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  1. SargeantAndy

    Game wont download

    I've got all windows updates, done the WGC check and even try loading in safe mode, on the loading screen it gets a quarter of the way long and either freezes or crashes. So the only change of WGC settings is whatever this new patch has brought in, it was working on the 13th and had been for the sprint the week and weekend before. Then new update and crapout.
  2. SargeantAndy

    Game wont download

    I'm having the same issue. I have run the WG Checker. So it means I cannot even attempt to complete any of the Victory Camo chains as that finishes what I imagine will be early hours of Friday 15th May.
  3. SargeantAndy

    Punishment/Reward System in ranked needs to improve

    I found the BB sniping and therefore not effectively covering the cap the worst play this season. Otherwise I think it was ok. My suggestion is to have something like they do in Tanks right now. On the losing side Top player gains a star, next 3 keep a star and the bottom 3 lose a star. So bad players will not be rewarded, decent players will not be unduly punished and top player is still rewarded. If BB sniping starts to dominate ultimately only 1 would actually get the star.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the info, it hadn't been very clear from WG. Lots of nice prizes, but they would have been better saying what you got at 12mil not have the its a secret FUBAR given some giveaways have been ships that was total dumbass on managing expectations.
  5. With only a few days to go what if we don't hit 15mil? Adding a secret we don't get would rather suck.
  6. SargeantAndy

    Bug Reports

    My Grand Naval Battles progress has had 2 issues which seem to be since Saturday 28th May. 1. My Diamond progress on missions has frozen at last levels reached. 2. My unspent Diamonds now show as 0 avaliable but total collected is still correct have not spent all and should be some left. Have raised 2 tickets awaiting a response.
  7. SargeantAndy

    The huge amount of DD's in high tier games and MM

    I've noticed an increase in DD 'coincidentally' since the last patch 'mostly' fixed aimbotting. Sad fact is there are sad individuals who will power game, you fix an advantage real or perceived in one area they go off looking for the next edge. For them to win whoever possible even if cheating with an aimbot is what they play for. Looking to compet with any sense of fair play is beyond them. Shout as load as you wish they will not hear you, I think its a shame for those who have a natural preference for DD will get lumped in with them. But players will cheat or seize on any exploit for that edge, it is impossible to completely balance everything, just play as best as you can and hope your team don't suck, like idiots who camp like noobs when its a Domination scenario, or lemming the same direction, etc.