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  1. Wileyfox

    secret santa

    hi I know this is not what is supposed to be put on to the forums but I'm goin crazy I cannot find the link to see I have got can anyone help with a link many thanx
  2. Wileyfox

    Teir 8 Crusers

    oh yeah
  3. Wileyfox

    Teir 8 Crusers

    oh ok but just a pity it would have been nice to have since the armour is very Light or just not there 3 hits and its good bye can anyone tell me if they may alter the specs as i love the ship but the guns and armour cripples the ship as justy now its canon foder
  4. Wileyfox

    Teir 8 Crusers

    hi i have just moved up to the Admiral hipper German Cruiser .am i right in thinking that the cruisers teir 8 and above should have the extra x2 repair option or is it just the when your ship has the Elite status because the x2 health is missing
  5. hello can you please please put the Tirpitz back on sale please
  6. Wileyfox

    IV Imperator Nikola l

    hi i have just bought the IV Imperator Nikola I is it worth buying oh YES the main guns killed a Omaha and St louis with 3-5 hits of AP yeas its a wee bit slow but worth it if you have the chance snap it up as the ships excellent
  7. Wileyfox

    tech tree furutaka

    hi can anyone please tell me if they see the same problem to move onto the Aoba from the Furutaka it states that the xp needed is 33000xp plus 2.8 mil but when you try to upgrade its saying 44000xp and 2.8 mil