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  1. Necro_von_Cortex

    Pan-asian Cruiser - Ning Hai

    I'm afraid the ships wouldn't fit any of the 3 options really simply because they are slow and light. It's a terrible combo often seen with a lot of ships which would be just fine in the game, if only they were faster. (Check my articles on HDMS Niels Juel, DKM Brummar) This class can neither run nor slug it out against other cruisers except perhaps Yübari and that french one which does little than die it seems... But if you by-pass that observation: Ping Hai is a Techtree Tier III-IV cruiser at best. -She is one of the few "truely" pan-asian ships as she is made in China rather than just imported from the UK & Germany. -She posses a Jap-refit as Hull(B) with better AA & can be equiped with modern torpedoes. -Crawling smokescreen but only 1 charge available by default -Short lasting engine boost of 50% to push her speed to 31.5kn vs the 21kn default but only for 45 secounds at a time. (Engine boost cruisers would help balancing a lot of potential vessels) Ning Hai is a premium Tier IV-V cruiser who is better than her half sister in most aspect by default, atleast on paper. -Spotter plane available, quicker than average recharging. -Unlimited AA alert but it only gives a minor (25% dps) boost and lasts 30 secounds.
  2. Necro_von_Cortex

    Pan-asian Cruiser - Ning Hai

    ROCN (Republic of China Navy) Ning Hai (甯海 - Peaceful Seas) was one if not the most powerful cruiser of the Chinese Republic in the 1930s !Note! Sources varies to some degree. Ning Hai would go on to have an unusual story for a ship of her type. In an attempt to rearm the chinese republic navy, which never really took off, the chinese republic negotiated with shipyards around the world (UK, USA & Germany) which resulted in a deal with Harima Shipyards in Japan of all places and under heavy political pressure as well as protests from the japanese military. The result of the discripant work resulted in a class of 2 diffrent ships, called Ning Hai who would be constructed in Japan, and Ping Hai which would be build in China. Both were based on IJN Yübari (yes our beloved tier IV Yübari) with Ning Hai being the better design on paper. In the years leading up to the Secound Sino-japanese war, Ning Hai would be send to Japan twice for repairs and once as a show of good will at the funeral for Admiral Taco Hellzero Tōgō Heihachirō... and some minor repairs of course. The two half-sisterships would see service in the republic navy till the Secound Sino-japanese war where they were sunk by air attacks and captured. They would then be refloated and continue service into the Secound world war although under japanese banner, refits and names. Ning Hai would be named Ioshima while Ping Hai was named Yasoshima. Both ships were lost in the later half of 1944. Nian Hai's Advantages -Nice artillery combined with secoundary batteries. -Spotter plane available. (unlike her sister) -Excellent AA rating and concealment Artillery Ning Hai sported naval guns we have seen before on other ships. 3x2 - Type 3 L/45 14cm guns seen on other cruisers and often seen as secoundary guns on BBs. Some sources will say these were the L/50 version 6x1 - Type 3 L/40 8cm guns, these are the same 76.2mm DP guns seen on low tier ships. Ontop of tested & proven guns she sports 1x AB-3 floatplane with room for another onboard. Torpedoes Ning Hai didhave torpdoes available in twin mounts. I am unclear which specific torpedoes they were but this is known. -They predate 1932 -They were of 533mm caliber (21") Could be the Type 89 torpedo with 300kg explosives and 45kn speed (from 1929 noted as only used by submarines) Could be the Type 92 torpedo with 300kg explosives and 30kn speed (1932, inspired from G7e serie) Note: some sources do not even mention torpedoes onboard. AA Guns Like her "template" she sports a great-for-tier rating and a fearse volume of fire. However, she is limited to 3km and her guns are outdated. She is rated at about 25 and will deal about: 14 dps MR @ 3km with an additional 96 dps MR @ 2.5km and then 40 dps SR. This is because she feature: 6x1 -Type 3 L/40 8cm. The same AA guns seen on ships like Ishizuchi 4x2 -Type 91 "HI" L/39. These are QF 2-Pdr. Pom-pom under japanese service & license. Note: these could have been in single mounts 5x2 -Machine guns. These are presumed to either be MG 08 -7,92mm or Vickers .303 and may be in single mounts or "just onboard" sources vary. This overall leaves her with a higher and more lethal fire over Yübari but only when the enemy is right ontop of her and she has no FlaK clouds to compensate for dps or delay planes. Maneuverability Ning Hai is not very fast for a light cruiser, but she is faster than her half-sister by 2 knots (thus why this post is about her, not her sister) which is interesting considering she is heavier and they both have the same machinery on paper. She doesn't have turbines available and will be sluggish at 23.2kn/h !Note! sources vary on they did or did not have the same engine arrangement & number of screws. Concealment This is a small light cruiser of the same dimensions as the ship she is modeled on. She shouldn't be visible at more than 10.5km Conclusion This is a Tier IV or V cruiser with a rather sluggish speed and little armour but a reliable artillery package and as a Pan-Asian ship, she is open for innorvation. She is also one if not the most powerful chinese vessel available before the outbreak of world war 2 and deserves a place in the game.
  3. Necro_von_Cortex

