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  1. worldmufel

    Server Down??

    yeah we all experience that right now, hoping for a WG Container after that server Problem xD
  2. worldmufel

    Cannot start a battle

    yeah well i think it will take a while if it is a bigger problem, but maybe we get something like a WG Container again xD
  3. worldmufel

    Cannot start a battle

    Same here, well i guess something is off. Maybe just a Problem with the Servers
  4. worldmufel

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    After dominating the Sky, i knew for sure a nerf was needed... But first we had the Minotour in the last patch killing every plane, now a bloody Tier I Erie could wipe out your carrier and the squads you send.. And who had the Idea with the new Hakuryu/IJN TB mechanic? I mean i've shaky hands but it never actually done a thing to my gameplay, now just the smallest movement with my mouse and my drop is ruined.... Have you ever thought about that? No? WHY???? Even worse you made the British cruisers and destroyers so heavy on killing and gaining speed, you cant just hope for a straight drop to hit, combined with the RN aa you are better on killing your own carrier than these guys.. And i mean having a Module to enhance a certain Squad is also a good thing, even better if it wont help anything cause all planes are made out of Butter now. Thanks Wargaming.... this Hotfix is like:
  5. worldmufel

    T VII Premium Z 39

    Bin mir mit der Z-39 nicht sicher, sie scheint mir nicht so einzigartig zu sein wie andere Premium Zerstörer. Werde sie mir trotzdem holen da ich irgendwie nur mit den deutschen und pan-asiatischen DD's klarkomme. (Warum auch immer es mit dem Rest nicht klappen will..) Ich hatte eigentlich zuerst auf die Veröffentlichung der T-61 gehofft, die wie ich finde großartig ist und richtig austeilen kann. Ich hoffe die Z-39 macht sich auch gut in Operationen(da die wie ich finde eine gute Geld und EP Quelle sind), aber das wird sich wohl noch zeigen. Danke für die Berichte und Meinungen, kommt wie gesagt in den Warenkorb.
  6. worldmufel

    Personal Mission Bug?

    So we get this personal missions, and i really love them. I mean most of the time it works out well and its kind off easy. But what is this Wargaming? You cant let something like this in the game, i mean i cant do this mission because there is no Tier VII ranked.. Anyone else having this problem, or its just me?
  7. worldmufel

    USS Premium BB or BC

    Not any South Dakota please. Give us the Lucky A:
  8. worldmufel

    Deutscher BB Tech-Tree

    Ich hoffe sie bringen die Großdeutschland und co. dieses Jahr wirklich raus. Die Lernfahrten mit der Tirpitz sollten sich lohnen da die Großdeutschland ja auch die Selben Torpedo- und Waffenanordnungen haben sollte oder?
  9. worldmufel

    Marblehead is on sale for RU

    Than wait for the Tier X USS Buffalo. IF they release it, i think it will be fun. http://i.imgur.com/lzW7nh5.jpg
  10. worldmufel

    High tier repair costs too high?

    Even after a win i have to pay 60.000-380.000 Credits for my Yamato to repair. To be honest 60.000 is when i take no damage, its just ammuniton.
  11. Dont know, even without citadel hits my yamato kills them because 460mm pure love. But i dont fight with cruisers at close range anyway, because i play a battleship and not a destroyer.
  12. Yeah and add this one too to counter everything: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Zumwalt
  13. worldmufel

    German cruisers vs other nations cruisers

    I love cruiser and i love torps. The Zao has the best Torps in my opinion (76 knots, huii) but i hate the fact about turning my ship and showing my aft or side. The Germans put there torps in the centre and i think this is awesome. Only launching a front salve if you fight against an bb and you dont go down in one blow.
  14. worldmufel

    Can we please buff Battleships?

    Well every time my Yamato eats torps from a Tier X CV/DD/CA, my only thoughts are "Cute". Torps feel like HE Ammunition to me: First it tickels a little and then you sink the cute little player who tryed it. So no they dont need a buff. Start slowing down when you see a dd, turn in his direction so you face him and eat only 1-2 torps. The only Problem i see with many BB players is most of them go in close range combat with the Zao, Tirpirtz, Shima and Gearing and after sinking like a rock they start plaming their team, because they realise how stupid it was and feel ashamed. But do the learn something? Of course not. Take the level 1 and 4 Secondary Armament Skill at your Commander Skilltree and you get something like that:
  15. worldmufel

    Russische Zerstörer und deutsche Kreuzer im Oktober!

    Hmm die Hindenburg sieht nett aus,aber man sieht kaum Flugabwehr. Da hat ja die Senjo mehr Flugabwehrgeschütze. Ist nur mein erster Eindruck.