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  1. Thanks for the answer! Hmm kinda sad to see its intended to not affect the heal, as the way I see it the most intuitive and balanced answer would be that it should work...
  2. French battleships talk

    Gascogne doesnt have any stock hulls or modules, so yes its a premium. Richelieu is listed with stock modules so itll be tech tree. The HE is meh, its good for a BB, but nowhere close to RN BB. They dont have 1/4 HE pen rule afaik
  3. Just see theyre making space to release Ashitaka
  4. Jack Dunkirk on Minotaur

    If playing like that in divs then sure, I find the room to maneuver to be more than enough already.
  5. Jack Dunkirk on Minotaur

    Expert Marksman, Smoke Screen Expert and Vigilance is kind of a waste on Minotaru.. especially EM. MFCAAA and RPF are pretty good tho
  6. Im really hoping it perform that way when they "fix" it. That would both be the most intuitive way AND a way to make the skill more relevant for cruisers (and heal DDs ofc)
  7. Just WG things? Unless the intention is actually to synergize with SE...
  8. I do, Ill help upvote and downvote relevant posts and keep an eye out for helpfull insight.
  9. Reading some of the first comment and I already remember why I never touched Reddit...
  10. I think SE on Minotaur is arguably still worth even without the extra synergy from heals. Just the 8.1% is enough for me
  11. Can someone else do it, I never really touch reddit at all
  12. I know the game very well, but I had to do actual ingame tests to find this to be wrong. Anyways tanking 80k damage in DM is possible even without SE. Well This is with my Commander equipped And without Commander Yet the effect the heal has in battle is no different. The tool tip also shows 1123 HP per second in battle as well. Noted. Should I give them a PM or is that tag enough? Thanks for more examples. Yes the tool tip shows increase in healing, but do a test in a training room and youll see it doesnt actually heal the specified amount. ikr This is not a discussion thread about the viability of the skill. See this thread if youre into discussing it:
  13. Well no tooltip says that about SE and the tooltip for Repair party (both in battle and in port) shows an increase in healing per second after getting SE. For example before picking SE my Repair Party II consumable tool tip says "heals 1039 HP per second" after getting SE it clearly says "heals 1123 HP per second". So while yes what you say about how it adds HP after battle starts may be true, it still doesnt explain why the tooltip changes to something it does not do. The HP from SE is added and shown in port... So idk if it really is added at the start of the game, tbh it shouldnt matter anyway since SE is supposed to increase max HP, not give you a little extra "buffer HP" or whatever. If so then SE tool tip should explain it. Repair party is supposed to heal and amount based on max HP so even if HP is added after battle starts it should still heal based on "current max hp". Regardless there is a bug in the Repair party tool tip that needs to be fixed
  14. It makes me shudder to think that WG still treats Fuso's TDS as the main belt AND citadel....
  15. To actually discover this makes me really mad, as back during the CW season I did a ton of theory crafting on SE on the tier 10 Cruisers to find if it was worth on any of them. Not untill now do i find out Heals and SE doesnt work together despite that part being one of the important factors whether SE was worth on any of them or not. Thank you @tmGrunty for mentioning this simple and minor yet quite important issue to us min-maxers