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  1. At the same time it doesnt because Yamato is actually tanky with that 57mm deck.... Izumo has only 32 so it gets completely dunked by anything and its HP is also relatively low.... Not the case for Yamato
  2. An accuracy buff to Dunkerque is all it needs. Though Personally i want WG to give it Spood Beest or something gimmicky so it can actually go over 30 knots
  3. oh right I must have read the description wrong
  4. I experiment all the time with secondary build and NO.. They are not in any way worth on any of them. The only thing I would consider is Manual AA on BB s with many 127mm guns (Yamato, Izumo, Montana etc) as defence against point blank DDs that flank you. Then again play those ships correctly and you wont find yourself in a position like that ever unless you already have your main guns ready to finish the DD off... In which case any sort of secondaries would be excessive. Hood, actually benefits, but only when facing tier 5-7 opponents. Even then the secondary mounts gets shredded by RN BB HE so its unreliable. Alabama has actually really good secondary firing arcs (better than Iowa and NC), so its an option. The low RoF and firechance makes it weak still, but high shell arcs actually makes the gun fire over terrain quite well. The lack of any other viable USN secondary ship really makes speccing into it a waste anyhow.
  5. I dont get this. Why would drawing fire hamper your aerial capabilities? Anyway with emergency takeoff to reliably use planes all the time, a big health pool, heal and good citadel protection to control your health totals then Adrenaline Rush might actually be usefull on a CV for once. Drew up this cpt build for this kinda ship. Edit: ideally if youre real confident about your tankiness you could switch out CE for FP or BoS...
  6. Taiho had all its 25mms replaced with 40mms so thats no problem at all. More dps and range for that AA consumable to buff. I just checked Kaga and it doesnt have bad concealment at all despite being both huge and it being converted from a BB. So Concealment might not be a a shortcoming at all. Also HP could compensate for the bad speed by being able to draw fire from the enemy team all while the citadel plating stops any potential one shots from happening. A friend of mine went as far as to say that he wanted a heal on Shinano. Sounds gimmicky and not good for competitive play, but could still bait players into shooting you instead of another priority target then slip back away to heal up then repeat the process. That would give Shinano a playing card almost no other CV would have. Might be a waste of effort, but hope this idea makes it into a round if testing at least.
  7. I heard from Alpha players that Shinano ran out of planes real quick haha As for AA a fanatasy AA refit for hull B wont be hard. Turning those 127mm DPs into 100mm DPs should be enough. If they manage to turn those 120 reserve planes into 20-30 planes (its a strech, but close enough for me) Shinano would have a total of 67-77 planes and if a B hull adds another ~10 then it would be more than enough for tier 9 tbh. I dont find making Shinano work at tier 9 that hard. Edit: afaik they already gave Taiho more planes than she ever carried
  8. I'm not buying into the myths, but tbh WG has already twisted truth with tons of ships, guns etc in the game already, making Shinano an actual Fleet carrier is not really gonna compare to a lot of those imo. So yea Id rather WG twist the truth on Shinano rather than leaving her at low tiers.
  9. Converted to an actual fleet carrier that shouldnt be a problem... Concealment can be worked around and if anything large concealment should equal high tier not low as it would be detected from the other side of the map... I mean its not gonna be as bad as Lexington anyways and speed is really only important when you make a big mistake. Anyways what I'm trying to say is that WG would rather buff plane count rather than nerf the fact that it originally was a Yamato class
  10. Or you know, you realize that most IJN CVs in the line are purpose built ones and lack most of the CV conversions like Akagi, Junyo/Hiyo etc etc as well as Shinano and WG is planning to release a second IJN CV line filled with carrier conversions and have Shinano be one of the top tiers. Hmm I dont really think that at all. I mean the HP (~78 800 in game as a carrier) and that AA really is too much for tier 6 tho not to mention the torpedo Belt
  11. Shinano will be a CV. Either tier 9 or tier 10 since it already was a tier 9/10 CV during Alpha. I expect WG to buff plane count and/or AA suite
  12. 460mm guns do nothing to tier 7 ships that even 380mm guns dont already do. Musashi looks really damn weak if you ask me. No reason to take it over Missouri ever
  13. WG couldve used the late war refit that gave Musashi ~270dps at that mid range aura... but noooo we need to create unbalance....
  14. I still want to have layered secondary range... like 155s should shoot further than 100s so that large secondary guns are actually better than smaller guns which are right now just straight up better due to RoF and many times have the ability to actually shoot HE.
  15. If the 155s actually shot HE I would maybe spec my Yamato for secondaries again. I love how the secondary layout is on Yamato, but slow rof and AP on the 155s really makes it close to worthless against anything but DDs on very close range. I think WG should make ALL turreted secondaries shoot HE and all casemated secondaries shoot AP. Right now the amount of inconsistency really grinds my gears.