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  1. Considering how many cruisers with 25mm armor I'd say it would be OP, that or they have to really hit the accuracy hard and I generally dont like shotgun ships. But yeah for me its a close second place, Id rather want it over 450mms
  2. The barrels are calculated based on damage values on the existing quad bofors mounts found on US ships. I ensure you I did not cheat by taking "single 40mm bofor=4dps therefore quaf 40mm bofor=16dps". This is as accurate as you get it. That AA rating i mention is a simple yet flawed "long range dps×range+mid range dps×range..." so it doest take into accout that long range AA benefits more from MFCAA and AFT as well as the fact that TB squads will rarely get closer than 1km thus further reduce value of short range AA. Still I find it to be an easy indicator of AA power on high tier ships. Danton wont be in the line, it really isnt tier 3 material and WG themselves said pre dreadnoughts wont be in the game except for a few exceptions (Mikasa). On the other hand WG could prolly use a paper design for tier 3/4 instead of using paper for tier 6/7. In this case I guess its pick your poison. Personally I dont want to see a gimmicky 16 gun design with no other redeeming factors or room for reasonable refits.
  3. I feel WG is kinda too afraid to introduce guns with higher RoF than 25 RPM. Mean that'll have to change when they make a swedish DD line as one of the high tiers basically rely on the fact that its guns had something like 40-50 rpm or something. As for secondaries they can just limit the range if they overperform with the fire starting...idk why they have to limit a potentially fun gimmick like that which wouldnt shake the game balance in any way...
  4. Yep also wondering whether they make the 76.2mm on Agano-class/Light carrier Ibuki DP or not, but looking at the ships you mentioned they will surely be DPs. Still wish they gave guns like the Minotaurs 76.2mm guns DP capabilities. The insane RoF would make for cool fireworks and the low HE pen would make sure its anything but OP. I dont expect it to happen but would be fun to see 8, 3" guns firing at 90 rpm
  5. The 90mm guns will be DP guns right? I checked navweaps but could only find info on AA ammo. They listed surface range @45 degrees. Im guessing the AA round is shrapnel based rather than HE based so.... Im dying to know this as modernized Andrea Doria and Roma are my two fav italian ships.
  6. You are partly correct, however one of the most important factors is shell weight AND as you said drag. Shell speed/velocity is basically meaningless at long range if drag/weight are both good. But you are correct as US cruisers and Destroyers plunge way more than they in theory should due to astronomical shell drag. Then again that has more to due with national flavour rather than spesific gun characteristics.
  7. .... Smaller shells plunge more at longer range... So if you just think twice youll find that 419s are better at plunging fire than 457s because 457s have flatter arcs. Edit: found out 457s have faster AP shell velocity (15m/s faster) which means? You guessed it, even flatter arcs.
  8. I thought this was going to be a thread about why Lexington doesnt have a hull option with the original giant secondary gun... Not that I think about it I wanna make a thread about Lexingtons sister as a proposed premium tier 7 ship with said secondary guns
  9. I think this line drawing is pretty close to what that refit would look like With this rework the AA would look like this: 2x2+3x4 130mm, 53.8dps@5.2km 10x4 40mm, 159dps@3.5km 34 20mm, 122.4dps@2km AA rating: 1081 This is quite strong, up there with Gneisenau's AA rating of 1110 This is also very similar to Richelieu's rework which left all the DP guns untouched, but strengthened the mid/low caliber guns significantly. The only way I see to save Normandie/Lyon is that WG gives a fantasy modernization upgrade to the 13.5" guns that make them actually usefull. If that were the case then I believe that Normandie could take tier 6 and Bratagne could stay at tier 5. I think Lyon with 16 guns really shouldnt be in the game, that many guns on a BB is either super bad or really OP. Normandie on the other hand could work well with upgraded guns. Also hurray for 3x4 tier 10 ship. I read somewhere that a study revealed that any quad turret with guns bigger than 15" would be very unpractical and were thus never considered on any french design... But i dont care, I wanna see a quad 16" turret damn it
  10. You know thats just plain wrong. The 419s much better HE capabilities make it better against angled BBs AND the 419s smaller caliber makes it much easier to get normal pens against superstructures. Which is what you aim at against angling BBs that you cant overmatch. The ONLY thing the 457s has is that it overmatches the 30mm threshold, but only some cruisers has that armor (Zao, DM), but against those kinda targets the 50% bigger shell number is much more valuable.
  11. We all know that, but why ever pick the 457s now lmao, its worse at evrything compared to 419s..
  12. Sorry, Nelson really isnt tier 8 material and N3 isnt tier 10 material. You should research more on how historical stats translate to gameplay stats.
  13. Personally I dont think RM ships (other than DDs) should have speed boost. It is already kinda decided that its the French's gimmick. French BBs were also known to be quite fast compared to contemporaries. Italian ships are very similar to Russian ships by the fact that their gun characteristics are identical. High velocity guns is the name of the game. The italians shared most their designes with russia hence the similarity. AA barrage is not really fitting either since AA is utterly beaten by US ships (the 90mm arent really that good). Stealth is the English Battleship flavor now for some reason. So I really see no reason why Romas (and other italian ships') strength/flavor shouldn't be its guns.
  14. Haha you dont even have that common misconception in check... Im done here
  15. Okay so Montys 1.9 sigma is better than Conquerors 2.0 sigma, and the fact that Conqueror dont need to give up reload module to get dispersion module makes Monty more accurate how?!