    BB Andrei Pervozvanny

    The Andrei Pervozvanny is the 1st ship of the Andrei Pervozvanny-class, an expansion on the Borodino-class with changes based on experience from the Russo-japanese war. Unlike her predecessor, Slava, she wouldn't really gain any glory in the first world war and got caught up in a cluster-[edited]called the russian revolution. She fought on the bolsheviks side and in 1917 she would take part in events such as the bombardment of Krasnaya Gorka and The Ice Cruise. In 1919 she found herself torpedoed by british forces in the baltic sea, and later on suffering a nearmiss by a "small bomb" doing an air raid. She was never fully repaired and scrapped in 1923 although she wasn't struck from records till 1925. Pervozvanny's Advantages - Punishing & reliable secoundary batteries. - Armoured all over. - High-ish rate of fire. Suviveability Pervozvanny is a mixbag of good and bad. She has good overall armour though the belt armour is on the thin side at 102-216mm while everything on her is covered in 76-127mm of armour. Her conning tower & main guns were covered in 203-250mm, making her overall a solid ship against light cruisers but vulable to other battleships. Her deck was 38mm, which makes her invulable to medium caliber HE by the 1/6 penetration rule. Artillery Like her IJN rival, Pervozvanny's main power lies in her secoundary guns rather than her main guns. She sports a mixbreed of artillery, currently not used by other vessel. 2x2 - 305mm L/40 Model 1895. 4x2 - 203mm L/50 Model 1905 plus an additional 6x1. 12x1 - 120mm L/45 Model 1892. Her main guns were able to elevate up to 35* which is way over the average for the time (Mikasa was only able to go up to 13.5*) and onboard Pervozvanny they were able to fire more than 1 round pr minut although best a low elevations. (despite the slow rate for soviet BB ingame.) Torpedoes Submerged torpedoes are not included in the game outside of the 1st of April, battle of the bathtub. AA In 1916, she would be equiped with 4 AA guns, those are presumed to be: (Rated at about MR 12 dps) 4x1 - 8-K M1914/15 "Lender" -76,2mm alternatively: (Rated at about MR 14 dps) 4x1 - M1892 L/50 -75mm Maneuverability She would only reach a top speed of 18.5kn although this is "good enough" by american BB standards. She lacks turbines and make do with triple expansion engines. Conclusion A Tier III version of the Mikasa with more dangerous secoundary batteries. Unlike her ingame companions, she features higher than average rate of fire and an alternative armour scheme. + Like Mikasa, this could be a very fun ship to sail, specially with a lot of islands to pop in and out of battle. + Although less than average, the armour covers pretty much everything. + She does feature AA guns, although light, combining 3km range with pressing "O" will chip HP off passing planes. - While her main guns are effective at range, there are only 4 of them. - This is an odd-ball of a ship which doesn't play like most other ships.
  4. Necro_von_Cortex

