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  1. FFG57

    The USS Sims

    The gremlin is the only one of those three ships i play on a regular basis and enjoy doing so. I may be wrong but i seem to have it at the back of the little grey cells that wargaming reserves the right to change withdraw and generally rebalance any ship with or without notice, id like the kitakami to return however probably not going to happen. The problem is the rebalancing that they have to do, you see as they add new ships they disturb the ecosystem of what is a good all rounder to an overpowered ship here and there. I watched jingles interviews with wargaming recently and can see the same problems from tanks making their way across to ships. So in summary chances of getting the original sims back are equivalent to Beyonce popping round for a cup of tea.
  2. FFG57

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    b4 the patch not too much to gripe about now however......luckily i have two laptops one with windows 10 which lets be honest is not suited to play this game as it tends to crash get stuck indefinately on loading screen and generally make me want to play something else as a sidenote it worked perfectly well b4 patch,and the other with windows 7 which runs the game at an acceptable level. Overall i liked the new patch with two exceptions, what have you done to the firing arc of dessys? and dont say nothing at all because whereas b4 they were running hot straight and normal they now seem to be either behind or in front of the target what did all the ships get slower and you forgot to tell us or is it just part of the increased laggy underoptimzed problem?. Secondly what in the name of holy hollyhocks have you done to loading in times? normally id expect the first couple of games to have up to a 90 second delay not every single game and some i loaded in 3 minutes late. Unacceptable so when you have a free moment between fixing the blue line yes its still being misused, sorting out the crashes and having a cup of tea try and fix this.
  3. FFG57

    Karma mechanic

    instead of just giving players the option of choosing what to report or compliment, why not make this more automatic, low scoring ships 200 points or less a battle get an negative, those that excel especially the kraken kills players the compliments. i suspect that there are plenty of battles where good players arent getting any positive karma, mainly as people not interested in the system. either junk it, advertise this feature more or make it an automatic adjustment based on scores. i wont ask if reporting does anything..........apart from giving users a steam vent
  4. looking at the graph i notice a problem, at the peak there were 35k players on eu, graph only goes to 25k, having said that i've noticed a decreasing amount of aircraft carrier players of late, especially on the NA server another annoying thing they not fixed yet the dogfighting problem. As with all games i think its fair to say the game is subject to the playerbase seesaw effect, as wargaming adds more content numbers rise, as they make boo boos like the ap debarcle numbers fall. Stop making boo boos wargaming, no more prettying up the trees/water and do i not want to see shark fins or polar bears neither. What particulary gets up my goat is the lack of map rotation, do i not want to play the same map over and over again, this kind of lack of attention to detail is annoying players and we leave, go play something else, and dont bother coming back till a new update.
  5. FFG57

    [Proposition] Recompensation for friendly fire.

    no, i think wg has the balance on compensation about right as it is at the mo. The only slight tweak could be for higher tier players, making them pay more. At low tiers you expect friendly fire, as people are getting used to firing torpedoes, angle and spread, At higher tiers you dont expect to be torped from behind, by someone who has a couple of hundred games under their belts.
  6. FFG57

    1300 games - Am I the only one growing tired of this game?

    Are you the only one? hmm no but as mentioned above u can do a variety of things not to play solo. I have been playing since april, and I have not got bored with the game, its still got me coming back and playing it. The forum is a different matter however, losing interest in the forum rapidly.
  7. FFG57

