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  1. Affeks

    Sub_O is moving on

    Ive been away from the game and community so long I almost remembered S_O in a positive light.. nw tho ive had help from friends and the community to remember why this is a good thing
  2. Affeks

    Player who needs serious help????!!!

    not a good look to share this stuff either. Only hurts both parties unless you really want the attention. That said for some reason this makes me want to play the game again
  3. I would really like to see an IFHE like skill for BBs that only works for secondaries and cost less skill points. Right now for any BB IFHE is pretty bad, it only makes the main gun HE worse. It halves the fire chance, one of the big damage sources for secondary BBs AND costs a whole 4 points to get what you get is a situational damage boost. So to balance the skill Id either remove the fire chance penalty. Though I dont think this is the right choice as I do still want the tradeoff to be there so you have a way to specialize what kind of secondary style you want to play OR just make the skill cheaper, even just reducing it to 3 is immense, 2 is preferable as its still a tradeoff With these class locked skill trees I see no reason not to buff IFHE for BBs since the only benefit situationally ONLY applies to secondaries and is a BIG tradeoff since it affects both main and secondaries, but only gives a real boost to the latter.
  4. Affeks

    Yahagi in the shop

    I see a ton of ways to fit this at a higher tier, but this was discussed to lengths back when the ship was first announced. Im just salty Id have to play this vs ww1 and interwar ships
  5. Affeks

    Yahagi in the shop

    "Yahagi was one of the last light cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, Battle of Leyte Gulf, and Battle off Samar, before meeting her fate along with the legendary battleship Yamato during Operation Ten-Go. In World of Warships, this ship is placed at Tier V." This irony is too much for me. "main guns are bad, that means this ship cant be high tier right?" Wasted opportunity for a unique higher tier cruiser imo.
  6. "Based on the community our polls showed that 99% of players dont mind major unfairness based on money paid/months invested in grinds or have no incentive for new players to start playing the game"
  7. Remember, WG only want your feedback so they can later compile it to make oversimplified counterarguments to defend their decisions later. Cant wait for the next meme filled power point downplaying the opinions of seriously invested players. Despite all the good things WG does, I cant help but feel they have an "us vs. the players" stance everytime sensible criticism pops up.
  8. What a nice handkcap for new players we got here. Esentially just an economy buff with no help related to gameplay. Meanwhile old players get major buffs to multiple essential ship efficiency stats. No issue with the prem consumable thing, but compared to whatever the heck NTC gives veteran players its actually worth nothing.
  9. Affeks

    This is a topic about gameplay

    Oh yeah as long as 15% more HP has a big [WIP] attached to it, its not really gameplay related ok my bad
  10. Nows a good time for WG to introduce the Sad react
  11. Hey! Im here to discuss with fellow players the gameplay implications regarding the potential inclusion of scary p2w aspects and/or immense grindwalls gatekeeping newer players from a fair competitive platform to participate in. Please dont close or move the thread o' heralds of the wargame!
  12. Off-topic implies its not wows related though... when in fact this is the most important piece of news regarding gameplay in months or years
  13. Wows was always easy for me to get back into. Whatever it was, exams, long holiday trips, work or even the breaks because of CV frustration, i would always come back. The biggest reason was that I always had a platform to compete fairly in randoms, ranked or clan battles. Knowing me and a lot of other player types this will gatekeep me from coming back or new players to even begin such a grind. The grind to competitive fairness MUST BE KEPT SHORT! The vanity grind or even competitive ranking grind can be long(er). The latest events has personally been to my liking. Grinding the new alternate colour schemes is always a joy. Grinding something that feels unfair doesnt leave a nice aftertaste... Legendary modules were almost too much according to me and many others, and those are in many cases sidegrades or even downgrades. A longer grind for something that substantial is just blowing it off the scale. The goodwill of the community is stretched thin after a certain rework, in no way is this going to help.
  14. Affeks

    GUAM T10 battlecruiser?

    they announced it for coal a while back