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  1. USS Wichita - T8 ship proposal

    We still dont know Helenas performance hence why I didnt mention it. Cleveland performance in agility and concealment is a good indicator since we already know the stats. HP wise I think they'll add 1-2k HP to that 34 400 pool, just like they did with NO, Bmore and DM. They all have more slightly more HP than their Displacement would indicate. A difference of more than 7k is a teeny bit more than a little I think... Secondaries are very interesting tho. I wonder whether they will give it the obsurdly long 6 second cooldown or actually have it closer to historical. tbh I think they should buff RoF on all 127/38 secondaries. Having worse performance than IJN 127/40 is pretty fu*ked imo. Its not like it would break game balance either considering the terrible secondary range US ships has and the bad firechance and alpha the 127/38 has ingame.
  2. Best troll-secondary build for Alsace?

    It doesnt tho Only GK (arguably Gneisenau when uptiered) benefit. 15cm guns already pen 32 (but still cant pen 50 with IFHE) and 105mm still have 1/6 pen rule so only 19mm threshold reached.
  3. Best troll-secondary build for Alsace?

    This I use it on my Republique and share the cpt with Gascogne, but used same build on Alsace. Its not competitive, but tons of fun. IFHE helps the 100mm guns pen 19mm armor (DD hulls and BB superstructures) and helps the 152mms pen 25, 27, 30 and 32mm thresholds (Most cruiser and BB hulls). For Alsace I found I didnt really need secondaries because the gunpower was absolutely amazing. On republique the Alpha strike is rather underwhelming, making secondaries make up for lost damage. I have tested this build on German BBs before, and Tirpitz doesnt really gain anything from IFHE. It only helps the 105mm guns with the 19mm threshold since the 150mm guns already pen 32mm due to 1/4 pen rule (which for good reason doesnt apply to 105mm guns). GK with IFHE secondary build however is a lot of fun and very good. Alternative setup can be: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000100010000011001000100019 But closing, I can say you can mix and match whatever build you want on French BBs, they are so damn flexible they are insanely fun to play with. Standard Concealment/survival build? Go ahead its very good. Play around with full IFHE secondary build? Go ahead, I can promise you can have fun with it. Hybrid builds like Secondary/AA, Concealment/AA, Survival/AA, Secondary/survival, secondary/concealment etc etc too much fun. Especially Alsace benefits insanely much from MFCAAA which goes well with AFT and Manual Secondaries for a hybrid build. I played around so much with different builds during the grind and I can say that almost any kind of build combination works with these ships.
  4. USS Wichita - T8 ship proposal

    2018 still waiting for this. Looking at the cruiser split and the stats for both Cleveland and Baltimore it seems like Wichita is very much Baltimore guns on a Cleveland hull. Dimensions and weight indicate stealth, maneuverability and HP pool equal to that of Cleveland but heavy cruiser guns like Baltimore (except sadly no mk21 AP). Seems like a fun ship to balance. Like this I dont think it needs a heal, but could a consumable spread like the one we see on the new Cleveland will be welcome. Keeping the 12 second reload on Wichita will give it some edge over Baltimore's Super heavy shells while also being a slight upgrade over New Orleans firepower at tier 7. Worst case Wichita can get 27mm plating to make up the lost HP compared to Baltimore.
  5. Same goes for me, but I see little reason to play Buffalo when it fills the same quirk as DM, Indianapolis or Baltimore, yet seems to only be worse tier for tier compared with said ships.
  6. French T8 premium BB Gascogne

    One of my fav tier 8 BBs. Fast and cruiserlike in many ways. Amazing with a secondary build. Guns are workable, but are the main weakness imo. I very rarely get citadelled in it, but the ship soaks HE alpha so positioning is important.
  7. idk looks terrible to me. 13 second reload puts it at 55.4 shells per minute vs. current Baltimore's 54 shells per minute. Current Baltimores biggest issue is DPM and buffalo does nothing to compensate, in fact Id take current Baltimore over Buffalo because of the better turret setup. Bow in Balti can do 36 shells per minute and Buffalo only does 27.7... The 5k extra HP will help, but currently Buffalo has worse concealment, rudder and turning circle... To me it seems like clear downgrade from an already mediocre/bad ship. Yeah miss me with that ship till it gets a buff or two.
  8. Kronshtadt in very Early Preview

    I never questioned the fragile nature of the ship, just questioned the statement that Kronshtadt has bigger citadel than Moskva. Dont misunderstand.
  9. Kronshtadt in very Early Preview

    Well I get regular triple or quad citadels on Moskvas from 20 km, but not so much against most other cruisers where I often have to settle for 1 or 2. Not saying Kronshtadt has a small citadel, but compared to DMs, Moskva and Minotaur I think its still pretty small.
  10. Kronshtadt in very Early Preview

    But Moskvas citadel extends so damn high above the water though, from what Ive seen I think Moskva still has a way more citadel surface to hit.
  11. NONONONONONONONO While a large part of CQ, GK and Republiques strengths lies in those consumables, Yamato and Montana has much better main armaments. They dont need anything extra at all.
  12. Any news on HIJMS Tone?

    Someone had a bad day...
  13. German premium ships candidates

    I know it exists, but kinda too boring for my tastes. I have a hard on for ships that blur the lines between classifications. I want this to exist at one point as well, but discussing hybrid DDs excites me despite not being a DD player at all.
  14. Any news on HIJMS Tone?

    Idea for Agano: Citadel-less cruiser. Treat it like a DD so we can get it in a high tier with more competitive HP and hopefully a torpedo reload booster. With a DD calculation for HP it would still only reach about 37k HP so it would still be technically less tanky than the heavy cruisers. Still only 6 guns with at the very most 6 second reload so it wont outgun cruisers. 19mm DD plating or 16mm light cruiser plating so that other DDs can put up a fight in gun duels. Crappy turret traverse as well, will be a major drawback and make it feel like other IJN DDs in said departement. A point for soft balance can be torpedo performance. Hopefully it doesnt get smoke, so that it actually takes some skill instead of just being a more easy to play DD. I touched on this idea a long time ago, but with the advent of hybrid ships like Kronshtadt and Stalingrad I think we are more ready to discuss this possibility now than ever.
  15. Kronshtadt in very Early Preview

    - Kronshtadt - Cruiser I got bad news