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  1. Kirowetz

    XP nerf in operations (or a bug?)

    The ranked and randoms were fine and also so were the operations. This was the first time i encountered this bad of an XP nerf. As far as i can say, the last Killer whale and Narai Operations, were like i expected, a noticeably nerf to the XP (approx. 30%), but ok enough, if i performed well. But in this game, it went into negative, after i performed well and that shocked me enough to post here. The game seems to punish you now, for actually carrying in operations. And i still hope that this is just a bug (but i kind of feel....).
  2. A couple of patches before, the XP reward in operations got "normalized" (aka nerfed). As it seems now with a five stars win and "High contribution" award, you actually got punished and end up at the bottom end of the teamlist. Is that the "new nerfed normal" or a bug??? Should i file a bug report?
  3. Kirowetz

    Any compensations for Narai sto0len stars ?

    The Liberty ships don't just wander of their normal route. Yesterday, i actually watched a Liberty ship going into hyper-aggresive mode. It went for a ram against the Colorado and it actually was sucessful. One star gone.
  4. Ich war tatsächlich bereit den ersten Booster zu kaufen, um den Grind zu erleichtern. Jetzt, nachdem die utopischen Anforderungen (selbst die Gorizia ist schwer zu bekommen) herausgekommen sind. Hier ist meine Antwort auf euer "sogenanntes" Event.
  5. Kirowetz

