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  1. I was going to laugh and say that 1200w is total overkill for that rig (it is), then I remembered I am sat here with a Corsair 750w PSU thats 7 years old and I am looking to retire it to a backup unit. When looking for PSU's on Monday for something around 750-850w the PSU prices are all over the place, for example: CORSAIR HX750 750W 80 PLUS PLATINUM FULLY MODULAR PSU POWER SUPPLY - £160 BE QUIET! STRAIGHT POWER 11 850W 80 PLUS PLATINUM FULLY MODULAR PSU POWER SUPPLY - £150 Corsair HX1000 Fully Modular 80PLUS Platinum - £185 850w £10 cheaper than the 750w and the 1000w just £25 more than the 750w.... Whilst an 850w would be more than enough for my current needs given the small price difference and 10 year warranty its hard to justify not spending that little bit more to get the 1000w unit.
  2. Rig consists of an Intel i7 6800 with an RTX 3090 and running WoWs off an external hard drive. With this level of competence on display I can understand why OP is choosy about the options people bring to the table. WaT Do U MeAN mY 7 YeAr OlD, LaUgHiNg DrAgOn 400w PsU iSnT GoOdEnUfF??
  3. OP... You must be new. There will be no compensation. WG have only (from looking at thread activity) finished dealing with their Christmas containers; you know, the ones that definitely were not rigged but "here is a refund if you want one; plz dont complain to lawmakers." If you dont want to be dealing with a Russian refund, best not to set yourself up as a mark in the first place; the best defence? Close that wallet.
  4. rage1750

    the state of the game?

    Well I dont know; he called out "SOMEONE" as being scared of this game dying in the other thread? Seems legit to me. What would that person do if they couldnt post dribble all over the WoWs forum? Go to work?
  5. rage1750

    the state of the game?

    I used to play around 5-12 games per day, have played around 6-7 games (in total) since this new patch dropped? Just got other games to play, cant be dealing with WG BS and Conway smiling away all criticisim levelled at WG during livestreams.
  6. rage1750

    im looking for some fun

    Looking for fun in WoWs? Lordy, you are a few years late for that, I had to find fun elsewhere I have found Cyberpunk to be really fun; a bit rough around some edges and the occasional glitch but nothing game breaking.. I picked up some games on Steam whose codes were redeemable on Origin (this has been patched now btw); Crysis, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, Dragon age & Mass effect 2 all for £0.80. Really happy with the pick up. 5 highly rated games that I have never played for 30% the cost of a single WG "Makarov Dissapointment Box", bargin
  7. rage1750

    Journey to the West: New Ships and Containers!

    Havent bothered with WG for a few weeks. Sick of WG rubbish and talking out both sides of their mouth. I have hardly played in a month, and I used to play for a few hours daily (check out my WOS) Threw my money at Reddit Coins instead. WG know how much money I have spent on this "F2P game"... For you guys, a lot, but now I am a "reformed whale". These days I would rather spend money to be able to help those that need an upvote or an award on Reddit; to give a voice (or sign of appreciation) help the little dude rather than spend my time on WoW’s talking to a brick wall, that is WG and its staff. Those that say "your opinion is very important to us, please partake in a survey; please don’t spam up our charity event whilst we have been caught out, give us a few days to get back to you" and ignore ALL feedback that is not positive... Go buy some kind of premium Makarov via a "non-rigged Christmas container" of which WG hid the drop chance and the existence of a "secret list" because it wanted to save us plebs from looking over yet more WG contract talk - they did it for your own good, to save you reading the ToC's etc... Just buy it already........ "You get a RANDOM drop of 1/200 ships, could be anything I guess, PLZ ignore our UNPUBLISHED short list" which = Makarovs for the masses. DONT SPAM US ON TWITCH PLS.... I am tired of the CV rework, the Captain rework is the icing on the cake. I couldn’t care less about WG platitudes of "it will get better, we will tweak XYZ", I (and you) have heard it all before..... Just when you think WG could not load any more s*** onto the shovel to force down your necks, say "Hi" to Submarines. Spreadsheet(s) are KILLING this game..... YOLOing Flints vs Baltimore is killing this game..... OUT OF TOUCH..... Also for those of you that got....... "unfavourable outcomes" buying WG containers over the Christmas period 2020/2021; if you feel mislead, conned even, Cypriot Courts agree with you. lel Below is not my opinion; but that of the Cypress Advertising Regulation Organisation (yet another link): ------------- 3. However, the jury believes that the pre-condition of ownership of one of four specific ships before the gamer may potentially benefit from the opportunity to receive one of 107 premium ships, is in a different league to the randomised workings of the algorithm. Even though all players will first receive a container with one of four ships (provided, there is a ship in the container at all), the players who already own 1 of the 4 ships will get a substitute with one of the 103 ships, whereas the players who do not own 1 of the 4 ships are restricted to those 4. In that sense, it is not correct to claim that “The algorithm works impartially and in the same manner for any player.” 4. The Jury also disagrees with the opinion expressed in the discussion that this knowledge would not affect the economic behaviour of the players. In the opinion of the jury, there is a distinct possibility that it would. For example, knowing the pre-condition (of owning one of the 4 ships) might make a player NOT buy a gift container (since at that stage they are trying to win 1 of 4 specific ships and not 1 of 107). 5. Wargaming, as indeed any advertiser, has every right to make personalised and tailored offers to segments of their customer base. However, the terms of the offer as communicated to the gamers, should depict that reality. 6. Given the above, the Jury find that the Santa gifts campaign as is, is in breach of articles 3b and 5a of the Cyprus Advertising Code and needs to be amended. It should be amended within 5 working days from the dispatch of this decision. Please note that, for the purpose of assessing the deadline, count begins the working day following the dispatch of this decision. ----------- But yeah, nothing to see here folks; please fill out our surveys as your opinion is VERY IMPORTANT TO US. Meanwhile at the WG Public Relations and Feedback Department: Open wide for the commander rework and upcoming submarines. Nothing to see here; good times are just around the corner, plz buy more stuff, your opinion is very important etc....
  8. rage1750

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    Please drop the charade that there is any meaningful communication going on. This is the first time since I left Gaijin (WarThunder) back in 2015/2016 that I have seriously thought about uninstalling WoWs. I left Gaijin after the "War Thunder Fulfills Your Wishes!" Christmas fiasco. On balance, even though Gaijin were/?are a despicable company, they pulled a lot less BS than Wargaming has. I left Gaijin for a whole lot less.... What has WG managed since I joined? Lets ignore the low hanging fruit that is Smolensk.... A CV REEEEwork, Puerto Rico fiasco, Christmas convoy fiasco, rigged Christmas crates, spreadsheets, "just dodge", Makarov's and refunds as far as they eye can see? Submarines are also something to look forward to..... YAY.... Forgive me if I have missed anything as it seems WG cannot stop creating drama despite all of the "listening to feedback" that WG staff inform the playerbase, CC's, anyone that will listen; apparently occurs. I have evidently mellowed with age to put up with this level of BS, maybe not mellowed enough
  9. rage1750

    Update Survey

    I disagree with you. From my perspective Wargaming ignores almost all feedback. Occasionally WG interests align with some niche feedback provided and is thus implimented. This is then paraded around as proof that "WG cares and listens to feedback". The charade that "we value your feedback™" is tiresome and became a meme a long time ago.
  10. rage1750

    Official WG survey about the new WoWs v0.10.0 ?

    Your feedback is very important to us
  11. rage1750

    PSA: Commander skills - opt-in skill reset

    Remember, your feedback is important™
  12. rage1750

    DevBlog stupid changes

    "Clan battles From 24th of February to 12th of April, the 12th Clan Battles season will be held on Tier IX ships in a 7 vs 7 format. The details of the season will be announced later. blah blah blah.... Possible restrictions - goes on to list tier 10 ships.... gg.
  13. rage1750

    Is there any point

    I dropped a California out of my crates plus some dubs. A friend dropped similar but a Viribus Unitis. Another 4 people I know didnt get much of anything. Your mileage may vary.
  14. rage1750

    snowflake event

    From my tier 10 Makarov crates plus a few epoch of the navy, resource, compensation containers I will take it.
  15. Spreadsheet says spend more money