    HDMS Niels Juel

    HDMS Niels Juel was a costal-defence/artilleri ship (descriptions varies) and considered a variant of the Herluf Trolle-class. Like her half-sisters, she would be part of the main naval forces in the danish navy throughout her career and see several changes. However, no major overhauls would be available due to low priorites and budget restrictions. Niels Juel was designed as a monitor in 1914 but was put on hold and delayed because of the war and would stay so till completion in 1923. This is while her 3 half-sisters would be sailing and inforcing neutrality on several occations in danish waters. Unlike her sisters, she would never come to bear the decorative rings on her funnel, markings used to identify the ships of her class (these were later removed when the 2 first ships of the class were decommisioned and Peder Skram had her rings painted over.) Up to world war 2, she would see active service as a traningship, flagship and escort to the royal yacht. She would see several minor refits but no major overhauls. Her dane career would end in 1943 doing Operation Safari (scuttle as much as possible or run for Sweden/UK after corporation policies were in decline) While her sister Peder Skram would scuttle in port, Niels Juel would make a run for neutral waters. She would be attacked by aerial units, E-boats and T-17 torpedo boat shortly after leaving. She would suffer no hits, but a nearmiss bomb would damage her electics, buckle her hull and shrapnal would kill or wound 5 crewmen. *Less than 10m from her portside, partly lifting her out of the water. Wiki would stage the danes hesitated to return fire, but it is confirmed 1 plane was shot down. (The orders were to run, not to fight) After reciving the damage, she would run aground and scuttle. The next day after "The Battle of Isefjord" she would be refloated and see service in the Kriegsmarine under the name Nordland. Her guns would be taken off and used to reinforce Bangsbo Fort, Northern Jutland where 3 of her guns still remain on display with shields & bunkers still intact, as well as implacements for AA guns and personal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMS_Niels_Juel_(1918)#Operation_Safari https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Isefjord Niels Juel's Advantages - Thick overall armour. - Long "effective" gun range - Small-ish dimensions - Potential powerfull AA - Room for smoke generator (her real version had it onboard) Ingame Stats & Characteristics Somewhat a multi-purpose ship with the focus being on costal defence leaves Niels Juel as a force to be wrecken with but with a very weak powerplant. Surviability Niels Juel sports an armour belt 155 to 195mm thick with her deck being 52mm her conningtower and bulkheads would be 170mm thick This leaves NJ as a very surviveable ship effectively able to withstand HE shells up to 12" on any armoured surface (by the 1/6 penetration rule) Her belt will withstand any 105mm AP shell and most 130mm guns will not go through unless at pointblank range in the 155mm areas. (This is confirmed with WoW Tools: https://wowsft.com/arty) HOWEVER, it is a pre-ww1 design, she was damaged from a near-miss and torpedo protection is none-existing. Artilleri Unlike her sisters which had 2x1 -24cm guns. (and were intended to have 30.5cm Krupp guns) Niels Juel features a typical layout of a ww1 cruiser, that being 10x1 -15cm Bofors M1929 guns, these are uniq to her and NO other vessel or fort would sport these. The museum claims these guns have an effective range of 13km and a maximum range of 18km with a RoF of 7rpm with a skilled crew. While she was suppose to have secoundary guns like her sisters, she is the black sheep of the class and has none. (I'll save the details for a post about her sister ships) Her modifications focused on rangefinders and fire-control, the best from various companies, leaving her with accurate fire. Torpedoes Submerged torpedoes only exist thus far as an April fools however they are onboard. They are single tubes Type H, 121kg warhead & 27kn with 8km range and like any other vessel, they should be ignored in the game. AA Guns AA guns are cheap, compared to pretty much anything else on a ship. Niels Juel would see a bunch of AA modifications, starting out with 2x1 -57mm L/30 and by 1939 it was as followed (Rated at about 118SR dps) 7x2 -8mm M/37 Madsen MG 5x2 -20mm M/31 Madsen autocannons By 1941 it was as followed (Rated at about 38MR +110SR dps) 5x2 -20mm M/41 Madsen autocannons (As powerful as an oerlikon) 2x1 -40mm M/36 Bofors autocannons Maneuverability This is her main weakpoint and the killing blow none of her other characteristics will compensate for. She has no turbines and relied for tripple expansion engines, although recorded as 1800hp (30%) more powerfull than her sisters (as she is 15 years younger) her recorded topspeed is noted at only 14.5kn, while her sister were noted to reach 16.1kn. With standard engine boost, it would at best be 17.38kn, the 2nd slowest ship in the game. with engineboost + signals, it would be 18.25kn... don't bother Consealment Ontop of having relatively small dimentions, smoke generators is a must. Conclusion This is the TOG-II* of World of Warships, best suited for Tier III or IV. + She sports accurate gunfire from a broadside of 5-6 guns with a powerfull AA rating. + Her armour will sheer off any annoyance. Punishing players relying on plundering HE shells when they should use AP. - There is no way to compensate for her slow speed, even american BBs will horn at her to move aside.
  5. Necro_von_Cortex

    Carrier Philosophy

    That would already require the planes to survive for long enough, to hit their target(s) and for RNG to be on their side. Torpedo bombers are not going to save you when an enemy DD is sneaking up behind you. But anyways, the torpedoes have nothing to do with the carrier itself but what aircrafts the developers decided to put on it... Like I mentioned in the post.
  6. Necro_von_Cortex

