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  1. Captn_Crap

    Next ranked season

    Daring will be my first choice. Imo it's borderline OP.
  2. Captn_Crap

    SAP and saturated BBs

    I did already with Edinburgh. Italian CAs will be my next challange.
  3. Captn_Crap

    Cruiser with great secondary range

    Atago has the highest base range until T9 with 5,5 km. Can go up to 8,3 km. Her secondaries are still useless though (bad RoF, accuracy and turret angles). But I do have a full secondary build on my Edinburgh. Got a few witherers already. But not a very efficent build.
  4. Captn_Crap

    Why not a WW2 simulation event? Axis VS Allies

    I once proposed an idea how to balance it:
  5. I don't know if it's T7. And yes I assume it because of Fiji. But of course it could be T6 aswell. Even though I hope that it will be T7 because we already have 2 premium smoke CL on T6 (perth/huanghe)
  6. INS Mysore looks interesting. Any idea how to balance it with 9 guns instead of 12 if it's on T7?
  7. Captn_Crap

    WG please show the RN Cruisers some Love

    The only thing that really sucks about british Cl is that they don't have a premium (I'm not gonna count Belfast). Meanwhile there are 14! russian premium cruisers. I mean WTF WG? Just give me something like Sheffield oder Dido already.
  8. Captn_Crap

    Gibt es Cheats? Stand der Dinge?!

    Hier liegt dein Fehler. Wenn man keine Ahnung vom Zielen mögen Mods ja helfen. Ansonsten kann man die in die Tonne kloppen.
  9. Captn_Crap

    Ships that we want.

    Birmingham sounds cool. But I wouldn't give it HE. I love my Edinburgh and I'm waiting for a british premium Cl since forever.
  10. Captn_Crap

    Recommended Captain builds for higher tier UK DD's?

    For T9 and T10: PM, LS, AR, SE, BFT, IFHE, CE Below T9 i wouldn't take IFHE but radio location or DE instead.
  11. Captn_Crap

    IJN Kreuzer Maya gefunden

    Erinnert mich daran, dass ich dieses Schiff gerne im Spiel hätte. Einen japanischen T7 CA wäre schonmal schön. PS: wollte dich eigentlich nicht zitieren.
  12. Captn_Crap

    Ranked Sprint - 0.8.5 - POSTPONED

    Today was my only chance to play it :( Any chance that sprint is gonna start today?
  13. Captn_Crap

    Kurfurst is best secondaries brawler. Who is second best?

    Only T8-T10 are getting buffed. So no buff for Scharnhorst.
  14. Captn_Crap

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    If I calculated correctly he saved a star in 27% of his lost games. But this doesn't take into account the stars he might have saved due to irrevocable ranks.
  15. Captn_Crap

    Is it time to limit BBs in Ranked

    They are not leading on WR. I explained that already. And damage is not as important as you think it is especially if it's farmed on other BBs. DDs are more influential.