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  1. Fr34k13

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Dear cherry, did you know its replay bug because wg are lazy to make proper replay interface? If you dont, just make replays possible on your client and then look at this replay, you will see.. Anyway Thanks Ev1n for official reaction, i am looking forward to not seeing stuffs like that.
  2. Fr34k13

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    This game is already DEAD so who cares.. Do you remember wows, that funny try from wg? No i dont..
  3. Fr34k13

    Hitting ships for no damage after update?

    Ye, starting on my acc after last 0.4x update. Doing for example 10k dmg from 50 shots from cleve or 20k dmg from 100 shots on pensacola. And as usual support fucked me up.. Every single game i cant do proper dmg, and dmg into me is everytime fine.. And doesnt matter if i use Kongo, new mexico, pensacola, aoba, cleveland.. all time have no dmg, no xp, no credits, no win because my help to win is close to zero.. Its start 14/9, and i try everything, and nothing helps. Uninstall will.
  4. Fr34k13

    Premium MM? What for?

    Ye, its everything nice.. except i am the only one who at first disadvantage my team, at two have expirience with this so often. Tell me something about two screenshots overhead... Everything working as intended you say??????? ALSO no oficial response or a word about it.. Every single game enemies have better setups, tiering etc.. every single posts about it is still ignored.
  5. Fr34k13

    Premium MM? What for?

    Ye, i am topdog one game from 15-20? Others i am punished for blaming wg empire. Just look at this. Kongo from yesterday, pensacola from today. Everything works "fine".. I have a lot friends which playing this game. Why the god sake they have not problems like i do???? WG EMPIRE STRIKES BACK
  6. Fr34k13

    Premium MM? What for?

    Always, ALWAYS i am meeting buggy MM.. NOBODY CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think its normal and fair? Tell me about that............ No coment, REALLY NO COMENT YOU WG TROLLS why i am the only one who must meet stupid buggy mm all the time. Thx for perfect double morons.. How many V tiers have enemy? Tell me.. idiots
  7. Fr34k13

    Wrong division spawning

    Yes please!
  8. Fr34k13

    Premium MM? What for?

    k1TDpG, on 08 September 2015 - 01:59 PM, said: Hello, First of all - sorry for my English, I am from Ukraine and just tired to play on RU server (from Closed Betta beginning), and move to EU, where people much more friendly and chat is not a waterfall of all bad, that inside people. Second - about MM: They are still working on it, because it is completely different to WoT. And maybe it is a result of latest changes in MM, that balance DD and Cruisers. And one main thing that make me think, that this battle was during low players count on server - Cruiser tier 7 in 10 tier battle - it happened only if it is too low number of players online. My advise - take other tree brunch for some time and wait a little for other players came to tiers 7-10, then MM will work much better, when it will have good ability to chose from. Normally cruiser tier 7 will be max at tier 9 game. Good point, just come back to lower tiers but i only want do my x1,5. Anyway there cant be such disadvantage like on my screenshot.. They got much more tier 8 instead of a lot of tier 7 on my team. And on and on and on. Why i am the one who get disatvantage like this all the time? 80% of the games there are +++ on enemy side, not on mine. So i am curious why this is happen? Its bad not only statisticaly but also from all possible pov... And i am not the one who will be quiet, only because all of the wg games can be fun but with this behaviour they will die like wowp dying.. Its reason why i will scream here. Tx for reaction anyway. Its just stupid and part of the inexplicable if you dont imagine how wargaming can punish their louder customers. Its just part of the forcing to slowest grind, buy more prem stuff etc. MetropolitaN, on 08 September 2015 - 02:19 PM, said: So... when do you play? If it's late at night with approx. 9k people online, what do you expect? The MM matches what's online. During this period of time you will hardly see balanced and "fair" teams Screen was maybe hour old? 30min ago expirience the same.. But u are right, what i can except from "dead" game where is 17700 players online just now..
  9. Fr34k13

    Premium MM? What for?

    I should write "premium". If you cant get that irony, so please next time without reaction LOL.
  10. Fr34k13

    Premium MM? What for?

    So, my patience is near end with this game. Not only continuous beating by higher tiers, +2 and frequently also +3, battle which you give me now is clearly bugged as much as possible. All days i am meeting advantage on the enemy side, for example always more DDs but last battle just telling me "uninstall it". Which i prolly do really soon. Just as usual, you take my money but i dont getting anything back. Look at this screen and tell me its works as intended lol. And its not rare case.. Tell me what i do to you dear wg and why i must play game like this with continuous bitching.. Just tell me i have no chance to enjoy this game and i will gladly uninstall and forget to it.
  11. Fr34k13

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    You tell me something about MM.. All the time against +1,+2 tiers, with things like kawachi +3 ofc.. All times lose strikes, all time extreme advantage on enemy side with more higher tiers etc.. And i am not talking about shooting gummy bears from my guns or extreme unacuracy on my side.. Just now lose myogi vs myogi because my shots flying around him and do minimal dmg, and hes shots clear me from the sea easily.. Wg just have no clue how to do fair mm and they dont want to, because players buying more premium accounts, more premium ships/vehicles, just only make their frustration lower. Never meet something like that, specially when you whine somewhere about it at least one time you are damned, your account is cursed and you have no chance do anything about it. They just eat all of the cleverness on the world and you should pay and be quiet. Thats true and their long time players of theirs games know it very well. Just ignorancy and steps based on stuffs which forcing you pay more and more. After patch is MM much better than before but still there are some way how make your grind hard and full of frustrating (for example, game in BB = 2xcv against and 3-5 destroyers, game in cruiser = no CV, minimum destroyers but a lot BB). I am not so good player (maybe i am just so bad), with no leveled captains, expirience and knowing all around the game but i know one thing. This game will die in same way as wowp dying.. Not enough players because not enough fun. Pretty simple.
  12. Fr34k13

    [] CV guide pro nováčky i pokročilé

    Moc díky za návod, právě jsem si koupil svou první CV (Langley, a nutno podotknout že jsem to dlouho oddaloval, trošku se děsím ovládání a vůbec toho aby byl člověk v bitvě vůbec platný) a dal s ní první bitvu a byl jsem z toho docela na větvi. Díky guide se snad rychleji zorientuju, tak ještě jednou díky
  13. Stejne je to [Edited], hodna wargamingu. Druha bitva na tom samym a samozrejme opet rozbity sestkou.. [Edited]
  14. Diky panove, budu to tedy muset prozkoumat at pak nejsem prekvapeny.
  15. Mno, byt mam MM vetsinou spis horsi, informaci o +/- jsem ziskal az dnes. Ale je fakt ze to nehraju dlouho. Tak jako tak je to ale az moc a stalo se mi poprve, ze mne to vytahlo tak vysoko, do dnes +/-2 coz se jeste jakstakz da prekousnout. Samozrejme kdyz pominu division, kde nas to taha +3 nonstop I tak diky za reakci, je to ale presne jak rikas. Z herniho hlediska je to spatny.