    Carrier Philosophy

    Over the last week I've been written articles/posts about vessels, mostly about carriers which could be in the game. (of which people have confirmed, german CVs are on the way.) But the debates have come from people with various opinions. I've been surpriced over just how diffrent others opinions could be to my own sometimes. This is why I would like to ask: "What Defines A Good Carrier?" In my judgement of a CV, I by-pass planes, as the developers can stuff whatever plane they want on whatever ship with whatever loadout they want in any update they see fit. After the update which we do not speak, you can really just throw planes at ships till they die, there are no limit and no rationing but you are limited to 1 group at a time, an unavoidable bottleneck for damage potential. Specially, as you have to travel with the planes all the phucking way to target. The way I judge a carrier - Does she have the speed to run from island to island? (starting at 22kts) - Does she have the armour to survive? (starting at 25mm all around armour) - Can she defend herself efficiently? (Secoundary guns worth talking about?) - Can she take on planes? (fighters + AA) * Concealment is of value, but it's easy to guess where she's hiding and enemy planes are all over you. * The relevance of AA has been reduced as now fighters are phucking everywhere. (sometimes I just fly around near the enemy CV to spot it for allies cause I can't be bothered with feeding the enemy XP) As an example, let's take a look at what Langley has to offer. - She can barely move ½ way over the map before the battle is over. - She has no armour, it's a converted cargoship with no add-on. - 2 guns pr side, I have 2 kills with them over the last 5 years. One was another carrier, we both ran out of planes and met up in the middle. - AA is perhaps the best for tier IV CVs when upgraded (Hermes has FlaK effect though) but it has a lot to compensate for. Another example with Hermes - As fast as that other tier IV carrier. - DDs will barely hurt her with HE shells below 130mm. - 3 guns with 270* I have little exprience with tea ships. - FlaK effect + the longest range of the 3 CVs and starts out with these guns on Hull(A). (already way better than Langley in any aspect) I love that old veteran, but if Langley is the minimum requirements for a CV, why do some people question why a ship like Bearn is more than worthy of a tier IV? I noted her on my article as worthy of Tier VI because when we compare her to Langley, Hermes and that jap one Höshö - Her speed is just fine at 21.5kts, (21.7kts is the average of the 3) - She has more armour than any of them and can withstand 140mm HE shells. (by the 1/6 penetration rule) - Her original Hull has nice self-defence 8x1 -155mm L/55 M1920 + 6x1 - 75mm M1924 her 1944 refit would trade it off for AA. - Her original AA suit is better than Horse-shoe (B) but still sucks, from there on it will be buffed 10 fold with each refit. THE PLANES! THE PLANES! CVs lost the potential to dominate and do anything truely usefull other than giving the enemy XP after the update we do not speak of The developers can put what they want on it, the ship saw service till 1967 and went to Murica for a refit... she can have anything, from biplanes to jet aircrafts if they want her to. (if she was ever equiped with an arrest gear that is) This post is about what defines a good carrier, not a good plane, for the sake of overcoming diffrences. We play the same game under the same conditions, we should have simular understandings and experiences although the quantity and quality of it might be variable.
  7. Necro_von_Cortex

    French Carriers

    The developers can stuff whatever planes they feel like onto whatever carrier they feel like with whatever armerment and flight characteristics they feel like. There is however, relatively little manipulation with a carriers hull characteristics. This is why I forgo mentioning anything about the types of planes could be onboard, except for the fact Bearn & Dixmude would be able to deploy foreign aircrafts.
  8. Necro_von_Cortex

    French Carriers

    People have requested Bearn since the addition of the french techtree, or rather since the addition of Dunquek... dunkerque? dunkirk? and then the follow up tree. Carrier gameplay is a seemingly sensitive topic a sh!t ton of people getting bu!thurt about, rather than enjoying what the game has to offer (I've played for 5 years and still like it). Carriers were, are and will remain as an active part of the game. In The Developers Defence - It takes atleast 4 very diffrent CVs, France only freatures 3 real ships/projects. (that I know off, It wouldn't be the first time WG made up somehting.) - The carriers available are rather underpowered for Tier 8 or more. - Heavy-ish armour With the question aside and up for debate, let's see what we are missing out on. Dixmude (IV) A british escort carrier of the Avenger-class, transferred to the french navy in April, 1945. + Overall light carrier, it's an escort CV, not a full fleet CV nice for a low Tier. + Powerful AA for Tier 4, perhaps even OP. (rated at about 19) - Small strike group. - Slow, she doesn't have turbines. Bearn (VI) A carrier built on the Normandie class doing the 1920's. She was scheduled for replacement in the 1930's but stayed in service till the 1960's. Doing the 2nd world war she would go to America in 1944 for a refit. !OBS! Bearn has been up for debate on various other posts, though the most recent one I've seen was before The update which we do not speak. Bearn features 3 hulls, with Hull A being her original 1920s layout, Hull B being her 1944 american refit and a premium version being her 1938 layout which is just a Hull A with better AA. + 1938 & 1944 configuration both have nice to good AA with a rating of about 30 & 61. + Nice secoundary defence with 8+6 guns. + Enough armour to defeat 140mm HE guns on the flight deck and more on the sides. +/- Long service life, there is room for a lot of aviation innorvations or cross national loadout. (Premium hull could have better planes) - To quote Drachinifel "To be perfectly honourst, the less said the better" Joffre (VIII) A project from the late 1930's, the carriers Joffre & Painleve were planned to overtake for Bearn. The outbreak of the war resulted in neither of carriers seeing completion, with Joffre reaching 28% while Painleve was never laid down. + The speed of a light cruiser. + Heavy-ish armour for a carrier. - Nice quality but underwhelming quantity of AA guns, this is be anulled fighters or a potential refit which might have happent if the ship ever saw service. Edited conclusion: They won't be here before 2022 if at all and several other carriers are "available".
  9. Necro_von_Cortex

