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  1. EdiJo

    Europejskie niszczyciele: opis gałęzi

    To jest rosyjska gra. W życiu nie przedstawią polskich okrętów w pozytywnym świetle, bo te okręty były budowane i przystosowane do tego, żeby przewyższać sowieckie złomy. To jest "World of Soviet Warships" - i polska Błyskawica jest znerfowana do poziomu mułu, a ruskie nieudane konstrukcje otrzymują parametry "z tajnych archiwów". Że nie wspomnieć o fantazjach od Tier 5 wzwyż, o których w ogóle nikt nie słyszał, że nie wspomnieć o widzeniu na morzu... Wrzucenie "Gryfa" jako "tier 1 cruiser" to policzek. Nie ma takiej klasy/kategorii w tej grze, jak "stawiacz min". Można się za to uśmiać, jak próbują dostosować 6x120mm Boforsa do Tier 1, podczas gdy ruskie szajsowate "1st generation" 5x130 to killer na tier 7. Żałosne to się robi, a z każdym nowym sowieckim super-wynalazkiem coraz mniej mi szkoda rzucenia tej gry robionej przez szowinistycznych nacjonalistów w cholerę. Tylko przykro, jak się widzi "Gryfa" przedstawionego jako zabawka Tier 1 w tej ruskiej grze.
  2. EdiJo

    Drydock: Kremlin

    This is so wrong on so many levels. Of course many people have many reasons to be ashamed of what their ancestors did. Can't you really think of any examples? Also a 'history' is defined as set of facts that happened - but contemporary interests are filtering what we know of the past and invent fiction to replace the facts. Wargaming is so blatantly biased and nationalist that it is no longer funny. But what could go as "debatable, but possible" in WoT is not so easy when talking about warships. Trying to artificially invent heroic Soviet naval historiography is both sad and pathetic to anyone not raised in the Sovieto-Russian propaganda and knowing at least a bit about how naval issues really looked like in the Soviet Union before late 1950s.
  3. EdiJo

    Matchmaker is always +2

    I did not say that. Just like divisioning, playing with premiums makes being uptiered easier - you always have fully equipped ship with often maxed captain, because of better income (and results) you can afford premium consumables. Premium ships have gimmicks which can help vs higher tiers: torpedoes on a battleship, smoke + radar, etc. I have nothing against it, it is P2W we all agreed to. But don't pretend like you know the Average Kevin's life because you played in a premium division at the same tier as he grinded his silver boat. Can you stop windmilling about my Belfast record? I did not bring that up. Again you somehow infer that I complained. Wrong. Still, divisions should be balanced between teams, it is quite obvious why. WG noticed that to some degree, but it is still far from being fair. Do you understand how to quote things? And change the tone. You mumbled something without sense, so I gently asked what do you mean... Are you 15? I am tired of your derogatory language and digressing towards me personally without any relation to the subject. If you can't articulate your point, it is not my problem. You try to sound like WG CEO, but it does not work, sorry. Here on this forum we have not very average player sample. Average Kevin does not write here, otherwise you would see much more threads about "not fair MM" and stories about NY bullied in T7 and such... The tiny trickle of "MM is bad" threads on this forum dominated by clanned unicums is nothing compared to the real situation. Well, it is quite obvious that it is different now. There are tons of high tier ships in the game already - when we grinded it was a pyramid with tiny top, now it is flattening. Sure, average skill in high tiers drops (wonder why...), but still a potato in +2 tier can blap you even just with RNG blessing. designs change - as we see all the time. MM is being improved. A bit, but. I still stick to the argument that you can play safe and avoid risk only if you can hide. If you're visible - stronger, faster +2 tier ships or planes can make your "avoiding" not effective. What is subjective here? To be precise, I am not talking about current omni-spotting new-CV meta, where DD in fact often can't hide. This is what 2 guys here are inferring. What I wrote was only that premium divisioning players know next to nothing about playing silver solo. Of course premium are p2w in WG business model, in the sense that they provide tools which skilled players can use to make winning easier. Still, it is not premium ship concept which causes games to be unequal - it is bad MM: 2 tier difference, unbalanced consumables (radar, hydro), sometimes still unbalanced number of ships in classes, or last but not least: unbalanced divisions. It is not so simple... Similarly skilled player will have his behind whopped by his counterpart which has stronger ship, if he can't avoid fighting him. And the only area where you can't be matched vs much stronger boats is either T1-T4, or T9-T10. So much for skillbasing. Gently saying. Still, they evolve. The design is that all the gameplay is happening in T9-10. Rest is just grinding area. So, sure - you'll meet most of good players there (they focus on high tiers because competitive modes are usually T10). And you meet more and more potatoes here, because there were kicked by +/-2 MM and hurried with boosters and missions by WG to get to T9-10 asap or faster. Selling T8 premiums is just a small factor compared to the silver potato wave which can (quite fast) get to T9-10 having 35-40% wr even in low tiers. And without any skill-balancing in MM if one team rolls potatoes and other rolls good players you have those "folding" games, as you describe
  4. EdiJo

    Matchmaker is always +2

    What's your point? Of course divisions make life easier - and BTW should be balanced by the MM, the problem is this game has still too thin player base. Where did I say this? It was you who wrote that RN cruisers are especially good at it? I am not complaining. Just showing how this word is applied very selectively. And I cite stats only when it is relevant to what one wrote, not just without any sense "oooh, he hatez premiumz" (really, I said that somewhere?) " but himself playz them a lot".
  5. EdiJo

    Matchmaker is always +2

    And always 'we-know-better-our-premium-divisions-do-fine' guys are most vocal No, I will write how this sucks on any occasion. Don't like it, don't read. No, I am not. Well, it was once +/-3. It was -2 for T2-T4. WG noticed it is bad, changed it. Those are not laws of nature, which we have to "adapt" to. If you're so blind that you only think about overmatching... Yes, casemate armor will protect you, sure. Where 305-356mm will not penetrate angled armor, 410mm will. What goes especially for RN cruisers - bouncing Nagato shells? Good luck. I wrote about silver ships, remember? And if you able to read more than 1 sentence, I wrote also why I "harvested" with Belfi so much, as you call it. You repeat the same thing, I responded already. And yes, BB are the most affected by uptiering, especially those lacking range and slower. as far as I played this game, if you meet opponent stronger than you, you disengage. The problem starts when you CAN'T disengage. So radar is a problem, yes, but BB are visible permanently and when lower tier are too slow to run. Why are you fixating on overmatch as the main defining characteristic? Uptiered cruisers don't (intentionally) tank in the sense battleships or high tier boats do, apart from some exceptions, and great majority of cruiser vs cruiser fights are with HE, unless showing some broadside. HE efficiency strongly depends on tier difference (both dmg difference and fire chance). And main danger for a cruiser are still BB. The rule is simple. If you can save yourself when meeting higher tier opponent, you're not affected as much as when you can't run or hide. So DD are obviously least affected by tier difference, and their main problem are consumables like hydro and radar becoming popular in T8+. Sure, they can not roam freely if there is higher tier DD nearby, but they can simply relocate. This BB can't do. Yeah sure. Overmatching is not the only way of not bouncing. I still prefer to have Mex armor than NY when it comes to fighting a Nagato. It is supposed to be funny? oO No, my view is exactly when I play with a team mate who knows or understands what to do, and from what I know and see, unicum divisions mostly work this way - and not like "split up and die early". Exactly. That is WG idea to urge people to "grind"... Although they slightly overdosed the stick and people started abandoning the game after being +2'd in low tiers, so now WG "protects" tiers below 5 and allows only +/-1 there. But higher is open hunting season, for some () reason. Hello, stat shamer? How is it relevant to what I wrote about problems in silver ships? Of course if I buy a nice premium boat I will use her. So? Great idea, I wrote about it quite a few times here on this forum. Although with one modification - no "+2" clubbing option. Normally +/-1, and if one really really wants "variety" - can select the option to be matched also as -2 tiered. His wish. Yup. Either division or stay in kindergarten. Or rush towards T10. This is the game thanks to +/-2. Sure. This applies to all classes but is in the strongest contradiction with playing the class when applied to BB, which are supposed to tank damage, be a threat and provide fire power. -2 tiered BB is often not much threat, can't tank crap, and his firepower is maybe still good for careless cruisers, but +2 tier cruisers are more dangerous to him than he is to them... Yes, WG surprisingly suddenly rewards skill by giving those XP factors when damaging higher tier opponents. Average Kevin in his grinded half-researched boat is just a cannon fodder, and the stronger he will be punished, the more he will rush towards the Paying Zone. Once per 10 games he luckily will damage something and will get XP bonus which will show: "see? You can score high even in -2 tiered boat!" . I would prefer equal chances instead...
  6. EdiJo

    Matchmaker is always +2

    Those are not some laws of nature which we minors can only "understand" or "not understand". We have a voice about it, and "economic reasons" can be simply stupid if too shortsighted. Sure, there is money grab when all those potatoes are advancing like crazy towards "safe-again" T9-10. But then they are slaughtered there and leave the game. Majority of the game content is wasted because people are not encouraged to play at middle tiers. Selling premiums in T6-T8 does not help at all. This is also overlapping with fantasy-fest which WG serves us in T9-T10, where almost all ships are imagined by "developers" from some sketchy fragments of conceptions from times way after the period this game was supposed to be about. So we should see the bigger picture - grinding guys in middle tiers, potato wave flooding T9-T10, miserable game experience in T5-T8 when uptiered in affected ships - and have a little empathy above our own preference for being at the (seemingly, in short term) profiting end of the deal (most of players writing here and voicing their opinion are very good, play in divisions, and mostly play ships not affected by -2). No. This is not misunderstanding. This is protest. T8 ships are NOT part of "high tier mix". They are T8 for some reason. High tiers are T9-T10. T8 should fight T7-T9 max, only then the fight is fair. And that's exactly the thinking here :( Sheep obey. And every potato hurries to follow your advice - which is made possible by all those boosters WG gives/sells to them. Is this really the game you want? Everybody in T9-10 (mostly paper) boats, apart from some rushing grinders? Don't you think that if there was a consensus about -2 being wrong for gameplay WG might agree, so the middle tiers would be playable and not grindable? Uptiering affects BB the most - because they rely on ability to take damage and can't disengage from faster enemies which also have better range & accuracy. But also most cruisers suffer. It was also the problem for CV, but this is fluid now - also I don't do CV enough to tell. Potatoes are in all classes, and BB when potatoing are just the most noticeable. Also, for sure BB class attracts "casual" players - but it has nothing to do with problem of BB suffering when being thrown in a fight vs 2 tiers higher opponents. This is one particular situation when you can manage. But even T8 BB have less HP, less fire power, less protection - and are massacred by +2 tier fire chance. T8 cruisers situation in T10 games I think doesn't require any explanation, especially if the lowest tier is a minority. Anyway, +/-2 MM problem is not exclusive to T8! It starts in T5. Try relying on "bouncing" Nagato shells in a T5 BB, good luck. What makes you think that if T8 BB shoots at my T6 BB, it is somehow related to my team being bad? -2 tier cannon fodder is immediately focused by everybody and their sister. Easy damage, high fire chance, less armor, good HP. Regardless of game phase and regardless of who is winning. Ya know, sometimes, in maybe 10-20% of "lone" games, you meet a team mate with a brain, and he cooperates with you, communicates. There is MASSIVE difference in my (well, our) game then. Division (assuming one doesn't div with a potato) offers the same, and to the higher degree (people know each other, choose their ships to support each other, and have voice communication). So I don't have to be in a division to see how it is to play in a division. But you have to be without a division to see how it is to play alone. No symmetry here, sorry. Do I really need to clarify that to you? If you're in a BB having a DD to screen and cover your retreat from overpowering enemy is quite helpful, isn't it? Focusing fire of 2 or 3 lower tiered ships makes it not as one-sided as 1v1. Sharing smoke, spotting for each other. It is much easier to play around your weaknesses if you have someone actively helping. Isn't all that obvious? "Recently" you mean last few weeks? Sure, I grinded LM too. But still, I play quite many silver middle tier as well, so your "hypocrite" attack is not very valid. +/-3 MM is the deepest idiocy this game could devise. +/-2 is slightly less deep idiocy, WG noticed that in tiers below 5 somewhat, but their greed can't allow them to lift the curse from T5-T8. Stealth fire is completely another issue. I personally didn't like it, because being totally unrealistic. You mean, you'll keep repeating that, maybe it will become true then? exactly, you have no idea how it is to play this ship now, when this game is full of high tier boats which are full of gimmicks. WG is. Daddy will buy a Tirpitz, Daddy will buy all the child needs to get to T10 in no time. Don't ya worry. This is the game you want. I didn't say that. And what I said is exactly the opposite ;) - my weekend morning stats are much better than weekday night. Now we can make theories why: 3,2,1... Of course. Not exactly "seal clubbing", but "playing premium in division" which is totally irrelevant to what we're talking about here. Seal clubber? You can think so. But I mostly played this Belfast not to feel superior or to pad my stats - but for the most simple reason: I needed the money (credits...). Nowadays, when not grinding much, I play Belfast when I want WG missions done and don't have time for more than a few games. But of course I like clubbing as well - even without being +2 I used my Kamikaze or Bogatyr a lot, murdering generations of newly hatched BBabies. It has nothing to do with our discussion here, I am afraid. OK. Now you come with "second account" thing. Interesting. You see, I still imagine that T5-T8 can be PLAYED, not GRINDED. This is the fundamental difference between our approaches here. I am not defending a guy, I am defending his view about +/-2 MM problem. And "git gud" is not an acceptable answer to that problem, no matter what one says. And mentioning the stats is OK if it is relevant to what a person says. Just like I'm citing your stats and you're citing mine.
  7. EdiJo

    Matchmaker is always +2

    I don't agree. See below ;) Last 21 days, zero games in ships affected by +/-2 I think I can assume this goes like this since some time, apart maybe from some events when you have to (and even then you don't do it solo). When browsing your solo stats sorted by number of games, the first ships we get is Murmansk, 100 games, position 10. I guess this was years ago. Next far far down is maybe the Fuso, I write maybe because in particular Fuso uptiers relatively fine. Then far far down we have 55 games in Atago (it also depends on the meta in which you played this cruiser, in the old times it was much easier). Only at position 26 we have Nagato, with 42 games, also most probably done years ago when grinding the line. Please don't tell me you play ships affected by -2, when in fact you don't. I don't aspire to being any unicum, I play only solo, casually (don't feel good in competitive modes, in high tiers I feel OK in some ships only). But I don't think I suck that much as you tell, thank you 1) stats are average across the years, hence useless 2) you need significant number of solo games in a boat to really compare "technically" And still I try to avoid such WR or other "skill" comparisons because I see quite a difference between my games played on a weekend morning and on a weekday late night, for example. Here I am just talking about numbers of relevant games played... Where exactly I said so? I have nothing against divisions. But playing solo is totally different thing, especially when being -2 tier. Even if you're that gud. So your division experience is not only meaningless, but even worse - gives you false information. No, that is what WG wants you to do, and playing like this is rewarded, so I understand it perfectly well. But then why are you vocal about playing in lower tiers, when you have zero idea how it currently looks like? You seem to imply that I said many things... Sure, premium ships are premium, I played premiums a lot myself. But again: this is totally different game play from silver ships, where you don't have good commander in the first place. You don't have gimmicks. Most of the silver BB and cruisers don't uptier well. Also significant part of silver ships in the game is not fully researched. What do you know about playing them in the current meta? You grinded years ago with the first crowd, and if grinded later you skipped what you could with free xp or boosters - so now feel comfortably in the better end of the deal? So, yes, for you definitely +/-2 MM is fine - but this is far from being true generally. This game is NOT only about T10. Lower tiers have to be playable, too - and NOT only as a grinding stage to go through as fast as possible. This is idiotic WG approach, cash grabbing move which puts aside most of the valuable content (as most of higher tier ships are paper fiction). And biased, elitist posts from unaffected guys on the forum are just confirmation for WG: "You see, even players say it's fine, let's grab more money and to hell with medium tiers! We already had to restrict MM for low tiers and we have to get people running to T10 somehow". And then you whine about potato wave in T9-10 Exactly. So you have nothing valuable to say on the subject - it does not affect you, you are on the profiting side of this deal - yet you write. BTW "git guds" in this context are pitiful. No comments.
  8. EdiJo

    Matchmaker is always +2

    True. But it was a response to "some people don't understand this game", so somewhat justified IMHO. Maybe. Does not matter. And you draw this as a conclusion from above? Nice logic. I sometimes (just to be sure that the rule still applies...) check when someone is happily advocating +/-2 throwing "git guds" around. Yes, you don't have a clue what you're talking about because you simply DON'T PLAY AFFECTED SHIPS: medium tier silver BB and cruisers, and only half of your games is solo. @Mr_Tayto played affected ships somewhat, but in turn 5/6 of his random games are in a division. And for both of you it is often a triple division. Sitting in a DD or in Belfast, or even in Hood or Scharnhorst, with a division mate or two ready to do what you need - is a totally different story. Unfortunately there is no data about when you played what, but from last 21 days you both almost exclusively kept to tier 10 and in lower tiers only DD, CV or premium specials. Try Colorado vs T9 or similar stuff in significant number of solo games, please, and then be vocal about "gitting gud" and "-2 doesn't bother me". At least you won't get a T9 carrier games now.
  9. EdiJo

