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  1. Wargaming has found the pot of glue again... I havent played in months. I come back to the boards every now and again in the hope that something has changed for the better.. Only to find that WeeGee are still listening to the mystical "silent majority" whilst sat in a poorly ventilated room with an open pot of glue..... WeeGee, your decisions suck.
  2. Looks like a lot of changes, cant help but feel like this will be yet another WG fiasco.
  3. The issue for all of this is WarGamings poor decisions, the list of which is over a long time period and number of incidents
  4. No point as they keep up the pretence of giving a damn whilst at the same time not playing their own game and relying upon the Holy Oracle, The Great Spreadsheet of Minsk. Great Spreadsheet of Minsk says: "lul git good; just dodge, we value your feedback, we wont try and scam you every Christmas but most of all Great Spreadsheet cares". Throwing logic to WeeGee only resullts in "nuh uuuh!!! I know you are you said you are but what am I?" threads.
  5. rage1750

    Support carriers closed conceptual test

    Because your opinion is important to us. Yeah.....
  6. rage1750

    If there was a mode without CVs....

    Square peg, round hole.. Despite numerous years of lip service from WG staff, the failure of the CV rework is laid bare for all to see. "We will learn" etc etc etc. The rework was an utter failure, WeeGee spent 4 years or more telling the playerbase to go "suck a lemon" as there was "nothing wrong with CVs". CV's are not the problem, the problem is WeeGee and its "poor" (my word of choice would result in a forum warning) decision making and an at best absent QA department, at worst a fully staffed QA department that has no idea of what they are doing. Welcome to 2018, where we all pointed out how stupid the ReeWork was.... but dont worry: We will learn WeeGee 2019™ We value your feedback WeeGee 2020™ There is nothing wrong with CV's WeeGee 2021™ Why are u guyz so mad about subs? WeeGee 2022™
  7. rage1750

    If there was a mode without CVs....

    Doesnt matter what you say boys and girls. "your opinion is important to us™" "we are sorry we made a mistake™" "we need more data™" Insert platitude of choice here.... WeeGee doubled down on the retardation showed during the Great CV REEEwork, years later they are still publicly attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole by distracting you lot into providing a solution. Privately - they have no intention of making even a half a**ed fit or listening to any solution. CV's are not the problem - WarGaming is the problem
  8. rage1750

    Why so Big?

    I will wager the next thread will be titled "Muh Voodoo 2 12MB GPU wont run WOWs; since when has 12MB not been enough?"
  9. rage1750

    The road to Z-52

    My road to Z-52 was lined with FXP. Got drunk and blew ~250K FXP on Z-52 in order to get a super container during the WoWs Anniversary in the September of 2020. Dropped a Makarov before it was cool. Got what I deserved
  10. rage1750

    Stingy Codes

    They really are #spoilingus
  11. rage1750


    I forgot about ColonPete ..... Added to my block list a while back due to @Humorpalanta pointing out the feature. Its really nice coming onto the forum and not having to even see the colon. PS. I am aware of how to spell Colonel
  12. rage1750

    New Year's Night and Our Festive Collection

    Deliberate obfuscation, its the WeeGee way, before you know it sunken cost fallacy kicks in
  13. rage1750

    General Submarines related discussions

    Dont forget that your feedback matters Excuse me if I sit this one out given my feedback in the 244 page MM thread and 422 page CV thread. Also known as memory holes.... Off goes your opinion into the abyss. But we care
  14. rage1750

    New Year's Night and Our Festive Collection

    Lets all thank WeeGee, send them a pat on the back and a "there there, spreadsheet did its best". Sit back and just wait for the inevitable. The inevitable involves no grinding, patience or even active participation - what will be will be and you walk away with similar rewards!