regarding your opinion about the change itself by principle, right? I think you're overstating this but of course live performance will differ from PTS performance and that means that there will probably more fine-tuning based on what you report and what we can see from our side, as we do with every other change or new feature. We did as much balancing as we were able to do with the existing test sessions and servers. I know that we're planning a second round of free captain respec's with the release of 0.8.2. I understand the pain points you raised here, thanks for sharing them and staying constructive about it. Have a nice weekend, Crysantos
  3. Crysantos

    Penalty for internet going off :-(

    Hey fx! There won't be a penalty if this is only happening every once in a while but if your internet connection is so unstable, then it'll have a very big impact on your gameplay and be an issue for your team. You still get to play the game but with coop the impact should be lower - if you think that there's an issue with the connection to our servers that is unrelated to your provider, you can open a customer support ticket and attach a ping plotter, so we can take a look into how to help you: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/ Greetings, Crysantos
  4. Crysantos

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    We've been very candid about the fact that the CV rework needs to be tested in a live environment because the player behavior on the PTS is different than on the live server - I wish we had a magical solution for this to be perfect from the get go, but it's not that easy. But we're doing our best. I'm not saying each patch is based on issues voiced by the community, I'm saying your feedback is considered in general for our development. Our developers have a vision for the game and incorporate feedback where possible, we try to fix issues / balancing problems perceived by the community where we can. Both early feedback & live server date after the update played a role for the hotfixes and we'll keep working on balancing. We have to be realistic here - tuning and tweaking this rework is going to take some time and your feedback for this is invaluable. Greetings, Crysantos
  5. Crysantos

    Shooting down planes & rewards for it

    Hi, There was some confusion about this - so just to be absolutely clear: Shot down planes (so rewarded with the ribbon for aircraft destroyed) is rewarded with XP & credits Damage to planes (as displayed in numbers next to potential damage and spotting damage) isn't giving actual rewards. We will keep an eye on this and the values, once the meta stabilizes and we have more data. @wilkatis_LV Closed this topic since the question was answered and to avoid x threads about the same topic. Greetings, Crysantos
  6. Crysantos

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    Hi there, We're always open to feedback and are looking for solutions how to improve our communication and interaction with all of you, but I think there are several misconceptions here that I want to clarify. I understand that with the amount and scope of changes we're introducing right now or are planning to introduce that it's tempting to generalize and criticize everything as a whole, but it's simply not true. Let me start off with being completely out of touch with the community - just because you don't agree with changes we're introducing on a personal level, doesn't mean that we don't read it or take it into consideration when making such decisions. I would understand that point of view if we'd just release patches without any prior testing and feedback collection, or no efforts to address issues voiced by the community. But we do exactly that - we try to involve you as much as we can and we give you information at the earliest possible stage for us - when such things enter testing or even talk about potential changes in streams or videos like "waterline". We introduced a development blog that gives you the opportunity to read and comment on planned changes, we introduced a global streaming channel where you get have a look behind the scenes, ask questions directly to devs - and yes there's still a lot of room for improvement, but it shows our attitude and effort behind this. When we invite developers on stream, we try to get you the person working on this and who is able to give you the best insights - sometimes there might be a slight language barrier but it's authentic and these are actual developers, not trained actors - they show up because they want to answer questions and help you understand how and why we do things. We're also way faster with reacting to issues after we reorganized our team structure in early 2018 - take a look at the CV rework. We deployed two immediate hotfixes after launch to address issues directly in the game (which are bound to appear with a gameplay rework of this scope), we also addressed the issues brought up by community in forums and our devblog, as example here within a week after the update or with the gun bloom fix, trying to give you an insight in what we plan to do next and how we intend it to work. Look at the other changes we're working on - we rebalanced a boatload of ships over the past months, based on stats and your feedback, we're trying to help the DDs with the fix to full AP pens from BBs, now with adjusting radar. All of these things we announce, open it for discussion and our devs read your feedback that we collect every day here and other community channels. The same applies to the change we're currently testing for Giulio Cesare - we highlight that this is a test and we want to hear your opinions about this - also please be honest here, with GC we picked a ship that was highlighted here, on this forum by this community (for example in the Tier V ranked sprint as one of the major pain points) and by CCs, too. We're trying to find the best possible solution and this is still not final - please be assured that we don't take such decisions lightly or blindfolded. It's sad for me to hear that you feel like you're not being heard or on our radar because we invest a lot of time and effort to ensure exactly that. I'd love to improve this where possible, please let me know what you'd suggest or would like to see us do in the future. This was taken a bit out of context, in his daily work he is mostly using other tools, like a seperate server to test things and obviously has to play with values in programs, that's his core job. His profile is open and visible here: https://worldofwarships.ru/ru/community/accounts/971-sir_nelson/!/pvp/overview/ - I already played against him and he is a good player. I understand that you might not agree with all of our balancing decisions but please keep in mind that our devs spend a lot of time playing the game and working on the game, they are just as passionate as you about WoWs. Greetings, Crysantos
  7. Crysantos