    460 MM "AA gun"

    Why not. But accuracy should be also historical, and it would've to be pre-loaded to shoot... as just another type of ammo for the guns, not "AA bubble". If we go for gimmicks, I propose: NEW PREMIUM T8 CARRIER (ENTERPRISE-class): HORNET !!!!111 (to commemorate finding the wreck, for example) gimmick: B-25 BOMBERS, capable of skip-bombing anything with 100% accuracy and easily devastating AA-crews, superstructures and lightly-armored ships with guns: Minor problem: they would've to be suicidal, because they could not land on a carrier ;)
  10. This is not a contradiction. As far as I recall it is T8 cruisers which are most often dragged into -2 tier games (especially if meta is not good for T10 cruisers), and T8 BB in turn quite often club T6-T7s. BB just uptier the worst of all classes, so they whine a lot in T8 vs T10 games, for example. Unfortunately, WG does not publish relative MM statistics. I understand that it is not a problem for you... because in T6 you played only HE spamming quite tanky cruisers (Cleve + Budyonny), a smoking Leander and destroyers. So you Jon Snow know nothing about a slow iron like Arizona/Bayern/Warspite/QE/Mex dragged into T8 game with 30+ knots BB armed with 400+mm guns, T8 HE spam and T8 CV. Of T6BB only Fuso does OK when uptiered, because of relative speed, number of turrets and range...
  11. That is exactly what I mean. This is a feedback loop: you heard that the ship rewards skill, so despite its possible shortcomings (low HP, weak armor, low caliber of guns) people thought it will be fun to have it, even if it never could be matched as +2 tier - because in turn it had some rare T4 clubbing option as a bonus. Of course this may be also the case that it really is OP and average Kevins and potatoes rushed to buy it because of that. Still, it remains to be proven. But I know that weak sniping GC player is much easier to punish than sniping Kongo player. I know that at close range weak GC player is much easier to deal with than weak OR or even Texas player. I know that planes can much easier punish weak GC players than weak Texas or Iron Duke player. Yes, GC has stealth but weak players can't use stealth. GC has speed but potatoes don't know where to position anyway. Weak player shooting HE will do much better in a Duke or even OR. Accuracy of GC guns makes a potato miss everything if poorly aiming, instead of hitting something randomly. Poor torpedo protection doesn't matter that much if a player can dodge. All what I saw about GC tells me it is skill-dependent boat. And all I know about premium-hungry potatoes is that they aim higher in tiers than for T5 But WG takes a lazy multi-month all-server mixed-tier averages and draws very far-going conclusions which leave the company as the only side which really gains something (milking money for GC and milking more for the next T5 premium). That's why if WG really decides to go for the nerf, the real cash refund (independently of how the premium was actually acquired) is the only honest option, just to avoid possible accusations (very dangerous for the game) that all this "relase OP -> nerf when sales drop -> release another OP" is a blatant cash grab scheme.
  12. It is 2019, 300k active players per week on a server nor even few million (mostly inactive) accounts or few million total games per week is not a problem for even a small database server. Those data don't have to be updated every minute, daily would be more than enough. EXACTLY. You show already known data averaged for all players, which hide the things I raised, so yes, giving more of the same total data does not make the point any stronger. Especially when comparing T5 GC to T6 BB which face completely different MM. I really really hope that those are not the data which you "talked about" that they "prove" that GC is way stronger than any T6 BB? They already would be quite usable if we can get that encryption key! For now only the unencrypted header can be used - for personal stats or for shared database if uploaded to some server like replayswows.com. The API is buggy and lacks support, but I recall that WoT players harvested quite a lot of data regarding maps from ship location heatmaps, for instance. Thank you! But please don't tell me that you really set the default to 1 This will simply erase all replay history for an unaware player. Why are you doing this? Those are tiny files, compared to contemporary disk capacities. I don't buy the argument that you "clean", especially when looking at size of WoWs installations or at the need of installing another full multigigabyte archive for each new game server or PTS.
  13. OK. So your "talking about the issue" you count as equivalent of presenting the data. No wonder that people get angry, if you just vaguely say "something is clearly something" without any evidence. What is so secret about game statistics? Why maplesyrup or wows-numbers guys have to do the work for you? You have the data, why not publish it, even through the API? It is an automated procedure, no man-hours required after initial setup. We're talking about people paying sums equivalent to a full game price for one virtual ship, which you feel free to nerf in any time "just because you talked that it's OP". BTW, why are WoWs replays still encrypted and beyond our reach, and WoT guys received the encryption key? Is the game still erasing "unnecessary" replay files?