    Strategie: Szenario - Rettung der Raptor

    Stimmt, es gibt keine "die eine richtige Strategie". Soweit ich weiss gibt es 3 Routen die die Raptor fährt (Norden, Mitten, Süden) und vier zufällige (u.a. abhängig von der Teamzusammenstellung) Angriffsarten der Bots. 1. Nachdem die Raptor (Mitte, Norden) losfährt, Kreuzer vom Süden (G5-G7), danach die 2 Zerstörer in der Mitte, danach 3 BBs (G3) und Kreuzer zum Schluss 2. Nachdem die Raptor (Mitte, Norden) losfährt, Kreuzer vom Norden (A6), danach die 2 Zerstörer in der Mitte, danach 3 BBs (G3) und Kreuzer zum Schluss (verliert man häufig) 3. Nachdem die Raptor (Süden) losfährt, Kreuzer vom Süden (G5-G7), danach die 2 Zerstörer in der Mitte, danach 3 BBs und Kreuzer, Zerstörer zum Schluss (verliert man häufig) 4. Nachdem die Raptor (Norden) losfährt, die Zerstörer in der Mitte, danach großer Kreuzerkonvoi (u.a. Atago, Mogami,...) aus F10 zum Schluss (bekommt man glaube ich nur, wenn man keins oder nur ein BB im Team hat) Die Raptor hält stur ihren Kurs und weicht keinen Torpedos , o.ä. aus, daher gibt es deswegen grob 3 Szenarien mit denen man hauptsächlich verliert. 1. Niemand kümmert sich um die zwei gegnerischen Zerstörer (Aufgabe: eigene DD oder CL) oder baitet deren Torpedos (CL, CA, BB) 2. Wenn der Kurs Richtung Norden geht, torpen die Bot-Kreuzer in die Gasse B5-C5, falls sie nicht rechtzeitig ausgeschaltet werden. Ist die Raptor das Führungsschiff, identisch zum Punkt 1. 3. Die gegnerischen BBs lieben es die Raptor zu rammen (falls die Raptor das Führungsschiff ist). Imho nur CLs (evtl. CAs) sollten die sekundären CVs aktiv jagen. Kein DD und niemals BB, die werden in der Mitte vor der Raptor gebraucht. Wenn man einen CV im Team hat, kann man eigentlich auf diese Jagd komplett verzichten, da sie die zum Schluss aufmachen können. Wenn sich ich ein BB (und dessen Healthpool) in Richtung südlichen CV aufmacht dreht sich mir der Magen um. Noch schlimmer sind eigentlich nur noch 2er BB Divisionen, die sich gemeinsam Richtung Süden aufmachen und die Raptor alleine lassen, da ist die Operation von Beginn an zu 95% fehlgeschlagen.
  6. Sehales, thank you for your feedback and i can assure you, i was actually kind of more than "frustrated" at that moment. As i recently play operations only (-> weathering out the CV rework), i'm used to see 4-5 player divisions there. Therefore i immediately thought you applied the operations div rules to the rogue wave event. As it was pointed out before, it would be really nice to name each div seperately. Feel free to PM me. I will discuss it with you there. No need to drag it out in this post. Thx.
  7. Don't understand what you mean. I don't have to because it can't happen and neither did it happen here, something you apparently still can't comprehend considering you keep repeating that statement after it has been explained to you several times already.  You still didn't answer me or shown, were it was announced or shown, that by patch 0?.8.??? it can show a 5 player division on the enemy team, but it is also technically not! a 5 player divison (yes, i know that by now). Plz be free to show me this announcement. First impression is what counts and it really leaves a bad taste in te mouth as it is. I read the announcement, i hopped in a game and then saw the teamlist. How, am i supposed to know that thing about the "div A"-bug??? I complained in forum, but i bet there were more who encountered that exact same situation and said "fuc.. it, im out. screw wows. That div [edited] is completely unfair". Plz @Egoleter , @Aotearas, @Sehales, where was this information written down and given to the players???
  8. How am i supposed to know that??? I see 5 players on the enemy Team list with a "Div A" tag (see screenshot above). I assume a normal thinking player will assume that the Divison A is consisting of yes not 1, not 2...3...4 but actually 5 players. Plz show me a randoms teamlist with more than 3 players on a div. And yes, nomenclature matters and there is no "but technically". "Technically" Tchernobyl can't explode and there can't be graphit on the ground, but history ...
  9. Maybe i have alzheimer, but i can't remember a 5 divison team. Even with 8500 battles played, i never saw a 5 player division on the enemy team list. They were always nicely separated, to see who plays with whom -> Div A, Div B, Div C,.... Can you plz show me an example of said behaviour?
  10. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/rogue-wave/ I think i did, but plz help me to find the part, where it is mentioned that everyone in whatever division is named "division A". Thx. I actually absolutely don't care about clans whatsoever. I'm not in a clan and i also don't plan to be. So I also don't know anything about relationships. Is TWA considered assholes so no one teams up with them??? So noone really said it, but it seems with all the posts every divison in the match is named A. Is that correct?
  11. How is this even allowed??? Afaik each team starts as a 3 player team, but there is a 5 player division!!! How is this supposed to be fair? (besides they are all 2-3 stars ships) Just a reason, why i only go there to grind that stupid event and never look back, after i finished it.
  12. Hier ist das Easteregg. Cappys Schiff fährt am Endpunkt außerhalb der Karte zwischen zwei Inseln hin und her. Und es scheint doch nur 2D zu sein, zumindestens sieht es im Replay so aus. 20180730_203812_PFSC106-La-Galissonniere_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay
  13. Als ich es im Spiel gesehen habe, dachte ich erst es ist eins aus dem Badewannen-Event, aber es ist das Schiff vom Cappy und es ist anscheinend sogar richtig modelliert. Wenn man es beschiesst werden Schadenswerte angezeigt. -> versteckte Errungenschaft "Versenk Cappy und Fishy"??? Ich suche es mal raus.
  14. Kirowetz

    Developer team, can you explain that?

    Lots of damage farming on BBs, but only 1 "assisted cap". You kill some DDs in the process, but you don't get the caps. I actually stop that here as you play T10. You should have understood the principles of DD play and why they are winning by now.
  15. Kirowetz

    Developer team, can you explain that?

    And as it seems they sucessfully dragged you away from the caps they already captured. Well played on their side. PS: I only now realize you showed a victory screen. I thought we talk about the endless defeats, why do you show a victory screen???