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    Lets Collect all easter eggs on ships :)

    Star Trek Enterprise in Enterprise!
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    Suggestions thread

    General: Ship Display Panel / Filters Should increase the "compact carousel view" number to 5 in the port, ship display panel / filters. Allowing more ships to access on screen, without scrolling. Scrolling -> ... Yes, ..is is clear.. able apply filters by nation, tier, on-off ARP ships etc... But the point is: all ships on one place and without scrolling. It would be more comfortable for players who have many ships, and for everyone who use this kind of view in his port.
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    Public Test Rewards

    I think it was easy to understand / without any unnecessary explanation. ..but you are right!
  5. General_Burton

    Disciplinary penalty lifted???

    "Disciplinary penalty lifted!" Sounds good! :/ There was electricity problem here. Power outage on the whole street. (That was a fault of the power company...) and ok, this can happen anywhere... I didn't leave the battle! And I couldn't reconnect immediately, because this problem fixed just after the end of the battle. But the point is, I didn't click the exit in game, just disconnected, but it's like I breaking rule. Should separate somehow this kind of disconnection, and that when players leave the battle while still connecting to the server. For example: - Player leave the battle (truly) and still connected to the server = legitimate the penalty. - Player "leave the battle" and same time disconnetced from server = not a violation of the rules. I feel this is unfair. --- (...It is an next story, when is this situation the "team" begin to behave violently, "f**k u [player], rage, rage, more rage, and all report the / noob / retard / moron / idiot..." That is an other reason why the "karma system" is not necessary, just useless and annoying.)
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    Public Test Rewards

  7. General_Burton

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Torpedo (or torp indicator) bug. - Gadjah Mada - Random Battle (start time 2018.06.03 16:22 / UTC+2) After I launch 5 torpedos, 4 torp disapeared when reach the range limit. But the remaining one is still going! Beyond the limit, under the BB and through the islands. This one is went through the whole map and stopped out of border, and still there until the end of the battle (did not disappear). I'm not sure this is 0.7.5 bug... However, this has never happened before. More details, locations / direction / time etc... on the following screenshots: