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  1. Some points should be counting?

    I have no idea. Only when I got this "points received report" I noticed that actually clicking that "Royal Navy" banner shows the progress. Completely counterintuitive because (as every sane person of the Internet era) I have developed the subconscious habit of NOT clicking any shiny unusual banners without specifically knowing, why. Previously after games I received multiple confirmations that I progressed or finished some missions, but either the GUI sux and/or I'm too dumb, because I looked for the missions in my "missions" tabs, and for the campaign in "campaign" tabs and found nothing there. Usually I do such "missions" by playing normally, I don't grind specifically - so I didn't worry much. When I finally checked the progress yesterday - yes, I have all the "directives" and all the missions in them which don't require RN DD of which I only have Gallant and played only the scenario. Thanks for explaining, it probably wasn't counting because I didn't finish all directives (and didn't know where to look for progress).
  2. I played casually today, and didn't notice any "ROYAL NAVY" points assigned, until the last Fuso game. So my balance is: Where are my points for won games, achievements, kills - from all day? Or am I missing something
  3. Arms Race feedback

    Yes, but all those unicum clubbers had to go somewhere and now are arms-racing through poor randoms there... I also played only 1 battle, and have enough for now. Also got the heal (on the Gearing...) but our random Steve-squad was match-made by the Greatest WG Algorithm vs triple TWA division and RAIN guy. TWA Henry together with his Khaba teammate simply RPF-ed me and chased all fkn game, slaughtering helpless potatoes on the way. Exactly. I managed to get the heal buff but TWA div opposite me had concealment for granted and then simply proceeded to push me and grab things on the way. Because of trying to get the boost I got too close to them and then could not outrun 40+ -knot unicums using RPF. Hopeless & helpless. I was alone /typical for ALONE ;) / on the whole flank - spawned as totally separate 3-ship group: potato 39% wr /37k dmg Freddy (not accident, 160 games sample) died after few seconds, and 41% wr Zao (not accident, 290 games) suicided a moment later. Zero help from BBabies in the centre which had the Henry in range & spotted all the time. No way Steves (or worse) can be any obstacle for a triple-purple division amplified by grabbed boosts. Some level of skill MM required.
  4. Leaked screenshot from evolved CV game play:
  5. Dying in the new Operation

    I think German bomber pilots are treating you as traitor, because looking at the real history in May/June 1940 your Leningrad should be more rather cooperating with those bombers than fighting them... *Edited* Soviets definitely should not be allowed as Allies in 1940' operation (Stalin even in November 1940 sent to Hitler an official proposal for Soviets joining the Tripartite Pact), but hey - it's a Russian game, so they popularize their version of history. Putin approves.
  6. Belfast

    Since the introduction of "Elite commander XP" for "grinding captains" all you need to take the best & sure XP earner, put 19-pointer on him and stick as many signals/camo upgrades as possible. Using "normal play" for this is less effective, unless you're some unicum doing great games in everything and have tons of signals to put in every game ;) For me it was the Belfi working very well as captain XP earner - games with 20k are quite common, and sometimes can exceed 40k. Also credits are quite nice considering it is only T7, and ~10k free XP per game is not bad either. If you know how to play Belfast it is hard to have a totally wasted game - even if you can't carry having potato sack as your team and/or being -2 tier, you can do some HE spam on +2 tiered fatties or kill some DD and have good income. So the most efficient approach is to have 19-pointer on the Belfi, and use the elite captain XP to train commanders for other boats (from any nation). The DD for example require last stand, maybe torpedo reload. RN cruisers don't need IFHE/DE, RN battleships need survivability.
  7. It was clearly said (although The Company immediately tried to soften that): We have 170 ships researchable for free [with more British destroyers coming this week], and we have more than 100 premium ships. At this point we decided that if we don’t introduce submarines, if we don’t come up with a creative solution to the problem of fun and diverse gameplay, we’ll just run out of content. New content, new ship lines, are driving a lot of the engagement and new battles. So we decided we wanted to go down this road. WG doesn't care about balance. WG doesn't care about playability of existing ships, because those ships... were already paid for. WG cares about grinders (and freexpers) of new lines and buyers of premium stuff. Cares about money which come from people who have to refit their ships because of balance CHANGES. The main worry is that they RUN OUT OF NEW SHIPS TO SELL, not that existing ships are not fun to play and will be even less fun to play. The full statistical data are kept secret, because then it would become obvious and easy to show what the motives are and how the game (un)balance is guided, and we could verify cryptic statements about "statistics" sparsely coming from WG staff. WG as a company already has very high money return value (one premium boat or even a re-skin can cost more than full content of another game), yet still focuses on maximizing the short-period income instead of improving game play quality for existing customers. Actually even worse - play quality plummets because WG urges inexperienced players to climb to highest tiers faster than they can learn, introduces more RNG & reduces skill influence on the game, power creeps existing ships by introducing unbalanced (but expensive) gimmick-loaded fantasies. Sure, keeping growing the rich content is a huge advantage over possible competition from other gaming companies - but at the core still much more important is the game balance. Leading game products are not popular because they have the largest variety of units or characters or items - but because they are balanced so plays are fun & fair. But WG goes for submarines "because they ran out of surface ships"
  8. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    I'm afraid the "initial release" will look like this because WG will desperately try to attract as many old CV players as possible to even try the new CV (and possibly not use the refund option for their ships). Only later there will be an outcry and after long months maybe some nerfs. And from what I hear they also will introduce submarines - both these new classes look dangerously changing the game for the majority of players, and most probably will mean that instead of working on balance in the game WG will just totally unbalance everything for next months (or rather easily - years, knowing WG inertia).
  9. Can we have axis vs. allies events?

    Almost. For the first few minutes Germans & Soviets should gang up on Polish DD (unfortunately only Grom class present in the game, but we have this Cyclone DD already modeled for the scenario - which after easy mods can go as her Polish cousins ;) You make Putin very angry by this statement. History is written by the victors... Two people signed the secret pact which allowed WWII to start; Ribbentrop was immediately hanged for his crimes in 1946 - Molotov died peacefully at age 96 (and only 3 years later Russians for a brief moment acknowledged that what he did in 1939 was "illegal").
  10. Stopwatch Aimassist

    I just (re-?)watched a very nice Khaba vid from Notser looking for some new weird aim-assist confirmation from a respectable source. And this is just some necro from >2 years ago. @HMS_Argosax, thx dude.
  11. Blyska still worth?

    Yes, this is sad, especially looking at the total Soviet crap which made this creep because received artificially boosted stats (like 2x accelerated gun reload "because why not" or 50% faster rudder shift "because balance, comrade", or better concealment being much larger ship, or fantasy 1944' torps while Błyskawica got the nerfed 533's while having 550mm launchers). you forgot to add: "in this Russian game" ... Błyskawica was designed to counter and defeat Leningrads. And her design was successful, while Soviets failed. It is even worse than comparison of WG relative implementation of Scharnhorst and Dunkerque (which was specifically designed to hunt & kill Scharnhorst). At least the French got lower tier in this game.
  12. Petition to remove storm

    Cyclones are fine because they introduce variability in games and force thinking. And in random games they are bad because variability means unbalance and thinking is very often 404-not-found in randoms. So we end up with moar RNG for almost everybody, with total screwing of some classes (remote HE spammers, torpless or soft cruisers) and total buff of other: heavy brawling BB which just receive 8km concealment and can't be so easily focused by multiple opponents - or carriers which can do ninja-drops without much chance to react. It mostly depends what are you against. And bad thing is that sometimes the cyclone warning comes after your team already committed to positions which are weak in cyclone - for example lemming trains are clearly winning over those who tried to flank. The biggest pain is that in random games 3/4 of both teams are simply stunned and can't switch their thinking to different conditions - and that adds to OPing of divisions in cyclones. Seen many many games overturned by this effect.
  13. Can we have axis vs. allies events?

    Bad idea looking at game balance, and bad idea historically - WoWS contains ships from many wars with same states on different sides, and even WWII started before late 1940/41 where the "Axis" term only started to have any sense. BTW, both German & IJN ships had radar.
  14. @Crysantos Hello? Any chance to have this bug fixed? Looking up and hardcoding missing information in my code (assuming that I can find it for all possible parameters) seems simply stupid... Before posting here and on the "official" (de facto WoT only) forum I wrote a support ticket - the answer was that they "will contact specialists" and the forum was mentioned. Evidently nobody contacted "specialists", because this is quite simple & obvious fix.