    DKM Brummer

    DKM Brummer was a training ship built in the mid-1930s. In peacetime she was used for turbine test and development as well as gunnery training. In 1939 she would be used for minelaying at the polish coast and later, commercial raiding till she was sunk by submarine in 1940. !OBS! I've noted the main armerment varies, although it always says 2x2 or 8 total. If 2x2 is the case, Artillery & AA is reduced... though this post is based on the 8 total. Brummers' Advantages - Fearse AA rating. - Secoundary batterie. - 8 main guns with high rate of fire. - Small dimensions more akin of a destroyer. Ingame Stats & Characteristics As a training ship, she's a rival to IJN Katori and IJN Yubari with her fair share of characteristic diffrences and simularities. Artilleri https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/10.5_cm_FlaK_38 The main guns may leave something to be desired. 8x 10.5cm L/63 c/33, highly modern guns and perhaps the best in that specific caliber. They are light for naval arms, but seemingly no other vessel uses these as main guns, rather settleing with L/45, leaving this weapon with higher velocity, greater range & flater trajectory. On top of being the best of the small, these are DP guns with a maximum cealing of 11km Secoundary Guns Let's not bother really, just your friendly average 8.8cm L/45 c/35. HE shells for the HE shell god! Torpedoes nope AA Guns Brumma packs a mixed array of AA guns. The guns are listed as such. 4x 2cm FlaK c/30 8x 3.7cm SK L/83 c/30 2x 8.8cm SK L/45 c/35 8x 10.5cm c/33 L/63 This would however make Brumma hard-ish to balance. She is worth about 110 dps at LR with her MR & SR AA only adding +25 & +32 dps. To make it more interesting, the 8.8cm would realisticly be limited to the 4.6km range mark If AA was a simple linear function, Brumma would be able to spawn 3+1* FlaK clouds pr salvo * 8.8cm have shorter range than the 10.5cm this will give Brumma +1 FlaK cloud within their range (4.6km vs atleast 5.2km) Maneuverability Brummer sports a top speed of just 23.1kn, which leaves her in the slow end of the scale but as a nice support for battleships. However tiny dimensions will also let her turn on the spot and she also has a great power to weight ratio, letting her reach her top speed quickly. Concealment The ship is tiny, she's somewhat the size of a large destroyer, going by the stats for Katori & Yubari, both wich are 10-20 meters longer. Her detection range should be about 10.2km and rated at 65 with her default paintjob. Suggestive statistics: These are based on the minimum stats which should be expected. Artillery - 22 AA - 29* Maneuverability - 35 Concealment - 64 These are based on the most optimistic stats which can be expected. Artillery - 26 AA - 46* Maneuverability - 38 Concealment - 68 *The Developers can phuck up the range and nerf her to the seabed if they want to. Conclusion: I wouldn't mind paying for this ship as a premium and I would be playing this ship in Tier V battle or perhaps Tier VI with a good team. After that she would became a bare a!s version of Atlanta and die off alone. + She's a BBs guardian angel, easily dealing with any air target or DDs rounding a corner, maybe even scouting ahead. + Her powerplant makes her excellent at peek-a-boo with fast acceleration around corners. - The lack of torpedoes can and will be felt considering she can hide but she cannot run. - She doesn't stand a chance in a fair fight as her combination of slow speed and thin armour leaves her vulnerable to anything with either more guns than her or armour to withstand her shells.
  10. Necro_von_Cortex

    German Carriers

    1. Yep you are the 4th person-thing to point it out. 2. Noted, I guessed the tier as I have little CV experience after the update which must not be mentioned... 3. True, true. 4. A bit subjective perhaps, how do they stack against Langely though? + Jade is faster and she has more DP & AA guns. - She lacks armour however and due to her size, she's easier to detect. 5. Since you ask about the name: - I used a name which I was sure no other ships would carrie at that point in time. - The design is from 1938 with the 3rd SS Division dated back to 1939, neither of them is the origin of the name however. - Totenkopf was the icon used by various units in german, prussian and austrian service with the first one I can find being hussars in 1744, it would be used by August von Mackensen ("von Mackensen" sounds like a good name too) it would be used by ww1 flamethrower units, sturmtruppen units and the Freikorps. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_von_Mackensen
  11. Necro_von_Cortex

