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  1. Captn_Crap

    ST - 0.9.6 Changes to test ships.

    The announcement article stats 15,5 s. Did it get buffed in the meantime?
  2. Captn_Crap

    ST - 0.9.6 Changes to test ships.

    Maybe I missed something, but wasn't the reload 15,5s to begin with? But it's probably just WG trolling us.
  3. Captn_Crap

    Thanks Crysantos

    Well, it's certainly not a small one. One of Venezias strength was that it was able to damage ships on nearly all angles. I don't think that the SAP of the lower italien cruiser is particulary strong.
  4. Captn_Crap

    Thanks Crysantos

    From todays Devblog: X Venezia: The angle at which the check for ricochets is made for her SAP shells decreased from 75 to 70 degrees. Main battery guns reload time increased from 20 to 20.5 s; Rudder shift time increased from 11.6 to 12.6 s. I understand that Venezia was too strong but your comment from 3 hours ago didn't age well.
  5. Captn_Crap

    mal eine Idee (historische Gefechte)

    Möglicherweise könnte es als Teammodus funktionieren: - Teamgefechte (z.B. 7vs7) - Kein festes Tier, sondern ein Punktesystem: z.B. 60 Punkte, die unter dem Team aufgeteilt werden müssen (Tier 10 kostet 10 Punkte, T6 kostet 6 Punkte, usw.). Die Gesamtpunkte, die eine Nation zu Verfügung hat, sollten sich an die serverweite Winrate der Nation angleichen. Das heißt eine schwache Nation hat mehr Gesamtpunkte zur Verfügung als eine starke Nation. Alle Nationen sollten sich nach einiger Zeit um 50% Winrate sammeln. - Jedes Schiff nur einmal - Keine CVs - möglicherweise Klassenbeschränkungen (z.B. maximal 1 BB) - T6-T10 - 6 Nationen (USA, UDSSR, UK, Japan, Frankreich, Deutschland) Beispiel eines amerikanischen und japanischen Teams mit 60 Tierpunkten: Nach einer Woche könnte die Winrate so aussehen: USA 54% und Japan 46%. Wenn sich die Gesamtpunkte um einen Punkt pro 2% Winrate erhöhen/verringern, sähe es wie folgt aus: USA 58 Punkte und Japan 62 Punkte. Beispiel eines amerikanischen und japanischen Teams mit 62/58 Tierpunkten:
  6. Captn_Crap

    ST - Asymmetric battles

    Sounds interesting.
  7. yes, except manual secondaries, because that skill is useless below T7.
  8. The dispersion is extremely good but the range is only 6,8 km max and 4 guns with 3,8s reload each side. Now after the plating buff to 25 mm only BBs (Bayern, QE, Warspite at T6) with guns bigger than 358 mm can overmatch you. So you can actually engage in brawling against a lot of BBs. But that doesn't really make Pensacola a good secondary ship. The highest I achieved was 10k secondary dmg:
  9. Cool, so if I free XP Moskva now and reset her right away I would get some research points aswell after playing her when she becomes a premium?
  10. If I free Xp Moskva now I can still get her as premium, right? I still couldn't get myself to waste my free xp for her, yet.
  11. Captn_Crap

    The stigma of the losing streak

    @jss78 Very interesting. Can you show the numbers with 70% WR?
  12. Captn_Crap

    ST 0.9.6, new ships

    Range is 15,6 km with 8 km smoke firing penalty. The first premium in a long time that interests me :)
  13. Captn_Crap

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    I like it. IMO all ships should have a higher base secondary range to make fun builds more viable. And I'm saying that as a DD player.
  14. Captn_Crap

    Rework for CB/Clan Brawls to make them interesting

    I once proposed a Nation vs Nation game mode that could also be used for CBs. It would certainly mix things up: