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  1. Event auf NA, auch bei uns evtl.?

    Ich habe bereits einige Beispiele genannt, die es nur auf dem EU-Server gab - hierbei vergisst man gerne, dass man nur darauf achtet, was es auf dem eigenen Server eben nicht gibt. Wir haben auch z.B. die Gamescom mit allen dazugehörigen Events und Missionen, die wir aber direkt global geplant haben, obwohl es eigentlich vom EU Server stammt. Ihr könnt euch sicher sein, dass wir stetig versuchen diesen regionalen vs. globalen Aspekt zu verbessern und nachdem wir uns hier Prag mit dem Umzug besser eingelebt haben, auch mehr neue Events zu gestalten. Allerdings versucht hier unser Team immer direkt für globale Aktivitäten zu planen, außer es handelt sich strikt um eine regionale Angelegenheit, die z.B. sprachenspezifisch ist. Ich verstehe, dass man gerne alle Events von allen Servern gerne mitnehmen würde, man muss aber auch beachten, dass es in einigen Fällen nicht so einfach ist aufgrund von regionalen Unterschieden und Voraussetzungen - in keinem Fall geht es hierbei darum EU Spieler zu benachteiligen. Ihr solltet hoffentlich gemerkt haben wie stark sich unser Ansatz seit dem letzten Jahr verbessert hat und wie stark wir mittlerweile auf einen globalen, transparenten Plan setzen. Auch möchte ich darauf hinweisen, dass sehr gerne community-organisierte Aktivitäten unterstützen und immer offen für eure Vorschläge und Projekte sind. lg, Crysantos
  2. Event auf NA, auch bei uns evtl.?

    Das Angebot für den Early Access zur T-61 ist global. Wir versuchen soweit es geht Aktivitäten global bei uns abzustimmen, aber das geht nunmal nicht mit jedem Event. Dies betrifft insbesondere Community-Events wie Turniere (z.B. bei uns King of the Sea, League of the Sea, IT-Community Turnier) oder kreative Events wie unser Posterwettbewerb. Nicht jedes Event lässt sich auch 1:1 umsetzen aufgrund unterschiedlicher Voraussetzungen wie z.B. einsprachige Communities wie NA / CIS und unser mehrsprachiges Setup für Europa. Wir versuchen euch möglichst viele gute Events zu bieten, es wird aber immer mal die Situation geben, dass es auf einem Server andere lokale Events gibt als auf anderen regionalen Servern, auch wenn wir die Anzahl solcher Events im Vergleich zur Vergangenheit deutlich reduziert haben. lg, Crysantos
  3. Why Wargaming.net removed ONEcard ???!

    Hey mate, I'll check about this internally. Payment options might indeed be limited due to country of residence. Would there be any other payment method that would work for you that we could look into? This is quite exaggerated, especially with the amount of economic boosters we've introduced and offer as reward for missions. Economy signal flags, camouflages, skins plus additional income for containers and missions. Greetings,
  4. Monaghan flag

    I'll check whether we can bring back a few of those for the current owners of ships in the future in case you missed out. Otherwise - happy to see it worked, thanks for bringing it to our attention. Have a nice week! Greetings, Crysantos
  5. Monaghan flag

    Hey guys, Could you please doublecheck whether you can see the mission again? Thanks!
  6. Monaghan flag

    Thanks, I overlooked that image - this is a seperate mission, I'll check what happened there. Please stay constructive, I'm trying to help you here - no reason to behave like this. Greetings, Crysantos
  7. Monaghan flag

    Do you have any screenshots for this? Afaik the mission was available (the play 1 battle to receive the custom flag) until the 29th of June. Please provide me with a link to where it stated it's until the first of October. I'll chase this from my end and see what we can do :) Greetings, Crysantos
  8. Streaming & privacy law