    German Carriers

    While looking around I stumbled over a project titled "Flugzeugträger I" and figured "why is it not in the game?" From there on one article lead to another. After the carrier update it only takes 4 ships to have a full CV line, while Germany has 5 CV projects (proberly more I don't know about) In the developers defense - No CV project would be complete, even Graf Zeppelin never completed - Germany may not have sophisticated enough designs available. (only up to tier VIII) - Limited variation of airplanes and very limited striking power. Advantages of german carriers - Opportunities to add more uniq ships. - Open designs, as most of them are paper projects. - Carriers are build on hulls of diffrent vessels, each one with it's own character. - Even early CVs have good AA (on paper.) So with the question out of the way and up for debate, let's have a look at what we are potentially missing out on: Flugzeugträger I "Preußen" (1915) (IV) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_I_(1915) The first german aircraft carrier, designed on an unfinished ship, Ausonia. The hull was scrapped in 1922 but did establish plans for converting the cruiser SMS Roon into a seaplane carrier. Note: the name is made up to not get confused with the 1942 design. + It's german. +/- The carrier has a total of 29 planes of mixed breed. - 10 of the planes were fighters. It leaves the CV with small squadrons. - No practical aircraft available in 1915. Note: Her armament is open for interpretation with suggestion below 12x1 - 13.25mm TuF MG 18 6x1 - 3.7cm SockelFlak 2x1 - 10.5m c/06 8x1 - 15cm SK L/45 This would leave her with an Art. rating of 6 and and AA rating of about 18 Flugzeugträger I "Das Reich" (1942) (VI) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_I_(1942) A design for converting the S/S Europa to an aux. aircraft carrier with room for 42 planes in one hangar. The design had several issues and the vessel was captured by the US army and used as a troop transporter. Although the overall dimentions would overgo Graf Zeppelin, she would only have ½ the engine power to move. Note: the name is made up to not get confused with the 1915 design. + A major upgrade over "Preußen" including modern aircraft. - Big target and "no armour added". - 1 rudder and poor acceleration, bigger than Graf Zeppelin and ½ the engine power. Jade & Elbe (VI) 2 passenger vessels of simular dimentions, planned for conversion with only Elbe getting started on it, although halted within 3 months. +/-Add-on armour would be used on the hull and flight deck but too thin to stop 127mm shells. - These are small, slow Aux. CVs with limited striking power. (19-21kn) Weser (VIII) The cruiser, Seydlitz of the Admiral Hipper class. Production stopped in 1943 and was never finished. + Heavier than average LR AA. + High speed and some armour protection. - Minimum striking power Flugzeugträger II "Totenkopf" (1938) (VI) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_II A paper project for an aux. carrier and the last german designed carrier. She would never be finished in her intended role but converted to an AA cruiser by the french navy in 1956. Note: the name is made up. + 1938 till 1956 will leave with potential cross national refits. +/-Weak powerplant although still able to go 32kn. - Stuck with the same planes as any other german CV project. Edited conclusion: They are coming in the future
  12. Necro_von_Cortex

    Where did the Polish Techtree go?

