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  1. Captn_Crap

    Iwami release

    There were quite a few changes afterwards though: Buffs: + Deck armor thickness increased: 32 to 50 mm. + Rudder shift time reduced: 17.1 to 14 s. + Main battery sigma parameter increased: 1.9 to 2.1 + Main battery firing range increased: 20.3 to 22.3 km + Increased the accuracy of secondary battery guns - they are now similar in the accuracy to the secondary guns of Georgia. Nerfs: - Main battery reload time increased: 25 to 28 s. - Torpedo range increased: 12 to 20 km. These torpedoes are similar to the ones carried by Shimakaze. Their reload time was increased: 120 to 150 s. I'll try a secondary meme build with her. When it comes to "Hitting DPM" she is third after Schlieffen and Patrie: Problem is her short secondary range (10.5 km), her secondary angles are not the best and she doesn't have brawler armor.
  2. Captn_Crap

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My greatest achievement today: Disabling Schlieffen's main turret (90mm-380mm armor) with Sherman's 127mm SAP (36mm Pen)
  3. Why would you introduce such an ugly permanent camo for Incomparable? Can you please start introducing good looking perma camos for CW/ranked tokens? A great example is Napoli's permanent camo for doubloons.
  4. I needed 48 battles until rank 1 in silver and had a very pleasant experience so far. No subs, no superships and only T8 CVs. I'll redo silver next sprint and then try gold without star saving.
  5. You don't seem to understand that my response showed what "equal" matchmaking would result in: good players will be punished with bad players in their team and bad players rewarded with good players regardless of class. Example: You're are a 60% player in a 5vs5 game. The other players in the player pool have all 50% WR except one player with 40%. In the current random matchmaking the 40% could be either on your team or on the enemy team. If the MM would force "equal" teams the 40% player would always be on your team to compensate for your strength. Skill wouldn't matter anymore as the matchmaker would make sure that you would always win around 50% of the games.
  6. I don't really know what you mean by that, but I have a question for you: If there are 2 60% players and 2 40% players, how would you distribute them on the teams?
  7. You want to punish good DD players by giving them bad DD teammates and reward bad DD players by giving them good DD teammates?
  8. Captn_Crap

    The WoWs Karma Memorial

    Here is mine: It's still steadily increasing though (except yesterday when I had a THESO division on my team^^)
  9. I remember people saying it's balanced because "bad HE DPM"^^
  10. Might get a bit more useful with the introduction of british battlecruisers but ofc still a bad choice.
  11. HE shells of Gouden Leeuw, Johan de Witt, Henry, Conde and Napoli, aswell as 152mm SAP will be able to pen now. All heavy cruisers (and german 128mm and 150mm) with IFHE can now pen too. Napoli benefits the most of this nerf.
  12. It should be much easier for Napoli to deal with Petro with both it's 254mm HE and 152mm SAP being able to pen 40mm but not 50mm. As a Napoli player I approve :)
  13. Captn_Crap


    I feel for the sailors but I prefer seeing her on the bottom of the Black Sea over still being able to target cities.
  14. Captn_Crap


    How is Moskva sinking russophobia? Isn't it a good thing?