    Not a noob

    Hi there! We haven't received a lot of reports like this recently and we would need more information. Could you please open a support ticket here, describe your problem and attach a WGCheck and pingplotter? It does sound like a choppy internet connection. Could you also please report this to us via a support ticket? In general the best place to leave reports about bugs is our "Bugs" topic for the current update: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/112242-bug-reports/ Greetings, Crysantos
  8. Crysantos

    Weekend Event: Flying the Flags

    Happy to give you a little extra event Many of you already use flags on a very regular basis, this event gives you a chance to win something extra for using your signal flags. I'm sure there are many players who don't have the ship yet and if you already own it, you do get your compensation. It's a nice extra for those who already use their signal flags on a regular basis and might help more inexperienced players to see the helpfulness of signal flags for their gameplay. Greetings, Crysantos
  9. Crysantos

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    It's a fun quiz about Valentine's day and we wanted to test the feature - no trap included but we hope it made you smile Greetings, Crysantos
  10. Crysantos

    Premium ship questions

    This was an old policy that had 2 month timeframe after selling a ship and requesting the restoration. We improved our policies regarding this in late 2018, you can find all relevant information here: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/22943/ Please keep in mind that we're currently testing this for a particular ship - the Giulio Cesare - for balancing reasons. This is still work in progress and not a final decision - you can be sure that such a decision wouldn't be taken lightly and only when it's absolutely necessary to restore game balance. Greetings, Crysantos
  11. Ahoi captains! As a lot of you might have faced the server issues and wondered what went so wrong in last 24 hours, I will try give you a non technical summary of the problem. Initially, there was a fatal problem in one of the server's software that caused servers to go down (software kinda similar to BIOS on motherboard, to make an analogy). Right now we've jerry-rigged a fix by disabling some of the network interfaces, but for proper fix we'll need to fully reconfigure the network routing and some routers to the point where we'll have to physically work on them, not some remote software shenanigans + re-configuration network interfaces. That is, the issue was with the hardware itself which could not be solved by remote commands and re-configurations. The fix will hold and the game is stable now. Obviously the down time and issues were under our quality expectations which impacted the vast majority of the players. So there will be an appropriate compensation for the players on the EU server. Please be patient until Monday where we can reconvene and we will then announce the compensation. We sincerely apologise for the mess and appreciate your understanding and patience. Action stations!
  12. Crysantos


    Let me check, right now I can't promise it - but we added the second year anniversary containers to the Arsenal during the third anniversary, so there's a good chance that these will make it there, too :) If I can get a better answer, I will let you know here. Greetings, Crysantos
  13. Crysantos

    PT 0.7.12 rewards?

    Guys, keep it constructive here - closing the topic because the answer was already given.
  14. Crysantos

    PT 0.7.12 rewards?