    Since I got my hands on Blyskawica back in early 2017 I wondered "what's next?" "why was it not just added under the upcoming british tree?" after maybe ½ a year I began to wonder "where is the rest of the tech tree?" Now a unified european tech tree has been established instead, but that just makes me wonder "why was there never established a polish tech tree?" I would rather play that than anything like those swedish bastards With the question out of the way and up for debate, let's have a look at what we're missing out on Note: I do not have acces to original polish archives but I've done the research I can. In the developers defense: Poland was not a major naval power. Any naval ambitions bigger than a cruiser was limited by budget restrictions. A lot, if not almost everything had to be bought in from outside. Poland would unlikely be able to support a full line of ships from I-X. Poland almost only has DDs available. Anything else is an aux. vessel, submarine or minelayer. Advantage of polish vessels: Mixed armerment of Swedish, british, french and russian origin. Each ship is uniq. Poland relied on brough in ships from the UK, Nederland & France. Vessels which made the run to the UK would have refits of major characters such as ORP Grom Ships were lend/transferred to the navy in exile, including vessels such as ORP Conrad (HMS Danae). With the upcoming of submarines, Poland would be able to deploy its own. Noteworthy ships: ORP Baltyk (III) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_cruiser_D'Entrecasteaux A protected cruiser predating the first world war and bought in the 1920s to booster the polish navy and relations with France. The cruiser would continue to see service doing the invasion of Poland and end up scrapped in 1942. + Solid armaments, including an AA rating of about 10, depending on the configuration. +/- Battleship features more akin to IJN Mikasa vs USS St.Louis or IRN Aurora. ORP Conrad (V) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Danae_(D44) This is HMS Danae Tier IV lend/transferred to the polish navy in exile in her 1943 configuration. She sport an improved armament over her 1918 design. Note: The ship should maintain her 1942 main guns and LR AA over her 1943 configuration. + Beefed up AA defense on all ranges. Rated at about 66-70. - Weak surviveability, this is a IV vessel forced up in tier V. ORP Wicher (DD V) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicher-class_destroyer Wicher and her sistership Burza were modified versions of the Bourrasque-class and would see extensive service in the exile navy. They go through several refits, adding more AA guns + Her Hull B & C have excellent SR AA and MR AA, with an AA rating of 14 and 17. + Basically a Bourrasque with better characteristics. ORP "Huragan" (DD VII) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grom-class_destroyer_(1939) A domestic produced version of the Grom-class made to the same specifications but build in Poland itself rather than ordered from the UK. Although Armament, engines and boilers would be ordered, up to 55% of the invested budget would be invested inland and the ships would be the first proper warship build in Poland. + Almost 5% more engine power, same top speed better acceleration. + Unlike the "Black ships" this (almost) copy of Blyskawica is justified. This is like Charleston vs St. Louis +/- Domestic fictional refits available ORP Grom (DD VIII) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Błyskawica The sister ship to the famous Blyskawica, presentable in the game as a british or soviet refit unlike her sister which remains in her original configuration. Note! Blyskawica got the soviet refit after the war as Grom was lost in the war. + Heavy AA fire with a rating about 29-33 (UK refit) or 28-31 with a stronger MR AA (USSR refit) +/- "Several modifications" the ship is lighter and has a lower center of gravity. +/- 4x2 - QF 4" guns with high rate of fire or100mm L/56 B-34 with soviet character. - Pushed up to Tier VIII at the cost of these improvements and options. ORP Warszawa (X) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Warszawa_(1970) One of the last Polish DDs before missiles becomes default armament. This is an early Cold war era DD of soviet design from the 1950s which would be transferred in 1970 and see service till the 1990s. + Soviet gun characteristics although only 2x2 turrets + 38kn & higher hp/ton ratio. + Powerfull MR AA. +/- This would be Tier X, although arguably underpowered. Submarnies With the upcoming of Submarines to the game, the polish navy would be able to contribute with vessels like the Wilk-class. Note: I have no experience with 2020 edition submarines, with the latest being the Halloween special back in 2017 (I think). Things considered advantages & disadvantages are to be seen. Wilk-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilk-class_submarine + Heavier than Type VIIc submarines. + Long range underwater by electric motors. + Torpedoes on swivle midship. - Slower than the average submarine on surface, even for the 1930's. ORP Sep https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orzeł-class_submarine Build in Nederland in 1936, in 1939 she was shiped to Poland by polish crew but with dutch technicians onboard. The submarine ended in Sweden throughout the war and ended up in soviet service after the war. + Faster than the average submarine of the era, both on and under water. + Relative good AA for a submarine. Rating about 11-14 + Soviet refit available. + 8 Torpedo tubes. ORP Dzik (premium) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_U-class_submarine A highly succesful british submarine of the U-class in polish service. Despite slow speed, she managed to sink a total of 18 ships, including 4 warships. Note: She earned a "Jolly Roger" banner, it's begging to become an event + One of the smallest displacement. +/- The fact she is a costal submarine and not an high seas submarine, is a hurdle or an advantage. - Slow at only 11kn There are several more subs and vessels available including an S-class known as ORP Jaskolka and other british lend destroyers... all potential playable ships for a what could have been.
  13. Necro_von_Cortex

