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  1. black_falcon120

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    Yeah, I mean, even if it was 'sorry, but it was too expensive to maintain', they've made it sound like we were free loading off them...
  2. black_falcon120

    Thank You and Goodbye!

    Hello All, As someone who is currently on a WoWs break, I've been checking these forums an awful lot and it's all thanks to you guys! With the forum closing, I thought I should close out by thanking everyone for making this a worthwhile experience. I started my forum life properly with a request for help. Unfortunately my game knowledge was a bit questionable, and I was flamed far less than I deserved at the time, with the notable exception of @ForlornSailor. But with the help of a few people, notably @DFens_666, @NothingButTheRain, @Verblonde, @Prospect_b, @Allied_Winter, @NothingButTheRain and @Tyrendian89, I eventually got on the right track. I then created a much less controversial post later asking which ship to buy instead. Following this, Verblonde invited me into his clan (for some reason), and I kept playing WoWs and kept improving. I then (with some prodding from @Leo_Apollo11), I ran a community project to gather data on the drop rates from satan containers. Originally mostly to try and talk myself out of buying any, but afterwards, as it was fun seeing how WG structured the economy. I ran it three times, with huge support from everyone, who I cannot name everyone who contributed, but thank you all! Unfortunately, it also later turned out I couldn't play CVs, and ended up creating three separate threads asking for a CV buff. I actually thought people were meming when they said CVs were overpowered. So I (ill advisedly) created a thread titled "WG Please Show CV Players Some Love!", this was immediately and concisely shut down by @OldSchoolFrankiewith the cruel (though with hindsight, probably deserved) response "-1". It appears to be still the most downvoted post in forum history. Fortunately, my second one was treated as comedy, and got a 'popular' marking. My final one, was also flamed, notably a (with hindsight) amusing post from @WorthyOpponent. Then I got better and realised I was an idiot. Though, thank you to @Beastofwarfor sending me a DM encouraging me! But other than that some highlights were: Competing In the vignerre cipher competition with other forumites. Exchanging DMs with a confused @YabbaCoe about why I suddenly had a T7 premium container. When it turned out it was from the above event. Attending the RL event(s) on HMS Belfast - I'm a fairly unsocial person and the forum convinced me to give it a go! Winning a mouse in a meme competition. So in no particular order, other people I would like to thank: @CV_SUB_Report_Blacklist (though I believe he was banned), @Bear__Necessities, @lovelacebeer, @El2aZeR, @mtm78, @lafeel, @NewHorizons_1, @Blixies, @aboomination, @MementoMori_6030, @MyopicHedgehog, @Jethro_Grey, @invicta2012 and finally @MrFingers. For all the good times we had. So long, and thanks for all the fish! Best, Black_falcon120
  3. black_falcon120

    Who is the all-time Forum VIP?

    How has no one mentioned the famous @Beastofwar
  4. black_falcon120

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    @Seraphice @CrysantosIt's not just the fact that this forum is being closed. Both WG and players (including me) have sunk a lot of time into this fourm and have fond memories. Then you do the following: Announce the forum is closing in three days. In the announcement, make no mention of this being a hard decision or acknowledge that there will be some losses, only 'some players may find it hard to adapt'. Staff seem to be entirely dedicated to explaining the logic, and seem to make it sound as if they've known for years that this forum is dead and they were just humoring us keeping it going for so long. The whole thing leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, if feels like the entire time I've spent on the forums making friends has just been cast aside, by an unfeeling corporate machine. If you had done any of the following; Given more notice. Given out a comemorative in game something (it doesn't have to be anything big, a flag maybe). just sounded more understanding. Full disclosure, I use discord, but I prefer it here. I'm currently on a game break for a few months due to eye strain, but I was planning to be back. As someone who actually understands the logic, I still think this should have been handled better.
  5. black_falcon120

    New Code.

    I think you have to actually 'buy' the DLC from steam first...
  6. black_falcon120

    Gifting ships

    Not sure if related, but there was a problem with people gifting others ships, cancelling the gift, and then WG locking the recipient's account.
  7. black_falcon120

    New Code.

    I think these are the codes from the long night at the museum a month ago.
  8. black_falcon120

    In-game chat, improvements for Europeans suggested

    You do realise WG was a belarussian company until a year ago, which uses a cyrilic script? I don't actually think this a big problem, chat is used so little.
  9. black_falcon120

    A new look at the player numbers

    Wows responded officially:
  10. black_falcon120

    how to get 130k dmg without ANY own hp los?

    I could do this in my midway…
  11. black_falcon120

    new code

    New discord code, but it’s complicated: Captains! <@&669200197825462307> We are excited to announce a special in-game challenge in honor of the end of World War II in Europe. Starting from the Sunday, 7 May 2023 02:00 to Wednesday, 10 May 2023 01:59, you will have the opportunity to choose a side and participate in a fierce battle between the Allies and the Axis. Each player's objective is to deal as much damage as possible using any ships of Tier V and above over any number of random battles. All members of the team that comes out on top that have managed to achieve at least **1.945 Base XP** in at least one of their battles will automatically take part in a raffle for a bunch of historical WWII ships: *Prinz Eugen, Tirpitz, Roma, Orkan, Hood, Cossack, Huron, Le Terrible, Wichita, and Leningrad*. There will also be special rewards for players from both teams who achieve the highest cumulative damage scores during the mission duration - a TVIII Premium Ship container for the top scorer in the winning team and a TVII Premium Ship container for the top scorer in the losing team. On top of that,** every participant will receive 1 Allied Heroes Container.** - Use the code **VE2023ALLIES** to join the event as part of the Allies. - Use the code **VE2023AXIS** to join the event as part of the Axis. Redeem your chosen code here: EU: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/ Remember you can only redeem one code! Join us as we pay tribute to the brave men and women who fought for our freedom during World War II. Choose your side and engage in this epic battle to prove your worth! We look forward to seeing you on the seas!
  12. black_falcon120

    New type of aircraft carrier fighters

    I can't see these being useful. Carrier's main job is to cause as much damage as possible, anything else is a distraction. In the worst case, this just means that the f key gets pressed as soon as you get within 5km of enemy fighters.
  13. black_falcon120

    Premium Ship Removal

    Marceau is my guess, Kearsarge 2nd, Malta 3rd.
  14. I legitimately don't see the problem with this. What they don't want, is for a thunderer to blap a cruiser with HE once, and hit ALL of its aa, they want to inject some randomness. I don't quite see the problem especially as aiming is so RNG based, hitting torpedo launchers is not a sure thing.
  15. black_falcon120

    New line of Minelayers will come to the game

    They had mines in the hot tub event...