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    yawn. its back is it? still yawning, big wow. given time wg will figure out how to remove it, in the meantime it will make little difference apart from a few accusations here and there not that theres anything of note said in ingame chat anyways. Perhaps if they banned the accounts associated with this permanently this problem would go away quicker.
  8. very well then to keep you informed, its if not of people in your first sentence. I hope you feel happier now.
  9. Well that is your problem not anyone elses, everyones entitled to an opinion and if you don't like it well thats the way the cookie crumbles.
  10. Having spent the last hour reading all the comments in this thread, there appears to be an element of impatient we want it now players, developing a game isn't like that you're going to have to exercise some patience and wait. More generous to the players? look we've all just got the nice shiny trees of late isn't that enough, sarcasm or what lol. Seriously though i dont want wg being more generous, if anything i want them to be less generous than they are now, I'd like them to stop announcing release dates for things then finding they have techinal problems, and have to move the dates. I'd really like it if they stopped those horrible ship packages where you have to buy unwanted items alongside the ship. If I wanted extra premium time I'd buy it separately, ditto gold etc etc. All I want is the ship and the port slot, and if they did this they would make a lot more money in the long term. When the game moved from cbt to open, wg did something marvelous, in that they removed some premium ships from sale to stop new players getting their hands on them. Look at the amount of tirpitz in game now. Nothing against premium ships per ce, however its how you just let anyone buy one, maybe make it in game only purchase once you reach a certain level, perhaps that way those that buy these ships will have some experience of the game and not upset people in game by taking a pleasure cruise round the islands looking at the pretty trees. that or fix mm properly and make it so newer players with a handful of games aren't put in with those of us that have hundreds of games, because its not worth the agrro tbh. Whilst I can understand they're coaxing in new players with special deals and that new curse voice thingy, which btw i wouldn't touch with a bargepole without taking an in depth look at it, I'd rather they stopped being generous and focused on fixing little things, like division matchmaking at tier 8 plus which is broken. I dont know if its possible, but perhaps limiting the amount of ship types in a game to 2 max, so no more than 2 tirpitz on either side in a game instead of the 8 I've been coming across of late little fixes like that would make it better. It would be nice if wg did a poll before releasing a patch and inflicting things like the wonderful ai voices that some of us have modded out on us. that really was a boo boo. Perhaps if wg took a sample poll they could avoid putting foot in mouth syndrome. No stop with the generousity and fix stuff, far happier if wg fixes stuff than giving us stuff we do not really want.
  11. FFG57

    "Chat Mute" or "Chat Hide" Feature please

    read somewhere else on forum about using the in game search function to ignore players. As to disabling chat altogether, just how is that going to encourage players to work together if they cant type in words of wisdom? Either stop looking at chat or channel your displeasure into citadels.
  12. FFG57

    The main problems of the game

    Ok having decoded this, i am going to have a crack at this post. the first part seems to be about the overuse of he instead of using ap. This problem has arisen from two places, firstly that anchor report wargaming does, which i generally enjoy and secondly youtube. Lets take the st louis as an example, red ship using he, green ship using ap, now considering the rate of fire the green player should kill the red player first if their more accurate. so no i disagree with first chunk. Part two required a klingon decoder ring, and i think, but dont quote me on this that the post is talking about cv drops, further than that i couldn't understand anything else. oh i think its about torps fired from a cv whilst the target ship is in a turn, which slows the speed making it easy to hit, that or the detection range of the torps. as a cv player myself i have to say too many people make it far too easy for us anyway, by sailing in a straight line, thanks btw especially to torpitz players for doing this. solution to this is get better at combat tactics, dont sail in straight lines all the time. When u see those planes coming adjust your course. of course i may be entirely wrong at what this post is saying lol.
  13. There are two solutions to this problem, one mute the sound which yes i know you'll lose the guns firing sound. Or option B head over to NA forum, look under mods and addons and check out ghostrecons solution to this problem, which i have to say is fantasic. my ears are so happy. Now then wargaming what bright spark came up with this idea? was it the same genius who tried it in another or your games having a second crack at the apple, if so a polite reminder that it didn't work there does not mean its going to work here. i did not know that it was permissable to add a link, otherwise i would of linked compassghosts mod.
  14. IDK what all the whining is about, y'all must be playing cvs wrong badly or both. currently enjoying the Hiryu, btw my win rate has been going UP much faster since the patch.........55.19 and rising, and mostly in cvs only. As to this game being historically accurate, roflmao, one look at the warspites gun range will tell you that its not, the kitakami had a spotting plane, in this game it did not. Seriously though if your're not enjoying cvs take a break go play another class, with all the patches tweaks and flora and fauna enchancements the "balancing acts" to ships wont suit everyone, wg waits for the feedback and adjusts as needed.
  15. FFG57

    Anti aircraft p key

    Ok so I like the rebindable keys option, and one day not long ago I decided that I'd like to use the p key for something else in game, what a mistake because the effect was that I couldn't turn on/ off aa which is a problem for a destroyer who is trying to go unnoticed in smoke. I tried the default button in settings to no avail logging out and back in, in the end I gave in and re installed.