    AA and secoundaries

    I've looked through the game wiki, as anyone who likes to know the details about the game should now and then. But I found myself stumble over some details, or in some cases lack of details. If we start with the AA part. The game wiki stages all calibers over 85mm guns will have a Flak effect in the form of a flak cloud or clouds. This makes sense cause that's how AAA warfare works BUT... Why 85mm and not just 80mm? The reason I ask is because this means FlaK 88s dated as far back as 1905 will throw clouds at 4.6km, while "modern" 85mm 90-K and 92-K guns will be limited to 3.5km range and only do regular DPS. Eventhough in this specific case, the 85mm fires a heavier AA shell than the FlaK 8.8cm L/45 in question. Yes the 90-K will on average do more DPS pr gun onboard than an old FlaK, but it fires the heavier shell, it has the longer barrel and it is the newer design by over 30 years. I would suggest FlaK effect should rather have been based on available shell types for AA guns rather than "just" caliber, Alternatively, it could have 80mm as the threashold, as guns like the 8cm/40 type 3, is a 76.2mm gun, not a 80mm. (as far as I can tell, there are no such naval caliber) You could of course argue it would take a lot of time for the developers to figure out excatly how much a power a specific AA shell has for a specific gun. But once it was done, it would be copypaste as many of the ships use the same guns, even across nations/factions, with UK ordinance being the most common. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_88mm-45_skc13.php AA shells at about 9kg http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNRussian_85mm-52_90k.php AA shells at about 9.2kg Guns at 76.2mm only weight about 6kg pr shell at best. Secoundary batteries? While I find the ranges just fine and have little fear from DDs down to 4km range (as the smallest bit of manouver can get you out of the way) I've noticed under the page for Secoundary batteries, (which might have been removed from the wiki entirely), There is/was no notice of a minimum caliber. While in several cases BBs and protected cruisers have animated guns which are inactive. Sure, it might be a question about balance as it makes a lot of ships have an overall higher potential damage output. But this is already at close range where even Bofors 40mm guns would be targeting enemy surface targets, and in the game the inaccurate nature and somewhat short range wouldn't be a gamebreaker. It understandable they wouldn't add every single gun like 37mm guns, 47mm Hotchkiss and 5.2cm guns but there is no writen limit and it kind of denies some ships a minor boost to their stats and survival. An example where minimum caliber come into play would be the Tier V BB, Viribus Unitis, Unitis was equiped with nothing shorter than 12x Skoda K10 7cm guns + 3x K16 7cm guns (Ingame she has 4x K16 AA guns, and her sisters had 18x K10) These guns are 66mm in caliber and each projectile weighs 4.5kg fired at a rate of 15rpm. That's a total of 67,5kg ordinance thrown at the enemy pr gun. +BFT For referrance, the 3"/50 throws 88,5kg of ordinance at the same rate. (which is seemingly never noted as a DP gun for some reason) If damage calculation was a linear function, this would leave each HE shell with a potential damage of about 750-800 with a fire chance of 3% and a penetration of 11mm at a range of 3.5km +AFT & SBM1 I see a lot of cases, where the developers have added guns, but they are inactive, my best example being the IJN Ishizuchi. Now, Ishizuchi is nothing more than a paper project in the first place, so creative liberty is allowed BUT. She is equiped with 6x 8cm L/40 Type 3 guns, which are ww1 guns with a high rate of fire. They have also added what looks to be 10x 3" QF 18cwt or 20cwt guns, 2 on each turret. Is this important? eeeeh. But considering the cwt is better than the Type 3 and there are more of them... why the hæll wouldn't they be active? they share about the same rate of fire, though the cwt fires heavier shells, The cwt are L/45 vs L/40, the cwt can fire at a higher velocity or it can fire a heavier shell at lower velocity. All in it's favor both as an AA gun and as a secoundary. All this, would make ships like Viribus Unitis and Ishizuchi look more scary to DDs as they sail close to attack, but on paper it would maybe give 1 point in artillery rating.
  14. Necro_von_Cortex

    Special vessel stats

    Thanks for the answer. Now we are on the topic of added pages. Is there any reason in particular why a polish techtree wasn't established before the Europe update? Yes, they'll only have DDs up to tier IX1,2 as well as some brough in cruisers from the UK and France. Balancing might also have been a problem as there wasn't a lot to begin with. But you already made the voiceover for polish ships and someone bothered to add Blyskawica in the first place. Even if you had to change a few things, it wouldn't be the first time numbers are manipulated to make them work in the game. 1: Blyskawica's sister, ORP Grom, her british refit is much more potent and her stability is diffrent from modifications onboard and ondeck. She would have an amazing AA defense rating at about 40-45. (I'm not kidding, I put the real guns through a formular, which puts the AA rating a tiny bit better than the ingame USS Arizona) Though the trade-off being 4x2 QF 4" guns instead of 7x 120mm Bofors guns. Tier IX recommented. 2: ORP Orkan might have been acceptable for a tier VIII, a polish build and improved version of the Grom-class, though it predates the UK refits. 3: if you sat the voiceover to "National" the crew would report in polish now they speak american english.
  15. Necro_von_Cortex

    Special vessel stats

    I noticed while every playable ship in the game has a wiki page, as well as a lot of other pages for mechanics, history and so forth. I cannot help but notice things are missing, those being details such as how Transylvania(Halloween special) operates, pages for the Submarines of halloween 2018(even though they are gone), Victory-class cargoships. You could of course argue the relevance of such details, but by the logic everything else is open for studying, this should be as well. Transylvania -How many knots does she gain pr. player within her circle? -What tier does she class as? (the higher tier, the better fireprevention is onboard.) -What's her armour? Torpedo protection? Top speed? 2018 Submarines In a year or so, no one will even know they were here unless they get pages of their own. Red Oak Victory (default engineer and cargo ships in operations) The real ships go about 11knots maybe 15.5knots at best. from the looks of it, it seems they got the armerment right but the gamewiki doesn't say. 8x1 - 20mm Oerlikon 1x1 - 3"/50 1x1 - 5"/38 This all would give it an AA rating at about 15 and artillery at 1 unless that 5"/38 has over 8km range or so. The same goes for the costal bunkers, I've seen 2 versions thus far. (+halloween catapult) One of Japanese design with some 14cm gun in a turret with no AA guns another with 6" guns and what looks like 2 Bofors, possibly with a couple of HMGs or autocannons. Anyone got any data? or better yet, the authority to make a wikipage for these.