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  1. Captn_Crap

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

  2. Captn_Crap


    Keine Angst. Ich habe WG dafür kein Geld in den Rachen geschmissen. Ich habe Dublonen im Überfluss dank dem Cashback jeden Monat. Auf die Flagge habe ich auch eher aus Neugier geboten, um zu wissen, ob WG die wirklich bei diesem Preis los wird. Die Antwort ist wohl Nein.
  3. Captn_Crap


    Habe 1500 Dublonen für die Flagge geboten und gewonnen. WG ist also nicht alle Flaggen losgeworden. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass das Mindestangebot beim Kapitän auch ausgereicht hat.
  4. Captn_Crap

    Will (german) secondaries ever be fixed?

    Yes probably won't happen. Quite sad that WG finally increased secondary range on cruisers and at the same time removed the option of a secondary build completely. Ofc the secondary dispersion buff was only applied to german BBs and not cruisers. A secondary build on graf spee will still be extremely useless without any dispersion buff or dispersion skill.
  5. Captn_Crap

    Will (german) secondaries ever be fixed?

    And give that skill back to cruisers aswell. Why do CVs get the best secondary skill in the game and cruisers get nothing?
  6. Captn_Crap


    WR is useless to compare different classes. You could make every CV be able to oneshot every ship at the beginning of the game and 1 CV on either team would still lose anyway resulting in 50% overall WR. Damage, Kills/battles, survival rate, spotting damage, etc. are much better metrics to compare classes.
  7. Captn_Crap

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    "Your captains are now useful even if different type of ships" I have enough captains so I don't care about that. "higher captains cap" Doesn't help me if I get the same or worse performance than pre-rework "free dublons" Don't care about doubloons. Have enough of them and don't know what to spend them on. "free resets" I have over 20kk captains xp so I don't care about free respecs. What I care about is the rework itself and I really don't like it. I didn't even bother to collect most of the snowflakes because of that.
  8. Captn_Crap

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    Any motivation that I had left to play the game is gone after this update :(
  9. I guess it's time to say bye to secondary cruiser fun builds, my favourite being the Edinburgh secondary build. Inefficient but fun and something different. But I guess WG doesn't like alternative playstyles... I'm losing more and more interest in the game :( @Tanatoy Are the new secondary ranges at least applicable for all ships or just for BBs?
  10. Captn_Crap

    This better just be a genuine mistake!

    How do you know that it's only less than 1% of the buyers?
  11. Captn_Crap

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system (DB 104)

    Ofc CVs get the best secondary skill^^ Why not give Close-Quarters-Specialist to Cruiser aswell? Dazzling seems to be a must-have skill for DDs, but it doesn't effect CVs because of reasons.
  12. Captn_Crap

    ST 0.10.0, new ships. (DB 102)

    You should read it again. 18 is the number of aircraft on deck. There is 1 bomb per aircraft: Number of aircraft on deck - 18 Bombs in payload - 1
  13. Captn_Crap

    ST 0.10.0, new ships. (DB 102)

    They should remove that stupid reload booster completely and give it proper reload instead. 8s is terrible. "newest 127-mm universal twin guns" but they have worse reload than any other american 127 mm gun... makes sense WG.
  14. Captn_Crap

    Clarification: Secondaries‘ accuracy?

    British 152 mm (Iron Duke and Warspite) and japanese 140 mm (Mutsu, Nagato, Ashitaka, Amagi and Kii) have improved dispersion. Other high caliber secondaries like german 150 mm or japanese 150/155 mm have standard dispersion. Here is a list of all ships that have improved dispersion of at least some part of their secondary armament: T4: Arkansas Beta, Rhein T5: Iron Duke, Oklahoma T6: Warspite, Mutsu, Pensacola, Weser T7: Nagato, Ashitaka T8: Massachusetts, Amagi/Kii/Ignis/Ragnarok, Wichita, Parseval, GZ T9: Georgia T10: Ohio, Slava, Kremlin, Moskva, Stalingrad, Petropavlovsk, MvR Pensacola has the most accurate secondaries below 4 km and GZ above 4 km.