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  1. rage1750

    crashes to desktop

    Same here.
  2. rage1750

    Clan battles useless?

    Amusing as not only is the OP out there; but he has managed to pull a division of random like minded people together in order to play CB I do agree with the OP, I think WG should allow it; those CB battles would be like taking out a triple Nikolai division - balanced.
  3. rage1750

    Clan battles useless?

    Top kek thread; would read again
  4. rage1750

    Newport scenario after changes

    I needed a 7 player division. Found it very difficult to complete with random players due to you almost always getting lumped with a potato or three.
  5. rage1750

    Clan battles useless?

    You are missing an active clan. If you want to play CB, get in an active clan that makes a point of playing. Try here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/507-clan-zone/ Post that you are looking for a clan, or look for a clan that is recruiting and advertising that they actively play CB.
  6. rage1750

    Jedi mind-trick: others players knowing your stats

    May need to look into getting this in my game. As it stands there are so many potato's in game I do not support Bismark's sporting the 1941 "The Last Conquest" or "from the bottom" camo or Tirpitz players unless they are evidently not potato's from their actions or it suits my ends to help them so I can take advantage of a situation. So many spuds playing, it is not worth risking my ship to protect or support someone that is going to just sail broadside and derp HE after I go out on a limb to help them. Everyone makes mistakes in game, myself included; it is particularly galling to find out that you lost half your HP to help out a 40% WR spud that is going to do nothing with your help or sacrifice; unless you count sailing broadside and derping HE as "doing something". No apologies are offered, potato's are a pox and if you look at me and see a 60% WR player with an elitist attitude you will not comprehend what I look down and see
  7. rage1750

    Clan Battles: "North" Season - Discussion Thread

    Excellent.. Glad to be playing ClanWars this side of Christmas @MrConway, that is not sarcasm either. I will have some free time over the Christmas period and no doubt my clan mates will also, always have some time in between eating pigs in blankets (pig wrapped in pig ) to pick up the headset; jump on discord and get together with my clan for some clan wars. PS. Top kek on the Stalingrad rental suggestions, no such thing as Christmas miracles
  8. rage1750

    Hindy does not need a buff

    Legendary mod, 8 second fires with appropriate Captain skills Dakka Dakka the HE, very good ship. I will take the extra heal
  9. rage1750

    The Ring Round 3 - New Code Active

    huh, worked now... La strange!
  10. rage1750

    The Ring Round 3 - New Code Active

    didnt work
  11. Probably going to spend his 200% doubloons, or whatever deal it was on a Tirpitz. I can smell it
  12. Had the same, got me a T61
  13. rage1750

    Cross-server Clan Battle MM test

    Nothing personal to you however, can these announcements in future be done in: A timely manner And Well advertised Maybe via the World of Warships Client, or a PINNED thread on the forums at a minimum Not in a minor post buried halfway down the forums Communications from Wargaming are approaching Gaijin levels of fail; which is pretty hard to achieve but Wargaming are getting there.
  14. rage1750

    How do we help players like these?

    Free full frontal lobotomies for all <45% WR. In the grand scheme of things what harm could it do; make them better?
  15. rage1750

    Share your soul-mate Ship's statistics

    The mighty Yubari, glory be unto Her! Yūbari 4 Japan 98 69.39% 2 246 39 051 1.32 3.85 Experience 2 312 Damage 102 727 Destroyed warships 7 Aircraft Destroyed 20 Warships spotted 5 Damage upon spotting 39 140