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  1. black_falcon120

    New "Strong-Willed" campaign task list...

    As a CV main I feel discriminated against
  2. black_falcon120

    Resource Containers nerfed

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18WtWfK3o9p1nBbrw_GIB8yoQBk21uNfXUYIaSxgpqqs/edit?usp=sharing Just flagging, this has data from 1,215 containers from the anniversary event. Those numbers are very high.
  3. black_falcon120

    Best find in "Try Your Luck" container?

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18WtWfK3o9p1nBbrw_GIB8yoQBk21uNfXUYIaSxgpqqs/edit?usp=sharing if anyone is curious on the drop rates.
  4. black_falcon120

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    That's one ship out of 6... the cruisers will die to the AP bombs, if the match goes on long enough. Theoretically, the correct response to a BB team in a CV team is to retreat and drag the game out. Possibly, but it all depends on how long the game gos on for... cruisers have low detection, so DDs have a limited advantage. The correct response to a carrier is to group up and then charge one half of the map and let your AA deal with the planes. I cannot see DDs being viable in a match of mainly cruisers. Th main difference is the DBs. The short match time means that the audacious is out of the question. It also means that being able to deal a lot of damage at once (AP bombs) outweighs not losing so many planes (midway).
  5. black_falcon120

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    I mean the fact that most enemies are cruisers suggests that CVs will have less impact you think. Smolensk has insane AA, and smoke. I suspect that hakuryu will be the main CV people play with due to its AP bombs. the real question is does the short playtime mean BBs are viable? It takes about 4-5 minutes for a good CV to destroy a BB with good cruiser support and fighter cover, which is probably most of a ranked game. If teams play smart a CV may struggle, admittedly not as much as the destroyers.
  6. doesn’t it take approx 350k to get the tier ten?
  7. Doesanyone know if this is for all ships? i'm considering FXPing the moskva to get both ships if it's 2mil for a Tx premium.
  8. black_falcon120

    New ships revealed - MN Champagne - USS F.D Roosevelt

    Damn I should’ve checked the forums before I bought a smolensk i was waiting for a coal CV
  9. black_falcon120

    Returning after about 2 years

    You have to learn to use smoke if you see RFs and disable aa. Also get a referral link to get a free warspite if you haven’t played 30 games since starting.
  10. black_falcon120

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    Ah ok are priority targets DDs?
  11. black_falcon120

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    1. my implacable seems to fail pretty hard, farming the audacious is proving tough. 2. How so? MW does some nice damage to DDs, but that's about it. Her torps are lacklustre and her DBs are easy to heal through for BBs.
  12. black_falcon120

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    Errm you've been going on the enty. The tiers go like this imo 4: utterly broken 6. weakest cv tier 8. fine 10. Fine, MW is a bit on the weak side. partly due to the surge in smolensks. but hey...
  13. black_falcon120

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    As an enterprise loving captain, sadly not to my knowledge.
  14. black_falcon120

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    I was in the CVs are fine camp, then i decided to grind the hosho to get myself a shokek. I now know why people hate t4 CVs