    Great post. This entire topic is covered in several different legal documents you can find here: http://legal.eu.wargaming.net/en/ - this also includes the part when it comes to UGC and your responsibilities as creator of said UGC in the Terms of Services. Greetings, Crysantos
  9. Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    No, this wasn't based on your statement or complaints but the entire discussion around this here, I only responded later on to your comments after I already read the concerns here and posted about it. Always feel free to provide feedback, we really appreciate it but I do encourage you to keep it constructive, otherwise I might focus on other participants in the discussion ;) Have a nice week and definitely let us know how the changes in 0.7.8 are helping with the operation once they're out! Greetings, Crysantos
  10. Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    Hey, You got to give us a bit of time to check and follow up on things. We're trying to communicate as much as we can but we also spend a lot of time on planning future activities, feedback, preparation and so on - you can imagine that Monday is a very busy day after the weekend. The good news I have for you is that we looked into the operation and we'll apply some changes in 0.7.8 to this scenario that should address the higher difficulty. When it comes to the company comments - I understand where it's coming from, I just feel like sometimes it's used to rip things out of context and that does injustice to our WoWs team, who work very hard to incorporate feedback and create as much transparency as possible. We don't base the changes on unicum feedback, we collect the feedback from all of our available community channels, surveys and in-game stats. We're always trying to find the best possible compromise and offer you a great game experience - every player has a different point of view, so it's hard to please everybody. I hope you understand this and can also see that we're not blind to feedback - the more constructive your feedback is, the more valuable it is for us and the higher the chance to get a response. Greetings, Crysantos
  11. Streaming & privacy law

    To be honest, I don't think there is one until this suddenly becomes a GDPR case. Right now you're fine with 23 other people in a random match seeing you, it's part of the multiplayer experience. In a stream your nickname might be shown to more people without you being aware of it but it's not like that information is stored somewhere by the streaming platform or the streamer. This shouldn't be an issue unless a streamer is using that info to harass said users - then I would file a complaint with the streaming platform to resolve this incident and most platforms are pretty strict these days with their community guidelines. So far this has never been an issue as far as I'm aware of - in doubt I'd contact the support of the streaming platform for clarification, they're the experts. When it comes to Div-mates, make sure to make them aware that they're on stream, thus it's with their consent. Greetings, Crysantos
  12. Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    Please tell me where the WoWs team released false statistics? The thing is, I'm always in favour of more transparency and better communication, this should be visible in all the improvements we've made over the past year and yes, I do spend my weekend here off work still trying to help where I can. Your aggressive stance, the doubt of released stats and then the "I dare you" makes me wonder what good it would bring to dig up the stats with the dev team, since you'll probably discard them anyway. If you don't believe us, that's fine - I hope we can change this perception at some point, I know we managed to achieve that with a lot of players already but clearly not all. I'd expect a lower winrate for UF in general as well, since it requires even more coordination than most other ops to be completed, at least from my personal impression so far. I'm sure our operations team is keeping an eye on it and adjusting difficulty to achieve the intended level but I'll see whether we can get some stats on that and post them. Those stats might be difficult to compare though, since from what I can see feedback / experience wise most operations are hard in the beginning until players figure them out. Early on a lot of people try them, later on it's a more PvE focused audience playing them regularly. That's always the tricky part about stats regarding these things, the context of them. Greetings, Crysantos
  13. Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    If you already state that unless the stats meet your guess / expectation you consider them to be not real - what's the point then? I think that's the wrong basis for a discussion based on stats here, also in context with the rest of your post, when you already question their validity before looking at them. I wish you a nice Sunday, Crysantos
  14. Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    Heyho, It's definitely a tricky operation, it requires both groups to do the right moves and most of all, to focus fire - like all scenarios it usually takes you a few rounds to get a grip of it. Played a few rounds the past days, today did it with 5 Stars with a random team - good team effort there. Greetings, Crysantos
  15. Verhalten falls es zu einem Train kommt

    Huhu, Ich persönlich bin auch kein Fan von Lemmingtrains, einfach weil es das Team um taktische Optionen beraubt und im Normalfall der Zug bei dem ersten Anzeichen von Problemen zum Erliegen kommt. Generell versuche ich am Anfang direkt immer um Hilfe bei gewissen strategischen Zielen, d.h. im Normalfall Caps, zu fragen. Wenn das Team das ignoriert und munter weiterschippert, halte ich mir noch kurz die Optionen offen bis die ersten Schiffe offen sind - dann, je nachdem ob ich in der Lage dazu bin den Push vom Gegner zu stoppen / verlangsamen, gehe ich dorthin. Das hängt aber extrem von Schiff und Situation ab (wie Dr_Bolle schon meinte). Das klappt im DD hervorragend, in einem z.B. RN CL eher garnicht, falls dein BB nicht gerade eine lahme Ente a la Colorado ist, kann man auch hier den Gegner gut aufhalten. Es ist aber sehr gefährlich und kann zu sehr schnellem Umbau des Schiffes zum U-Boot führen, daher wirklich nur ratsam für sehr erfahrene Spieler. Generell habe ich viele Spiele erlebt, wo ein einzelner Spieler die richtige taktische Entscheidung entgegen des kollektiven Lemmingtrains getroffen hat und damit den Sieg ermöglichte. lg, Crysantos