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  1. Crysantos

    Server überladen?

    Hi, Danke für den Hinweis! Wir haben das Problem gefunden und es sollte morgen behoben worden sein. lg, Crysantos
  2. Crysantos

    Server "overloaded"

    Hi, We looked into it and found the issue, should be fixed by tomorrow, definitely by the day after. Thanks for highlighting it to us! Have a nice week, Crysantos
  3. Crysantos

    Server down every night for the last 3 days

    Hi, We looked into it and found the issue, should be fixed by tomorrow, definitely by the day after. Thanks for highlighting it to us! Have a nice week, Crysantos
  4. Crysantos

    Server "overloaded"

    Weird, thanks for highlighting it - we'll inform our devs about this! Greetings, Crysantos
  5. Crysantos

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    Hi Ortega, Sorry to hear that you misread the information there - it wasn't our intention to mislead you here. The combat mission for dubloons is an added goodie for those loyal players who already have the regular version of the ship and decided to get the black version on top of it. I understand that this could've been highlighted better and we'll try to improve this in future. I hope this answers your problem here and since this isn't the first topic about this, I'll close it here. Greetings, Crysantos
  6. Crysantos

    Game will not launch - advise please

    How did you resolve it?
  7. Crysantos

    Game will not launch - advise please

    Can you send us a WGCheck and screenshot? Then we'll forward it from our end, too. Greetings, Crysantos
  8. Crysantos

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    We're investigating this as stated in the previous Q&As / Waterline videos but this initiative is currently focused on actual chat behavior. We'll tackle that other problem as well but please give us a bit of time :) Greetings, Crysantos
  9. Crysantos

    Missing PT rewards

    They were issued - which ones are you missing? Greetings, Crysantos
  10. Hello everybody! We would like to host a stream with Sergey Gornostaev, Senior Museums and Militaria Relations Specialist of our Historical & archival research team, in the near future and for this we need your help! We had a similar episode in our Anniversary stream (see: https://youtu.be/9KPfAyLZDuk?t=5301 ) that was very popular and we'd like to have a dedicated stream for this. What questions do you have and what topics are the most interesting to you? Let us know in a comment! Greetings, Crysantos
  11. Hallöchen miteinander! Es freut mich sehr zu lesen, dass es euch genauso gut gefallen hat wie mir. Solche Events sind immer ein Highlight für mich, da man die Community persönlich kennenlernen kann. Ich bin auch immer wieder beeindruckt, welche Entfernungen einige von euch auf sich nehmen, um mit dabei zu sein. Vielen Dank an @atze_atzig, @Snayze und @PR0AC3 für die Mithilfe! Ich wünsche euch noch ein schönes (Rest-) Wochenende und hoffe euch nächstes Jahr auch zu sehen! lg, Crysantos
  12. Yes you can - just create a ticket and make sure to have a port slot & resources you got from the sale to be able to restore the ship. We used to have the limitation of 2 months, but we removed it. You can only request this restoration once in 6 months but there is no limitation for when you sold it (since the release of the game). Yes please make sure to have that amount of dubloons available on your account, then you should be fine. We hope that this is an improved policy for you guys and makes your life easier Greetings, Crysantos
  13. Hamburg ist natürlich auch eine schöne Stadt, dieses Mal ist die Wahl auf Berlin gefallen - vielleicht aber in der Zukunft eine Option ;) Nehmen wir gerne als Rat für das nächste Event an, für dieses Event hatten wir leider nicht so viel Vorlaufzeit, daher war auch die Auswahl an Kinos etwas begrenzt. lg, Crysantos
  14. Vorerst nicht - es ist das erste Event seiner Art in Deutschland, wir schauen mal wie gut es funktioniert und was wir nächstes Jahr in Deutschland an Events planen :) Es ist nicht die Doku Leider ist es um diese Jahreszeit nicht sehr einfach, passende Locations zu finden, aber ich bin mir sicher, dass du dort auch so ganz gut hinkommen wirst. lg, Crysantos
  15. Crysantos

    "Anniversary of the First Battle" gifts

    Hi Jesushupfer, Can you play a few more battles and see whether they drop for you? The drops are triggered by the battles one after another, not all at once. Hey Donnerturm, No we count the first battle after the official release of WoWs. Greetings, Crysantos