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  1. Affeks

    Republique secondary build now best?

    Buffing the 152mm and 127mm secondaries to pen cruiser hulls make the secondaries go from basically a fire setting tool to a cruisershredder. Also having 152mm pen 32mm plating gives you way more decisive damage damage when your close and brawling (at which point fire is worth very little). I agree CE is kinda unreliable right now due to the abundance of CVs and how the mechanic is scuffed right now, but when your in a close engagements, slipping away from spotting after closing out a kill or popping up as close as possible before commiting makes all the difference. Basically fire damage > direct damage. So going the distance to get as much direct damage as possible is the way to go imo. About 3/4 of the build is still dedicated to tankiness and main guns. You should always use Aiming systems mod 1 on BBs and 6 mill main gun loading mod. So in short my build is all about having decisive main guns, but as long as a ship is withing secondary range, the secondaries will be as decisive as possible to the point that you should be able to rely on them to pose a significant threat to as many different enemies as possible. I see many neysayers to IFHE, and I do agree it might not be the way to go to get the most possible flat damage, but it will win you more skirmishes.
  2. Affeks

    Republique secondary build now best?

    Yeah that one is swappable for other level 1s tbh, but for the other premium frenchies with 15 inchers (especially the ones with MGRB) I find it irreplacable haha
  3. Affeks

    Republique secondary build now best?

    AFT is a dead skill. Flak damage has been nerfed even after AFT was already weak for the AA role after 0.8.0, and secondaries lose their effective damage output on long ranges so Manual secondaries or even IFHE are better skills for secondaries. There are two builds I can safely recommend for Repu and french BBs in general. Allrounder and most competitive build: Expert loader, Adrenaline rush, superintendent, Fire prevention, Concealment expert, Expert Marksman and lastly Basics of Survivabilty If you really want to use secondaries however I have this specialized secondary build that hasnt let me down: Expert loader, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Manual secondaries, IFHE, Concealment expert (or if youre really bad at managing concealment pick Fire prevention) and for the last point pick Preventitive maintenence or Priority Target.
  4. Affeks

    Jean Bart or Salem?

    JB is more unique in its role. It was awesome during this ranked season imo. Salem is okay I guess, but in any competitive envirnoment its completely overshadowed by Des Moines radar. DM also has a very cool legendary mod. So not only can DM use both better radar AND hydro at the same time, but also has bigger variety in playstyle. Personally JB all day every day.
  5. So yes secondaries helps reward good play through good positioning. How is that an inherently bad thing? Generally when I use secondary builds bad games are worse and good games are better. The only bad thing about that is related to the skill gap topic. Also the least mobile, (mostly) least stealthy and biggest target archetype. Meaning dictating engagements will always be a struggle, enemies weak to secondaries will always have the first move. Secondaries generally only deal considerable damage to bad players. Rarely do they deal decisive damage to the better end of player, it only acts as a scuffed area denial tool. Just dont forget making one wrong move can easily get even a seasoned BB player killed. Running away is rarely an option and smoke is almost never an option. We really cant see eye to eye on this. I cant realistically compare them considering Shima torp soups were done 5+km outside spotting and AP bombing doesnt put your CV in danger at the same time planes reposition almost instantly compared to surface ships. Its a big gap between being in no risk, to being at constant risk in the tankiest ship archetype.. believe it or not.
  6. Youre missing the build up for getting good results from secondaries. To get results you need aggressive yet safe positioning. You are forced into often a very high risk high reward playstyle (which is undoubtedly fun). Often this also requires you to sacrifice options that provide safety like CE or FP, forcing you to use islands and flanks much more. Even sacrificing aiming systems mod makes long range sniping much less rewarding, forcing you closer to even get the most out of main guns. Good example is I tried an IFHE secondary build on Yamato after the change to HE for all large caliber secondaries. I will tell you its not recommended, but it made me play way more aggressive and gave me a new perspective on positioning with Yamato. As a BB you are mostly firing AP and looking for broadsides, having that extra win condition to rely on is fun and makes for moments that otherwise never happen. After 2 years of constantly being on the lookout for gimmicky secondary builds I have enough experience to say there is more to it than just click and watch the show. I really dont understand why you think secondaries are comparable to whatever you listed. Its dodgable, its blockable with terrain and doesnt constantly and unpredictably spot DDs.
  7. Yeah I agree to that 100%. The 127mm guns have a pretty bad baseline in terms on velocity, alpha and firechance. Getting RoF up is more important
  8. Thats what I mean by longer ranges though. With or without further buffs or skills the improved accuracy will make the secondaries effective at "longer ranges". At 8km+ the arcs will be bad against DDs sure, but at that point the arcs will make sure it hits BB superstructures anyhow. Just dont forget bro, that a secondary hit on a DD is worth a lot more than hits to a BB. Also dont forget I never said that Georgias current secondaries are "good", that was never the argument here, just responding to your weird secondary accuracy = bad sentiment.
  9. Id say thats tradeoff Im willing to take any day though. Deal decisive damage to DDs on longer ranges or set the odd fire on a BB youre brawling already anyway...
  10. Thats just BBs though, and 127mm secondaries arent good anti BB secondaries in high tiers (exception being GK ofc). 127mm secondaries is mostly good vs DDs (which have no belt that shatters) and if you have IFHE aganst cruisers, which mostly get one shot if they have a sizable belt and shows broadside, otherwise youll hit the 25-27mm bow/stern and deal considerable damage. Yep. Really hoping they buff certain aspects of it. She really has all the premise to be fun ship/twist on Iowa. Great speed, better turning circle, better rudder and different guns. If secondaries gets a range and/or reload buff Georgia would be able to play aggressively on flanks with backup against torpedo rushes. Right now Georgia has ~23% worse DPM and alpha with AP. If main gun reload gets buffed to 26-28sec, she would only have about 11% worse DPM which is much more manageable.
  11. Affeks

    Alaska as an Enemy

    I have citadelled them and been citadelled myself (though only through the bow for some reason).
  12. Okay so whats with Georgias abysmal krupp? Its already far behind Musashi in every aspect? Why be worse in pen as well?
  13. Affeks

    Design for Tier X Alaska class: USS Guam??

    Yep With the same HP calculation as Alaska, CA2-D has about 80k HP. That together with the much thicker 330mm belt, it might actually be able to tank a bit. According to this drawing it should have better turret firing angles as well.
  14. Affeks

    Design for Tier X Alaska class: USS Guam??

    3 shells per minute translates to a 20 second reload. Basically what Alaska has currently. Also if anything will be a tier 10 supercruiser for USA it will be the CA2-D preliminary Alaska design. Basically a Montana for the Alaska.
  15. Affeks

    Azuma gun nerf: No Thanks!

    People like me wanted a glass cannon type of Azuma. Accurate guns and punchy HE, but severely punishable and fragile in general. Other wanted a more tanky Azuma with armor that can withstand BB AP if played correctly. And now we get neither. Most likely it has more unreliable guns now and is still nowhere close to being tanky enough to make aggressive plays. A perfect worst of both worlds is what we have now...