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  1. Hatsune_Miku_ARP


    You do know that shino gets t8 matches, where she is complete garbage against everything, especialy when theres a cv.
  2. Hatsune_Miku_ARP


    just with shinonome, i do understand IJN is garbage in wg universe but would be nice to see lower ships decent against others, not trash like now. And yes torpdoe detection is retarded compared with others.
  3. Hatsune_Miku_ARP


    still its very hard to play with her and get good results in a meta where every other dd besides ijn is powerfull in any way, faster and has good gun traverse.
  4. Hatsune_Miku_ARP


    i agree with that, she needs to get lower.
  5. Hatsune_Miku_ARP


    Wows staff (who is in charge of ship balancing etc etc), can you explain why did you made Shinonome one of the worst prem ships in the game. I do realize its a earnable prem, but its complete garbage, a laugthing ship with that shity performance, the regular ship was better (fubuki t8) then this. Will it ever recieve a proper balance or just forget that IJN ships will ever be good like others and just scrap a worthless tropthy?
  6. Hatsune_Miku_ARP

    nerf us cv's plz!

    the main problam is in the planes us... 4 vs 6+ squads...aind fair for IJN cv's till t7
  7. Hatsune_Miku_ARP

    nerf us cv's plz!

    Its imposible to play IJN carries against us cv's, tooo unbalanced......wg u suck with making balanceds in all you games!