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  1. only got the grematschi
  2. So after a longer time not playing wows after kinda burning myselft at the end of the closed beta/start of open beta i felt like playing again and I have a few questions regarding a few missions: 1. ARP kongo mission thingy. WHat is this? DO i get a prem kongo or is this some kind of skin for the kongo or is this permanent? 2. Kamikaze R (pearl mission) what are these? What is the Kamikaze R? 3. German and russian ships. What are there charakteristikial flavours? 4. Any other General Info i may need? Thx for reading
  3. MrAktilos

    Controls bugged qwerty/azerty

    actually have a similar problem using a qwertz layout, for some reason it switches the y and the z button which can be really annoying
  4. MrAktilos

    Ship Names

    Do you mean you could name your Ship after the names of the Ships of the Class or do you mean frealy? Because if it is Historical (Example call the Yamato Musashi) i would like it but if freely chosen, nah not really.
  5. MrAktilos

    Main battery modification 2

    Just calculated it threw as i have it on my NY and you are true. Should have a reload of about 34 secs but have 37. WTF. This thing is useless. Demounted it instantly Edit: I can see why people would use it with REALLY slow turrets but come on 10 on loading time? no thank you Edit to the Edit: Tested Ingame it increases load time. YAY
  6. Something like that out there? I mean besides the one provided by WoWs itself of course.
  7. MrAktilos

    Omaha C-Hull Worth it?

    Question is in the Topic, is it worth getting that hull or should I just stick to the B-Hull? I mean because the AA increase seems marginal and i lose alot of fire power threw 2 of the torp launchers going away and 2 guns (which one actually?). Is it really worth it to get it?
  8. MrAktilos

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Achievments says you need to manually tag the planes to be shot down, if your aa just "randomly" shoots down planes they dont count.
  9. MrAktilos

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Guess this qualifies
  10. MrAktilos

    Research points costs?

    Do you habe all the modules on the old ship researched which you need to advance to the next ship? If not it may calculate that xp on top of the xp needed for the ship
  11. MrAktilos

    Looking for Myogi Tips and Tricks!

    What helped my with my Myogi grind was firing HE at distances exeeding 12 kms. And for some reason if you fire one turret after antother it seems to be a bit more accurate. But yeah Kongo is where the real fun starts.
  12. I cant stand the kawachi, but i love the south carolina. Its more accurate armor seems better and it seems to handle better. Id always take the south carolina over the kawachi.
  13. Just to make this clear form the start: This is not a complaint that carriers are OP, they are not imo. This also isnt a complaint about to many carriers in games, either. But what I would like to say is, that both Teams need to have the same amount and tier of Carriers. For example if im in a Langley and the enemy Team has 2 Hoshos its about impossible for me to fight them to even have a chance of air superiority. If it would have been 2 hoshos vs 2 langley ok, fine. If it was 1 hosho vs 1 hosho also fine. Just imo it needs to be ensured that both teams have the equal amount of carriers with same tier. (1 t5 and 1 t4 vs 1t5 and 1 t4 as example). Because the problem is, if one team has more carriers than the other team, it puts the other team at an disadvantage from the start, because that lown carrier has to defend itself against fighters of 2 enemy carriers and also try to go offensiv and mostly in the end he will have lost all his airplanes, as it isnt possible for him to counteract 2 enemy carriers. TL;DR : Equal amount of carriers on both teams needs to be guaranteed.
  14. MrAktilos

    Es ist 8:30Uhr und ...

    ^Habt ihr eure Preorderschiffe? Meine Gremyaschi fehlt und des Gold. The [edited]