    Hi mate, The rewards should be ready next week - we'll let you know once they're ready. Have a nice weekend, Crysantos
  15. Crysantos

    Allgemeines über Wargaming

    Hallöchen, hier spricht einer von diesen bösen Spielemachern Ich verstehe, dass es in dem Spiel zu Frustmomenten kommen kann, v.a. wenn man die grundlegenden Spielmechaniken und Fähigkeiten der gegnerischen Schiffe nicht kennt. Wenn man als Shimakaze auf ca. 10km entdeckt wurde, dann hat es sich wohl wie viele andere hier bereits geschrieben haben, um das Radar einer Missouri gehandelt - oder Radar eines Schiffs, das du selbst nicht im Auge hattest. Die Atlanta ist ein sehr spezielles Schiff, das hängt aber v.a. mit ihrer Spielweise zusammen und kommt viel auf Können, Karte und Team an. Wir "nerfen" Premiumschiffe nicht - wenn wir dies machen würden, würden wir uns damit nur ins eigene Fleisch schneiden, hinterrücks die Leistung herunterzuschrauben und damit Spieler in der Zukunft davon abzuschrecken neue Schiffe zu kaufen - wenn die Balance nicht gut ist, nehmen wir das Schiff im Normalfall aus dem Verkauf. Den Effekt den du beschreibst, ist auch der Grund warum wir mehrere Wochen / Monate Statistiken sammeln, bevor wir Änderungen an Schiffen vornehmen nach der Veröffentlichung. Ein neues Schiff ist neu - klingt doof, ist aber so. Das bedeutet im Normalfall, dass die meisten Gegner noch nicht genau wissen, wie sie am besten mit dir als Gegner umgehen sollen, wo liegen deine Schwächen, Zitadelle, Torpreichweite, all diese Dinge - nach einigen Wochen haben die meisten Spieler den Dreh raus und daher tust du dich dann auch schwieriger, weil der Gegner dich genauso gut wie die Schiffe kennt, die schon seit längerer Zeit auf dem Meer herumschippern. Nachdem du unsere Spiele ja schon eine Weile spielst, kennst du ja auch die Dinge, für die wir Geld verlangen - unser Prinzip hierbei ist, dass du dir mit Geld schnelleren Zugang zu Inhalten verschaffen kannst, diese aber grundsätzlich auch durch Zeiteinsatz ohne Geld dir erspielen kannst. Hafenplätze, Umschulung von Kapitänen, Umwandlung von EP, etc. - dies sind Aspekte, die bereits seit Beginn des Spiels so dabei sind. Eigentlich ist aber genau das Gegenteil von dem, was du uns vorwirfst, geschehen. Mittlerweile bekommst du so viele Dinge im Spiel kostenlos - tägliche Lieferungen & erspielbare Container, die alles von Kreditpunkten, freien EP, Hafenplätzen, Signalflaggen, Tarnungen, usw. enthalten können, eine Unmenge von Missionen, Herausforderungen, Feldzügen, speziellen Modi, Sammlungen und vieles mehr. Alles einfach erspielbar, für lau - der Weg zu Stufe X ist heute deutlich einfacher als zu Beta-Zeiten und das zeigen dir ja auch die Antworten, die dir hier im Forum gegeben wurden. Dazu gab es dieses Jahr so viele Schiffe zu erspielen wie noch nie - Aigle, Cossack, Prinz Eitel Friedrich und die Dreadnought. Dazu kannst du dir extra Schiffe mit Kohle und Stahl erspielen. Wir sind hier immer offen für den Dialog und lesen gerne eure Meinungen, aber ich bitte darum dies auch konstruktiv zu halten - niemand zensiert hier Meinungen, nur bei Verstößen gegen die Forenregeln werden wir etwas auf die Finger hauen. Uns als arrogant zu bezeichnen finde ich etwas unfair, ich glaube wir sind doch sehr nah am Puls der Spieler und so erreichbar wie es geht - klar machen wir auch Fehler, wir sind nicht perfekt. Und ja, wir sind eine Firma, die Geld verdienen muss, damit es World of Warships noch eine lange Zeit geben kann und auch in der Zukunft für euch zur Verfügung stehen kann. Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg auf Twitch und hoffe, dass du dir auch die Kanäle der anderen World of Warships Streamer mal anschaust, da kannst du dir den ein oder anderen Kniff abschauen und für die Zukunft dazulernen. Ich wünsche einen guten Rutsch :) lg, Crysantos