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  1. Mobius_Einherjar

    [] Unique Camouflage

    Someone posted a possible solution on Reddit, would this work for your mod?
  2. Mobius_Einherjar

    For the love of god WG, please change the FNFL flag requirements

    So, no answer from WG EU it seems. Can't say that I'm surprised really, that's what I was expecting. Don't you ever dare say that we don't give you polite feedback, WG EU. For a cosmetic flag? Sure, one or two hours (maaaaaaaybe three but absolutely no more than this) over three days would be fine. I don't see why a little thing like that should be a hurdle to get. As I said, if it actually had stats (like that one flag on NA) I'd be fine with it requiring effort to get, but for a cosmetic flag it's excessive. As for the second part of your post: As I said, most people going through the French cruiser line are probably somewhere around Emile Bertin and Algerie. That's about 1050 average base XP, so about 11 games per day. Assuming a 14 mins average time for each game, that's 2 hours and a half per day. Flash news for you: Some people have to work on friday and saturday. Some people have children and other social responsibilities. They don't necessarily have the free time to play 2.5 hours everyday or marathon for 7 or 8 hours on sunday to complete it. If you can't have sympathy for these people, well... This doesn't reflect well on you.
  3. Mobius_Einherjar

    For the love of god WG, please change the FNFL flag requirements

    I never said it was impossible to do in three days, I said it was an unreasonable requirement for most of the player base. If you're going to try to argue against what I said then don't be disingenuous. Also we really didn't need three sardonic posts back to back saying the same thing, one was enough.
  4. Mobius_Einherjar

    For the love of god WG, please change the FNFL flag requirements

    If the flags gave out bonuses like that one flag on NA then sure, it would be somewhat reasonable. For a purely cosmetic flag though? That's honestly too much. Not everyone has the free time to grind one or two ships for hours just for a single flag. But hey, [edited]them for wanting the flag and having a social life and responsabilities right? As for the second part of your post, maaaaaaybe it means that WG EU isn't good a coming up with this kind of stuff. ... Nah, couldn't be possibly be that. Must be all these whiners on the internet. Sarcasm aside, people aren't asking for 1000 free XP for each points of damage done in game, they're just asking for a reasonable effort/reward ratio. A single cosmetic flag shouldn't require this much effort. Then changing it to total XP instead of base XP could do the trick. Extending the time frame could work, but it wouldn't address the terrible effort/reward ratio of this mission.
  5. I mean seriously, 35k base XP? In 3 days? With a single line (and Dunkerque) available? What were you guys thinking? It's almost the same requirement as the Smith mission, but we had 10 days to complete it and we could use any ship we wanted. And more importantly, it was for a premium ship and not a cosmetic flag. In its current form, the mission is pretty unreasonable. Most people who are going through the French cruiser line are probably somewhere between Emile Bertin and Algerie, so the average XP is around 1050. This means that completing this mission will require about 34 games to complete. Assuming an average game length of 14mins, that's about eight hours of playing a single line (and probably even a single ship for some people). All that, just for a cosmetic flag. Seriously, this is absolutely insane. If you want to keep the 35k requirement then make it standard XP (i.e. flags, camos, premium, etc... are taken into account) and not base XP or reduce the amount of XP required by a lot. Like, "divide by three" kind of "a lot". And to those of you who will defend WG's decision by saying stuff like "WG doesn't own you crap, stop being so entitled" and what not: It's a cosmetic flag, not a premium ship. It costs them virtually nothing to create, there's no playtesting needed and it makes part of the player base happy. There's no need to sour relations between WG and the player base needlessly like this, there's already enough tension as it is. "Well if it's only a cosmetic flag then why do you care so much? Just don't do the mission". That would be everyone's reaction if it was a flag like the easter flag, but it's not. In this case it's the historical naval jack of one of the participant in WWII, so some people do care quite strongly about it. Remember that just because you don't care about it doesn't that other people don't. Please be reasonable with this Wargaming, the current requirements are genuinely quite bad.
  6. Mobius_Einherjar

    July Calendar

    35k base XP. In three days. Playing only a single line. ... Are you out of your goddamn mind? How do you think this is reasonable in the slightest? I really want the flag, but this is just insanity. Could you really not do a gesture and make the flag reasonably easy to get to celebrate Bastille day? Is it really too much to ask of you to come up with reasonable requirements for a goddamn cosmetic flag? At the very least, make it total XP and not just base XP. Base XP is just batshit insane.
  7. Mobius_Einherjar

    Bug Reports

    Mods don't work for me. Tried with custom skins, modified camouflage.xml and clear vision mod. I copied it from my live client and didn't make any change to the folder structure. I made sure that the version number is correct in the res_mods folder.
  8. Mobius_Einherjar

    [] Unique Camouflage

    That Amagi camo looks pretty fantastic, looking forward to it! By the way I was wondering, is there anyway you could create derusted and colour correct skins (not camo) of the French cruisers, similar to what Tanz did with some of the IJN cruisers (like Mogami or Aoba)? It seems like no one is interested in doing derusted skins (or skins at all) for them, and they look pretty bleh at the moment
  9. Mobius_Einherjar

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Nope. We should get the same content that everyone else gets, there's no reason why it should be otherwise. The whole "different demographic" and other "tailored content" is and always was a load of hot air. There are tonnes of F2P games out there that manages to treat their customers the same way across all their market (china excluded, since they're a bit of a special case) as far as events and discounts are concerned, there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be the case here. Digital oceans do not exists. Besides, WG EU has proved to be utterly incompetent at "designing"/managing events times and times again, as the ARP Takao, ARP Nachi, etc... debacles have proved. An exclusive event created and managed by WG EU is bound to end in a complete disaster.
  10. Mobius_Einherjar

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Accurate depiction of WG EU's decision makers: If? IF? Sorry, not taking action is not within your available options. So I take it your plan is to let some time pass and then be all like "Convoy missions? What convoy missions?" BS. The content for the convoy missions were translated (the Polish subforum found proof of it) and the CCs weren't even aware about the convoy missions not being there. Removing it was clearly a last minute decision, and you pulled it off. You can do the same the other way around. How many hundreds of times have we said "we want the same treatment as other servers" at this point and how many times do we have to say it again until it get through your damn thick skulls? What you should be working the most toward right now is fixing this goddamn mess you've created, not future events.
  11. Mobius_Einherjar

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    You should embed the video to make it more noticeable, like so: It far easier to notice for those who are just skimming through the thread that way. Anyway, Flamu doing god's work <3 Are you really going to continue to pretend that this is acceptable WG? Just how big this shitstorm has to get until you decide to backtrack and just give us the damn convoy missions like everyone else?
  12. At this point yes, without a second thought.
  13. Mobius_Einherjar

    And where is our "Ahoy to the World!"-mission pack?

    How. Just how can they keep f*cking us over so hard as if it was nothing, without a second thoughts. How.
  14. Mobius_Einherjar

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Really? Really? This is the choice WG EU is committing to? Despite all the outrage on the forums, Reddit and Youtube channels? You're just going to deprive us from content that every other servers gets, despite all the arguments raised against your action? This is how you're going to end 2016, after more than a year of regular shitstorms due to your constant antagonization of the playerbase? You're going to do this, even though people have proven just how much content you're keeping away from us? Jesus christ WG EU. Jesus goddamn christ. I'm at a loss for words.
  15. Mobius_Einherjar

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    My guess is that they are just going to not say anything today and hope that the christmas weekend will cause people to forget or at least grow apathetic toward the issue.